Are You Hooked?

  • If there’s a “For Sale” sign in my neighbor’s yard, I can tell you how much they’re asking for their house–and whether it’s worth it.
  • I have a habit of checking the real estate listings online, even though I’m not planning to move.
  • I think the best time to take a walk is at dusk–after people have started turning on their lights, but before they have closed their blinds!
  • I’ve been known to visit Open Houses and model homes, just for fun.
  • I will stop to take a photo of a beautiful house if I have a camera with me.
  • When I visit someone’s home, I immediately start looking around to see what changes they’ve made since the last time I was there.
  • I get upset when I see a beautiful old home that looks neglected and unloved, and I fantasize about “rescuing” it.
  • I would go to a neighbor’s party just to get a look inside their house.
  • I have considered becoming a real estate agent, or have been told I should be one.
  • I’ve been known to check out the local house listings when I’m on vacation to see how much it would cost to live there.
  • If I drive through a pretty neighborhood, I slow to a crawl so I don’t miss anything.
  • I’m always redecorating my house. It’s never “finished.”
  • There are certain movies I have watched repeatedly because of the houses featured in them.

Can you relate? Then you’re hooked on houses, too. Welcome to our club! :-)

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