A Stone Cottage in North Cornwall Near Doc Martin’s House

Today I was intrigued by a listing for “a picturesque stone cottage with uninterrupted views of the beach.” It’s located in the pretty coastal hamlet of Port Gaverne along the North Cornwall coastline. It’s near Port Isaac, an area you may recognize from watching the British TV series “Doc Martin” (love that show).  Take a look!

The asking price for this 4-bedroom cottage, known as Leat House, is £1,050,000 (about $1.5m USD).

Check out the romantic view from the Juliet balcony off the master bedroom:

According to the listing, “The cottage has a wealth of period features including impressive slate flagged floors, cream louvered shutters to all windows, some exposed stone walls and two large and attractive working fireplaces.”

“The principal sitting room has a large window bay with impressive views.”

Looks like they’ve done a lot of work to update it. I was expecting it to look a lot older. And without wall-to-wall carpeting. Hm.

Anyone else wishing they were sitting right there, right now?

There were originally two stone cottages sitting next to each other, but they were connected to make a single larger one. For more photos and information, check the listing. (Thanks to Laura of A Place for Tea for finding this one!)

But that’s not all, folks! You know me–once I was thinking about it, I couldn’t resist looking up the stone cottage that served as Doc Martin’s Surgery (doctor’s office) on the show. Turns out it’s called Fern Cottage. Love the name. Here’s a photo of star Martin Clunes in front of it:

Today it’s a “2-bedroom self-catering holiday cottage” that you can rent.

It looks perfectly charming–and, again, much more modern inside than I expected:

You can see through the windows how close it is to the water:

The rooms were beautifully refurbished by Julie Kent Interiors. Visit her website for more information about her work.

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the night at Doc Martin’s (former) house? For more photos and information about Fern Cottage, visit their website.

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  1. says

    I love both properties. My husband’s family is Cornish. Most names that start with Tre or Pen are Cornish, and my hubbie still has relatives there, and one of them has a neat hotel near the Eden Project.

    *love this post*

    ~Ricki Jill

  2. Kim says

    What a great house! I love the french doors that open up to the view. It has that peaceful feeling just looking through them. If I ever have a house with a great view, or on the water, I want french doors in my home.

    I’ve never thought to look at houses in countries. I may just have to after looking at this place. I think it would be fun to visit a beautiful country like this or London sometime. Maybe someday.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for posting this – I live in England and we used to holiday near Port Gaverne; it’s a precious little village but, as you can tell from the price of this house, there are few locals left! The coast is beautiful and the half-hour walk to Port Isaac is spectacular (if a little dangerous with the cliffs!)

  4. says

    What a great place to live! And I’d love to redo the inside of the house. I love the lay out but I’m not fond of how it’s decorated right now. That would be a great project for the summer 😀

  5. Neesha says

    How do you know my deepest darkest house dreams? LOL I’m ashamed to admit that the only reason I watched Doc Martin was because I fell in love with the setting. I stalked this area for a looooooooong time, Wiki-ing it, searching and drooling over it on Google Earth. I really love this area and the cottages are so adorable. I wish they would look like Kate Winslet’s cottage too in the inside.

  6. Jane says

    Oh my! The views are priceless. Kinda reminds me of the views in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir with Gene Tierney.

  7. says

    Oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do they do them over, modern??????

    White wall to wall carpeting, near the sea?!?

    Oh bother!

    Yes, I like the make-believe “Holiday” cottage.

    Bahhhh humbug…



  8. Sophie says

    I think houses like these are SO adorable. I live in Kent, England, so I see them all the time. That’s probably why the interiors weren’t that shockingly modern to me. People do all kinds of stuff to those sweet houses, and compared to some I’ve seen, the moderisation in these is really nice. I’m with you, though, I much prefer the quaint, cosy style of the cottage in the Holiday (:

  9. Kay says

    Such lovely photos. I live about 45 miles west of Port Issac. I have lived in Cornwall all of my life and sometimes it’s good to see our county from another’s perspective. It’s so easy to take our beautiful coastline for granted. ‘Aunt Amelia’, I totally agree with your comments. In my opinion, old cottages/houses should have older-style interiors.

  10. says

    I love them both – and yes, that wall to wall carpeting in the first makes me go hmmm. I’d much rather see painted wooden floors! So pretty Julia, thanks for sharing. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  11. says

    This is so sweet! You know how much I love cottages, right? This one is truly charming and the location is just “wow”!

    It’s so nice to come here and see a beautiful place like this one. Thank you, Julia!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. says

    I was thinking a cottage for 1.5 million? And then I saw the view!!!! Spectacular. I too was hoping for “The Holiday” interior. Did you notice the Ikea chair and light fixture in Fern Cottage? :)

  13. says

    So beautiful, and that view! It just give off such a feeling of peace.
    I have never seen Doc Marten, nor heard of it. Now I’m going to have to find it and check it out.
    Now I must have yellow check curtians. So sweet!

  14. says

    Oh what an incredible cottage – I would move there in a blink! Having your garden overlooking the sea like that is a dream. I wish they had shown the kitchen! thanks for a fabulous post that whisked me home to England!

  15. says

    Thanks for the link-? the show and the cottage! The simplicity of the decorating is right up my alley. I am writing to them now to find out how $$$$$ it will be to holiday there… :)

  16. says

    One of my (many!) dreams is to buy a house like this in the English countryside. Thank you for the post – it’s a beautiful house!

  17. says

    Thanks for that, Julia – Cornwall is one of my favourite holiday destinations! I haven’t visited this area – maybe next time I’m over there :)

  18. lucy says

    Just lovely…we get to see inside six homes like this every week in a series from the UK ,here in Australia called, “Moving to the Country”,where a Realtor shows a couple who want to move from city to country 3 homes within their criteria and budget…
    You’d love it Julia !!!! 😀

  19. Alex says

    GREAT POST! I love Doc Martin and this post grabbed my attention right away! Thanks for keeping a terrific blog.

  20. E. George says

    How wonderful…. I love the show and the area it’s filmed. You did it again now I’ll be dreaming about a life in these cottages and I’m glad you did. Do you guys get Grand Design over there (what a silly question) bet you do and as Lucy said Moving to the Country and if you have been watching Tour De France lots of cottages and chateaus WOW I stay up late every year just to look at the views and of course the cycling. The French and the Brits seem to have lots and lots of great views soooo green. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney (cold and not so green).

  21. handbright says

    Throw up a couple of 100 year old vines and this house could look a lot like the country house from Howard’s End…

  22. says

    They’re both beautiful, but the price for the first one takes it out of ‘cottage’ in my definition! Probably due to the fabulous location… Great finds, I enjoyed these, thank you!

  23. says

    wow. Just simply wow.

    Am sharing our on facebook page today too. Like you, I am a total sucker for cottages….


  24. Lisa says

    I would be happy to live in either house for the rest of my life.

  25. Janice Mahon says

    Oh I love Doc Martin. There is a website about the filming of the 5th Season.
    http://www.docmartinseries5.blogspot.com A few weeks ago, I emailed the British owner of the blog, asking him about the huge stone house that you see on the right and just above when you are looking directly at the Doc’s surgery. He checked around and told me that it was a two apartment home. Quite a place!

    This blog about the 5th season is really interesting. Several fans have posted pictures and comments, especially about Louisa and Martin’s baby. Louisa’s mother is a busy body, and I think Auntie Joan is gone, there’s a new Auntie. But the old crowd is still there. I think it airs in September in Great Britain, but probably not here for quite some time.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I just read Martin Clunes’ book “A Dog’s Life.” About his early life and his love for animals, especially dogs. You Doc Martin fans, do you remember that huge shaggy dog that followed the Doc around? His name was Gremlin. He died in 2007. Martin tells us that they used to put gook on him to make him look scraggly. And when the Doc used to yell at him, he had to mimic the sounds and then post record the yelling, because Gremlin was too sensitive to be yelled at. RIP dear Gremlin, you were a star!

    Yes, I am hooked on this show. Thanks for letting me share.

  26. Sharron says

    Julia — Thank you for mentioning Doc Martin. After reading your post, my husband and I started watching Doc Martin on NetFlix and got hooked. We’ve watched all of the episodes and we are anxiously waiting for Season 5 to get to the U.S. Love, love, love the show! THANKS!

  27. says

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  28. snaggy says

    And this is why the young Cornish cant live in Cornwell that price is why out of the range ..it will end up a weekend retreat for some one from the city !!

  29. says

    They are both beautiful but I don’t like the modern inside makeovers. Such a gorgeous setting though! I love the show ‘Doc Martin’ also so it was fun to see the cottage is available for rent.

  30. Rachel says

    i love doc martin, and i dream of going to cornwall…so glad to have found this post!

  31. says

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