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  • If you have a question, please read my FAQs page first to see if I answered it there.
  • Looking for info about a certain TV or Movie House, or want to recommend that I feature one of your faves? Leave a comment on my Houses Onscreen page. That’s where I keep track of them all.
  • Looking for floorplans for a house you saw on my site? If I didn’t mention them in the post, I don’t have them. Sorry.
  • Want to know where to buy something you saw on my blog? If I didn’t give the source in the post, then I don’t know where it came from. Check all the sites I link to in that post, though–they might have the info!
  • I always aim to give proper credit for all of the photos on my site. If I used or credited one of yours incorrectly, please let me know and I’ll fix it.
  • Want to submit photos of a house or listing you think I’ll like? Send it to me!

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