An Oceanfront Tudor For Sale in Southampton

Wooldon Manor Tudor Southampton Vince CamutoThis oceanfront estate is where the first summer cottage was built in the Hamptons back in the late 1800s. That cottage was replaced in the early 1900s by this storied English Tudor-style mansion that looks so grand that you’d never know that it was originally just the pool house on the property.

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (3)

I love houses that have stories behind them. The estate was named after former owner Jessie Woolworth Donahue (her father founded Woolworth’s). She later sold it to Edmund Lynch (co-founder of Merrill Lynch), and the original Wooldon Manor was demolished sometime in the 1940s after his death.

Instead of rebuilding, future owners restored and expanded the former pool house into an impressive 10,000 square-foot mansion.

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (17)

The current owners are Vince Camuto, the successful shoe designer who founded the company Nine West, and his wife Louise.

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (18)

The listing says: “Originally built over 8 decades ago and designed by the revered architectural firm Treanor & Fatio, it was one of the grandest original summer colony residences.”

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (9)

“The classic English Tudor style home Wooldon Manor enjoys a pedigreed past with owners such as the Woolworth dynasty and Edmund C. Lynch, founding partner of Merrill Lynch. Present owners, world renowned designers have honored the estate’s glorious past while renovating and updating the property with all modern amenities and sophisticated technology and security systems.”

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (15)

There are 7 bedrooms and 7.5 baths. The master suite alone is 1,000 square feet — the size of my first house!

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (8)

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (7)

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (11)

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (10)

The kitchen overlooks the water.

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (16)

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (2)

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (20)

The listing says: “Panoramic views extend from sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean to sunset over Lake Agawam.”

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (13)

An article in Hamptons Magazine tells a little more about the property’s history. When Jessie Woolworth Donahue and her husband James applied for membership at the exclusive Southampton Bathing Corporation, they were denied for being too “new money.”

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (5)

“So they did what any self-respecting, filthy-rich couple would: They built the finest pool house in town directly across the street.” Love it.

Wooldon Manor Gin Lane Tudor Hamptons Camuto (14)

The property is listed by Peter Huffine of The Corcoran Group for $48 million. This aerial view of the property gives you a better idea of how the estate is laid out over 5.5 acres:

aerial view of Wooldon Manor Southampton

There’s a lot of money in shoes and handbags, apparently. The Camutos have already renovated and moved into a 21,000 square-foot “Victorian summer manse” known as Villa Maria nearby. Architectural Digest featured it in a recent issue if you want to see the pics:

Vince and Louise Camuto's Villa Maria in AD

P.S. My son is officially a college student! We just got him moved onto the campus and I really think he’s going to love it there. Seeing how happy he was made it a lot easier to leave him I managed to hug him goodbye without breaking down and embarrassing him in front of his new friends. Ha. Thanks for all your well wishes both here and on Instagram! -Julia :-)

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  1. Laura says

    Wow, that’s some house! Very tasteful, though a bit on the grand side for me. I wouldn’t want to live there, but if it was a hotel I’d be dying to stay for a long weekend. I’m not getting that outdoor glassed-in area. Seems like the light shining through the glass would make it kind of hot on that patio. Maybe it cuts the wind on cooler days?

  2. says

    Quite the spread! I’m wondering what us going on with the glass ‘cage’ thing in the middle of the master bedroom?? Very odd – but interesting!

    • KellyW. says

      I was wondering that as well. Plus, at the far end of the room it seems to open to the outside?? Or is that just a massive picture window?

    • Laura says

      I was wondering about that myself. I think there’s a staircase in there. It looks like an attic room. Maybe they didn’t want to block the light from the skylight above, but wanted to reduce noise and add privacy?

  3. says

    Hi Julia!

    I posted this house a while back because I feel in love with this property… isn’t it stunning? I love the kitchen and the bathroom… spectacular! But that price tag… holy moly! :-)

    I just have on concern… have you noticed the house is very close to the ocean? That proximity can be a bit scary.

    Have a happy Labor day, Julia!


    Luciane at

  4. says

    PS: Congratulations on your son, Julia!
    Wow.. time flies! How are you feeling??? I would have cried!!! LOL I’m way too emotional…LOL

    All the best for him! I am sure you’re very proud!!!


    Luciane at

    • says

      Thanks, Luciane! I was so worried I’d start crying and embarrass him in front of his new friends that I was relieved that I was able to hold it together until we left. Ha. It was also a relief that the move-in weekend went so well and that he seemed so happy to be there. It made me proud to see what an independent young man he’s become.

      Now I’m checking my phone every five minutes just in case he texts or calls, but I guess no news is good news, right? :)

      Have a beautiful Labor Day!

  5. Jana says

    I fell in love with this house when I saw it on Homebunch not too long ago! What intrigued me the most was the glassed in porch area. I live in a very windy area with a Hamptons-esque landscape (sans the beautiful beach access since we are in Central Texas!) and it is sooooooo very windy that the glass walled porch makes absolute sense to me!

  6. Frances in England says

    1 thousand square feet is bigger than my current house – I can’t imagine living in 10 thousand!!

  7. Kaiti kelly says

    You should check out camuto’s house/property in new providence, Bahamas! It’s crazy!

  8. Wendy says

    Yuck. No thank you. The only thing I liked was that interesting wall of windows, the “cage”, but only because it is interesting and the rest of the property is not. The whole house looks like a giant glitzy powder room from a hotel lobby.

    Congratulations on your son! That’s a big deal! My baby just started kindergarten this week. I’ll bet it’s fast from here to there.

  9. Sue says

    Hi Julia,

    Congratulations on holding it together while dropping off your son at college! I understand how hard that is having done it myself with 2 daughters. I was so thankful to have been there to drop off daughter #1 and meet her soccer coaches (she went a week early to start soccer). She ended up in the emergency room not 24 hours after we had dropped her off and her coaches were the ones to be there for her! All turned out well, but we felt much better having at least met the people whom she now had to depend on!
    I’m sure your son will do very well and you’ll be impressed at how much of what you’ve taught him has sunk in! It’s a relief when you find out they really were listening all along!

    Sending warm thoughts your way!

  10. Christina says

    Wow..that is one stunning home with a gorgeous view.. I love it. I need to move in that home yesterday..

  11. Kim says

    What a gorgeous Tudor mansion! I can tell just by looking at it, that the owners put a lot of time and effort into making this place as beautiful as possible. I love it when homeowners do that. It shows that they care.

  12. Esther George says

    Hi Julia what a beautiful home. I wish your son success in everything he does, that would have taken a lot of deep breaths to keep emotions in control. When I took my son to kinda he felt sorry for me all he could say was mum please don’t cry I’ll be OK. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.

  13. Kathleen says

    The house is gorgeous. I *want* that wooden chair that’s in the bathroom.

  14. Stephanie says

    Did anyone else notice in one of the first few pictures, it looked like the library, yet there was a door on the wall open and it was basically painted-on books and bookshelves? That was extremely odd looking! Why not spring for real books? 😉

    It’s pretty, for a mansion, very glitzy looking without being super tacky.

  15. Alie B says

    I enjoyed the history in this piece, Julia. Lovely home, but a bit neutral in decor, no? Congratulations to your son! Hope he’s settling in nicely. xo

  16. lilK says

    This tudor house is absolutely fabulous.
    I always wonder about houses with floor to ceiling bookcases. They are full of encyclopedias, but we are in the intern and ncyclopedias arent used. So is it for show ?

    Cograds on your son starting college! I cant beleive you have a college age son. Ive only read posts about your elementar school age daughter and her room/bathroom so I thought she was an only child.

    • says

      Thanks! I don’t talk about my teenager as much because he’s not as eager to be a part of the blog as my daughter is. :)

    • Jake says

      We use our floor to ceiling bookcases for books. No encyclopedias, though.

  17. says

    It’s a must have to those people who have deep pockets! It surely worth with whatever the cost of this property… If I have the money, time and chance to take it then I don’t doubt to grab this property with both hands.