Caption This: A 1950s Homemaker Ponders…


What do you think this young homemaker from the 1950s is thinking about?

“I wonder if that gold refrigerator I bought will look dated in a few years?”

“Should I hang that horse and jockey wallpaper in my kitchen?”

“If only I had a portable stereo in here!”

Write your own caption for her in the comments and tell us what you think she’s got on her mind.

(I’m working through the weekend on a project deadline, so I hope you guys will come up with some good captions to keep me entertained while I’m slaving away. Come on–don’t fail me now!)

Photo via DarkRoastedBlend.

Dark Roasted Blend asks: "Now, do you appreciate your iPod more? In the 50s you had to carry the CART with you, wherever you went."…
Remember this aqua-blue kitchen I showed you in the post about Retro Kitchens? It was a page out of a vintage Better Homes and Gardens…

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  1. says

    She’s thinking, “I wonder…if I substitute soymilk for regular, will my husband still eat it?”

  2. hookedonhouses says

    That’s a good one, Maya. This photo does in fact resemble what I probably looked like, standing in my kitchen yesterday and pondering whether I could substitute natural, organic peanut butter for the usual Skippy without my kids noticing.

    And, as all the moms out there can probably guess–they DID notice that it was different–and neither of them said, “Yum! Thanks, Mom, for helping us make healthier choices!”

  3. says

    “I’ve heard that too much butter is bad for the figure”. Check out the amount of butter in that dish!!


  4. hookedonhouses says

    Oh, you’re right, Janet! There’s like, three or four sticks of butter crammed in there!

  5. class of 56 says

    Now let me see. If I use all that milk can I get Mr. Holmes to come back tonight and deliver me another quart before supper. That cake is not as good if we don’t have milk to drink with it.

  6. hookedonhouses says

    Jodi W, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to work “valium” into a caption for her, and your cocktails caption came closest to what I had in mind. Ha.

    Irishof–that’s a good one! You always make me laugh.

    Class of 56–I wish I had a milkman to deliver some a bottle to us this weekend. We’re always running out!

  7. says

    “Whatever possessed me to combine this many shades of yellow, cream, and gold in one kitchen?! Maybe I should ditch it all and go with blue and white…”

  8. Geetanjali says

    “hmm… is it our first date anniversary or is it the anniversary of our first fight…”

  9. hookedonhouses says

    You guys are cracking me up.

    My six-year old says, “She’s trying to think what to cook for dinner.” I’m afraid she sees that “What on earth am I going to make tonight??” look on my face every night around 5:30…. 😉

  10. elisabeth says

    like most women of the 1950s, she was thinking, “Did I remember to take my diet pills this morning?”

  11. says

    I think she is thinking ” When the hell is he going to cook dinner for me, the slob!”

  12. Jane says

    “Hmm … is that the milkman’s ring? or did John forget his keys again?”

  13. Dolores says

    I have the same picture from the cover of the publication, Better Homes & Gardens, June 1939 (yes 1939). The artist was Victor Kessler, whose dates were 1905-1987. I have the cover framed and hanging in my 2003 kitchen.

  14. Rebecca says

    Dolores great info! If she is in the 30s and not the 50s then she’s thinking “Gosh how can I put dinner on the table every night with only $7 a week?”


  15. Melissa says

    It is 4:15 and I have no clue what I’m making for dinner tonight…..

  16. fluffernutter says

    Golly gee?? Too much butter causes saggy baggy butt, or maybe its flabby floppy arms, or was it awfull etchie sketchie strechmacks all over the tummy? Then again it could be blue noodle viens on the legs, or possibley the overflowing cankles ??
    Gosh I just can’t remember which one it was Mom told me…whish she just wrote a book on it all.

  17. Sophia says

    She is thinking:

    4:15 and where are those kids? Did i pick them up from school? No more apple martinis for breakfast.

  18. citrine says

    “Now what percentage of my brainpower do I need for cooking?”

  19. terriryan says

    Wish I had tried harder in the domestic science classes at school

  20. Demeter says

    She’s saying, “Did I turn on the oven or is that Servel gas refrigerator behind me leaking again?”

  21. Caroline says

    I reckon she is thinking:

    Who am I. Where am I. And that is not an attractive ceiling light!

  22. says

    It’s definitely 1930’s, at least the frig is. What’s she thinking? “Was it grease then flour or flour then grease the pans? Oh! dear it’s already 4:15.

  23. Lisa Kay says

    “Darn, how am I going too make rum cake, if i keep drinking all the rum”

  24. Kimberly says

    She’s got ADD. She’s struggling with society’s expectations of her. She’s doing her best, her home is neat, she’s done her hair, she’s got the apron, dressed for the part, and she’s working on dinner… but all of these tasks take a toll on her, and she finds herself overwhelmed, stopping briefly to figure out what’s next. And in the back of her mind, she’s also wondering how long she can keep this up for. Well, that’s what it says to me. I spent the whole weekend cleaning, organizing, cooking and entertaining and felt quite like a 50’s housewife. When I went in search of a profile picture to match, this one suited me perfectly. Even though I almost acheived what most women are able and expected to do, I had to work twice as hard, and take these “Where was I?” moments frequently.

  25. pseeker says

    Can I really spend every day of my adult life cleaning this house and cooking in this kitchen? Suddenly I can’t breathe!”