Choose Your Favorite: 5 Vacation Homes in Maine

5 Beautiful Vacation Home Rentals in Maine |

Inspired by that Victorian summer cottage I showed you yesterday, I started looking up vacation houses to rent in Maine. Totally an exercise in daydreaming, mind you, but I found 5 places I’d like to spend my summer in. Which one would you choose?


Cove's End in Maine |

The listing says, “Extraordinary waterfront home in private community with wharf and tennis courts.”

Cove's End Vacation Rental Home in Maine (2)

It’s located in Cushing in the exclusive community of Gaunt Neck, a 75-acre peninsula jutting out into the Muscongus Bay.

Cove's End Vacation Rental Home in Maine (5)

This is probably the most contemporary house I found in the area. The listing says, “Cove’s End is truly a work of art. Its architecture is an amalgamation of timeless New England design and modern architecture, giving rise to a feeling of space and light while being comfortable and inviting.”

Cove's End Vacation Rental Home in Maine (6)

Something about it reminds me of the one in the Steve Martin-Goldie Hawn movie Housesitter — modern but with some nods to traditional New England farmhouses.

Cove's End Vacation Rental Home in Maine (11)

The area has “acres of protected pine forests, miles of waterfront, a common area with a pier, and private tennis courts.”

Cove's End Vacation Rental Home in Maine (7)

Visit Summer Maine Classic Vacation Rentals for more photos and information about Cove’s End.

Cove's End Vacation Rental Home in Maine (12)


Ledgeview Farmhouse in Maine |

The listing says, “An 1870s Saltwater Farmhouse stunningly restored and modernized. Peaceful with high end amenities.”

Ledgeview Vacation Home Rental Maine (5)

“This truly stunning and beautifully renovated 1870s farmhouse sits atop a granite ledge at the quiet end of Watts Avenue. The house is open, airy, sunny and a perfect combination of classic details and modern elements.”

Ledgeview Vacation Home Rental Maine (4)

“Surrounded by a well-manicured and sprawling lawn, the property abuts a quiet wood and is just a 10 minute walk to Tenants Harbor Village.”

Ledgeview Vacation Home Rental Maine (6)

I love this bathroom — so charming with the built-in storage, beadboard, and tub:

Ledgeview Vacation Home Rental Maine (7)

I wouldn’t mind cooking on vacation if I had a big kitchen like this to do it in:

Ledgeview Vacation Home Rental Maine (9)

Visit Summer Maine to read more about Ledgeview and see the rest of the photos.

Ledgeview Vacation Home Rental Maine (2)


George Hill Cottage in Maine |

The listing says, “Secluded Luxury on Alford Lake.”

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (10)

“Designed by famed architect John Silverio, George Hill Cottage is classic and comfortable with cathedral ceilings, a floor to ceiling granite fireplace, and comfortable furniture.”

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (7)

“The property sits on 76 private acres with thousands of feet of water frontage and a private dock.”

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (8)

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (9)

Wake up to views of the water from the bedroom:

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (6)

I think every summer place needs a screened porch to spend lazy afternoons on:

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (11)

Visit the Summer Maine website for more photos and information about renting George Hill.

George Hill Cottage Vacation Rental Maine (3)


Roaring Spout Farmhouse in Maine |

The listing says, “Classic Maine Cottage on 6 private acres in the heart of the St. George peninsula.”

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (8)

“Roaring Spout Farmhouse is a classically inspired house located in the lovely and desirable Hart’s Neck area of Tenants Harbor. When you think of Maine, the tall pines, long days and dotted sunlight spilling onto hardwood floors through a screen door, this is the house that comes to mind.”

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (9)

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (10)

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (2)

There are 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (6)

I’ll take the sleeping porch, though:

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (3)

Click here for more photos and information about renting Roaring Spout.

Roaring Spout Farmhouse Vacation Rental Maine (5)


Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental in Maine |

The listing says, “Stunning estate with deep water wharf and guest house.”

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (15)

“Spindrift sits high on the bluffs of Port Clyde, offering absolutely stunning views of Muscongus Bay. We like Spindrift because it is classic without being stuffy and modern without being cold…a truly brilliant blend of comfort, architectural artistry, functionality and aesthetic appeal.”

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (7)

“Sitting on 3 private acres with 220′ of water frontage, you can walk or bike to Port Clyde Village.”

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (9)

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (13)

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (10)

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (3)

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (6)

Visit Summer Maine for more photos and rental information about Spindrift.

Spindrift Estate Vacation Rental Maine (14)

Now that you’ve had a chance to see them all, which one would you want to spend your summer vacation in? Right now I’m leaning toward Spindrift with all those windows and amazing views. What about you?

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  1. Cody Gray says

    Number 5…hands down. That view and all those windows!

  2. Frances in England says

    Ooo, I’ll have Cove’s End waterfront with the Ledgeview house please!!

    I do prefer Ledgeview’s interior set up – I’m not especially contemporary in my tastes – but if I holiday in Maine I’d need some waterfront (picky, but hey it’s my daydream!)

    The first two seem to have a lot more light than the rest – could be photography or the weather that day, but that’s the impression. Love the idea of the sleeping porch, and also really like the pinwheel quilt in the last house!

  3. Thirkellgirl says

    #3 for me! The deck, the view from the bedroom (and everywhere else) and the comfy sectional looks the most relaxing to me!

  4. Kate says

    #1 or #5! I love the fireplace and master in #1 but I love the porch and all the windows in #5. They are all beautiful!

  5. Aubry T says

    Well…. this is a tough one! I don’t dislike any of them, so this is going to be a process of elimination. First off the list is #1, but only because the interior is a bit too modern for my tastes. Second off the list is #5, I have decided to never ever own a home with super tall vaulted ceilings again, and the kitchen is a bit blahh. So that eliminates the cottage as well (#3), not a huge fan of catwalks either.

    So that leaves #2 and #4, I love the kitchen in #2, but I love the floors and wood burning stove in #4. I prefer the exterior of #2 over the exterior of #4.

    I think I will take #2, but #4 is a very close second…

    Whew! That was a difficult decision!

    • says

      I know! Not easy to choose. I had to laugh at myself because I was agonizing over it all day as if I’d really be taking a vacation in one of them. Ha.

  6. Suzette says

    Absolutely #5! I love everything about it especially the views.

  7. Dot says

    #3 hands down! Has the right vibes for a relaxing summer holiday.

    • says

      Isn’t it, though? I spent so much time looking at these and thinking about them that I almost feel like I actually took a little vacation to Maine. So much easier on my budget, too. :-)

  8. Carrie S G says

    WOW – fantastic houses! Thanks for sharing them!!! Number 2 and 3 really got me — but number 5… when can I move in??? That shot of the kitchen looking into the eating area and living room filled with light. Sigh. The windows! The ceilings! And the view!!! I’m in love.

  9. Erin says

    I was going to say #3, until I saw #5 with that porch and view! I love that fireplace room with all the windows and that view of the harbor! It’s supposed to hit 115 degrees today, so this is a lovely day dream!

  10. Linda Evans says

    I was going to say #1 until I saw #5………but, I would take any!!!

  11. Kim says

    It’s a tie between #3 and #5. I like them both in their own ways.

  12. Christina says

    I love them all but especially number 5 but I think I might enjoy the lake of number 3. I’m not quite seafaring yet, but give me a few summers in one of these!

  13. Carol M says

    Wow, this is a hard one. But I think I’m leaning towards #3 — as long as it doesn’t come with the person crouched down in the outdoor shower! :-)

  14. Britastina says

    Based on the thumbnail photos at the top, I was going with #2 Ledgeview. It had a saltbox vibe that gets me every time. Then I looked at #1 Cove’s End. Wow! The exterior didn’t move me then I went inside. Oh my stars! There was a to-die-for antique in each room that said, “Yeah, you’re really here in Maine!” I don’t know how but the whole house gave me the feeling of being on a really posh sail boat. The snowy white sail against a blue sky, exquisite wood everywhere, fresh air. Forget about vacation. Can you imagine being in this house during a storm? I could live there forever.

  15. Linzy says

    Number 5. Easily. I don’t usually go for the huge expensive stuff, but hey, this is a dream vacation, right? That place is killer.

    Odd part, though, was one thing I took away from this post the most. That would be the poet-turned-realtor: “…the tall pines, long days and dotted sunlight spilling onto hardwood floors through a screen door…” -pretty gorgeous imagery, no? A bit out of the ordinary, especially in a field where you see the same words over and over again (and often not even in complete sentences).

  16. Laura says

    All very nice, so it was hard to choose. There wasn’t one that really screamed out to me, but I think I’d choose #2 or #4. They both have that vintage vibe I like.

  17. Matthew Gardner says

    Ooooh, Spindrift. The water setting is great and the house seems like it would be the perfect background for lots of family drama….errr fun.

  18. Dale says

    # 3 for sure! Love the warm, cozy cottage furnishings and colors. :)

  19. Esther George says

    Hi Julia I’m dreaming of no. 2 and 5 comfort and beautiful surround. This was difficult cause the homes are all quite stunning. I have rolled up and down this page…must go back and look some more enlarge the pictures to take a closer look. You realise what this means yep…another cup of coffee. Thank you for sharing beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS I should tell you….you have made my day. Oh before I forget have a wonderful weekend.

  20. claudia says

    Well, they’re all fab, but my favorite is #5 but only on the following requirements:
    1. Comes with a Chef (I need a break from cooking)
    2. Comes with 2 maids- one for myself and husband, one for my 2 messy boys
    3. Comes with a pet sitter for my pup
    4. Comes with a trained sailor to navigate that boat!
    All of the above helpers would have to tough it out in the guest house!!
    Hey, if it’s a dream, might as well dream big-especially if it’s for the whole entire summer! :)

  21. The Country Girl says

    Definitely Spindrift for me! I have a feeling the rental fees would make it more of a Spendthrift, though 😉

  22. says

    Well I ruled out number 1 immediately because my tastes don’t lean towards modern. When I was looking at #2 I thought, yes, this is it…red sofa, clawfoot tub…but then I got to #3, and thought, no THIS is it.. And it really is. :) Like several folks before me have said, it looks sooooo comfortable and glory at the views! The last time we were in Maine we stayed at The Cottages at Cabot Cove. They were precious! (and decorated by 16 different designers if I remember correctly.)

  23. Carolyn says

    Hard choice! I love a classic Maine cottage, but I’m going to have to go with #3. It really is a dream in a rustic new Shingle style. That bedroom encased in painted planks with exposed rafters and a fireplace feels wonderfully cozy. Add in the bookcase full of books, a comfy bed, and that incredible view and it’s perfection.

  24. Julia says

    George Hill House absolutely says vacation, relaxation to me. I can almost feel the tension leaving my body just looking at the pictures!

  25. Wendy says

    For me #2, with the dock from #3. Though I would be willing to visit my friends in any of them.

  26. Lena says

    No. 3 and 5 are stunning! Are there maybe more pictures of them? :)

  27. Kyla says

    Definitely #3 … love the roomy cosiness of it and that gorgeous living room and outside deck … heaven!!

  28. says

    #3 looks so comfortable and inviting inside and out. Love the sofa set close to the fireplace. We’ve had plenty of rain this summer in Maine and in August the nights can get a bit chilly. I can imagine curling up on the sofa and watching the fire on long summer nights after a lazy day in and on the water.

  29. maddie may says

    It was so hard to pick a favorite but I’m loving both #3 & #5. (With #3 slightly edging out as my favorite) …… It was wonderful looking at such spectacular homes & day dreaming …..

  30. says

    I was all set on choosing Ledgeview Farmhouse until I saw the Spindrift Estates. That sun room with all the windows!! To die for… literally, I would be ok dying there. It’s heavenly. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Alie B says

    Well, you’ve outdone yourself again, Julia. This was so much fun! I love #2, but in my opinion, it’s not a cottage if there’s no waterfront, so I have to pick #3, with its gorgeous shoreline. The view from #5 is really nice, but imagine traversing all those steps to get down to the water. Pretty treacherous for toddlers and the elderly. I think #3 offers the best of everything.

    • says

      Good point about the stairs, Alie! My aunt’s lake house has steps like that from her cabin down to the water and when we were there in May my legs were feeling a bit wobbly by the time I got back up to the top again. Ha.

  32. Cheryl in Wisconsin says

    They’re all beautiful but #3 George Hill speaks to me the loudest.

  33. Teresa says

    Having been to Maine several times, all of them with the exception of #1 (a little too modern) have that “Maine” look and feel to them.
    I would have to say my favorite is #3 though because it just has that certain casual elegance to it. I could just see myself sitting on that big comfortable sofa in front of the gorgeous granite fireplace on chilly summer evenings or on the screened porch on warmer evenings.

  34. Kelly says

    ok I personally loved them all except house #1… I though each one had such complete character. There would be no way I could chose just one!

  35. Julie B.[Holland] says

    I have to say I got a good feeling for #2. ( All are beautiful )

  36. Corinne says

    Gosh all such beautiful homes. I would stay at any of them! Number 4 is my favorite though

  37. says

    #2 caught my heart right away. The lovely upholstered furniture! I love painted floors. The built in cabinets and cabinets–yum! The big draw was the forest! I’m a forest person. The only problem is that I want to live there! If I rented it for a week, I’d be pining away the rest of the year because I’d want to be there always!

  38. says

    I just love number 3. The ability to jump off your dock into that refreshing lake. That’s priceless. Also if you could keep your boat there. Too cool. The furnishing are more my style. I love the screened in porch.

  39. jep says

    Oh my, #3 George Hill Cottage had me at the first photograph and I would probably not be able to get my husband off that dock when our time was up….so, better just dream about it. 😉 Thanks for all the fun here, Julia!

  40. Melissa says

    #3 for me. Probably because it has an Adirondack feel to me, and I’m an upstate NY gal.
    I like #5 as well.

  41. Julia says

    Without a doubt, #3!!! It has everything I would want or need in a vacation rental…perfect!

  42. Julie/juju says

    I would pick number 3, followed by the second house,(trying not to phrase it as number…). I love the honed stone in both of those kitchens. I’m not a real big fan of the shiney stone look. I must say, I’ve not seen such elaborate rentals before. I’d hate to be the one who cleans the first house after the renters stay there. It must take a boatload of glass cleaner.

  43. jordi says

    And the winner is……. #3. Honestly, who couldn’t be happy in any of these but #3 just has the comfy factor that is appealing.

  44. Lorelai says

    Number #3 for sure!! It looks so cozy. Perfect for summer days and summer nights… and ah, the water — gorgeous.

    They are all beautiful, though.

  45. Autumn says

    I love the interiors of #3, but the views of #5 are absolutely stunning and would serve as the reason for a getaway in the first place. To be able to spend my summer looking at the views of #5 would be heavenly.

  46. lynne says

    I like #3. All are beautiful, but I think #3 captures the essence of Maine. Beautiful views, some unique architectural features (e.g. the ceiling in the bedroom), and wonderful interior looks that maximize the views of the outside.

  47. Sara says

    #3 – George Hill Cottage. It has the best “Maine” feel to it, and seems like it would be more comfortable.

  48. Corinne says

    Yes! Was that the answer? I live on the the east coast and we went to Maine with friends for our first vacation (24 years ago!) So beautiful. We stayed up by Mount Desert Island climbed rocks and ate lobsters and had tea at Jordon Pond. Maine smells so good! The air is so clean and the people are really nice This reminds me that it is time to go back. Let’s all go!

  49. Laura S. says

    Number 3. I can see myself jumping off that wood platform into the lake.

  50. Audrey says

    Number 4 because we have it rented for next week. oh, and I have called dibs on the sleeping porch.