Is Turquoise Too Trendy?

House Beautiful-turquoise shutters

C olor experts Pantone named turquoise The Color of 2010. According to their press release: “Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of well being.” It’s one of my favorite colors, so that sounds good to me!

Pantone-Color of 2010-Turquoise

(Remember what the Color of 2009 was?)

I’ve been hearing rumblings around the blogosphere, though, that turquoise may already be a little too popular. One reader responded to Pantone’s announcement by asking, “Hasn’t it already been the dominant color of 2008 and 2009? This seems like old news.”

Another said she worries that it’ll become “the avocado green of 2010″–so trendy now that it’ll be “like a time-stamp” that dates rooms like these when we look back on them from 2020.

Southern Accents-beachy-livrm

So I started wondering. Is everyone getting tired of the bright blues we’ve been seeing everywhere? Since I like them so much, I admit I’d like to think they’re classic enough that there will always be a place for them in my house and wardrobe.

I believe we should decorate with things and colors we love and not just what’s popular at the moment. I won’t be getting rid of my turquoise any time soon. But trends do affect the way our homes look over time. They’re hard to escape.

It reminds me of a friend who got married in 1988. She told me she did everything she could to make her wedding look “classic and timeless.” Now she looks back on it and laughs because it screams “late ’80s.” But she didn’t see it at the time.

turquoise chandeliers

Photo credits: House Beautiful, Southern Accents, House of Turquoise.

I thought I’d see what you guys think about it. Is turquoise getting too trendy? Are you tired of seeing it everywhere? Has it lost its freshness? Or do you consider it and its sister shades Tiffany and Robin’s Egg Blue to be classic shades that will never be “out”? Discuss.

New Series Alert! Every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks, we’ll discuss some of the hot trends that might be on their way out. Got a suggestion for one we should vote on? Let me know!

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  1. Deb says

    Turquoise is incredibly versatile. Goes with last year’s Mimosa choice, greens, reds, black, brown…anything, in my opinion!! You can change up the look just by changing accent colors.

  2. says

    I love the blue/green family of colors! When I added my 2nd floor to my house I took a Restoration Hardware bag to Sherwin Williams and had them match it for my bedroom. I never get tired of that color (and it changes in different light). It’s so peaceful. I’m glad to see others agree!
    .-= Cynthia´s last blog ..Floating or hanging? =-.

  3. says

    Well, I love my bit of Turquoise…it is an absolutely happy color, perhaps that is why it is so popular at the moment and has been for a couple years. We all need a bit of happiness with the current state of affairs.

    What is on it’s way out? Hum, I keep wondering when S.S. appliances will fade and what will be it’s key replacement, or will it just keep hanging around?

    Great new series, looking forward to reading what you highlight. Janell
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..The Case Of The Missing Home Design Event At Target =-.

  4. says

    I will admit that when I first saw people using red and aqua together a few years back, I thought: eww! Not me, no way. Now I find that I’m kind of drawn to it and like it and might even pick up a few accessories to use in my home, but I think it will go out of fashion eventually. I remember when it was popular in the ’60’s and ’70’s. I had an aunt who had “a lot of money” and she used turquoise in her summer place (cabin). She had turquoise appliances in her kitchen, turquoise lamps, who knows what else (a little bit of overkill.) Eventually it just seemed like it was horribly dated. But doesn’t that happen with any color, really? Harvest gold, avacado green, turquoise, country blue…they all come back eventually, with new names and fresh, new looks and we like them again. (A lot of the blues I am seeing these days remind me of dusty, country blue. Of course, it’s not called that anymore…just like the greens I’m seeing in Pottery Barn aren’t called avacado, but they are definitely very close relations.)

  5. says

    I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of turquoise! I love all shades, and it works with a lot of other colors. Hope it stays around for awhile :)
    .-= micah´s last blog ..Undecided =-.

  6. says

    The turquoise is a bit much for me. I prefer the robin’s egg blue. But that’s just me!
    .-= Deidra´s last blog ..Apart =-.

  7. says

    I can’t imagine anything in that first photo being trendy or dated. It’s so pretty, I need that picture in my style file. I need that room in my life.

    AS far as trends on their way out, I have no idea, I didn’t think animal prints would last, so what do I know! I look for things that cause that a zingy buzzing feeling deep inside and I know that no matter what, I will always love it and it will always fit.

  8. says

    I love turquoise when its used a little bit..and in the right places. I have always loved that room with the turqoise shutters..dreamy. Thats the color used to its perfection, I think :)
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..I have a dream….. =-.

  9. T. says

    I wouldn’t want turquoise appliances, but turquoise accents in pillows, curtains, etc., are lovely.

  10. says

    Even if turquoise makes its way onto the “out” list at some point, it’ll be back. Just about everything in design (both home and fashion) is cyclical. Although I don’t think we’ll see avocado & harvest gold appliances ever again!! 😉

    Turquoise is a beautiful, fresh colour, and I don’t think it’ll ever really go out of style. Different variations may come into play — the Pantone turquoise that’s the colour for 2010 may become bolder or more subdued or paler or richer next year, and again the year after.

    If you want to decorate with turquoise now but are afraid of it becoming “untrendy” , use it in small pieces that aren’t a huge investment. Cushions, accessories, an accent wall…. although if you love a colour, it shouldn’t matter whether it’s trendy or not. I’ve been a loyal purple lover ever since I can remember, and it only got trendy recently. I’ll still love it when it’s not trendy anymore :-)


  11. says

    One of the homes my parents restored on Nantucket Island several years ago had a living room with the same color scheme as the first photo above. Serene, muted, beautiful … the walls and accent pillows were a light turquoise. I didn’t want to leave that room. And it did evoke the feeling of “beachy” and leisure.

    I love the sister color of Robin’s egg blue too … I have seen it used in formal and casual settings and it suits either one.

    I think it is here to stay … after all, turquoise starts out as a much better color than avacado green so it’s chances are better for longevity!!! :)
    .-= Polly´s last blog ..The Sweet Tooth Fairy. =-.

  12. says

    I love turquoise and many shades of blue – I don’t think I like them because they are trendy. I think the need for a serene and calm area in the home makes sense with the rigorous work around-the-clock attitude many Americans have and blues and turquoises are natural colors to be drawn to to create a calm atmosphere. It reminds me of the ocean and the sky which I will never get sick of looking at and will always make me feel at ease and peaceful.
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..Trash That’s Not Trashy =-.

  13. says

    I love turquoise. I love red. I love them together. How about turquoise with last year’s mimosa? Turquoise is great with orange too. I think it’s a great combo color.

    LOVE the turquoise doors in the photos.
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..Why Do People Do This? =-.

  14. says

    I really like turquoise and hope it hangs around a while longer! I also liked burgandy and navy blue that much to though. Whew! Glad those colors are long gone!
    .-= Cottage Dreamers´s last blog ..Rabbit breeding. =-.

  15. says

    I have never been a huge fan of turquoise, despite the fact that I love both green and blue. I think that turquoise is one of those colors that will come and go every so often, but I do see it as trendy because of that.

    I did a post last year on ‘Trends that scream the 2000s” – they were more related to things that relate to building a house, versus the decor, but there were plenty of opinions in the comments about decor too!
    .-= Things That Inspire´s last blog ..The Kennedy estates: on the market and recently sold =-.

  16. says

    I think turquoise would be great if it wasn’t following on the heels of the popularity of all things Aqua. Isn’t turquoise really just a deeper, brighter shade of aqua? We have seen aqua everywhere the past year or two. Don’t get me wrong, I love these colors. My bedroom is pale aqua and my dauther’s room is bright aqua (or dare i say it, turquoise?). It’s just not the color of the year. That is so 2009.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..The one where I think I know what I am talking about when it comes to fashion. =-.

  17. says

    I adore blues and greens, especially turquoise. Always have, always will. With that said, I think it’s mighty trendy right now (boo!) and will be on it’s way out soon (double boo!).
    It will make a space look dated and tired when we see it in about 5 years.
    But I still love it and will still use it.

  18. says

    Hi Julia :)

    Well, I remember turquoise (usually with black) being THE color of the 80s in high school and in my mom’s house during the southwestern faze, so I would say that it’ll be short lived. I do love it now and have a few things in that color, but nothing that I can’t paint over 😉

    What will go out? Probably burlap, all white rooms (swedish, norwegian, etc.) and the farmhouse look unless you live in an actual farmhouse. I love all these things right now, but so did all those people that decorated their whole house in ‘Tuscan’ and ‘old world’ awhile back.

    I’m curious what the next trend will be, but I know we’ll see it in Blogland before we see it in any magazine 😉

    .-= rue´s last blog ..A much needed glimpse of pretty =-.

  19. devil says

    Turquoise is lovely as an accent color. Wouldn’t want turquoise drapes, sofas or carpet though.

    And turquoise is certainly no more “on its way out” than, say, stainless steel appliances. SS is the real avocado green of the last decade.

  20. says

    I love turquoise and really all shades of blue but I like them more as an accent color. That Southern Accents beach living room is a bit too blue for me. I think the colors are timeless when done properly. Tiffany Box Blue will always be one of my favorite shades but I couldn’t see doing a whole room in it. I really love the trend of all white rooms right now but that’s because I get bored so easily I find it quicker to change out the color palette of all the accessories than to paint my rooms. My last bedroom had so many coats of paint on the wall from me changing it every six months for nearly 10 years it started to look terrible!
    .-= Lauryn´s last blog ..Learning to Crochet =-.

  21. says

    Like you, I LOVE turquoise. Even though I have hard time spelling it! ha! I love the images you’ve chosen for this post, and I have my own splashes of turquoise in my family room and in my daughter’s room. Love it! HOPE it’s a classic — because otherwise my own house will look dated soon!

  22. says

    I must admit I’m not a huge fan of turquoise, but I love it in the first photo, from House Beautiful, with the turquoise shutters on the windows. Perhaps b/c it’s a little more muted, but still adds a splash of character to an otherwise neutral room. Also, I just now noticed your love for the colour playing out in you blog accents – words highlighted with links, titles, your new logo – even the necklace in your profile picture! So I believe you when you say it’s one of your favourite colours :)
    .-= Lori-Anne´s last blog ..Currying Flavour =-.

  23. Barbara says

    It’s very pretty as an accent, like the doors in the first photo. I don’t know if I could go with an entire room that color, but definitely some pillows, throws, lampshades here and there. Definitely.

  24. says

    Great post! I’m so happy to hear all these comments! 😉 I say it’s a classic that looks great paired with pretty much any other color. Personally the color brings me the same peace that I get from staring at the ocean. That will never go out of style!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Kitchen of the Year =-.

  25. says

    I really do believe that turquoise is a classic color that won’t go out of style. I think it’s like a great piece of turquoise jewelry. It is always a good accessory.

    Having said that, any color’s popularity comes and goes and I think we’re only a few years away from seeing a decline in the amount of bright turquoise in rooms. Like all colors though, there will be some shade or tone of it that will probably become popular as well.

    I do love turquoise, even though I only have a few touches in my own home. So I hope it stays around…
    .-= Lesley @ TheDesignFile´s last blog ..Side-by-side matching chairs are designer favorite =-.

  26. says

    A little can make a huge impact. If you haven’t tried it go for it in a big or small way. You will love it. xo xo

  27. Cheryl says

    When our house was being built in 1985 my husband picked out the carpet & vinyl flooring (his money – his choice – we weren’t married yet). We ended up with a carpet that I’ve always called “kinda teal blue” but it looks like your Pantone swatch (maybe just a tiny bit bluer). I thought it would be a nightmare to decorate – but it has been amazingly versatile.

    Luckily I like to decorate with mostly pink-blue-purple shades with some green thrown in for leaves in floral patterns. Wall colors of peach, orchid, blue, and the palest pink all work with the various fabrics I’ve found that include a close match to the carpet. Being able to sew my own curtains has helped. Some might call my decor dated – but to us it is just comfortable.

    The carpet is now beat to death – it wasn’t great quality carpet to begin with. Don’t know what I’m going to replace it with! Really don’t want beige (wrong color family & BORING) but will hopefully be retiring & moving soon – so will have to do something fairly neutral.

  28. says

    I don’t think it will ever be the avocado green. I was confused when it was just labeled color of the year, though. I have a 10 years old turquoise couch. Guess I am ahead of the game ha ha.

    I think ANY color overused is too much, but splashes here and there are just fine. I love white but even an all white room, or too much white is just too much. I think any trend can be done nicely or taken too far.
    .-= Emily@remodelingthislife´s last blog ..Maddy and Harry =-.

  29. says

    The color is classic. I think it’s beautiful with any other color. I’m also loving deep purple right now…what about you?
    .-= Ryan Kay´s last blog ..My Chili Recipe =-.

  30. says

    I love turquoise! I’ve had accents of that color in my home for many years. I think that’s the key though… it’s so bold that it has to be an accent. Using it focally could be overwhelming.
    .-= Emily B´s last blog ..evil chore: MENU =-.

  31. Kat in Texas says

    Turquoise is fab. I love it as an accent in my home, love it in clothing, love it in jewelry. Whether it’s stylish or not, I’ll keep using it!

  32. says

    I’m not sure what I think about it now. All I know is I painted my kitchen a dark turquoise color last year (Feb 2009) because I saw it in a magazine and fell in love with it. It was called “peacock blue”. I’m not sure if this will become dated looking or not. It is awful trendy. That’s not why I used the color though. I used it because I liked it. And I still do but it’s starting to wear on me already and I am longing for a neutral color in my kitchen.

    Here’s the link to my kitchen post:
    .-= Carmen´s last blog ..Just a Little Something Pretty =-.

  33. Claire says

    I love it. I especially love that first room. I do think it’s a bit trendy, but as long as everyone uses it for things that are reasonably easy to change out (not bathroom fixtures) it won’t look dated later.

    Personally, I’ve been in danger of going overboard with red the last few years. Half my upholstered furniture, my vacuum cleaner and a lot of my small appliances are all red. Eek, so is my purse. And, come to think of it, my car! I could probably use a little bit of turquoise in my life to tone down the red.

  34. says

    I’ve been asking this myself alot lately about different decorating schemes: roosters; black cabinets; burlap – are a few. I like turqouise when done in moderation – especially in an area that is “beachy” feeling.

    ~angela @ peonypatch
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Annie =-.

  35. says

    I love these shades, however, I think labeling turquoise the “Color of 2010″ is a little behind. I think it’s been a trend for a while now. As for the “mimosa”… yuck! 😉
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Pop’s Birthday! =-.

  36. says

    I think as long as you choose shades of colors, your colors won’t look dated. I have some turquoise but try not to overdo anything. Overdoing anything in your home is kind of dangerous because it is hard to “undo”…a touch here and there and a mixture of styles and eras makes a decor more timeless, in my opinion! And sticking with styles that fits the era of your house makes it always work. Fun poll!
    .-= melissa @ the inspired room´s last blog ..Winter Home Tip: Create Mini-Destinations in your Home =-.

  37. says

    First of all, “Classic” is overrated. I don’t want the same decor my whole life! I want to mix it up, change my mind, and recreate my surroundings!

    Yes, I LOVE turquoise, but not for its trend factor – but because it reminds me the strength and beauty of water.

    When a color is labeled as “trendy” then we start to see different uses of the color – now that’s fun! So call it what you like, and keep sharing great ideas!

    Great post! :)
    .-= Susan @ Your home, only better.´s last blog ..My Laundry Closet Needs a Makeover =-.

  38. Cynthia White says

    Yuk: I hate the turquoise. The sooner it goes out the better!

  39. says

    I think different shades of turquoise will look dated in a few years, while others will still be classic. To me, the first picture with its lighter shades of turquoise looks classic and will always be that way. But the last photo with its bright Florida-esque turquoise seems like it will be on the way out withint he next few years.
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..a case of the mondays =-.

  40. says

    I love turquoise and would happily use it, in moderation. But would I install a turquoise bathtub? No. I don’t think the color is the problem, more the way it might be used. Regardless of color, a wallpaper with floral border is going to look dated. I think we probably just have to accept that, with a very few style exceptions, a room that looks gorgeous today is unlikely to look too hot in 2030.
    .-= Struggler´s last blog ..Butterflies on Parade =-.

  41. Cheryl says

    Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, not only in design choices, but also in clothing. I have blue-green eyes and every time I wear turquoise/aqua/teal, people compliment my appearance, so it’ll never go out of style for me! :)

    P.S. The room with the turquoise shutters is lovely!

  42. Kim says

    I think it all depends on people’s tastes and how it’s used, whether it’s nice or not. Like Turquoise carpet was once a trend, but now it’s not.

  43. says

    Turquise is a color I love and will happily use in moderation.It’s the bright , bold shade of turquise or any color can become overpowering. If turquise is a trend, I’m happy with it.
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Vintage Pyrex Glass Double Boiler =-.

  44. posey says

    I LOVE turquoise! But I haven’t decorated with it. I have worn it for years, one of my fav colors. I still have red accents in my home, have for about 10 years and I’m still not tired of it!

  45. says

    It’s been around since I was in school to become an interior designer, and was really big while I was at High Point in 2006 and 2007. While those tones then were a bit more blue, it was still a shade of the same color in my mind. I think it’s a pretty color, especially when paired with a contrasting reddish-coral, but I am also sorta tired of it. And, PLEASE, can we all be done with blue and brown, pink and brown, green and brown? Ugh already with that!
    .-= Trisha´s last blog ..A Glimpse Back: Christmas Eve Night =-.

  46. says

    I’m on the fence. I like it and I think it’s a beautiful color, but I wonder if it will end up being like the whole “country geese” trend of the 1980s. Just because everyone seems to love it right now. I think maybe I could use it in small areas of my home so I can change it easily later. :)
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..Devilishly Good Cupcakes and Icing Tutorial =-.

  47. Julianne says

    OK, this is a good post. I “discovered” turquoise last year after hating it for forever. I found a beautiful cake stand that was intricate and turquoise at the thrift store, and I loved how it complimented my apples and oranges that I use on it. I also started wearing earrings — a new thing for me — and the first four pairs I ever bought had turquoise on them in some form.

    So, I decided, if a little turquoise is good, a lot must be better! I found the most perfect shade of the color and we painted our two bathrooms in it.


    I know some people can pull it off, but for our small apartment, putting that much turqoise into a small, windowless room is just overwhelming and scary. I feel like I stepped into my grandma’s 1950’s bathroom, which is the EXACT same shade. I came home the night my husband started and almost finished our bathroom while I was gone and I almost started crying. It was awful, but I didn’t want to tell him that, since he had been painting for four hours!

    So now I am patiently waiting for bathroom re-dos. And I sort of just imagine away the blue as best as I can in the meantime.

    So…this is a really long comment to say, I really like turqouise, especially more of a seafoam blue/green color, but only in small, accenting amounts, and I will never do it over a big space again. Doing turqoise like that, in my opinion, really does outdate a room, and fast.

  48. says

    In this day and age of media and internet… I am afraid ANYTHING that is deemed the darling of 2010 (or any year) is inevitably going to be out …probably sooner than later.

    Design, ideas, colors splashed are SOOOO much more pervasive and accessible now than they EVER were during the avocado green and harvest gold era. IMHO, The reason some thing goes out is because it is seen and is EVERYWHERE.

    Personally…I love the color…especially since I live in a very sunny area where saturated colors just make sense.
    .-= linda@LimeintheCoconut´s last blog ..Do YOU see the monkey? I don’t…..really…I don’t. =-.

  49. HollyM says

    Turquoise is a trend, if overused. Just like red walls from the mid 2000s. Or white beadboard over the last few. If small doses of the color are used to liven up a room – – as in the top photo – – then the only thing ‘dating’ the room will be the whiteout of woodwork/slipcovers/walls/fireplace/etc, etc, etc.

    Doesn’t anyone like color anymore? Green? Red? Yellow? Variations of any of those? Maybe some actual wood colored woodwork? It seems that color today means COLOR!!!!! Like turquoise, grass green, fushcia pink, lemon yellow. Where’s the muted side of the color wheel? Must it be ‘go big or go home’ when it comes to color? Is the opposite of COLOR the black and white with burlap combo?

  50. Jennifer says

    I think if it’s done tastefully-as in the 1st photo, it doesn’t matter what color you use. Just as long as it’s not overdone.

  51. says

    I think it totally depends on the color you pair with turquoise. I think those shutters in the first image look classic but some unique color pairings can be more trendy.
    .-= Jessica at Lavender & Lilies´s last blog ..100! =-.

  52. Nita Hiltner says

    Turquoise was the main color I put on my first daughter as a baby 40 years ago. It was because it complimented her gorgeous olive complexion. My mother wore real turquoise necklaces and used it as a color in her own decor. I don’t have any turquoise at the moment; instead, I use French blue. But, I should use more of it since I decorate French country. For me, it wouldn’t ever be a main color in my house, but hints of it here and there, I like.

  53. says

    I think it’s definately a classic color. How can you go wrong with a mix of green and blue? Or maybe I just really, really, REALLY want to live in a cottage by the sea. And until that day, turquoise decor will tide me over.
    .-= Karrie´s last blog ..Ta-Da! =-.

  54. says

    I think what dates a color is not the pure color itself, but what it is paired with. These past few years, they have used turquoise with brown in a lot of things from home decor to clothing and jewelry. That color combination looks dated already. But, pure, beautiful turquoise as an accent (like in the photos above) will never look dated.
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..My 2010 Weekly Planner =-.

  55. says

    I’ve never been into lighter blues but it works for some decor. I can’t help but think of all the Southwestern decor that was so hip in the late 80s and 90s here in Colorado. Peach with turquoise/teal – everywhere. Oh blech. Some of it was so over the top, even in high-end homes that you couldn’t help but shake your head.

    I march to the beat of my own drum with home decor so if I see a color or a piece that I like, I go for it. I tend to work with neutral now (a lesson learned from my maroon/forest green/navy craze of the 90s) and add accents of color so as not to tie myself down. Though my extremely tight budget after the last move has made for some interesting decisions.

    Turquoise is not a color for me. Cobalt blue, on the other hand, is a blue that is timeless and can be used (with moderation) in many different settings.
    .-= LizO´s last blog ..Valance/Pelmet Box Concept =-.

  56. says

    Hi Julia,
    Interesting post. I think some shade of blue will always be in. It’s funny because if you think about the 80’s mauve and country blue were all the rage. Now if we see mauve, we immediately think country and “yuck”! So I suppose as all colors, it will someday too be “yuck” but for now, I say “enjoy”.
    .-= LeAnn´s last blog ..It’s curtains for this girl! =-.

  57. Kathy :) says

    I love the color….but then again I am a gal that LOVES color…..

    I think if any color is too bold…then it may be classed as a trend….I used BM Beach Glass and I just adore it….I love the way the light plays with the color and YES I so agree it is a soothing color…. I find most shades of green to be soothing…

    Great post as always…

    Kathy :)

  58. says

    Ever since my color bubble was burst by a pimply faced, mock hippie at the local Benjamin Moore store who shared with me that the paint manufacturers don’t actually come out with “new” colors, I’ve become color jaded. {He explained they just have companies like Pottery Barn pick a palette from the same old colors to make them “hot”.} I’ve decided to pay closer attention to what color the heart of my home really is and stick with the palette that pleases me, Pantone be damned!


  59. says

    I’ve already covered this on my blog too & had fun with the discussions. I have a feeling that we can’t see trends while we’re living in them, or else we wouldn’t make mistakes & look back and laugh 20 years later, so turquoise will probably end up like that too. It’s just the way design styles and colors cycle. Around and around they go. What’s old is new again. I love the color, but think I’ll only use it in small doses, that’s much safer than going whole hog with it.
    .-= Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality´s last blog ..My Open Sky Shop is stocked =-.

  60. Dawn says

    When my parents built their house in 1962, they ordered turquoise plaster for the master bedroom and the living room. When I gave them a makeover two years ago, I painted the top half of their closet for the first time! My mom had only painted the bottom. :) They also had a turquoise stove top and oven. My friend’s mom still tells me she LOVED my mom’s appliances.

    To this day, if you chip a piece of plaster, you see the turquoise color. Talk about being hip! That’s my mom. BTW, she lives in NE Indiana. (Sooo not a big metropolis).

  61. says

    It may be trendy, it may be classic? The reality is, because I like to decorate, I am sure that the colors I am using right now will not be the colors I am using 5-10 years from now. I will have cycled through them. I would not buy a large piece in the color, just like I wouldn’t in any large pattern or bright color.

    Sometimes if you love somethings, you just have go with it.

  62. says

    Yes, too trendy and might be too classic. Although I like the second photo above. :-)

  63. says

    Hi Julia, I have to say turquoise is not a favorite color of mine…my mind switched it off when at about 10 years old I iced a cake turquoise and discovered it wasn’t a very appetizing color. At ALL!! But I do think that turquoise is the new black….that color you need in a room to make it spin. I’ve always tried to put black somewhere in every room that I do and it always seems to work. Now that I really am checking it out, this turquoise color may be that spinning element that a room needs! It certainly isn’t boring!
    .-= Gwen´s last blog ..Machine Embroidery – Freehand =-.

  64. Lynn says

    I think turquoise is like most any color: there are many shades, and that can impact how good it looks now and into the future. I also think it depends on if you are decorating with turquoise because you love the color, or because it’s “in”. If you love it, you can keep working with it to keep it fresh. I like the fact that it can be matched with any other color (in the right shade) and switching that other color can keep the blue fresh. Where you live may also have an impact: by the beach I’m not sure if it will ever go out of style. At least is hasn’t yet.