Halloween at My House with Harry (& Friday Links)

by hookedonhouses on October 31, 2014

Halloween in Julia's dining room | hookedonhouses.net

Happy Halloween! This is Harry, the spider who spends most of October hanging out in my dining room. We’ll put him on the front porch tonight to frighten greet the trick-or-treaters. [click to continue…]


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Buy the Most Haunted House in Mississippi (If You Dare)

by hookedonhouses on October 30, 2014

McRaven: Most Haunted House in Mississippi | hookedonhouses.net

McRaven House isn’t your run-of-the-mill hangout for ghosts — it has actually been named “The Most Haunted House in Mississippi.” Five former residents are known to have died here, and one of the original owners was murdered outside. Add to that the fact that it was used as a field hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, and you can imagine why the premises might be a little…spirited. [click to continue…]


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Lady Gaga’s Oceanfront Home Designed by Steve Giannetti

by hookedonhouses on October 28, 2014

Lady Gaga Buys Zuma Beach Estate in Malibu | hookedonhouses.netWhen I heard that Lady Gaga bought a $22 million estate overlooking Zuma Beach in Malibu, I kind of expected it to be something flashy and contemporary. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it’s actually a more traditional French Provincial-style home that was designed by architect Steve Giannetti. [click to continue…]


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Halloween House Quiz: Guess Which Witch Lives Here

by hookedonhouses on October 27, 2014

Halloween Houses Onscreen | hookedonhouses.net

Happy Halloween Week! Witches always get to live in the best houses onscreen, don’t they? Here’s a little pop quiz to see how many of these famous witches’ houses you recognize from popular movies and TV shows. (Don’t worry — it’s just for fun and won’t affect your final grade!) [click to continue…]


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A Ghost Town of Old Houses For Sale & More Links I Like

October 26, 2014

1. An Entire Vacant Village from the 1800s For Sale in Connecticut

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An Old Kitchen Gets a New Look for Less Than $1,500

October 23, 2014

Gretchen told me that when she and her husband Steven bought their house near Philadelphia, she liked the quaint vintage 1950s kitchen that came with it. But the longer they lived (and cooked) there, the clearer it became that it needed some updates: “It felt old and dingy, and the fluorescent light didn’t do it any favors.” So they gave it a facelift that […]

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A White Gingerbread Victorian For Sale in San Marcos

October 22, 2014

This Victorian in Texas is a head turner. Although it’s been updated, it still has much of its original character intact, including the intricate gingerbread trim and stained-glass doors. It’s on the market, so let’s take a look…

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9 Funny Finds from the Real Estate Listings

October 21, 2014

These real estate photos are making me laugh (and scratch my head) this week…

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