10 Baffling Bathrooms

10 Baffling Bathrooms in the Real Estate Listings | hookedonhouses.net

You guys have been sending me so many wacky, creepy, and just-plain baffling bathroom photos from the real estate listings lately that I figured it was time to share some of my favorites.

1 & 2. If you have this many mirrors in your bathroom, you’d better like yourself. A lot.

Funny Real Estate-mirrored bathroom


3. Here’s your chance to bathe like royalty in a tub lined with velvet:

Funny Real Estate-Pink Sink and Fabric in Tub


4. The listing for this bath-kitchen combo raves, “City living at its best!”

Funny Real Estate-Kitchen and Bath Combo in Sydney AU


5. This one comes with what appears to be a built-in foot bath:

Funny Real Estate-small tub with viewing area


6. A toilet in the shower would be a time-saving setup, I guess:

Funny Real Estate-toilet in shower stall


7. Beyond resale, tiling your shower like this a bad idea on so many levels…

Funny Real Estate-Nazi symbol in shower


8. For those who don’t mind riding side-saddle:

Funny Real Estate-tiny bathroom in Ottawa


9. This one comes with granite countertops and a curse on all who enter:

Funny Real Estate-shrunken voodoo head in bathroom


10. There is such a thing as getting too creative when designing a bathroom:

Funny Real Estate - Unusual Bathroom Vanity with Steps to Tub | hookedonhouses.net

Thanks to all the readers who submitted these, some of which were found on The House Enthusiast and Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos. If you spot something strange in the real estate listings, you know what to do!

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  1. says

    The one with the toilet in the kitchen is just plain nasty. Gross! Don’t know which is more offensive? That one, or the one with the swastika? Sigh…

  2. jep says

    Oh my, you have to wonder why someone did not tell those folks that their decorating is in bad taste. They did make me laugh and cringe at the same time, except for the swastika which just made me feel very sad.

  3. Sherry says

    I laughed a little too long about the “curse to all who enter.” I’ve been in bathrooms with a different kind of curse…

  4. Sherry says

    I’d be black & blue if I had those first two baths with all the mirrors, as I would be constantly walking into the walls. It’s like a House of Mirrors. o,O

  5. Marianne in Mo. says

    #6 reminds me of some travel trailers we recently saw, with the toilet in the shower. I don’t understand the supposed “good use of space”. Just weird. And the mirrors….Oh my!!!!

  6. Valerie J. says

    One of my grad school lab mates had bought a house in our college town with her husband and the upstairs bath had mirrors everywhere: walls, ceilings and floors! It was quite an experience to walk in there.

  7. Kenny says

    Unless that’s a door in front of the toilet in #8 then I assume you have to be lowered into that bathroom from the ceiling? If it is a door, then I guess you can at least stretch out your legs whilst you do your “bidness”! :)

  8. says

    1 & 2: Dizzying; and I really wouldn’t want to see doubles of me everywhere.
    3: Maybe a seldom used tub?
    4: Unsanitary. Unsanitary. Unsanitary….”Here sweetheart, I’ll help do the dishes while I ‘sit’ here for a while”.
    5: That whole room is a conundrum.
    6: I can understand this for an RV or tiny house on wheels sort of thing but not in a house. Although, cleaning the toilet would be pretty simple.
    7: Some peoples children. As a photographer I’d have no problems refusing to take that job photographing that house.
    8: Come on. Really? What are some people thinking? Notice the shower is right behind the toilet, so one has to step over the toilet to get in & out of the shower….wonder if anyone has tripped doing so yet. When building that bathroom it would have been better to move the toilet to where the sink is facing out, and install one of those ultra compact slim sinks.
    9: No thanks. I really wouldn’t want that thing grinning at me while in the bathroom. Talk about feeling self conscious and creeped-out at the same time.
    10: All I see is 1980’s, which hurts the eyes, so I had to stop looking.

    • says

      Enjoyed your thoughts on each of the bathrooms, Aaron. Good point about #8. A little space rearranging would have made that tiny bath a little more practical, at least!

  9. Fiamma says

    The mirrors and bad taste abound. But the haphazard placement of toilets is baffling. And people wonder why permits and codes are considered important???
    As for the swastika shower, a pox on that person.

  10. Gayne says

    oh Lawd! Each one is..well…..um, horrible. and why put fresh flowers on the counter if you’re not going to take the voo-doo mask down???

    • says

      Have to say that puzzled me, too. The house looked very nice and normal otherwise, so you really don’t expect to find a head hanging in the corner of the bathroom!

  11. T. says

    I wonder if no. 7 was a FSBO? Because I don’t understand why a licensed real estate agent would allow that picture to be included in a listing online.

    • Brandy says

      I’m now have wondering if there is actually a market for neo-Nazi homes? If there is, that is just really, really, really appalling.

  12. Tiina says

    My favourite is the velvet tub. It’s begging for all kinds of bacteria and mould. Ick.

    #7 must be from Finland (that’s our state flag on the back wall). I agree, it can’t look good on any real estate agent’s website, so it must’ve been fbso or foreclosure. But I wonder what the rest of the house looks like…

  13. claudia says

    All of these are too funny, with the exception of #7 which shocked me. I was trying to figure out what the other tiled symbol was next to it (sideways blue cross?) but thanks for clarifying- flag of Finland! So bizarre! While traveling through Mexico and Europe a few years back I came across a few toilets in odd places- one behind the front door all by its lonesome and finding one in the kitchen more than once!! They have different building codes – I’m guessing some of these bathrooms are not in the U.S. .?

    • says

      Some probably were from other countries that my readers live in. I know the kitchen-bath combo was from Sydney, Australia.

  14. Erin says

    The bathroom/kitchen combo reminded me of some college friends. They got married when we were all still in college and they were so poor. They found the cheapest (I’m sure non-permitted) basement apartment in an ancient house near campus. It also had a combined bath/kitchen, but at least someone had build a wooden stall around the toilet at some point. You definitely went to the bathroom before you went over for a party. Our friends used to joke that they could grab a cold drink from the fridge when they took a shower. We used to lovingly refer to that hot mess as the “b-itchen”! I hadn’t thought about it in years, but it has definitely given them some hilarious stories to share about their first “place”. The one above appears to be newly fitted out with nice fixtures. I can’t imagine trying to sell that!

  15. Laura says

    Baffling is the word, all right. Some appalling, some hilarious, and some just … WTH???
    Thanks for the laugh!

  16. Gur says

    If I had bath #2, I’d probably be a lot skinnier. Oh, the unfortunate angles.

    A quick google search reveals that #7 is also popular on Aryan nation sites, as you might expect. I guess they are planning some remodeling.

  17. Esther George says

    Oh this was such a good laugh that I’m lost for words. I like mirrors but not that many and especially first thing in the morning. I can’t stand velvet. What were all these people thinking. Hi Julia thank you for sharing this was fun. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  18. Nathan says

    Your caption for #8 was just hilarious!! And the placement of the tub in #10 is just….whaaaaat?!

  19. Kim says

    I’m completely baffled by that velvet bathtub. All I can think about is all of the bacteria and germs that must have collected in there or are still on it. You can probably catch something from using that tub. Let’s hope the new homeowners will get rid of that velvet.

  20. says

    There are no words for these bathrooms. I…just…. can’t…even…… Thanks for the laugh though!

  21. Mercedes says

    A nightmare for Jorge L Borges, the great writer had an obsession with mirrors. Never he could imagine this horribles bathrooms.