Hooked on Holiday House Tours: A Show-Us-How-You-Decorate Linky Party!

Welcome to my 4th Annual “Hooked on Holiday House Tours” linky party! I always think it’s fun to see how everyone decorates this time of year. The amount of creativity out there in Blogland is kind of mind boggling!

I’ve noticed a trend toward much more natural palettes, which is very pretty–lots of pale greens, silver, and white. I’m still rocking it Old School in my family room, though. There’s something about that Classic Red that always feels “merry” to me.

This year I added a couple of reindeer “topiaries” to the mantel and a wreath to the fireplace screen.

Oh, and we have a new little stocking in the middle for our sweet pup Maizie, who joined our family this year. Santa will be giving her way more treats and dog toys than will fit in that tiny stocking, though!

That’s our Christmas album on the ottoman below that we add new photos to every year. We’re on our third album now–the first one started with my childhood Christmas photos and have continued on every year since.

This is the kids’ tree, where they hang all of the family ornaments we’ve accumulated over the years.

I let my daughter Lily direct most of the tree trimming this year because she really gets into it. She enlisted the help of her friend Megan, since her older brother quickly lost interest in the project…. Her dad and I were instructed where to hang the higher-up ornaments on branches she couldn’t reach. :-)

I’ve been having fun decorating my new sunroom for Christmas this year, too, and I’ll show you that–as well as my gold and silver dining room–soon.

But right now I want to step aside and let you show us how you decorate this time of year. If you have a blog and want to share photos of your house, all you have to do is paste the permalink to that post (not your general blog address) below. And if you want a “party button” to add to your blog, here it is (right-click on it to save it to your computer):

P.S. Melissa is having a linky party over at The Inspired Room, too!

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  1. says

    I look forward to this every year Julia! Thanks for hosting! I only have my mantel so far, but I’ll happily link it up. I love your family’s decor, especially the festive red!

  2. Tamey says

    Your daughter is beautiful and your puppy is too cute! Love the different “looks”-can’t wait to get back to my house to decorate. I add an ornament that was handed down from my Great Aunt Isabel and my kids’ decorations each year. Thank you for all the inspiring pictures and ideas. One day when we get our “final orders”-I hope to be able to have the cozy home that you and your bloggers have inspired!

  3. says

    Hi Julia!! I’m so glad I got my mantel post done in time for your party! YAY! I love linking up here every year!!

    Your home is always lovely, the pops of red are so cheery! I brought red back too this year, in my dining room. I just love it and really missed it in my house last year. I’ll be posting more of my Christmas home pictures next week, I have my virtual party on Monday so I’ll be taking pictures all weekend, hoping the sun will come out!!!

    Merry Christmas Julia!

    PS. Your puppy is so adorable, I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to add in pictures of the pup :-)

  4. Mari says

    Dear Julia, I really enjoy your blog. It makes me happy and gives me lots of decorating ideas. Love the reindeer topiaries.. Going to look for some :))

  5. says

    Love that you kepe your Christmas albums out! I need to go get ours. Great idea! Your tree is lovely…Lily did a great job. :) Our dog, Emma, gets a stocking too!

  6. says

    You’re home looks beautiful!! Can’t wait to dive into all the links!! Oh just thought I would share that not only do we have the same furniture we have have the same tree skirt!! Too funny!! Clearly great minds think alike!!

  7. says

    Thanks for popping over and you kind comment. I forgot to say I love your home and your mantel looks fantastic! So many parties to be hopping around and visiting, I must stay focused LOL!

  8. says

    Your mantel & fireplace look beautiful, and I agree, the color red is ‘merry’ and festive. I also like those reindeer mugs in the sunroom tablescape!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. says

    Julia, your home looks great! I, too, am a big fan of red during the holidays….especially paired with all that green (its complementary color.) I’m looking forward to browsing through everyone’s beautiful decorating, and am so glad you’ve made this link party a tradition.
    I’m linking up a post on How to Decorate an Artificial Christmas Tree. I did the styling, but it’s not my house. Hoping to get to my own place soon.
    Happy Friday!

  10. says

    Hey, Julia! It always looks so pretty around your house this time of year & I love your red. Always a traditional look for Christmas! Your daughter and puppy are just adorable and add that specialness to your pics. I’m linking up my mantel & mantel party. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Merry Christmas! xoxo

  11. says

    I just love “snooping” into other people’s homes to see how they’ve decorated! There are some lovely tours here. Thank you for hosting, Julia!

  12. says

    I am so excited to have found your blog! My husband and I love houses, too. In fact, we build them! Small houses, that is. We make amazing, beautiful houses from nature…..treehouses. They are 2 feet to 5 feet tall and they are truely marvels. I thought you might like to see them and perhaps post something about them here on your blog. They are really incredible……all created from nature. Hope you’ll visit my site. I will definitely visit often…..thanks so much.

  13. Kim says

    Thanks for sharing your decorations with us and throwing this blog party. I always love seeing people’s different decorating ideas and dream of having a home decorated as beautiful as these someday.

  14. says

    Your home looks just beautiful, as always ! Your daughter is just precious – the perfect “accent” on a sweet family !

    hugs from Lavender Hill,

  15. says

    Hi Everyone!
    WestBay Interiors recently did a “Get the look for less” on the amazing Great Room from Nancy Meyers movie, “It’s Complicated” (Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin (who seemed remarkably well-behaved at the time!))
    Photo shoot is over now and we are offering the ART we used –
    Go to http://www.coffeewithginger.com ( the Blog of http://www.westbayinteriors.com )
    Register and HO HO HOPE TO WIN !
    LOVING ALL of your Holiday Decorating !

  16. Cindy says

    Julie, your house is so pretty for Christmas. Wish I was good at “tastefully done” like you are as I lean toward a more tacky decorating style which I am trying to change. So, get ready Pinterest ’cause I’m heading to the linky party!

  17. says

    Julia you have such a lovely, festive home! Thanks for sharing. And I love your tradition of the Christmas album – what a nice touch!

  18. Kris says

    I love your house! What is the name of the wall color in your living room?

  19. Junie says

    Your holiday decorating is really lovely, Julia, warm and welcoming. But my hands-down favorite pic is of your two little girls. I hope that pic goes into the Christmas album.

  20. says

    Your house looks so festive! I am a big ole color chicken so I loooove your red!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Merry Christmas!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN
    (I linked up #101, Home For The Holidays)

  21. E. George says

    Hi Julia – love all your Christmas decor and Lily you did a great job decorating the tree. Your home always looks beautiful thank you for sharing. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS you have a lovely family.

  22. says

    That’s so cute about Lily and the tree decorating. :-) Love the red! I can’t have much myself, as it clashes with most of our house. ha

  23. says

    Julia, this party is one of my favorites. I’m glad to see that linky will be active for several days, because I’m not quite ready to do a house tour yet! I’ve posted about some of my decor, but I’d rather link a whole-house tour to your party. :)

    I love the photo of Lily and Maizie. I’m assuming a printed copy of that will make its way into your precious album.

    Thank you so much for hosting!

  24. says

    Thanks so much for hosting this party! I didn’t know you had link parties and just happened to be on my dashboard when you posted and came on over and linked. I’ve never had so many visitors from a link party as I’ve had here. I love your blog and regular posts, but you are the link party queen!!!

    • says

      I loved your mantel, so I’m happy to hear lots of people have been over to your blog to see it!

      P.S. Do I get to wear a tiara now that I’m Link Party Queen? 😉

  25. Judy says

    Thanks so much for hosting this. It’s my first year and it’s been fun. I adore looking at others creativity and I LOVE your red and white Christmas. So cheery. Merry Christmas wishes to you and thank you for all your wonderful posts throughout the year. I am hooked! ~ Judy, Lot 5 studio

  26. Kathy :) says

    Hi Julia, I’m with you I love the red……plus I just can’t get away from ALL the little things my kids have made over the years !!! I put on the tunes and decorate, it takes forever but I LOVE it and now that the kids are grown a little tear does make its way ino my decorating !!!

    Lily did an awesome job on the tree………and your sweet little doggie is just adorable….

    Merry Christmas Julia,
    Kathy :)

  27. says

    What you have shown us so far looks beautiful! I especially can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the rest of your sunroom. It must look gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog btw. Hope you’re having a great holiday season so far!


  28. says

    Thank you for hosting…This is my first year to link up for the Holiday Home Tour and I am so excited to visit everyones home. Again thank you for getting us all together for the Holidays!

  29. says

    Darn! I hate being late to parties! I am bummed it slipped my mind last week, but at least I got a link up! Can’t wait to look at all the decor & ideas!

  30. says

    Your house looks so beautiful, Julia! So festive, I tend to agree with you, as much as I adore silver and gold, and the more modern color palettes, red just says Christmas like no other color :) I love the picture of your sweet girls, Lily and Maizie. Lily did an incredible job with the tree, it looks gorgeous!

  31. Bonnie says

    I love red for Christmas! leaving red out just looks cold to me, I need the red for merriness. :) Julia, where is the chair in your family room from (next to the fireplace)? I’m looking for something just like it, cozy and comfy for reading, but not too big. Thanks for hosting the linky party, so fun.

    • says

      I bought those toile chairs years ago from a store that has since closed its doors. I think about that store every time I need to buy new furniture and wish it was still around!

  32. says

    I’m rockin’ it with red too! Love your family room. Thanks for hosting…Merry Christmas!

  33. says

    Thanks for hosting such fun, festive party!!! This was my first link party and I am officially “hooked”!!!!!!

  34. says

    I find it hard to get away from red too! I have it in my living room all year so it makes it super easy to add to it during the holidays – don’t have to store as much that way either! :) I like to change it up a bit in some rooms though.

    Thanks for hosting! I always look forward to you house tour!

  35. says

    Julia! Such fun and special Christmas touches in your home. Thank you so much for hosting such a great Christmas tour party. I am honored to join in!
    Merry Christmas, from one house lover to another.
    – {darlene} @ fieldstonehilldesign