Before & After: Sarah’s Powder Room Makeover

TDC Sarah's brown powder room beforeFor Day Two of “Before & After Week,” I’ve got two bathroom makeovers for you, starting with Sarah’s. Her powder room is bigger than most, but you couldn’t really tell when it was painted a dark chocolate brown.

TDC Sarah's powder room after makeover 5

Sarah, who writes the popular DIY blog Thrifty Decor Chick, lightened things up by planking the walls with strips of white wood. The colors in the room were inspired by her son’s artwork in the red frame above.

There was a pedestal sink in the room before:

brown powder room before 2

She replaced it with an IKEA vanity (you can get the details on it here) and replaced the original tile floor with hardwood.

TDC Sarah's powder room after makeover 6

You can read how she installed the wood planks to the walls in the room here: Planking (a Wall, Not Me). I love this look.

TDC Sarah's powder room after makeover 2

Visit Sarah’s blog Thrifty Decor Chick for all the before and after photos and details. Then come back later today to see another inspiring bathroom makeover!

TDC Sarah's powder room after makeover

P.S. I’ve actually had the chance to meet Sarah a few times. Last year we taught a session at the Haven Conference in Atlanta together, which was a lot of fun. (You can see my post about it here.)

Julia & Sarah at Haven 2012

Did anyone make it to this year’s conference? I didn’t but I’ve enjoyed seeing all the pics being posted around the blogosphere. Sarah was one of the organizers and you can read her recap here. :-)

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  1. says

    The planking is brilliant. I’m used to seeing board and batten so the horizontal lines in her application seem really fresh. It’s really a lovely space. And, I second the toilet flush handle – so cool!

  2. jen says

    i love the white with spalshes of color such pretty bathroom

  3. Rebecca C says

    The planking is such a great idea. It opened up that room. Why do people paint small rooms dark colors? I love what she did with this bathroom.

  4. says

    What an amazing difference the color and all the trim work make. Great job! I wanted to go to Haven since I am so close to it, but the first 2 days of school are not exactly good days for a teacher to miss work!

  5. Jonia says

    Okay, so um is it inappropriate to refer to a bathroom as yummy?! 😉 I l.o.v.e.this makeover! N.e.v.e.r. seen a toilet flusher thingy like that before = awesome! And I’ve never seen a white planked room I didn’t love. Many hearts for this makeover :)

  6. Leila Jane says

    Yes, love the bathroom makeover. Very cute with Sarah’s child’s artwork being the center of attention and the inspiration for the accent colors. Also love the planking and the oar. But what I really want to comment on is….what a beautiful picture that is of you, Julia! You look gorgeous! I’m surprised HGTV hasn’t been ringing your doorbell! I think you’d better keep an ear out…! Sarah, too. You’d look cute on there together. You could tell the viewers about blogging your décor ideas. I can see it now…. Hey, HGTV producers! Over here! (meaning at YOUR house!)