In Decorating, Size Matters

Here’s a perfectly pleasant older home on the market for a perfectly reasonable price (only $155,000). It offers original woodwork and hardwood floors, charming arched doorways and an updated kitchen.

But all I could think about when I saw the interior photos was that SIZE MATTERS when you’re decorating your home. I’m afraid these owners may need a little help understanding proportion and scale.

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

Here we have a dining room table and chandelier that are both too small for the room.

In the living room, we have artwork that is hung too high over the clock on the mantel, and a rug that looks too small to float in the center like that:

On the other side of the room is a TV too wide to fit on that wall:

Even the bedroom has a problem with size–the comforter is too small!

This would be a wonderful little bungalow with a few tweaks and rearrangements here and there, don’t you think?

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  1. says

    OMG, I love that house! I grew up in a house like that and my heart stops every time I see one…and this one is even brick, wow!

    I have to laugh at the tv thing…reminds me of my infamous iron work wall dilemma…old houses, love/hate relationship to be for sure!


  2. says

    SO true! People think you have to put small things in small houses, but that just makes them look smaller and cluttered. Strategically chosen pieces with presence is better.

    And I’ll 2nd what Melissa said. $155K Are you kidding? I live over an hour from the city so I can buy at a discount, but I can’t buy a delapidated crack house for $155K. Sigh.

    ~Angela :-)

  3. says

    Remember me? It’s been too long! :)

    Okay, that TV totally reminds me of the entertainment center on Friends that Joey and Chandler built. Remember? Ha!

    That is one heck of a deal on that house–miniature stuff and all!

  4. says

    What a charming house! I have the same problem as everyone else, this house would be way out of my price range were it in DC – probably around 800k in a good neighborhood which is INSANE! Sadly, this is how much of the country decorates and they think it’s fine *shudder*. I know I’ll be in the minority, but the first thing I’d do is paint a lot of that wood trim a nice crisp white. Sorry folks, too much oak for me! I would also get a new more vintage styled front door. Great find!

  5. says

    The TV cabinet is hysterical. If the house belongs to a couple, you KNOW there was a fight over that. Apparently he won. Someone also needs to tell the sellers to pull the living room furniture off the walls! The sofa is…well, not where I would place it, but it could come off the wall and the chairs could come a little further into the room. They look like they’re lurking on the fringes of the room instead of being actually in it. What is wrong with people? What is wrong with their Realtor?

  6. says

    LOL! $155,000 is like £75,000 – seriously you couldn’t buy a shed in the UK for that let alone that gorgeous little house! The TV had me giggling though, that house has to be owned by a single man. Tiny dining room table…..MASSIVE TV! :)

  7. says

    Oh my! I saw this house’s exterior and thought – oh yummy! a special treat. Then I saw the inside photos and began to gag. Yikes! Didn’t their mama teach them to always leave the room and come back in as a visitor. Those problems are too big to be overlooked by anyone. Awesome share!

  8. says

    It could be charming, but I have to admit the thing that struck me is the stained molding. I know it’s popular in some parts of the country, but I don’t like it.

  9. says

    Oh My Word – that is a very cute house that has SERIOUS potential!! A makeover and they could get more $$ for it!! Well, maybe…depends on where it’s located…but anyway, totally a cute house! I would love to get my hands on that one and fix ‘er up!

  10. says

    Oh my..I never thought about furniture being too small.. I don’t have too small/too large problem..I have too much crap to start. No really. I feel that my dining room table is too big for the room sometimes. I have posted a few pics of my house here and there if ya want to peak..Pleae give me some advise. Pics listed under house label

  11. says

    Some people just don’t understand or don’t want to understand. As hard as it is for some of us to imagine, some people don’t care about decorating! The rest of us are dying to get in there and give it the look it deserves.


  12. says

    Some people are just clueless when it comes to decorating. I had a scale problem when I moved first moved into the house I live in now, because it was a lot larger than my previous house, so I needed to find larger pieces of furniture or more furniture to fill the rooms. Even just knowing how to place the furniture better would help these people.

  13. says

    I wonder if their realtor had something to say about the tv or not. I would of highly recommended they move it out of the doorway.

  14. Mike says

    *ROTFL* The absolute best is the TV placement. WHAT on EARTH were they THINKING? This is a very cute house, but definitely needs some work on scale and placement of things.

  15. says

    that is a travesty of injustice to that beautiful home. That could Easily be reworked into a great home, if only I were there to help! ha ha
    Love the site, sista
    coastal nest

  16. Kelly says

    This looks just like a house in Iowa my in-laws lived in. Theirs needed updating and sold for just $75,000.

  17. Billy says

    This is such an easy fix: living room; take the surround off the TV and quarter it in the corner, create a quick sofa table out of dimensional lumber and table cloths to move the sofa away from the window, leave one chair to the left of the fireplace; Dinning Room center the linen press between the small windows, put every leaf in the table and move toward the center of the room, or spin it 90, move extra chair from LR to the corner add table, lamp and a book; Bedroom even a 19.99 blue light special bed cover would work. It is really easy to see great bone structure. Got a link to the listing? (Pleeeease)

    A repo the same age but smaller than this one traded for $750k last week a block away from me.It had gone to completive bid in 2005 with a listing price $869k.

  18. Norma says

    I think what they were doing with the picture, was to ofset it from the 2 windows, which didn’t work, it should be the height as the 2 windows. Now that t.v. stand has to go, they need something alot smaller there , it just sticks out too much, they could sell it and take the money from that unit and buy a nice smaller one.The rug has to go, that’s the first thing you see, it’s just too distracting, they need a nice calm rug that’s easy on the eyes, not soo busy.Every thing in the dinning room looks so small, this room needs some work.

  19. says

    Why do people insist on puting big screen T.V.’s where they do not fit! It is a cute house, but it ends there and just becomes a source of entertainment. So many things to pick apart… so little time!

  20. Kathy :) says

    Oh how sad for that little house, I love the house (can’t get over the $$) to some people a house is just a house a place to eat and sleep, all the little touches are what make it a home I feel !!!

    Kathy :)

  21. hookedonhouses says

    Billy–I actually wrote this post months ago and can no longer remember where I found the house. Wish I had thought to write the MLS link down, although it has most likely sold by now! Isn’t it a great little house? I hope the new owner does it up right. :-)

  22. says

    My favorite was that horrible comforter….it’s a very charming house but some people just don’t have that decorating gene.

  23. says

    Oh but that house is just waiting for the right person to decorte it wonderfully..the present owners are clueless! Now, my poor rooms are probably OVER decorated…how I wish to have that room to work with.
    The bedroom is so sad…I volunteer to step in and do something with that pitiful bedding. : )

    The house itself is charmimg! That TV cabinet is so NOT!


  24. says

    There is the old saying, ” 20 pounds of potatos in a 5 pound sack”. Quite the reverse here. Just one question? Were the current owners LARGE people?

  25. says

    I’m smiling at the comments on real estate prices. I looked at a nearly identical bungalow two years ago just outside of Park Hills and it was just north of $100k. We still passed because it wasn’t big enough for our needs. It was cute, though. Lots of funky bungalows around here.

    If you want a REALLY cheap house in a rapidly improving neighborhood, check out our entry on Cheap Houses in Covington. I’m of the opinion that one could buy a renovation project for as little as $10,000 (or even as little as $1), and get a pretty decent property. In some areas you can even get a $6k loan/grant and there are rehab funds available through the city too.

    Yes, this is what we did. Frankly, after all this, I think it’s well worth it.

    BTW, there are LOTS of great properties all over northern Kentucky.

  26. Edith says

    What a lovely “little” house. (It’s way bigger than mine!) I can’t believe the low price. But yes, it seems like it must be a single guy living there. I too can’t get over the TV!! But I have to say, people who would paint over beautiful original woodwork should bypass such a house and go straight to the ones where the woodwork is already painted, or in poor condition. Having gone through the substantial effort of replacing destroyed woodwork covered in layer upon layer of paint, and doing all the staining and sanding myself by hand, I can attest to the amount of work involved and think it’s a damn shame someone would paint over wood like that!!!!

  27. says

    Yeah–where is that budget-friendly house?

    You know, I bet they sell it so fast–people will come in and think, ‘I can make this look SO much better’ and snatch it up just to help it. The poor house is pleading for help. Seriously, the TV? WHAT were they thinking? How can you have such a great house and RUIN the decorating?

  28. Marie says

    Okay, so they need help with proportion and scale, but I can think of one positive thing to mention, they certainly got rid of their clutter! Because the rooms are clutter-free, they seem very roomy. Good for them.

  29. Paul McQuown says

    I love the site !!! This home looks nice by itself. The comforter was a minor thing, what with the mattress showing at the end of the bed. Charm is the word I would use, it is a charming home. Perfect for empty nesters.

  30. says

    This post reminds me of my girlfriend’s home. While her home is lovely in its intent, she just gets it all wrong! So very wrong! LOL! Every time I go, I want to jump off of the couch and start moving things around. Think of the fun [I’d] have!!!

  31. Rhonda from Minnesota says

    Oh the possibilities this place has….let me at it! It’s hard to sit here and not correct things! :)

  32. says

    Definitely a beautiful home, but you’re right — the scale of so many of their pieces is all wrong! We have problems with scale too, because we have so little space. But if I had as much space as they do, I’d be taking advantage of it. A redesign would definitely do them some good.

  33. says

    How funny that the size/proportion issue runs throughout the house. I giggled when I saw the comforter…and the dining table looks like dollhouse furniture! Totally love the house, though!

  34. Kathi says

    When I look at houses I’m able to see the potential and look past the owner’s style or lack of it. This is a charming house! I love that they didn’t paint the woodwork or put carpet over the hardwoods. I spent hours and hours removing red rubber glue carpet pad off the hardwoods in my Florida home with a heat gun and paint scraper! This house has kept all of the charm of the past. I would buy it in a minute with the understanding that the owner’s would take that TV with them!

  35. ida says

    its the tv stand. omg. couldnt they do a corner tv cabnet or something. they really needed to move the furniture around before someone hurts themselves on that stand. and the dining room what a waste. good grief. then the MASTER BEDROOM……whats up with the 2 piller bed. did someone have a hard time getting untied? things that make you go hummmm. oh by the way they need a nice black and red sheet and blanket set.