Real Estate Sampler: 8 Readers’ Houses For Sale

Click the pics and links below to see the listings:

Pat's Condo on the Lake

1. Pat’s Lake of the Ozarks Condo (more pics on her blog)

Emily's parents' house in FL

2. Emily’s parents’ place in Florida

Judy's house in CT3. Judy’s house in Connecticut

Kelly's house in Idaho

4. Kelly’s house in Idaho

Vicki's house for sale in Illinois

5. Vicki’s house in Illinois

Jill's house for sale in Annapolis MD

6. Jill’s house in Maryland

Julie's house for sale North Carolina

7. Julie’s house in North Carolina

Julie's house in MO8. Julie’s house in Missouri

Thanks to all the readers who submitted their listings. Best of luck with them! If you’re selling yours, too, feel free to leave a link to your listing in the comments.

Courtney's parents' bungalow for sale Oregon
Click the links below to see the listings for each house: 1. Courtney's family home in Scotts Mills: $445,000. 2. Susan's house in Madras: $149,800.…
8200 Narrows Avenue Gingerbread House Brooklyn 500
Have you seen the so-called "Gingerbread House" in Brooklyn? Some of the readers who sent me the link to the listing described it as "a…

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  1. Jane says

    Loving Kelly’s (from Idaho) kitchen cabinets! LOVE THEM!

  2. says

    I’m in LOVE with Kelly’s Idaho house! Restored floors made from trees on site??!! Are you kidding? I want to move in and live out my days there!

  3. says

    Thank you for posting our listing. I actually have a blog with before and after photos if anyone is interested it’s We love our home but my husband has been transferred to Minnesota for work. Guess we will start over back there! Maybe I can find a Victorian to restore:)

  4. says

    Um, Pat’s photos are WAY better than those I am assuming her realtor took for the listing. She should have used some of those too! It’s kind of the same for my house, such a great beautiful home, but the pictures make it look a little drab.

    Nice job Pat!

  5. Christina from Dallas says

    Nice houses except I have to say some of the photos were not good . Especially in house 1 and 2. I couldn’t really tell what the condo looked like with all the shadows. I wonder if real estate agents are using their I phones for pictures. They just don’t turn out as well in my opinion as opposed to digital camaras.

    • says

      This is our condo. The agent did the photos with a point and shoot camera. I knew they were not going to be good. But I didn’t asked about taking the photos myself. When our home was on the market I did all the photography for the listing and the pictures were much better.
      I’ve thought about spending a couple of days there doing more photos and sending them to the agent.
      My photos are much lighter and brighter and they give a better idea of how the condo really looks.
      This is our weekend place.

      • says

        Thanks Julia.
        I asked the agent who listed our primary home, last year, if I could do the photos for our home listing. She said she would like to see a couple of my photos. I emailed them. She answered right back to me, asking for many more.:-) That listing was very nice, plus they did a slideshow with music. I recommend you ask about doing your own photos or maybe hire someone who specializes in real estate photography.

        When J was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last Fall, we decided to take the house of the market at the end of the contract time, so we could devote our time to learning more about Parkinson’s Disease and see how things would go for J. Well…we are now considering marketing the house again. We want to see what happens with the condo first.

        • Christina from Dallas says

          I checked your blog Pat and boy what a difference in the photos! It’s like night and day! Your condo looks wonderful in your photos! It just didn’t come through the same and present as well in the realtor’s photos. Good luck!

  6. 65andcounting says

    Question to all sellers: You hear the media saying real estate is booming. I don’t see it where I live. I don’t see it where many of my friends live. Still so many people with underwater mortgages. Would any one (or each) of you be willing to talk about what you see in your neck of the woods? How hard is it to sell? Does it depend on the price point? On how hard it is to get a buyer approved for a mortgage? Have you been selling for a long time?

    I don’t mean these questions to be personal or invasive, rather that your answers would be informative for the rest of us. Thanks. Happy Rainy Monday from New York.

    • says

      Houses in our neighborhood are suddenly flying off the shelves this year for decent prices. I talked to a real estate agent at a party the other day who said it was the best spring he’s had EVER, and he’s been in the biz 20 years. I’m sure it depends on your area, but here in Ohio it seemed almost impossible to sell a house in less than 9 months until recently. One house just sold down the street from me before they could even post the photos for the listing (I was bummed because I wanted to see what it looked like–ha).

    • Julia says

      Here in Western NY, real estate is definitely on the upswing. In our small town houses are selling quickly and in at least one circumstance for MORE than the asking price. Granted our market was never impacted the way it was in some parts of the country as our real estate has never been over inflated. Good luck to all!

  7. Alie B says

    Wow! There is something from each one of these homes that I loved: Kelly’s mud room and blue & white bathroom, Vicki’s black leather sleigh bed, Julie’s Missouri home’s exterior, Pat’s beachy decor, Emily’s parents’ place; with its own lagoon, Judy’s view and outdoor space, Jill’s gardens, Julie’s North Carolina post card worthy snow covered place. Good luck! :)

  8. says

    My parents’ are selling their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. They live in a gorgeous neighborhood with views of the valley and they remodeled the entire home. It’s so beautiful! I wish I could buy it and live there! :)

    Here’s a link to the video of photos their agent put together.

    @65andcounting, our real estate market is starting to recover, finally. For starter homes- they are selling in a matter of a few days, some over asking price.

  9. says

    #3 is awesome. I am looking for house in USA. Please provide more information like price and location etc.

  10. Gretchen says

    I love this for sale posts! So fun to see real people’s homes. This week I actually have a lovely one to share- my mom’s!

    Here is the link to the virtual tour:

    Her townhouse in Pacifica, California has a view that is not to be believed! She will really miss living in this special place and I will miss watching the sunsets from this lovely home.