5 Reasons Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Appear in Their Real Estate Listings

Everyone knows a homeowner shouldn’t stick around for a showing or an Open House. Based on these 5 real estate photos, maybe they should stay out of the listings, too!

#1. “I’ll just take a quick swim while the real estate agent photographs my house…”

#2. “Hope you like to hunt!”

#3. “We’ll be outta here as soon as our show’s over.”

#4. “Are you done taking pictures of my house yet?”

#5. The photographer appears to be shirtless in the mirror, but the homeowners in the next room don’t seem to mind…

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mannequin in the living room-CO Lindsay
A reader sent me an email with a link to the listing for the new house she's buying in Colorado. She writes, "In a statement…
beams and dolls house 2 - Roma
Here are 6 real estate photos that caught my attention for all the wrong reasons: #1. Watch out for falling decor. #2. That toilet-seat mirror…

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  1. says

    Lordy, Lordy! These fit into the “what were they thinking” catagory!
    Now my husband would find #2 appealing. He would love to step out his back door and go hunting! LOL!

  2. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says

    I agree with with Beth….What is going on in pic #5? Geesh! Too funny!

  3. says

    Those are hilarious Julia! It makes me cringe when there are people in the listing photos – why on earth would the realtors allow that???
    The last one is…. wow!

  4. says

    Thanks for the laugh this morning! I too am wondering what in the wide world of sports is going on in that last picture! Yikes!

    • Jano says

      No kidding – cue the “boom chucka wah wah” sleazoid music.

  5. Moi says

    UGGGH. Also: if you are selling your house, please LEAVE during showings!

    We are house hunting and I have been to THREE houses where the owners did not leave. It is SO awkward and we rushed through the house.

    Also, Ms. Owner? My five year old is not going to touch your stuff, so please don’t audibly suck in your breath, dismayed, when he shows up in your living room.

    • says

      Happy to hear there are parents who do train their kids to have respect for other peoples property :)
      Unfortunately not all do, which is why I think some sellers freak out a little when kids come to showings. Selling our own homes, we have dealt with kids jumping on our beds, rummage through our closets, slamming doors, running into our neighbors yard, asking for food, and the list can go on and on :(

  6. Barb says

    Too funny ….thank goodness speedo man didn’t want to tan his chest…..man +white speedo= :(

  7. says

    OMG that is hysterical!!!! Makes you wonder what they were thinking?!?!? LOL

  8. says

    Oh dear too funny!!

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    Art by Karena

  9. says

    Okay, I’ll just try to make my house a bit more welcoming for the open house. Maybe some cookies in the oven, some new air freshener and of course my husband standing outside with a gun!

    • Elizabeth says

      Oh my gosh, I never, ever comment on blogs but I had to reply to this. I just guffawed a little too loudly at your comment. Tee hee!!!!

  10. says

    OMG that last one is freaking me OUT.

    Maybe he’s trying to help her find a lost contact lens that rolled up in her head.

    yeah, that’s it.


  11. Kathy :) says


    It takes all kinds to make this world of ours go round huh ???

    Thanks for the laugh…….

    Kathy :)

  12. ShabbyChick says

    What are these homeowners thinking??? What a bunch of weirdos. And that last pic of the bedroom looks like they are getting ready to “get busy” (just as soon as that crazy naked realtor leaves….) There ought to be a show for these kinds of pictures, “America’s Most Ridiculous Real Estate Photos” then maybe these homeowners would get a clue

  13. Kim says

    What is going on in that last photo? It’s very disturbing. The real tor should have put a “WARNING!! This photo contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing, Viewer discretion advised” up in the listing. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing these with us Julia! They made my day.

  14. Ann says

    I suspect sometimes those people are renters, not owners and if they’re still paying rent I don’t think you can force them out. And if they’re going to be “on the street” because of the sale they may not be too cooperative!

  15. says

    Seriously …. ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!
    and the last one looks like a possible porn set. O Lord! Think People, Think!!!
    Funny Stuff and definitely examples of What Not to Do!!

  16. Janet says

    Homeowners are nuts! Although, I must agree with some of the others that I’d rather see them in the listing pictures than during a showing. When we were house hunting, we had homeowners at 6 of the showings. One was hiding in a downstairs bedroom texting –she seemed surprised when we came in. (????) But, my favorite was the man asleep in the bedroom who glared at me when I turned on the light and walked in the room. Crazy.

  17. says

    That last one made me laugh out loud.
    BTW, I saw a movie recently that you might like: L’Amour Fou, which is a documentary about Yves St. Laurent and the sale of his and his partner’s art collection. There’s good footage of his houses in Paris, Normandy, and Marrakesh, plus vintage fashion.

  18. says

    It’s very interesting to see what pictures people will submit to be viewed by the public. When selling anything, especially a home, you want to capture the true essence of the home, not who is living in it. These are some funny photos that prove exactly why you should pick your listing photos carefully and definitely not be in them!

  19. Shannon says

    Super funny! So awkward. . . and this is random, but would you ever consider doing the house from ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’? I haven’t watched the one from the 70’s yet (I will be tonight) but the shots in the 2010 remake of the main entry of the house are pretty spectacular to look at! It just made me think it could be fun on your blog (which I love, by the way!!)

  20. says

    The last pic was too creepy. No way could I step into that home after seeing that photo in the listing!

    Obviously all the ‘For Sale By Owners’ (such as myself) wouldn’t be able to leave their home during a showing, but they certainly shouldn’t be in the photos!!

  21. Cindy says

    It’s amazing how completely unaware people are! Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to be in the listing pics? LOL Definitely keeps things entertaining, though.

  22. says

    LOL! They seem to have “behind the camera” skills! The word clueless comes to mind.

  23. says

    This was a good giggle for today, thank you Julia.
    As a side note: Your blog anniversary post is really inspirational, thanks for sharing that!

  24. says

    Hilarious! What is he holding in #2? A dead squirrel? The same goes for when you want to show your home…put away your family photos! Not everyone wants to see grandma’s face on your wall…LOL

  25. says

    HILARIOUS!!!!! funniest post (; thanks for passing along a laugh!!! totally tweeting this right now!!

  26. Pamela says

    Well, that last picture is a doozy! What in heck are the people doing in the bedroom? Too funny! Thanks, Julia!


  27. says

    Hi Julia…

    Oh boy – you made my day with these photos! Isn’t it amazing that people don’t realize that they are announcing their homes to the world when they put it on the Internet. I loved all of these! I had a hard day of work – and came home to view these! Great laugh.

    Too bad people do not view what they are about to place online – but ot’s greta for your website – my staging business – and for future sellers on what not to do. I started a weekly column (every Saturday) on my blog that I’ve subtitled “the Uninvited Stager,” showing photos of current homes on the market – and what they did wrong in the photo – and how to correct it. Would love a comment or two from you!!

    Thanks for always writing great blogposts.


  28. Toni Smith says

    Well, like most of your other readers, this post made me laugh out loud this morning and that’s always a good way to start the day. #5 creepy? Absolutely!
    Love you, Aunt Toni

  29. K says

    The last photo disturbs me. I suppose everyone’s perspective is different however, I hope mine is wrong. The photographer is shirtless! Are we sure the man in the next room is not with the photographer and just the woman is the homeowner perhaps in a troubled situation.

  30. says

    Wow Julia, this was a great (and hilarious) collection of the photos we Realtors see every day. I am always amazed by what some of my colleagues here in competitive LA consider “marketing”! Keep them coming.