An Updated Craftsman from 1912 For Sale in Seattle

Updated Craftsman for sale 33rd Ave Seattle WA 2It’s always fun to look through the Seattle-area real estate listings because there are so many great Craftsman-style houses in that part of the country. This one in the Mt. Baker neighborhood was built in 1912 but has been updated with things like a second-floor laundry. It’s on the market for $985,000–take a look!

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (1)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (15)

The listing says, “The gracious covered porch and gorgeous leaded glass windows are just the teaser to this elegant home. Gleaming hardwood floors, expansive day rooms with high ceilings and elaborate millwork combine with a stunning floor plan.”

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (20)

It’s a fairly large house with 3,580 square feet and a finished basement.

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (11)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (13)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (9)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (10)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (16)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (14)

There are 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (24)

The second-floor laundry:

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (19)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (4)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (12)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (6)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (22)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (5)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (2)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (23)

Like it? For more photos and information, check the listing with Darcy LaBelle of Windermere. (Thanks to Kim for telling me about it!)

Updated Craftsman 33rd Ave Seattle WA (7)

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  1. Lisa says

    What a darling house! I wish we could have seen more of the service port off the kitchen. I drool over those. Some day I’m going to have an old fashioned service port for my washer, dryer, ironing board, deep freeze, etc. (Those who don’t know what a service port is, just watch an episode of “My Three Sons”! Ha.) They really knew how to make houses back then. Thanks for the tour, Julie!

    • Jonia says

      Haha checking out My Three Sons on Youtube right now 😀 My question is, what is the difference between a service port and a mud room?. Personally, I love having main floor laundry off the back door. I prefer my boys drop the muddy/wet/greasy clothes there rather than traipsing through the whole house.

      • Claudia says

        Actually, it’s called a service PORCH, not “port”. They were little rooms right off of the kitchen in pre-1940’s homes- mine has a water heater, deep porcelain wash tub, built in broom-closet, fold-up built-in ironing board cabinet, a window and a back door. Most of them disappeared cuz folks tore them out to include them in their “new modern” kitchen re-dos; in fact, that’s what everyone told us to do to ours in our 1930s house. (we never did-and we still have our original kitchen!!) It’s funny-now people think we built it new to look old! My grandma always said- “hold on to what you have- it will come back in style”-she was right!!

  2. Cyndi says

    Beautiful house, although I’m not sure I like all the inside wood painted white. Different for a Craftsman style house.

  3. Kim says

    Thank you for sharing this. I love the details throughout this home. They’re very beautiful. Craftsman is one of my favorite styles of houses.

  4. Frances says

    Ooo I could be exceptionally happy here! Gorgeous, particularly the outside. The inside I would play about with a little – purely cosmetically though – add a little more colour and make it more ‘me’, but then that is the point about decorating your own house!

  5. 65andcounting says

    The listing link already says “pending” so after only 27 days on the market, this house looks like its found a new owner.

    I am guessing the house was staged for the photos because there isn’t anything personal anywhere – not one photo, nothing. Of course, we are ingrained by HGTV to declutter and depersonalize, but this was done to the max.

    Gorgeous home though. Happy for the sellers it went so quickly.

  6. Carolyn says

    Lovely Craftsman. Reminds me of my late mother-in-law’s house in NC (without those views, though!). I, too, am a traditionalist and like to see the stained wood trim so characteristic of the Craftsman style, but I realize it’s not ‘today’ and the fact is that through the century of habitation, often these moldings are painted at some time (as was the case in my MIL’s house). So, might as well give it a fresh look. I’d feel differently, though, if the trim work had been in its original stained condition. Nice to see the bathrooms retain their vintage look.

  7. 65andcounting says

    Quick question: In scrolling through the photos on the listing, the deck upstairs that runs the whole front of the house looks inaccessible. Each of the rooms that face it has windows, not a french door. Is it because by today’s building/safety code, the railing along the porch is too low and hence no one is allowed on it?

    • snaggy says

      In what looks like the main bedroom ….2 of the windows are longer than the others I wonder if you can climb through them ??

  8. Miss Emily says

    It looks nice, if a little sterile. Definitely stage and nothing personal to it. Some of the furniture looks a little photoshopped to me. Like that curved sofa, I don’t think it’s really there. It has that floating photoshopped look.

  9. Jennah says

    Gorgeous! Love the fresh and crisp white of the trim. It keeps the space airy. I’d love a ‘service port’ as well. The detail if the home is beautiful. Thanks for featuring today!

  10. KellyW says

    Love it! In the addition behind me they are building craftsman style homes that look exactly like this. I drive through that neighborhood all the time very slowly and rubber necking. The Amish workers probably think I’m stalking them.

  11. Rebecca C. says

    Doesn’t surprise me that it’s pending. It is beautiful. Like others have said, wished that the woodwork wasn’t painted. It has enough light coming in that it wouldn’t be dark. It was probably painted ages ago. The lot is tiny! It does have wonderful views from the second level. I love it that they cared enough to stage the house. They did a great job preparing it to be sold.

  12. Laura says

    What a gorgeous house – that front door is just amazing, and so is the green tile in the bathroom, and all of that beautiful trim. I probably wouldn’t go to the trouble to strip it all, but getting the fireplace and staircase back to the original finish would be worth it. Craftsmans are my favorite, and the trim looks good even when it’s painted. I don’t really care for the built-in in the dining room. Doesn’t look original. All in all, a wonderful job on the house, though, and I think I’d be pretty happy in Seattle, rain and all.

  13. Emma says

    I love this house, love the painted woodwork, and the views! Perhaps, for some, painting the wood in a Craftsman home is sacrilege. But it’s just a personal preference. If someone fell in love with this home, these views, and everything else…but didn’t care for “all that wood” – why not? When they sell, the new owners can strip it all, stain it again, and VOILA! Another great makeover for HookedOnHouses. Win-win :)

  14. says

    Very pretty, with pastels on walls and creamy white cabinetry in the kitchen, this updated Craftsman is spacious, airy and bright with big windows to gorgeous views! Thanks for sharing, Julia!:)


  15. Christina from Dallas says

    This house looks so clean and crisp. Maybe a throw pillow in yellow or green might be nice for a pop of color but I think it’s beautiful and serene looking.

  16. says

    Every single inch of the woodwork is painted. Lovely, lovely place, but for me, Craftsman says gorgeous wood trim.

  17. Dean says

    I’m usually a stickler about the integrity of woodwork in a craftsman, but this house is a BEAUTY! Love the off-white/cream and white throughout. Love the kitchen. Love the bath with the green tile. From what I know about the market in Seattle, it’s no wonder it’s already pending–over 3,500 sq ft for less than $1M is a great deal.

  18. Jonia says

    Sorry, but I l.o.v.e. the white trim 😀 That white fireplace, big windows with transom or transom like detailing “ooh baby you make me sing”. For the rest, I definitely prefer more colour though. Yummy lamps and art work in the one bedroom! I also really enjoyed the bathroom with that green tile – bring it :)

  19. Kathy says

    Wow! Beautiful clean and simple..yet so vintage..!! I love your website keep up the great work!!!!

  20. Margaret says

    They painted over all the wood and left that green tile in the bathroom? OK.

  21. Alie B says

    Interesting. I’m of 2 minds on this one. I love the decor, but I too find it sad that every single bit of the trim has been painted. It would have been nice to see some of the original stain. Also, I find it odd that the living room has been divided into 2 spaces, yet both spaces seem to serve the same purpose. Wouldn’t it have been nice to see one side being used as a library? I am a fan of the vintage bathroom.

  22. says

    This is a great house with great bones. I always love a good Craftsman. I find the interior too white for my taste, but with pops of color and warmth it would be perfect. Have a blessed day, Julia!

  23. laura says

    I wouldn’t change a thing in this house. Perfection & beauty all in one!

  24. Jean says

    Lovely, but I would need more color. Where are the wallhangings? To me the lack of wall decorations makes the house seem cold.

  25. Signe says

    Love this house… I’m almost positive it has been staged for selling purposes — very little artwork on the walls, no personal items, etc…

    One of the reasons for all the white, I suspect, is that, up here in Seattle, we get so much gray weather that having white/light interiors can help brighten things up for folks who are bothered by the gray. Brown, stained trim and the traditional visual heaviness of craftsman homes is probably not a huge selling feature here.

  26. says

    I almost didn’t look at this because I just can’t cope with the amount of wood inside that a Craftsman normally has. Painted is just fine by me! This place is stunning.

  27. Rebecca says

    Having grown up in Indiana, with homes that have big beautiful porches, and now living in the panhandle of Texas (where a cement slab is considered a porch!) I realiaze how I long for a PORCH!. Cool Spring evenings, hot Summer days, lemonade ice cold, and neighbors visiting, that is what this house reminds me of. It is a BEAUTIFUL home, inside and out. Give me this home anyday, espicially over that god-ugly, Over-decorated, gaudy las Vegas home!! Thanks for sharing, the Good, the Bad & The Ugly !! lol

  28. Rebecca says

    A comment also on the “too much white”. I think is smart on behalf of the seller. If you go into a home for sale, and it is painted a color(s) you hate, what is your first response..I am going to have to paint every room! Whereas, you can look at this home and “add” color with, covers, pillows, painting, personal touches. I loved it!

  29. says

    Craftsman houses usually seem ponderous and gloomy to me, but this one has tons of natural light. It may mean I’m a Philistine, but I like the painted woodwork. Also love the green tile in the bathroom, and the tiny bead of black around the crown molding.

  30. says

    The front door is stunning, and those windows are amazing! I loved the soothing color palette and the vintage-inspired bathrooms. The kitchen looks a bit small for a million-dollar house, but I suppose that’s typically what you get in older homes. The adjoining mud room totally makes up for the small size, though.

  31. Lauren says

    I would love to see this house again after someone moves in and adds their own touch, because it just lacks that lived-in feel! All the white trim and painted woodwork, when paired with such stark and neutral furnishings, drown the house out and leave it feeling cold. Add some color to the decor, though, and I think those features would stand out beautifully.

  32. Cheryl-ann from Down Under says

    I love this house. One of the most stunning houses I have seen. I would love to move in.

  33. Candie K says

    Reminds me of the Seattle Craftsman in “Dead Like Me,” with more white.
    Gorgeous and charming!

  34. nanne says

    love that service port/porch! that would be my potting/flower room.

  35. says

    I grew up in Chicago, which still has a fair amount of intact Craftsman houses, and this house jjust means “home” to me. What’s inspiring is the good choices they made in hardware, built-ins, trim and fixtures — they’re clean, simple and elegant but not obviously super-expensive high-end, so that must have saved a bundle on the renovations. Plus, they retained the things that give the house charm, like the kitchen layout, woodwork and tile. What’s scary is the Seattle upcharge: you can get a similar vintage home in same or better condition with a bigger lot in Nashville for $200K or less. And your neighbor would probably play bluegrass on his porch after dinner each night!

  36. says

    Seattle has some great houses. My mom lives in Shoreline and her house is adorable.

  37. Vanessa says

    Just a small detail question. When you stack full size washer and dryers like they have in a closet, how do access them easily for servicing? I’d love to figure out how to do this.

  38. Ami P says

    Oh bless this house! I had just read the post on that Vegas (aka my worst nightmare) house and I was on my way to a raging headache when I saw this lovely, light, serene home. I would take this over that Vegas monstrosity 1000 times over.

  39. Kristin says

    Ah the Craftsman homes with all those builtins.. just gorgeous. There are plenty of them in Salt Lake City area, and MANY of them are original- none of the “open concept” nonsense or granite countertops that are de rigeur on every HGTV show episode. I’d LOVE to find an original, unaltered ungutted/redone mid century home in the Los Angeles area that has NOT had the “open concept” wall tearing out and the granite countertops in, and with out those horrid beige color giant “spa” bathrooms. A regular couple doesn’t need one of those gargantuan kitchens made over- if Julia Child could cook in those tiny French kitchens you can too.

  40. Karen says

    Another beautiful Craftsman home. I’d be reluctant to paint the woodwork, although I can understand it given the gloomy weather in Seattle. This one is lovely. I’m not a big fan of the cabinetry in the dining room though and it doesn’t look original.

  41. Katherin says

    I love this house! I think a Craftsman house is timeless.