Craftsman Envy: A 100-Year Old Bungalow in Seattle

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt BakerWhen I see a Craftsman bungalow like this one in the Mount Baker area of Seattle, Washington, I think I can hear it calling me home. This charmer was built in 1913 and has most of its original woodwork intact. Take a look…

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (10)

The listing says: “Meticulously preserved, sensitively & extensively updated, this lovely home is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Sited on one of the finest streets in Mount Baker, it has been featured on the biennial Mount Baker Home Tour as one of the very best properties in the neighborhood.”

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (11)

I would need a lot more color than this if I lived here, but the neutral palette makes the natural woodwork stand out. You see it, not the furniture.

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (7)

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (15)

I’m loving this sweet little nook tucked off the dining room:

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (2)

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (17)

The house is bigger than it looks from the outside with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 3,350 square feet.

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (16)

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (13)

See the door in this second-floor study?

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (9)

It leads to a nice little balcony. How great would it be to have a view of another charming Craftsman from yours?

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (5)

One of my favorite features in the house is the tile in the kitchen — so pretty:

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (12)

The built-in pantry would be another big selling point.

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (8)

It just went on the market for $865,000 but the status switched to “pending” while I was writing this post. I’m not surprised someone snapped it up! Check the listing for more photos and information. (Thanks to Kim for telling me about it.)

Craftsman for sale Hunter Blvd Seattle Mt Baker (6)

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  1. carrie says

    I can appreciate the tile, but I don’t think I love it. 😉 If it were my kitchen, I’d keep the tile because it’s an original detail, but if I were choosing new tile, that’s not what I’d pick. What a charming home! Very warm and welcoming.

  2. says

    well amid all the wood and neutral furniture are those fun orange steps on the entry. how fun!

  3. Alie B says

    This home is very sweet. I love that they haven’t gutted and painted it within an inch of its life! Love the games nook and the scalloped kitchen tile. :-)

  4. Teresa says

    I am with you Julia…..I too love the tile in the kitchen with the scalloped edges. I am so happy they didn’t tear it out and replace it with granite. In this house it just works and gives the home its original vintage look. Also love that they left the woodwork stained and didn’t paint it. One of the prettier craftsman homes that you have featured that hasn’t been over renovated.

  5. says

    What a gorgeous craftsman home, Julia! I so love the deep covered porch and the wood inside.
    Really only the bedroom and bathroom needed work.
    It would be a pleasure to live there on that tree lined street!

  6. Erin says

    I don’t know which is prettier, the home, or the street this home is on! Beautiful inside and out! I love all the little niches and I also love the mermaid tile in the kitchen. The green is so pretty and it’s such a unique detail.

  7. Cindee says

    LOVED the house but man… It sure needs more colorful comfortable furniture and art… Soooo whitebread

  8. Laura says

    I would add more color, and my furniture, etc. would be more in the period, but — WOW. That is one beautiful house!!!!!!!!!! I would be VERY happy there. Sigh.

  9. Rebecca C says

    What an absolutely beautiful house! I just love the woodwork. Yeah, you could add some color with pillows, but otherwise it’s terrific. I’d leave the tile too, although it’s probably a pain to clean. I’ve never seen a backsplash like that. Nice color too.

  10. says

    I think it’s beautifully staged to sell. The lack of color forces us to look at the house, which is what you want people to look at!.
    Beautiful house!!

  11. MissFifi says

    I too love the tile. The rest is too neutral for me, but that does not make it any less beautiful.

  12. jen says

    That kitchen is beautiful and dinning room is too cute
    also more and more I love the idea of places with history

  13. Nita says

    I only love the kitchen, everything else is too drab and boring colors for me.

  14. says

    Love it. Being a Seattle native, I’m so fond of that style. I love that even the kitchen tiles look original. And so much rare original wood. So classy.

  15. says

    I’m in love with this house. I can’t believe it’s over 100 years old. The white interior and white accents make it look almost brand new.

  16. TRACY says

    LOVE the kitchen tile, but like someone posted I too would never choose such a tile, but it sure works and wouldn’t change it. Would love to see what the new owners do to the place. Hopefully add color!

  17. kts says

    I agree the staging shows off the house. Did you notice the vertical pipe next to the tub wall? What is that some type of support? Part of the plumbing?

  18. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this. I love the wood work. It’s beautiful. Craftsman have the most gorgeous details. I would love to own one someday.

  19. Wendy says

    Beautiful house. I wouldn’t change a thing about it (except the decor which I’m convinced is 100% staged…who would have this house and not have at lease some craftsman furniture?). Loved the kitchen, loved the bath, loved the porch. Garden needs my green thumb though. Move in ready for my more colorful and eclectic stuff.

  20. says

    Seattle seems to have a wealth of nice Craftsman houses. This is a nice house, but it is starting to become a pet peeve when realtors add filters to their photographs. These pictures almost look like an animation or a video game. Maybe filters is the wrong word, and I’m no photoshop expert, but these pictures remind me of some of the less-appealing instagram filters.

    • Laura says

      Patience, I know what you mean about the strange photography. It does make the rooms look computer-generated and not real. Not as much in this house, except for that bedroom shot – I’ve seen much worse pictures of other houses.

  21. Carolyn says

    Love the bungalow, especially the lovely woodwork. The decor is way too neutral for me, but it does show off the house’s bones. I have that same chair in the living room – but mine is a deep teal, and would work wonderfully with that kitchen tile! Love the tile, but doubt it’s original as the whole kitchen has been re-done. Don’t care for the newer light fixtures so much; period fixtures would be more appropriate and charming, I think. I don’t think older houses have to be decorated totally in the style of the period, and I love a mix, but these interiors feel cold – the opposite of what a bungalow is supposed to represent – a warm and welcoming home. Those modern grays feel all wrong to me in this house. Hope the new owners enjoy it – it’s a gem!

  22. Carolyn says

    P.S. I simply adore all those charming nooks and alcoves – little ‘away’ spaces. And those original built-ins are to-die-for.

  23. Julie says

    This is a beautiful home. I live in my great-grandparents home and it is over 100 yrs. old. Not as much wood in my home though. I like the wood. It doesn’t darken the rooms. Thanks for sharing this.

  24. Mary says

    I like the tile in the kitchen, I guess you’d call it fish scale maybe? That’s what it resembles. I like the play nook too, I like cozy spaces like that one. A book and cup of coffee and I could spend happy hours there.

  25. Lisa says

    I work near this neighborhood and, if we aren’t being blessed with Seattle rain, I spend my lunch hours walking up and down these streets. Being as hooked on houses as you, I honestly ooo and aah out loud as I come across each house. This neighborhood is an amazing site to see and the houses represent some spectacular craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing this. My ultimate dream home is a craftsman style just like this.

  26. says

    Wow, I love this house and that kitchen tile is incredible.

    Aren’t the neighbors awfully close? I bet their neighbors don’t like that little balcony looking into their window. Ha! Moving onto a farm has jaded me I guess, but it’s lucky the other houses are so charming to look at so that makes their nearness more palatable.

  27. jep says

    Ah, that nook…the house had me with that nook and all the original wood…just a beautiful home and so welcoming. Thanks Julia!