6 Real Estate Photos That Have Me Baffled

dirty feet in real estate listing key west

1. Does this listing photo from Key West make you want to kick up your feet by the pool and stay awhile…or just keep on walking to the next house?

panaramic kitchen photo bad mls listings

2. Using a panoramic shot of the kitchen in this listing might not have been such a great idea…

light fixture with banana peel

3. Nothing sells a house faster than a close-up of a light fixture with a banana peel, right?

bedroom with stripper pole

4. Liane Jamason came across this listing that boasts “a pool private enough so you can skinny dip” and “modern raspberry shag carpet” in the bedroom that includes a “50 Shades of Grey dancer pole and mirror on the ceiling with disco ball.”

So many questions. Since when do the words modern and raspberry shag carpet belong together? Why did they have to put the image in my head of the homeowners skinny dipping? And as Liane asks, what is Winnie the Pooh doing in the Shades of Gray bedroom, anyway? (Maybe we don’t want to know…)

cleaning up a FSBO in Albuquerque

5. They’re cleaning this FSBO in Albuquerque for you as we speak!

red paint on kitchen floor Asheville-Pat

6. Maybe that woman could take that mop on over to this house in Asheville next?

Thanks to Barry, Liane, and Pat who spotted these!

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  1. says

    Oh my heavens, these are funny! So… in #6, are we thinking kids with KoolAid, or some other questionable circumstance? #awkward LOL

  2. Laura says

    These are so funny! I hope that chandelier’s not the best “feature” of the house. Love the fun house kitchen. Crime scene kitchen is definitely disturbing. And I would NOT want to walk on that “50 Shades” raspberry carpet in my bare feet. Eeeew!

  3. lisa@theDecorGirl says

    Each time you post this type of picture I laugh out loud. Who are these realtors? Home staging is not a new concept, nor is cleaning before one takes pictures. Nice try on spinning the gross burgundy shag as “modern raspberry” – was that after 5 raspberry mojitos? Always a good time when visiting your blog. :)

  4. The Country Girl says

    Just shows how amazingly clueless homeowners are—and some agents, too.

  5. Alie B says

    Ha! The first pic is hilarious! One can’t even see the lovely pool area past the toenail fungus! ICK!!

  6. Lisette says

    These types of photos are the norm. I have seen some that are shocking, houses are filthy, stuff laying around everywhere, beds are unmade. You would think that realtors would advise their clients to clean and declutter before taking and posting photos online.

  7. Dean says

    LOL. The stripper-pole bedroom is hideous. Poor Pooh bear.
    And why would anyone want to be immortalized swiffering a floor in a bad real estate photo? Boggles the mind…

  8. says

    UGH! Those awful feet!!! I do love Key West, though.
    That kitchen gives me vertigo……..
    What the heck……a banana peel on the light?!?
    The 50 shades bedroom…..picture my jaw-dropping-speechless-face right there…..that room would need a thorough cleansing, perhaps by fire, and possibly an exorcism. EEEWWW!!!
    The cleaning lady just is too funny.
    And that trail of blood!!! Shivers!

    Once again, Julia, you have me asking “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE?!?”

  9. says

    I don’t even know where to begin.

    Yes, I do….first of all PEDICURE. If you are going to be obnoxious enough to include a picture of your own feet in the listing at least GROOM them.

    Also, mirror over bed? About as appealing as chains in the basement.

    • Christy says

      This was my thought exactly!!! If you own a home over half a million dollars, or you are a realtor with over half million dollar listings, you can SURELY afford the $50 for a pedi!

  10. says

    Oh dear, I had to come in for a closer look at the crime scene kitchen! But those are all rather disturbingly bad attempts at selling a home!

  11. Pat says

    I’ll pass on all especially the crime scene photo!! For real!?

  12. Bonnie says

    Oh the toes……..blech. And the “raspberry” bedroom just looks germy.

  13. Jeanne says

    your comments were really funny. I actually laughed out loud.

  14. says

    I love these posts! I would die before I would post pictures like this of my listings. Hilarious!

  15. says

    These posts absolutely crack me up!! What are these people thinking??? Oh my lord, thanks for the laugh.

  16. says

    These are all so hilarious and at the same time disturbing. Someone fancies their feet too.

  17. says

    These NEVER cease to amaze me!!! And it looked like a bloody body or animal was dragged across the floor. Horrors!

  18. says

    The first one creeps me out the most! I hate feet!!! They are all horrible pictures for trying to sell a home.

  19. GemmaMae says

    Yuck, alien toes, a bow-chicka-wow-wow porn movie bedroom, a crime scene, someone’s nana cleaning the floor, a rotten banana peel, and I don’t even know what to say about that kitchen except I need Dramamine!!
    I don’t even want to know what nasty germs are living in that raspberry shag carpeting, poor Pooh Bear, imagine the things he has seen!!

  20. Gur says

    #4 is what I would imagine Miley Cyrus’ bedroom would look like if she was not super rich (complete with the stuffed bear).

    The realtor clearly did not want to offend her listing, but she should have offered carpet replacement (ewww) and pole/ball/mirror removal to prospective buyers.

  21. jen says

    Oh my those are funny
    but makes me wonder how people can look at tthem and say oh thats good picture to use

  22. Deanna says

    Ugh, those feet – ick! I shouldn’t have read this post while eating lunch!

  23. Kim says

    I’ve never been a fan of feet and the ones in that first photo gross me out.

    As for those other pictures, how does a real estate agent come up with these bad ideas? I mean I’m no professional photographer, but even I would never think to take photos like these.

  24. Mary says

    Dude in the first photo needs to get a screening for arthritis. And after that, he needs to go get his head examined for thinking that’s a sure fire way to sell a home. Ewwww!

  25. says

    Eww!!! Who was murdered in that kitchen? Makes me wanna run right over there and move right in! Also, rip out that raspberry carpet! I’ve seen those 20/20 and Dateline episodes! (you know, the ones with the blacklight?) Yikes!

  26. says

    I was eating a little snack as I glanced at these photos. I literally stopped in mid chew when I got to the redness on the kitchen floor. Oh my. These were very entertaining!

  27. Kathy says

    I think the guys at “Awkward Family Photos” could come up with a site titled “Awkward Real Estate Photos”. You have certainly shown there are plenty out there to chose from, lol.

    • Christy says

      There is a site that does this. It’s Lovely Listing. It was taken over by Cheezburger a few years ago, I preferred it before that, but it’s still pretty funny (or maybe the right word is horrifying)!

  28. mama roses says

    Your comments were hilarious (and so were the pictures)!
    I’ve just discovered the right blog!! This will make my life in Sweden so much nicer! (I don’t watch TV here, blogs are adequate).
    While on the ‘hunt’ for our next home, I’ve come across pictures like these and have often wondered. Will share them with you next time…..
    Sometimes I think if I were to leave it to DH when selling, that is what my place will look like and mind you he is ‘clinically’ clean :) !

  29. mama roses says

    On a more sober note….real estate agents know it is essentially the price point that sells the house. Ours was so pushy that it was all about slashing the price down, bad mouthed just about anything. Frankly we sold the house at least 40K less than the comps.

  30. says

    Thanks for the plug! We love posting bad MLS photos. Perhaps agents should have to take a basic photography course before getting their real estate licenses! :)