A Rosemary Beach Living Room Gets a “Bright” Makeover

Rosemary Beach Florida living room BEFOREThis living room belongs to a Rosemary Beach vacation rental in Florida called “Cottage on the Green.” Christy, who writes the blog Beach Brights, took on the task of furnishing and decorating it. Now it looks lighter, brighter and, well, beachier.

Beach Brights blog beachy living room AFTERLooks like a happy place to spend a vacation to me! For more photos and info about Cottage on the Green, visit Christy’s Beach Brights blog and the rental site VRBO.com. Have a great weekend, everybody! -Julia :-)

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  1. Maddie May says

    Now it looks like Florida…….Bright, cheerful & carefree. It feels like the sun is shining inside. Great do over.

  2. says

    Well, what a coincidence . . . because I just posted a photo of said-same Rosemary Beach on Facebook.

    I’ve never been but am obsessed by it + plan to have a place there (fingers crossed!)

    TY for sharing — I’ll definitely have to check out her blog + see if her rentals are pet-friendly!

    Have a swell day!

  3. Teresa says

    So pretty! I just showed my hubby the pics of the before and after. I have been trying to convince him for the longest time to paint our stained woodwork. I think I finally have him convinced. We will see!!

  4. Lisa says

    Love what they did to that room, especially deciding to paint the walls and trim white. Makes it look so light and bright which is perfect for a beach theme. The only thing I would add is a little more art or maybe some swirly wrought iron pieces to the TV wall.

  5. says

    Christy is one of my (real life) friends and does such LOVELY work! She is brilliant at pulling together spaces and giving them such personality. So happy you featured her beach house makeover!

  6. Nita says

    I am sooooo bored and sooooo tired of white on white, I could scream.

    • Carmen says

      I have to politely agree. When I think of beachy colors I think of bright beautiful Caribbean colors. The white is very Goldeneye-like. Just not my cup of tea.

  7. valvacious says

    It looks better for sure. I think a bright colorful rug would make it look even better.

  8. Karen says

    I like the look, especially for a beach house and I’m not usually a fan of yellow either (sadly due to an overdose before a remodel). Funny, I didn’t pay much attention to the “@” and had to take a second look. I just thought it was an unusual piece of art.

  9. says

    The white motif somehow gives a relaxing feeling. Very pretty makeover. Somehow I am thinking of giving our beach house a makeover too.

  10. Maria says

    I love white on white and never tire of the look — when done someplace like this. It’s the light, that beach reflective light you get anywhere near a beach that makes a look like this pop.

    As much as I love it, I don’t get enough light in my house to pull off this look. :(

    • says

      I can’t, either. Too many trees on our property. My next house will be sunny enough so I can use more white in it, though! :-)