An Historic Saltbox and More Readers’ Houses For Sale

Click the pics and links below to see the listings:

Beth's house in Indiana

1. Beth’s house in Indiana

Genna's house in Texas2. Genna’s house in Texas

Beth's house in VA3. Beth’s House in Virginia

Dianna's house in Spokane WA

4. Dianna’s house in Spokane

Rebecca's house for sale in St. Augustine Florida

5. Rebecca’s house in Florida

Nicole's house for sale in Denver

6. Nicole’s house in Denver

Elmer's historic coop for sale WV7. Elmer’s historic co-op in West Virginia

Jill's house in Alabama8. Jill’s House in Alabama

Thanks to all the readers who submitted their listings. Best of luck with them! If you’re selling yours, too, feel free to leave a link to your listing in the comments. -Julia :-)

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  1. Erin says

    If anything was going to tempt me to move to West Virginia, it would be Elmer’s co-op. Amazing. That exterior shot reminds me a bit of the apartment building where Sandra Bullock’s character lives in the movie While You Where Sleeping!

  2. Frances in England says

    It’s a real pity I can’t move to Virginia – love Beth’s house!

  3. says

    These are fabulous! The Saltbox in Indiana is wonderful – love how the listing shows a historic photo. Also, the rancher in Spokane is lovely – beautiful town they have there.

  4. says

    That West Virginia co-op is truly amazing! I love all the architectural trim throughout the house….not quite like I pictured John Denver’s West Virginia in his song Country Roads. :)

  5. Laura says

    Wow! That co-op in WV is a bargain. Beautiful! (I’m a little puzzled by the close-up of the framed picture in the listing. :) ) Being an old house person, I also love Nicole’s house in Denver. Beth’s in Indiana could be fantastic, as well. Love to look at these!

    • Elmer says

      Laura the close up of the picture is due to the fact that the unit was used in the Movie Doughboy which was filmed locally and will be nationwide soon. It stood in for a NYC apartment in which the teen in the movie lived before the family relocated to Wheeling WV , it’s a movie about 911 and patriotism .

  6. Christina from Dallas says

    Jill’s house is AMAZING! Wow! The house is beautiful and so are the views. That outside kitchen is fabulous! Someone will be a very lucky homebuyer.
    I also love the co-op. It is adorable and so tastefully decorated. Good luck to all!

  7. Teresa says

    Love Genna’s house in Texas and I was totally surprised to see that Co-Op in WV. The metal cabinets in the kitchen remind me so much of my husbands grandmothers kitchen.

  8. Nicole says

    Hooray! I feel like an honored guest to be on the blog today!!!! Thank you!!!!

  9. stef says

    Elmer’s co-op feels very inviting. And the price is ultra reasonable!

  10. Laura says

    Wow! My husband and I got engaged on that ridge in Alabama 15 years ago when that neighborhood was first under construction. Before it was a gated community, you could hike up to the top. It’s a beautiful part of the city…but traffic is terrible trying to get anywhere from there, so it’s a good thing the views are so fantastic that you’d never want to leave!

    • Jill says

      Laura….that’s very cool! I’ve always wondered what this area was like before Greystone was developed. And I agree about 280 traffic….it’s dreadful. I find myself planning my days around it, but it’s well worth it looking at these views over cocktails!!

  11. says

    The historic home in Indiana is amazing. That fireplace! Wow! Indiana is my home state and I have vowed to one day move back to the Midwest. Such a great part of the country.

    • says

      Gracious! If I had a couple extra million dollars , I’d find a reason to move there! Your house is breathtaking!

  12. Genna says

    Feel totally honored to have my little Texas cottage featured. Thank you Julia.

  13. Kim says

    What nice houses! I love Beth’s and Jill’s the best.

  14. says

    So much beautiful house. Say any thing will be the insult of beauty. Just wow !! Wow !! Wow !!

  15. Maria says

    I adore everything about Elmer’s, even the metal cabinets in the kitchen, so few places left with period details throughout ,,, and omg, it’s got a leg lamp – a major award!!

  16. jules says

    I love the historic photo of Beth’s house. This house was built before the civil war. The photo has a log cabin in the background. Wow!

    • Beth says

      That log cabin is still across the street. Come by and check it out!

  17. Oliver D says

    I wouldn’t call that a saltbox. My understanding is that the main distinguishing feature of a saltbox is that the roofline extends further down at the back of the house than at the front.

  18. Jill says

    Julia, I’m honored to have my home included. Thank you!