An Upstairs Landing Becomes a Book-Lover’s Library

Eric Ross staircase landing makeover before

Designer Eric Ross says his client was downsizing from her previous home, so she didn’t really need new furniture or accessories. She just wanted to showcase some of her favorite things, like her books. Her new house has a large upstairs landing that wasn’t being used, so he turned it into a cozy library.

Eric Ross upstairs landing bookshelves AFTER

Be still, my book-loving heart. It almost makes me giddy. Here’s a closer look at the computer desks that were there before:

Eric Ross upstairs landing before 2

And the sitting area in the library now:

upstairs landing library sitting area

He says the newly redecorated home “reflects the client’s personal warmth and quiet elegance.” For more photos and a video that tells more about the project, visit Eric Ross Interiors.

I’m also loving this bedroom in her house, which looks like another cozy spot to read in…

Cooper Creek Lane bedroom

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  1. Maddie May says

    Breathtaking. Absolutely one of the best transformations for such a wonderfully useful new purpose. Superb craftmanship & wonderful colors. The bedroom as well is very beautiful & tranquil. I am very impressed with the designer Eric Ross’ work.

    • elle says

      Amen. Wow – it’s the perfect template for everything a home-library should be. Perfection!

    • Emma says

      Make that 3 Yes votes, Maddie! I don’t see many spaces that make me drool -but this one certainly did. Extremely well done!

      Superb transformation :)

  2. Jonia says

    Hummina, hummina, hummina :) What a fabulous room! I would choose something more beachy than romantic for décor. The window seat would have to stay for me and replace the window with a larger one or add one beside it if the construction wouldn’t allow. Nonetheless, it would indeed be a pleasure to spend any amount of time in that room!

  3. says

    I do really love this but the only thing I can think of is how unbelievably expensive that custom cabinetry must have been. It’s trimmed out beautifully.

  4. Jody says

    Best makeovers I have ever seen! What wonderful vision to create such welcoming luxurious spaces! Absolutely beautiful, and as a book lover – total heaven.
    Glad I found your blog through Cote de Texas!

  5. Linda P. says

    I love this makeover! I wish I had a space like that just for me and my books :)

  6. laney says

    …absolutley wonderful…my favorite kind of interior…one beautifully filled with books…blessings laney

  7. Maggy says

    Oh, Julia, what a gorgeous space! I want, I want, I want — I love everything about it! My one concern is that once I plopped down in one of those nice cozy chairs w/ a book, I’d be hard-pressed to ever leave!

    Her bedroom is equally as lovely and inviting .. I’d love to see the rest of her home, wouldn’t you?

    Such terrific posts lately; so sorry that I haven’t had the time to comment on them.. I love your small kitchen series, but I’m only about half-way through .. :- /


  8. Esther George says

    Hi Julia it is 12.40 AM and I’m having a late night sitting here watching The Closer they always manage to throw a funny in their story, thought i’de drop in one more time before bedtime and you throw in this amazing makeover. I have library envy. Thank you for sharing this beauty. Till next time Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  9. Pam says

    If that’s the downsized house, I’d love to see what her previous house was like!

    • Michelle says

      That’s what I was thinking! House looks huge to me! But it is a very beautiful landing and what a great idea for an area that could end up being wasted space.

      • Carolyn says

        Same thought here. Her idea of downsizing is totally different from mine. That bedroom is larger than my downsized living room (and I’m not talking about a formal one, but one you actually live in). Nice to have a library, though, and this is beautifully done. Gorgeous cabinetry and lovely decorating – a vast improvement on the before. I do note there’s a TV in there! Isn’t that cheating? Ha.

  10. says

    I love the library space. If that space were in my home it is where I would spend the majority of my time. I love reading and I love seeing my books just as much as reading them. I have an ipad and I read some books on there, but not many, I like to hold them in my hands and I like to look up at them years later and remember their stories. Thanks for sharing.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  11. says

    Oh my goodness………..that is GORGEOUS. I just want to curl up in the chair and read one of my many favorite books. I love it. That bedroom is going to be my inspiration for our new house. THANK YOU again for putting my house on your blog. WOW tons of people have looked because of it.

  12. Nancy says

    What a lovely room! I don’t think I would ever leave! Especially like the chairs with shared ottoman. Saw that in other rooms as well, so must be a favorite of the homeowner.

    Have love the before and after week. Thank you!

  13. says

    Wow! The library is incredible. The vision they had is incredible with that space. Thanks for sharing x

  14. says

    What I really love about this is that they really worked out how she could use that space for how she really wants to live. If it was me, I think I would have balked at ripping out perfectly good built-ins to change it. But, of course you should if you want to use the space differently. Brilliant. I would never leave that spot!

  15. Alanna S says

    Total library envy happening here right NOW.
    Gorgeous and an inspiration for my next house.

  16. Jane Susan says

    Gorgeous. Wouldn’t change a thing (& I would never leave the house either).

  17. stef says

    It’s okay, I guess. Pretty much what any rich person can afford to have someone else decorate for them. But it doesn’t push any of my buttons.
    the black iron railing ‘feels’ out of place. Jarring, somehow.

  18. Jodie says

    Oh my goodness I am in love!! Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! The bedroom looks so cozy european and feminine.

  19. says

    What an incredible job! It went from a builder’s grade house to a classic custom space. Not only is it a smart use, but it is just plain beautiful. I can’t resist bookshelves!

  20. Kim says

    Wow that is absolutely stunning! I really love Eric Ross’s work. He is an amazing interior designer.

  21. Laura says

    I dream of having a library. In mine I’d have a couple of old leather club chairs, a fireplace, an oriental rug, and some beautiful oil paintings. And yes, I have enjoyed before and after week. Love to see them!!

  22. mappermom says

    Love, love, love the new space. Would it be too much to ask for bigger chairs? I like something big and squishy to hunker down in while reading! Otherwise, perfect.

  23. Carol M says

    I couldn’t stop looking at this. About as close to perfect as you can get.

  24. jordi says

    Beautiful and a superb use of space that might be left unused or underused. Stunning.

  25. Karen says

    It’s beautiful–everything. Would be such a pleasure to curl up and read in that lovely room.