A Peek Inside George Clooney’s L.A. Home

George Clooney let cameras inside his beautiful Los Angeles home for an interview on the CBS show “Person to Person” recently. He told Lara Logan and Charlie Rose that “A house is a place you live in, but a home is a place that your family and friends are part of.”

He bought this one when he was starring on “ER” and needed more privacy from the photogs who were hounding him. He says they always rented houses when he was growing up, so owning one of his own was important to him when he got out on his own.

I’m in love with his kitchen. Check out the video below (they make you watch a short commercial first) and take a look! (If the video doesn’t come up for you, you can watch it on CBS.com.)

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  1. says

    Ha! I knew you would make this post!!! :-) Seriously, I saw this and thought of you… Julia need to share this!!! :-)

    George’s house is chic and masculine. Perfect for him!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. calliope (greece) says

    It is refreshing…!
    Really?? A star of this magnitude…with a house…almost humble??
    I really liked George before but now I have a whole new respect for him

    • A.Men says

      Would love to see his Italian villa (castle, really) with its own landing for his ship!

  3. says

    omgosh! I love love George Clooney, he IS my favorite actor. I think I love him even more now. His home is lovely, but very humble for an actor of his caliber. George could live in anywhere. You would expect him to live in a pretentious home in Malibu, but he lives in a modest (by Hollywood standards) home in Studio City that he has owned for 20 years. Love it.

  4. Margie Ford says

    It is a beautiful kitchen but I find it interesting that the microwave is just sitting on a counter top and not a built in.

  5. says

    Thanks for posting this – I never would have seen it otherwise. Now beware of your server crashing because so many folks will come searching for it today!

  6. says

    I loved watching this clip on the CBS Morning Show. I understand he has a grand home somewhere else as well..does anyone know where?


    Art by Karena

  7. says

    I have to say I’m impressed with George Clooney even more after this interview. His home is gorgeous and the outside loggia is stunning. But that he’s had this home for so long and not ‘kept up with the Kardashians’ allows me to keep respecting the man.

  8. Diane J. says

    I love George’s kitchen! But, then who wouldn’t love any kitchen with George in it!

  9. says

    Great kitchen, but I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Did he really pick a crumb off the kitchen counter and flick it onto the floor??? He’s such a MAN! ha!

    • Melissa says

      I saw that too! LOL. When we get married, I shall put a stop to that type of behavior!!

  10. says

    That was a treat. It was great to see the video of his home and listen to the chat with George Clooney. His home mirrors his personality – relaxed and casual, I think. Thanks.

  11. says

    Wow, just when I thought I couldn’t like him any better! Gorgeous house! And despite the jokes about his ego he seems a lot more humble than people give him credit for (or maybe down to earth is a better way to put it.)

  12. says

    I really enjoyed the Person to Person show. George Clooney just keeps getting better with age:) I drooled over his kitchen, even if he only uses it for take-out food.

  13. says

    That show was really great to watch. You grew up in Cincinnati, right? Did you love all of his Cincinnati stuff? My dad likes to joke around and call George Clooney “Nick’s son”.

    • says

      I did grow up in Cincinnati and remember watching Nick Clooney on the evening news. We still think of George as the local boy who done good. :-)

  14. says

    All that prating about the definition of a home, but then he and that sterile kitchen don’t seem to have much to offer those vaunted friends and relatives by way of a collation.

  15. says

    How did I know his house would be as classy as he is? I’m with you, Julia. Love that kitchen!

  16. says

    Oh I am so glad you posted this! I didn’t want to miss it … apparently I did. I LOVE his kitchen too! And all that entertaining space outside? WOW! I want to come over.

  17. Maria says

    Lovely home. Both George and the casual warmth of the place, well – swoon. I caught part of that show and though not mentioned in this clip they shared he bought the house from Stevie Nicks.

  18. Marla in Columbus says


    THANK YOU!!!! He’s fantastic. Not only is he gorgeous, but so seemingly down to earth. I love that he holds family and friends so important in his life. I didn’t love The Descendants but maybe I do now. The only flaw is his allegiance to the Bengals. :)

  19. Sue says

    I have a friend who grew up with him and her brother was a good friend of his. I had to giggle at Design…. it is all in the Detail because not too many years ago she did run into George and I believe she did say, “George, do you remember me?” I know when she first said she had gone to high school with him I didn’t believe her because she is teases and knows I am gullible – but I have come to know it is the truth! So cool…..

  20. says

    What’s not to love!!! Such a great space and I love that it’s actually a look that would be possible for those of us that aren’t gazillionaires.

  21. Kim says

    George Clooney is such a good actor and it’s so much fun being able to see his house. What a gorgeous place he has. I love how every room feels so humble and right at home. I could definitely see myself living in a place like this.

  22. says

    What a great space…boy you can just imagine what a catch he’d be if only he would ever decide to marry.

  23. Laura says

    I love your blog and I love to look at houses, but in this case, “house-schmouse”! All I could look at was George!! Is it just me, or does everyone just want to go hang out with George Clooney?

  24. says

    Love seeing how the stars live! I am sad to admit that all I can think is – I could live there. I mean with him of course! 😉

  25. E. George says

    Hi Julia just wanted to say thankyou for sharing he is so gracious in everything he does gotta love him. His home is so beautiful love the kitchen and everything else I could see. Till next time regards Esther from Sydney. PS hope you have planted lots of bulbs for spring time I’m just looking at the new spring catalogue so much to choose from……

  26. Barb says

    This was awesome. Thank you so much for posting. I loved Rosemary Clooney’s framed 45.

  27. Tricia says

    Reading these comments, all I could think was “Wait… there’s a KITCHEN?” Who could notice anything except George? Love him, and if he lived in a run down shack I’d still drop everything (including my husband) for the opportunity to show him the love. If only I didn’t have that pesky restraining order…

  28. says

    That George, he just gets better looking by the second doesn’t he? Happy sigh. His house is nice too.

  29. Carolyn says

    Yum. If I was blind, I’d still fall for his charm. Love that his house is not pretentious, but looks comfortable as well as appealing. It’s great that he has all these mementos of things that hold meaning and memories for him, not just art chosen by a decorator. He’s so comfortable with himself and who he is and his house reflects that.

  30. Janice says

    Gorgeous home. Warm and lived in. I wonder if Michael S Smith was his designer. He designed an apartment for Randy Gerber and Cindy Crawford. He also was the Obamas designer in the White House. Off to Google!

  31. Miz Boo says

    I think it’s amazing he has the microwave on the counter :o)

  32. Gail McCann says

    How fabulous. Is there any chance there are pictures of the bedrooms or baths? I would love to see them.

  33. says

    I love it when celebrities let cameras inside their homes. The home looks comfortable, but not too lavish or over the top. Celebrities are such a hot-button topic for everyone, it’s nice to see that “human” side once in a while. He has impeccable taste [or his designer does at least!]

    • Jeri says

      The one thing that I saw that makes his a home and not just a house was the box of tissue sitting on a sideboard as he strolled by. Just that tiny.

  34. Lissy says

    Love the house and I love George… who doesn’t? 😉 I love that kitchen!!

  35. Jen says

    I wonder how many women imagined sharing that home with him.

  36. Ronnie says

    Classy, stylish and comfortable — just like its owner. But it is all George, and I don’t think he wants to really share it. Just saying…