“When Does White Look Dirty?” and More Links I Liked

Here are 5 things that caught my eye this week I had to share:

Decorating with White Country Living book bedroom

1. When Will White Look Dirty in Your Room?

Colour Me Happy blogger Maria Killam gives 4 reasons why white might look “wrong” in your house, including one I mentioned in my post about Decorating With White — “When you have a dark room.” So true!

Norwalk chair in chevron pattern

2. When is a Design Trend Not a Trend?

Richard Taylor shares his thoughts on design trends and explains why we shouldn’t worry as much about them as we do. (BTW, you may remember his attic makeover that I featured. And that chevron chair was from 6 Decorating Trends.)

Gilmore-Girls Christopher and Lorelai

3. “I’m still mad at Lorelai for running to Christopher.”

I love Gilmore Girls–I’ve written about the sets they used (Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai’s House, etc.) and just finished watching all 7 seasons over again on DVD. So I got a kick out of a post on Entertainment Weekly written by someone who is still upset that Lorelai ran straight into Christopher’s arms after her epic fight with Luke outside his diner in Season 6. You know you’re a fan when you’re still thinking about these things…

For Sale signs

4. 6 Things To Do When Buying a House So You Can Profit When You Sell

This article at Hands-on Homebuyer has some great advice, which she prefaces by saying, “The real world is not like HGTV.”

front porch Bailey Wife

5. Top 10 Rules for Country Living

Ever dream of living on a farm? Check out this fun post on Irishman Acres that has a checklist of 10 things she has learned over the past 10 years of living in the country–including “Front porches are a MUST.”

Where did the summer go? We only have a week left until my daughter goes back to school as a 6th grader and my son starts his first year at college (gulp). I’m going to enjoy every minute of vacation we have left together. Have a wonderful weekend, friends! :-)

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  1. says

    Another great post!!! Thank you! How do you do it?!? But so glad you do!!!

    Ohhh, about white not looking …. right! Oh I need this, cause I spend too much time in all-white-lust. -gigggles-

    And Loreli again. It’s been too long since I’ve been immersed in ‘Gilmore Girls’. After all, I had the house practically memorized!!!! -chuckle-


  2. Erin says

    So funny! I literally just finished the final episode of Season 2 Gilmore Girls two nights ago (I started re-watching the entire series from the beginning this summer). I’m still mad that Christopher knocked-up Shari at just the point in his life when he was getting it together to be a great dad to Rory and a great husband to Lorelai! I always liked the idea that they were two irresponsible teenagers when they had Rory, but that they both genuinely loved each other. I always held out hope he would grow up and and be the man they deserved! So, I suppose I’m a fan, and obviously I do still think about these things! (PS- The pool house Emily re-does for Rory is still my favorite “house” on the show. I’m still thankful for that post and looking forward to seeing it again when I hit that season in my re-watching!) :)

    • says

      I know, I get mad every time those episodes come up when he and Lorelai have just about figured it all out and BAM–he blows it. And oh my gosh, I love that pool house, too. I think I could even put up with Emily and Richard if I could live there. Ha.

  3. Shannon says

    LOL! I’m still mad with Lorelei too! Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show, followed closely by Doc Martin. I love TV shows about small towns. I want to live in Stars Hollow.

    • says

      We should start a “GG” fan club! I just watch the seasons over and over in a loop. I’m like you when it comes to shows (or books, for that matter) about small towns. Love ’em. I’m enjoying the Hallmark Channel’s “Cedar Cove” right now and fantasizing about living there! :)

  4. says

    Thanks so much for including me in your list of links. I’m very flattered.

    And, if just two more people learn not to base their life decisions on something they see on HGTV, I’ll die happy. :)

  5. Karen says

    “A house is a place to live. And if you end up happy instead of rich, that isn’t so bad. Is it?”

    This isn’t a popular sentiment that I’ve heard. Instead most viewed a house as an investment and a way to make money–to get “RICH”. I felt it was a a place to make home and live your life. I was actually quite happy to afford a home to begin with.

    Thanks for the links. I still live in my ‘starter home’.