For Sale: A Grand Craftsman with Three Stories in Portland

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (1)This unusual “Grand Craftsman,” which was built in 1915 with three stories and nearly 9,000 square feet in Portland Heights, was designed by Oregon’s first State Architect, William C. Knighton. It has been updated, but Craftsman purists will be happy to see so much of the original woodwork intact.

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (20)

The woodwork throughout the home is “rich mahogany and oak,” according to the listing.

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (2)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (11)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (7)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (3)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (10)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (16)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (12)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (6)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (18)

The house has 7 bedrooms and 4 full baths.

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (5)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (8)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (19)

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (22)

It’s on the market for $2.1 million. For more photos and information, check the Windermere listing and take the virtual tour. Thanks to Kim for telling me about it!

Craftsman in Portland Heights for sale (13)

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  1. Sherry says

    Wooooow! I’m in love! If this were my home, I’d never leave the property! Just gorgeous!

  2. says

    Now this is what I’m talking about…Finally a gorgeous home I’d make an offer on immediately!

  3. Maria says

    Just lovely. So nice to see the public spaces left so intact!

    Of course, if I had the money to spring for the five things you’d change game, it would be:

    1) Incorporate the odd family type room with the bumped out kitchen fridge wall all into kitchen/eating space.

    2) Get rid of the Mexican floor tile/put in hardwood to match the rest of the first floor.

    3) Make kitchens/baths look less like ads for Ikea and Pottery Barn.

    4) Warm up the paint.

    5) Hunt down period light fixtures.

    What a fun project this would be; so much potential!

  4. says

    Many have said that a house made of wood is hard to maintain but I don’t care at all if this is my house. This is such a great home!

  5. says

    I love the warmth of this house…it really looks like it could be lived in like a home. AND it looks like it would make a great set for a movie..come on Nancy Meyers! :) That wood paneled room looking out over the trees is wonderful. Beautiful home!

  6. martha says

    Stunning! Woodwork is gorgeous without feeling too dark and overbearing. The outside is to die for……oh my, I love this house!!!!

  7. Cheryl in Wisconsin says

    I agree with Martha, the woodwork is beautiful. And those fireplaces! I wouldn’t change one thing about this house.

  8. The Country Girl says

    Not really my tyle but I appreciate the graciousness of the space and proportions. Would also like to thank you, Julia, for having a blog format I can zoom into on an ipad mini….so many don’t allow one to increase the size of the pictures, something about the frames, I guess. Yours is one I know I can see on even my phone :-)

  9. D.K. says

    I loved, loved, loved everything with the exception of the kitchen. Does not look like it belongs in this house……..

  10. Carolyn says

    Wow! Lots of wonderful spaces here. I don’t care for the kitchen wall and floor color, but other than that, it’s fantastic. I think that maybe because the floors were lightened while the trim remained dark helped to lighten the overall feel.

  11. Margaret says

    Not a fan of the mustard yellow paint color in the den and the peach color in the kitchen. Otherwise, it’s gorgeous! The woodwork is stunning and I love all the windows.

  12. Dina says

    I admit I was afraid to look, but was pleasantly surprised that the house remains true to its roots. My only negatives are the kitchen seems a bit clinical and I would like to see more personal touches such as pottery, baskets, textiles and art work that were key ingredients of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Maybe it’s just staged for sale and that explains the lack of ownership imprinting. Overall – nicely done.

  13. says

    The only thing better than a Craftsman house is a Craftsman house with three stories!!! Can you imagine? Now, this inside is a bit sparsely furnished for my taste, but I could fix that in no time at all. Why does the upper west coast get all these beauties, anyway?

  14. Lynn says

    Is it just me or is that tub very looonnngg? lol The previous owner must have been tall.

  15. says

    Of course I love it all; the extra wide stairs and shine on the floors. I like that the kitchen and bath are white to brighten the spaces up. Move-in ready, I’ll take it.

  16. says

    What a beautiful home! I agree about making the colors warmer. My only negative comment would be that the property is so small! The house is huge and would look amazing on an acre or even more!


  17. Alie B says

    Gorgeous home and beautifully preserved. It seems like a lot of yellow to me though, which I associate with the 90’s, but that would be easy enough to change. So nice to see a Craftsman whose trims haven’t been painted to death! :)

  18. Cindy says

    Wow! Love this house! How neat that it’s still so light and airy while maintaining the darker wood trim, etc. I do have to admit my first thought upon seeing the orange kitchen was push-up pops! Ha!

  19. Karen says

    Beautiful home–so warm and lovely. I do love the wood as is and it’s nice to see that it wasn’t painted, but that the home still feels light and airy. I don’t much care for the paint color in the kitchen, but that would be an easy fix for a potential buyer.

  20. Carolyn says

    What a beauty! I was impressed with the spaciousness, especially since it was built in 1915!

  21. Terry says

    I am so schizophrenic when it comes to houses. I get week in the knees with cottages, salt boxes, converted barns, log houses, converted cabooses, brownstones, painted ladies, lofts, pre-war apartments. But this craftsman? Oh my! My grandparents had one (about a third the size of this one) but it holds such magical memories. I truly love a craftsman and this one takes my breath away.

  22. Esther George says

    Where do I sign. Wow this is large and beautiful. Oh that fireplace I imagine myself in front of it right now. I couldn’t change a thing. Hi Julia thank you for sharing. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney.

  23. Dean says

    Woweee woweee! That is one beautiful house! Especially like the room with the beadboard ceilings and walls and the huge windows. I could live in that room alone. :-)

  24. Wendy says

    I love that house. 95% of it anyway. The layout of that kitchen would drive me crazy, with the sink so far from the stove…and where’s the fridge? But who am I kidding. I’d be happy with the butler’s pantry! Beautiful home.

  25. Greg says

    Lovely home in Portland; I would not seek out a Craftsman personally, but I can appreciate all the touches in the home, except for the kitchen.

    My five things to change:
    a. Get rid of the barrier island in the kitchen
    b. Get rid of the terracotta
    c. Replace the travertine(?) in the bath with penny tile or hex mosaic
    d. Replace the butcher block with soapstone to ground the space.
    e. Add dark wood somewhere in that kitchen, to relate it to the rest of the ground floor

  26. Rebecca C. says

    Oh, my. What a lovely house. I’m drooling over that woodwork. I think I would have put in wood cabinets in the kitchen instead of painted, but overall, I could live with it. If I had that type of money, that is.

  27. Julia says

    A beautiful home and proof a home in the Northwest does not need to be all white inside to be bright, warm and inviting. An absolute stunner. Love it.

  28. Constance says

    That is some house. I’d love something with the same features but 7,000 less square feet. I love the white kitchen and baths. The windows are stunning but some window coverings are needed.

  29. Liz says

    So glad to see the stunning woodwork has been left (for the most part) unpainted! Beautiful house!