7 Unusual Things Found in the Real Estate Listings

ear head mannequin in office-Texas-Jenny

1. I hear it’s a great house, but some of the decor is a little quirky…

watch your step toilet Nichols FB find

2. Watch your step in this bathroom!

home security system Nichols FB find

3. Who needs a home security system when you’ve got The Rock?

Looks Never Lived In MLS photo Nichols FB 2

4. Listing agent says: “House looks like it was never lived in!”

no dogs but cats allowed-Ellen Show

5. Only 28 cats? I guess we’ll keep looking…

sofa matches wall-Christina

6. Can you spot the sofa hiding in this room?

old man in hot tub-Australian listing

7. Listing: “A hot tub with a view.”

Thanks to the readers who sent me these (listings are no longer active). Some were featured on Nichols & Associates Real Estate FB page How Not to Market a Home and The Ellen Show.

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baby in the house 2
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girl sleeping in bed bluffdale utah listing
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  1. Alie B says

    OK, dude didn’t need to actually be IN the tub, but it does look like an incredibly serene spot (overlooking a mountain) to soak away your cares! :)

  2. says

    OH MY! Those are hysterical and awful at the same time. And #2 looks like a hip replacement surgery waiting to happen…

  3. Lisa says

    Julie, your witty comments under each photo were my favorite part of this post! Ha.
    “Only 28 cats? I guess we’ll keep looking.” Hilarious! Thanks for the morning chuckle. :)

  4. Dean says

    These are hilarious.
    Why 28? That’s the kind of thing that float around my head all day…

  5. says

    28 cats – eww…. must be a typo – Imagine cleaning up after 28 cats lived there! As for the human ear – funky! Where can I get one?? (just kidding)

  6. MissFifi says

    That never looked lived in kitchen gave my eyes a stroke! These are great. LOL

  7. Sarah says

    More like bath tub with a view, right? These were great. Thanks, Julia.

  8. ShabbyChick says

    Ewww! All I can say after that is there sure are a lot of creeps in the world!!!

  9. Rosemarie says

    Wow, I think I’d die in that bathroom! Most accidents happen in the bathroom, the odds are really against you in that one.

  10. ladyofargonne says

    I went to the Nichols & Associates Real Estate FB page. I found most of their photos to be humiliating to people. Snobby, elitist and cruel. Weeds between the concrete in a drive way. Is that funny? The ones you have put here are amusing. Not mean spirited.

  11. stacey says

    I hear the house with Mr. Ear comes with a life time supply of Q-tips!

  12. Jano says

    I’m willing to bet that loftily situated toilet is located in a basement that was finished by an amateur. The proud owner must have thought this was a clever set up but there’s only so much legerdemain that can be convincingly employed to hide the necessary plumbing.

  13. Kim says

    My eyes burn after looking at that kitchen. You think they couldn’t have picked a worse color.

  14. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    So funny! Imagine the disappointed shopper with 29 cats. Damn! People are strange…

  15. Amanda S. says

    Eww. Gross. Looks like my dad soaking in the hot tub. I’m going to have that pic stuck in my head all day! Uhg!!!

  16. says

    Oh, these are always so fun to look at. It is just so amazing what people think will get over looked. “…Looks like it was never lived in?” Is this realtor delusional? I look at the red bar area or room with the wallpaper and begin to mentally calculate the cost of making the area livable. Not that everyone is going to fix up a house to sell but… wow certain things need attending to. :0