“Buy This House or I’ll Get You–and Your Little Dog, Too!”

This house in Texas has a surprise waiting for house hunters on the second-floor landing–a very life-like Wicked Witch of the West, who appears to be casting a spell on the bookcases. I first saw this listing in May, so it’s not a Halloween thing (and there were no other Halloween decorations in sight), so I’m not sure what she’s doing here, other than scaring prospective buyers away.

I don’t know about you, but I suddenly feel like I should hide my little dog.

Thanks to Nicole for submitting this one. Reminds me of the listing that had Freddy Krueger in the living room

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  1. Rick says

    They always say to neutralize your decor. Dorothy would be more neutral. I can’t believe the realtor didn’t tell them to put it away. When my last house was for sale I was told to put away many of the family photos and very personal items.

    Well at least her sister’s feet weren’t sticking out from under the porch.


  2. says

    I know I would and anything she could cast a spell on, well maybe best to get her out of the house!

    I hope you will visit and let me know what you think of my Autumn décor so far.


    Art by Karena

  3. Kim says

    Where’s her broom? She couldn’t have gotten there without it.

    For some reason, I could picture that bookcase falling right on top of her, but I’m sure it wouldn’t.

  4. says

    What on earth is this and why is it even there? I love the hilariously bizarre listings you feature, they really crack me up. What are people thinking?!

    How is your adorable little dog? What is Lily going to be for Halloween this year?

    • says

      Maizie is doing great! Totally house trained now, which makes my life easier. :) We bought a cute butterfly costume for her, but she wore herself out trying to shake or claw it off! Now we’re trying to figure out what to try that might not bug her so much. I did buy her a little orange t-shirt with a jack-o-lantern on it that she likes, so if all else fails, she can wear that on Halloween.

      As for Lily, she wants to be something called a “caterina.” It’s like a ballerina cat? Never heard of it before, but she’s very excited about it!

  5. says

    Well, that is a little more than weird…. I don’t think the wicked witch is going to help sell there house! (there must be an awful lot of bad Realtors out there????)

    Have a great day!

  6. Janice Mahon says

    Many several years ago, thirty to be exact, I was a bridemaid in a wedding held in Chicago. My friend Eileen, the bride, made arrangements for me to stay in one of her parents’ best friends home. Lovely home, and right there in front of me in the living room was a framed picture of Margaret Hamilton! Come to find out, Ms. Hamilton and my generous new friends were old time friends. Lovely afternoon talking about her.

  7. says

    How funny! I wonder if they think the ‘shock factor’ will make the house be memorable to the buyers!

  8. says

    I can’t imagine anyone going back for a second viewing with her at the top of the stairs!

  9. says

    You do know, of course that the whole ‘Wicked’ thing was all a ‘preception is reality’ thing, right? I mean just because someone is GREEN…. but again, still odd to have in a house listing, regardless of Wicked or not wicked.

  10. kasey says

    lol I think its great, but then I’m odd that way. If I was looking at houses and saw one with sci-fi memorabilia or a great collection of books I would be even more intrigued — but then I’m geeky and shallow that way.

    After looking past the witch, I couldn’t help thinking that spot is the perfect spot for a low chaise and a throw to warm up all that white woodwork and stage a cozy reading spot next to the bookshelves. (i’m not a fan of the railing spindles, or whatever they’re called, like that. they look too thin, as if they’ll break easily).

  11. says

    Not sure I get it either. I think if you wanted to inject something some humor that would illicit a double-take, having just the striped-stocking legs of her ill-fallen sister, the Wicket Witch of the East, in plain view outside, for the prospective homeowners to notice. You can buy those at a joke shop. Given that you’re really not in Kansas, the agent could make that comment.