Hooked: 6 Things I Saw This Week and Had to Share

La Villa Contenta where Funny People was filmed

1. Have You Noticed How Adam Sandler’s Characters Live in Mansions?

It’s so true! This is the one from Funny People. Others that this article from Vulture mentions: the Beverly Hills mansion in Jack and Jill; the one he inherits from a rich uncle in Mr. Deeds; and his dad’s megamansion in Billy Madison.


DecoratingIdeasDIYPlayhouse Finding Home

2. Decorating a Pool House for Teens

I loved seeing how Laura, who blogs at Finding Home, created a playful pool house for her teens. I’d say they’re pretty lucky kids to have a hang-out like this! (I gave you a tour of Laura’s beautiful house last year.)


Gizoogle screenshot

3. Have You Gizoogled Yourself?

A reader named Candie asked me if I had Gizoogled my blog yet. She warned me that the language is a bit colorful on the site, as you can see (I censored some of the words in this screenshot). Gizoogle calls itself “a parody site of Google lets you translate pretty much anything on the internet into gangsta slang,” so I had to give it a try. Then I spent a little too much time Gizoogling everyone else I could think of, too…


The Traveling Suitcase post Nesting Place

4. The Traveling Suitcase: How My Personal Dumb Nightmare Came True

Have you ever sold something at a yard sale or on Craigslist and then seen it being sold again somewhere else–with a much higher price tag? I loved this story on Nesting Place about the insight she had when it happened to her. (The vintage suitcase she sold is in that photo of her bedroom–can you find it?)


Home Stays With You-Simple Mom-Emily

5. “Home Stays With You Always”

Emily wrote a beautiful post on Simple Mom about moving across the country with her family: “I thought leaving home would be much harder on all of us than it has been since we said goodbye to our house of seven years. I realize now that it’s because home came with us. Home is us.” 


BuzzFeed post 32 signs you're addicted HGTV

6. Signs That You’re Addicted to HGTV

This post on BuzzFeed had me nodding and laughing along to all 32 signs of HGTV addiction, including the one above–“You can predict the things house hunters will mention.” (I also appreciated all the link love they gave me for various posts I’d written on the topic! :-))

Can you believe it’s August? Only a few weeks of summer left until school starts for my kids (boo!). I was on vacation with my family this week and had a great time, but it’s always good to be home again–I posted a few pics on Instagram if you wanna see ’em. Happy weekend!

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  1. says

    that hgtv drinking game is hilarious. how about when someone says they’re too close to the neighbors, but the neighbors are really far away. I hate that!

    • empresslockness says

      Exactly! Especially when they are in a urban location. They expect to have a huge yard. LOL.

    • stef says

      Oh, yes, “open concept”, always, “open concept”!

  2. says

    my favorite TV commercial of all time was a house-hunter’s ad that showed a hetero couple watching the show and they were arguing about whether the two guys on the show were “brothers” or not.

    Great stuff Julia!!

  3. Laura says

    Remember the Frazier episode where Frazier and Niles wanted to watch their antiques program and Martin argued that he wanted to watch his game show? Both turned out to be Antiques Road Show, and they all ended up watching it and drinking every time someone said “veneer”. And oh my goodness, that Gizoogle site is hilarious!!

  4. jen says

    the drinking game looks so fun
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face

  5. Diane says

    Also on House Hunters: “I really wanted wood floors” “That paint/wallpaper/carpet has to go….” Does everyone really expect a house someone else has lived in to be in their taste???

  6. says

    I Gigoozled my blog and it was hilarious! I love the “I ain’t talking about chicken and gravy.” That’s a perfect House Hunters drinking game. Some of the things they insist on in their new house crack me up. The girl that wouldn’t consider a house with brass doorknobs just floored me. If I were her realtor I’d offer to change them out if that’s all that was holding her back!

  7. Julia says

    House Hunters Drinking Game must include the closet moment. Her..”well this will fit my clothes” Him…” Guess I’ll use the closet in the other room” Or some variation of that theme!

    • says

      THIS! I can’t stand that joke. Especially when they’re standing in a huge walk-in closet. Then, I just get ragey.

  8. Wade says

    Yes, the HGTV game reminds us of just how painfully boring fashions in home finishes become once everybody wants them. After awhile you look ache to see the rare wood countertop or colored metal fridge door.

    • claudia says

      I totally agree with you! When the house hunter starts talking about ripping out original features that are in perfect condition it makes me cringe!! How refreshing would it be if they would not talk about replacing every countertop with granite?!! I feel sometimes I’m in the minority when i like the “before” better than the “after”!

  9. Christina from Dallas says

    Under the heading of the “Traveling Suitcase”, my husband buys and sells a lot of car related stuff. The thing is he has no patience ,so he sells stuff too cheap so it can hurry and sell. Anyway, he put up his old pickup for sale for $5000. Some guy bought it right away and then put it on Craigslist for $12,000. My husband was not happy to say the least. The listing disappeared so he’s not sure if it sold for that price.

  10. Christina from Dallas says

    Wow , I went to number 3 in the list and I Gizzogled stuff and how the heck do they do that? Me and my husband were cracking up reading it. I can’t figure out how they translate the stuff on the spot.

  11. The Country Girl says

    Oh, I am TOTALLY going to use that drinking game at our next party!

    They forgot the one that should embarrass the buyers——“This house would be good for entertaining,” and when the camera crew comes back for the housewarming shots, it’s obvious that the guests are either paid or neighbors who dropped by out of curiosity.

  12. Nana says

    I agree with all of you!! When is someone going to tell the world that granite and stainless steel are DEAD? Oh I long for originality. Oh…to walk into your neighbors homes and find they are not all the same. The shame of seeing a totally pristine old bathroom that has lasted 50 years without a chipped tile only to have the buyers say, “This all has to be gutted”. ARGUUUHHHHH!