Funny Photo of the Week: This House Isn’t Just a Drive-By

This charming three-bedroom house for sale in Richmond Heights, Missouri, isn’t just a drive-by. Nope. It’s a pull-right-up-and-park in the front yard kind of place.  My daughter Lily asked, “Are they selling the car, too?” Based on the photo, you’d think so! :)

How would you caption this?


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  1. says


    I would have suspected they were trying to hide something but it looks like there’s another picture sans automobile in the listing.

    • Ivy says

      I was thinking the same thing! What’s wrong with the front of the house that hey have to park a car on the lawn to hide it?

  2. says

    HA!!! That’s too funny! (I would have showed up with flowers for the window boxes before I took the MLS photo…but that’s just me! A nice red would really pop, especially with the car there!!!

  3. Cathryn @ says

    “Cosy Dutch Colonial cottage, minimal yard work, needs a new driveway.”

  4. kemper says

    LOL!!! I live very near here….might have to check this one out in person.

  5. says

    well maybe this family can now afford an upscale, it is not that important the size of the house but what-s happening inside, i really like it from the outside, it looks like a warm place to be, would love to see what it is like inside…

  6. says

    Hi Julia! When my kids were younger and I was constantly driving all over kingdom come for games and lessons, I used to say how it seemed like we lived in our car. Maybe this is actually a car ad and the caption could say, “You might just prefer living in your car.”

  7. jana says

    Wife pulls up in what used to be her circular driveway and says “Honey you shrunk the house!”

    It is rather dainty isn’t it?!

  8. says

    haha! Tell Lily I thought the same thing. Talk about product placement gone awry. What are people thinking? Maybe the car is to show scale for the size of the house?

  9. Kristi F says

    How about “Hamsters gone wild!” as it is a Kia Soul and they used those cute little rapping hamsters in the ads.

    Just when you think you have seen everything . . .

  10. says

    “Drive-Thru Realty”—> “Pull up, we’ll give you the listing details, and you can order a contract or not! Closings in less than a month or your money back!”

  11. Carol says

    Maybe they are moving because they won the “Publishers Clearing House” giveaway and thats the van !

  12. Kim says

    “How would you like to win, “A NEW CAR!” For some reason, “The Price is Right” came to mind. I’m not sure what the realtor was trying to do here. I hope this home sells.

  13. Jackie W. - Kanasas says

    Realtors must be getting desperate….does the car come with the house ?

  14. says

    It’s impossible to focus on anything in this picture besides that car. I think it’s a great idea for the car ad but–not for that house I’m afraid.

  15. Billy says

    “You can Go with this or you Can Go with that ” is implied with the car so then have hyper links to comp listings that show this place is a better value. But you take a chance that the client is going to like the others better; maybe they will still by through the creative broker

  16. says

    “BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! If you call in the next 5 minutes we’ll throw in this car for JUST $19.95… plushandlingtaxtitlelicenseandjustasmalladditionalfeeof$15000.drivewaynotincluded…
    YOU TOO, can have this ULTIMATE PACKAGE!!”