20 of My Favorite Decorating Blogs in October

These are the 20 amazing blogs that sent me the most traffic this month. A big thank you to all of them! See if there are any you haven’t discovered yet and check ’em out:

1, Thrifty Decor Chick

2. Cote de Texas

3. Young House Love

4. My Sweet Savannah

5. Vignette Design

6. Brooklyn Limestone

7. Emily A. Clark

8. Centsational Girl

9. Savvy Southern Style

10. Emily Henderson

11. The Lettered Cottage

12. Urban Farmgirl

13. Pure Style Home

14. Between Naps on the Porch

15. The Inspired Room

16. The House of Smiths

17. 320 Sycamore

18. Classic Casual Home

19. Ana White

20. Southern Hospitality

What are your favorite blogs? Did any of your daily reads make my list?

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  1. 65andcounting says

    Wow. What a creative group. Each with such passion for their blog and project. Love the list.

    I have to wonder if everyone has Martha Stewart to thank. She really started it all by making home decorating conversation mainstream with her Living magazine. I can remember subscribing to it when it came out in 1990, glued to each page, trying out her decorating and craft ideas. My kids are grown and gone so I don’t subscribe anymore, nor do I watch her show much, but I can tell you as one of her neighbors, her taste is impeccable and her attention to detail is extraordinary. Her blog is gorgeous too. I can’t think of another person who set the bar so high for the huge success of fellow home decorating bloggers.

  2. Christina from Dallas says

    I like some of these too. Have you heard of Thistlewood Farm? The decorating is beautiful over there on that blog too. I just discovered that one a few days ago.

  3. Kris Betts says

    I really like Carolyne Roehm’s new website and Charlotte Moss’s as well. I have to check Cote de Texas daily its my all time favorite. OH and I really enjoy Penelope Bianchi’s blog her taste is fantastic.

  4. holly says

    You HAVE to get some screen shots or other photos of the Jonas Compound in Texas. I got rooked into watching Married to Jonas by my kids and it is the parents house, not the one he lives in in Jersey. Please! It is gorgeous!

  5. john in nc says

    off topic

    i am buying an old house-
    original part built in 1874-5-
    going to be doing some rehab but not a lot of fancy decorating-
    i amtrying to decide if i want to do a blog about this-

    would love to hear thoughts-

    john in nc

      • says

        Do it Do it! I think it would be a great blog. Do it Do it! just do the blog about the rehab. forget the decorating that can come later. I fact you could solicit decorating ideas from readers.

  6. says

    Julia, thank you so much for placing me among these other wonderful blogs. I just looked at my stats and you are number one so I came to look. What a surprise. I have been so busy and behind looking at blogs.

  7. says

    wow almost all of my favorites, only a couple I have not read. I will be sure to check them out!

  8. says

    Thank you very much for compiling these together. A few of them I’ve already been following, but it’s nice to have a comprehensive list. I’m now going to bookmark your site, along with the remainder!