Inside the Real House from “The Kids Are All Right”

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House in California | hookedonhouses.netAlthough it was kind of a small movie, the house where they filmed The Kids Are All Right made a big impression. Since the day it hit theaters, readers have been asking me to feature it. I’m excited to finally have some info about the house it was filmed in, along with photos of how it looks today to share with you.

"The Kids Are All Right" movie house |

The movie starring Mark Ruffalo, Annette Bening, and Julianne Moore, was filmed on location in this house in California.

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

In the July ’14 issue of Better Homes and Gardens, they featured the house and mentioned that The Kids Are All Right was filmed in it. I was so excited, I immediately had to take some screenshots from the movie so we could compare the two.

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

The house was built in 1941. When homeowners Kevin and Susan needed more space for their family, they told BH&G that they decided to remodel instead of moving. The result is a mix of old and new design.

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

Jules and Nic have a pretty lavender bedroom in the movie…

Bedroom in "The Kids Are All Right" |

…that reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s bedroom in her Hamptons house. Similar, right?

Gwyneth Paltrow's Bedroom in the Hamptons

No photos of it or the bathroom in the magazine, though, so I’m not sure if they look the same.

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

The master bath has an unusual wood tub surround that looks very nautical:

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

My favorite room was probably the kitchen. Here’s how it looked in the movie:

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

And here’s how it looks in BH&G:

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

You can see the same bar stools are still in the room. The homeowners say they were going for a mix of modern with cottage style with details like the concrete countertops next to butcher block:

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

I like the windows better without the curtains that were in the movie:

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

I spent a lot of time trying to get a better look at that hutch in the kitchen while watching the movie, but actors kept getting in the way… 😉

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

So I was happy to see it’s still in the house and that they got a great photo of it for the magazine:

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

I wonder what they did with the light fixture over the table, though? I’m guessing it was just taken out for that photo because I assume the family still needs to be able to see their food while they’re eating at night…

"The Kids Are All Right" Movie House |

BTW, the actor who plays their son Laser in the movie is Josh Hutcherson, who now stars in the Hunger Games movies as Peeta. He was also in Zathura — another great “house movie” (I featured that Craftsman here if you want to see the pics):

Zathura Movie Craftsman

Quite a few of the scenes in The Kids Are All Right were shot on the deck and in the backyard:

Back Deck of House in The Kids Are All Right movie

Pick up the July ’14 issue of Better Homes and Gardens for the article by Candace Ord Manroe and more photos by David Tsay.

The Real "Kids Are All Right" Movie House in BHG |

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    I am amazed how much they DIDN’T change. It seems that the homes in movies usually don’t look like the real houses that they start from. So this is pretty cool! I am looking forward to see Mark Ruffalo in Begin Again sometime soon.

  3. Lisak says

    Pretty house. I am so over the giant industrial lights over the island trend. Time for something new.

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    Funny, I have never seen this movie before but rented the DVD just a couple of days ago – I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but am now looking forward to it just to check out the house!

  5. Katie says

    I was just watching this movie this week and was wondering if it was a movie house that you had covered. Lo and behold, the next morning a post pops up about it. I love the craftsman’s style of the home and all of the built in bookshelves in the main living space.

  6. Bre says

    Can anyone (pretty please) tell me where the light fixtures that hang over the kitchen island are from?

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