An English Tudor (& Cottage) on the Coast of Kent

A Tudor Manor and Adjoining Cottage on the Sea in Kent | hookedonhouses.netDave and I have been talking about how much we’d love to go back to England. Last time we spent most of our vacation in London, but we’d like to get out of the city a little more and see other parts of the country someday. This lovely old Tudor with its adjoining cottage on Sandwich Bay, for instance, would be an amazing place to stay.

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (6)

According to the rental site, “Sandwich Bay is a long sweeping inlet of the sea on the east coast of Kent. Sandwich is known for being one of the best preserved medieval towns in the UK; within the old town walls the many beautiful period houses have changed little since the creation of the Domesday Book, making it a great destination for history lovers.”

Unique Home Stays Waterfront Tudor Manor Holiday Rental

Property Consultant Julie says, “To find such a striking Tudor manor right on the seafront is quirky enough, but the sweet-as-pie cottage adjoined to the main house is truly a unique home which guests won’t want to leave…”

Restoratory Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (1)

Can you tell I’ve had vacation on my mind a lot lately? Last week I was daydreaming about going to Maine and now I’m planning imaginary trips to the U.K. Too bad I’ve got a big college tuition bill due for my son next month that takes priority. But let’s not think about that now! Let’s see how they decorated the Tudor and focus on that instead…

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The listing says, “Perfectly placed for couples looking for a stylish break away not far from London, the resplendent Arts and Crafts-inspired decor will delight discerning guests and is just a pebble’s throw from the beach at Sandwich Bay.”

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Oh, to have a Smeg

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Restoratory Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (5)

This bedroom is in the cottage and looks so cozy. Makes me want to crawl in right now and take a nap:

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (13)

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (8)

There’s even a playroom if you want to bring the kids:

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (7)

This bedroom was decorated with classic William Morris wallpaper:

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (4)

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (11)

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (2)

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (5)

I was charmed by this green bedroom with the shuttered windows and small fireplace:

Restoratory Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (7)

I grew up reading as many English novels as I could get my hands on. I saved my allowance for weeks to buy an entire set of Jane Austen’s novels at our local bookstore, and they’re sitting on the bookshelf next to me as I type this.

Restoratory Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (4)

To be honest, that’s probably why I became an English Lit major in college. It sure wasn’t to get into a high-paying career after graduation! Ha.

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The listing says, “The Restoratory has a sweet al fresco dining courtyard area where the call of the gulls will provide the soundtrack to your day. The traditional clapperboard beach huts provide a quirky addition to the gardens in which children will be delighted to find shrimping nets (the beach is one of the best for shrimping in the UK!).”

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I’d love to walk through the town and see all the medieval-era houses, wouldn’t you? Visit Unique Home Stays for all the photos and information about renting both the main house (The Restoratory) and the adjoining cottage (The Butlery).

Butlery Cottage Tudor Manor Holiday Rental Kent (9)

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  1. jep says

    Yes please, a vacation in the English countryside for our family. I will start packing now. I love everything about this property except that one wallpapered bedroom…I am not sure I could sleep there. A Smeg and an Aga both work for me, too. Thanks for the pleasant daydream.

  2. Laura says

    Oh, yes. Lovely, lovely. The only thing I can see in this property that I don’t love is the mirrored fireplace wall – what’s that about? I agree with you about the Smeg. I would love to have one of those, or a Big Chill. An Aga too – yummy (although they do seem to go better in a cooler climate like England or Ireland). I love England too, and British writers. I notice they have P.G. Wodehouse on the mantle. Have you ever read him? Hilarious! I have a couple of friends who are both on separate trips in the French countryside and it’s killing me to see their pictures every day! At least I get to go on a short family visit to Maine and Cape Cod soon!

    • says

      I haven’t picked up any P.G. Wodehouse in a long time, but the photo of the books lined up on in that bedroom makes me want to! Have a great time in Maine and Cape Cod, Laura!

  3. Alie B says

    Absolutely enchanting! I love it when vacation places provide books, and cozy nooks in which to read them! :)

  4. carrie says

    Oh, P.G. Wodehouse! That hooked me. I need to go and sit on the beach and read the collected works of one of my favorite authors. And after we can eat freshly-caught shrimp with drawn butter and I can die happy.

  5. Deanna says

    What a lovely house! It comes across as charming without trying too hard. I can only imagine how relaxed and refreshed I would be after a week (or two!) at this home!

  6. bev says

    Lovely just lovely. And definitely the green room. I’m loving those windows. I started Longbourn and have been wanting to do a re watch of North and South. In an English frame of mind myself

  7. Aubry T says

    I love it! Even the bits and pieces of more traditional English decor (delightfully tacky). The playroom is too cute!

    I noticed the breakfast nook, the bench seating has a table with LEGS! Ouch!

    • Aubry T says

      Oh, and one more thing! I actually just watched a full restoration of one of these Tudor homes on Restoration Home. It’s on youtube, search for ‘restoration home abbey lane’, get the popcorn and ice cream ready it’s an awesome episode :)

      • says

        Good point about the table legs. Hadn’t thought about that, but it might make it a bit difficult to slide in and out of the seats!

        That show about the Tudor restoration sounds interesting. I’ll check it out — thanks, Aubry!

  8. Gin in New Hampshire says

    Susan Branch’s A Fine Romance is perfect for you. She and her husband took a driving holiday through England and she wrote and illustrated about their trip in a beautiful book.

    • says

      I have Susan Branch’s book too!

      Susan’s book made me want to go to England by ship like she did next time. How fabulous would that be? I was back there for the whole month of May, I got to stay with my Mum and sister in the village I grew up in (I linked my post, so you can see). It’s so worthwhile getting your National Trust membership, so you can visit lot’s of historic homes without paying entrance fees.

      My favorite this trip was finally getting to see Althorp, the childhood home of Diana, Princess of Wales. There’s a charm in England that cannot be replicated.

  9. says

    I miss England, I would spend at least 2 weeks there every summer. Some times more. My Step Mother was British and we would visit for Wimbledon. My Aunt and Uncle had a gentleman’s farm in Surrey. The photos brought me right back to my teenage years. I learned how to drive on their farm. Thank you.

  10. Dawn says

    I’m in love with the green bedroom with the adorable fireplace.

  11. Martha says

    This is so charming! I am not a big fan of curtains and love the simplicity of the shutters. I love William Morris designs, but the wallpaper can be oppressive, maybe just put it on one wall….the green bedroom is my favorite. Thanks!

  12. Wendy says

    I’m headed to London next week (my husband is English so this is our annual pilgrimage home to spend time with the grandparents), but I won’t be getting to anything near as charming as this. My in-laws do have a lovely home in Chiswick, it but can be tough to spend weeks in your mother-in-laws house. On the other hand, we will get to spend a week in Italy, and that will be a wonderfully relaxing break.

    • says

      Oh, wow, as much as I love my in-laws, I can’t imagine spending that much time in their house (or anyone else’s, really). Nice that you have a reason to go to London so often, though. Enjoy your trip to Italy, too, Wendy!

  13. Kelli M says

    Ooh, in one word: idyllic. This home would be an absolute escape!
    Have you seen the film “About Time?” It is by the same guy who did “Notting Hil” and “Love Actually.” This home looks very similar to the one in the movie and it just seemed magical. It was probably one of my favorite romantic movies to come out in recent years so if you haven’t seen it, I would check it out! :)

    • says

      Yes! I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it, but you’re right, the house is similar to the one in that movie. Thanks, Kelli!

  14. Carolyn says

    Love, love, love. I’m one of those who loved those English classics, too, which morphed into my love of Gothics in my teens and twenties. My preference for British authors, past and present, continues to this day. A real Tudor house on the coast with plenty of books is pretty much heaven for me. As someone else mentioned, the only thing I don’t care for is the mirrored fireplace. Wish they could have had older floors, too – a bit too new looking for the home – but the old ones must have been in bad shape. And I love the William Morris paper, but the white looks too stark with it. It’s calling for deep burnished wood, in my opinion. But that’s just quibbling. Loved the movie “About Time” too!

  15. Sue T. says

    Julia, remember the movie “Holiday” I think where the two women switch houses for Christmas. That way you only have to pay for air-fare.

    • says

      That’s what I need to do! Although I think whoever got my place would be getting the short end of the stick compared to this Tudor manor. Ha.

  16. Jonia says

    Julia, I’m so with you (totally figuratively speaking ha!), on that bed and a nap. Wow, does that look cozy! And bring on the English tea! The closest I ever get is maybe 10 minutes of quiet in the afternoon with a lukewarm coffee.

  17. Imre Zat says

    Almost Kate Winslet’s cottage in Holiday. I like this house too! So, do you have British orgins? Cause you wrote ‘back to England’. Sorry for my curiosity :) Imre

  18. Imre Zat says

    Wonderful cottage like Kate Winslet’s in Holiday! I really want your Movie Mondays :)

  19. says

    Lovely!! Especially the green bedroom, which caught my eye… We visited England a few years ago for just a few days (too short) and it was great. What really seemed weird to us though were… the old water faucets in the place we stayed at. :-) They still puzzle me to this day. All the more so after seeing some modern variants of them in an airport in London. A bit hard for me to understand … No offense meant to any British friends. :-)