Kitchen Contest: Vote For Your Favorite White Kitchen!

Top 5 White Kitchens Contest 400

We’ve looked at a LOT of great kitchens that your fellow readers submitted for my contest since I started featuring them last November. I tried to narrow them down to the Top 10 but couldn’t do it. Instead, I decided to divide them into 5 basic categories and then choose the Top 5 in each so we can vote on those first, starting with the most popular white kitchens. Ready?

You can click the pics and links below if you want to see the original posts about each kitchen with more photos and information:


1. Cari’s Kitchenorange-line


2. Julie’s Kitchenorange-line


3. Heather’s Kitchenorange-line

Best White Kitchens-Amber

4. Amber’s Kitchenorange-line


5. Kay’s Kitchen


After you vote for your favorite in each of the 5 categories in the weeks to come, you’ll choose the overall winner, who will get a $150 Visa card and bragging rights. You can see more of the most popular kitchens from the contest here.

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  1. says

    Wow- I’m super-excited to be in the top 5 among these gorgeous kitchens. Thanks, Julia. I’m blushing. Seriously. :)

  2. laurie says

    I like Kay’s kitchen because it has natural light and it looks like someone actually lives there!

  3. Laura says

    Definitely Kay’s. Love the green tiles, the smaller scale, lighting, etc. Just wish there were more pictures!

  4. Mrs. Pear Tree says

    Okay, I vote Julie’s. but must admit, this is so tough! There isn’t a single kitchen in the line-up that I wouldn’t trade up for! They’re all so lovely!

    • says

      That’s exactly how I feel. I love ’em all. And it was agonizing to even narrow it down to these 5–so many great kitchens were submitted! :-)

  5. Emily says

    It was a hard choice, they all are great! But I went with the one, I felt I would want to hang out in. Heathers kitchen looks so warm, welcoming, and open. Good place to cook or just hang out.

  6. Jonia says

    Definitely Heather’s! I loved her grey and white combo with pops of color. It’s classic without being too serious. Using the grey with a mix of patterns was super. Grey subway tiles, the grey stripes on the lighting and the contrasting pattern on the chairs – grey can be fun too 😀

  7. Lorelai says

    Wow. All stunning! Cari and Ambers’ – although breathtaking – are a bit too ‘show home’ for me. Kay’s backsplash and unique take on the SGG kitchen is wonderful. The winner for me has to be Heather though– I love the colour scheme and it just looks like such a cosy and inviting place to relax, hang out and eat. And that window and book shelf… gorgeous!

    Well done to all though. They’re all beautiful.

  8. Emma says

    They are all beautiful, but it was an easy choice for me. When I got to the photo of Kay’s kitchen, I knew – “Oh, THAT one!” Love the upper cabinets, love the books. And usually, I’m not a fan of hardwood in the kitchen, but I even loved the floors! And it’s a really functional layout, and seems like a “real” place – like Laurie said, above.

  9. says

    Tough choice! But Cari’s kitchen did it for me. Not only is it the one I can see myself working in, I long to run my hands over that gorgeous centre slab. I feel more serene just looking at the photo.

    I also like all the storage space she’s got!

    Beautiful job.

  10. Esther George says

    Hi Julia how do you choose from all these beautiful kitchens it’s a tough one but I chose Julie’s kitchen. Have a good evening. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  11. Christina from Dallas says

    Julie! Love how she decorates for each holiday.

  12. says

    I pick Kay, but Amber’s is a close second for me and then other others of course are close again!

  13. says

    I love them all for different reasons! I chose Amber’s because I am in love with those cabinets.

  14. blakeC says

    Amber’s kitchen is beautiful with those lit up cabinets, and awesome lighting! But they are all very pretty..

  15. Jennah says

    Kay’s kitchen gets my vote. It’s timeless style and warm, personal touches make it my favourite. It looks like a ‘real’ kitchen and one that is warm and welcoming to each guest who enters.

  16. says

    My eyes were drawn to HEATHER’s kitchen, and kept returning. So I’m going to go with hers. It’s clean, it’s uncluttered, warm, friendly and so inviting – plus you don’t need a pair of rollerblades to get around it! It’s got great kitchen appeal, and it’s a design that lends itself to change and a family’s growing needs. IMHO – timeless! Cheers from Heather in Brisbane, AU. xo

  17. Kimberly says

    What a tough decision!! In the end I kept coming back to Heather’s. I remember being impressed with it in your original post, too. Love those pendant lights and the glass subway tile and the pattern on the bar chairs, etc. etc. I’m even partial to the out-of-the-way placement of the fridge :) Hope you make it to the finals, Heather!

  18. Carolyn says

    These are all beautiful, but I’m voting for Kay’s because it is smaller and a good example of how well you can do an average sized kitchen. Second would be Heather’s because I love her tile and light fixtures. I like both of them because they have a place for books.

  19. prima says

    Julie I love your kitchen! For me it was the pot filler faucet that did it for me!Always wanted one.

  20. Shona says

    They all have their good points, but I easily narrowed it down to Cari, Heather, and Amber. In order to narrow it from there, I decided to think about which kitchen looked like the most functional place to actually cook in. I then ruled out Heather’s because the only sink I could see was the small one in the island. Maybe there is another, but I couldn’t find it!

    Then between Cari and Amber’s it was tough, but I finally decided on Amber’s because I liked the cabinets a little better. There’s a good mix of exposed and hidden storage.

    But as someone already said, I would take any one of these five kitchens over mine!

  21. says

    I really like Amber’s. I debated because I loved Kay’s backsplash, but Amber’s is lovely.

  22. Karen says

    Hope it’s not too late to vote. I echo the sentiment that they are all lovely, however I have my favorite too. I love Kay’s–the natural light, the smaller scale all create a cozy feel. I also love the green tile blacksplash and the color throughout. I’ve always liked a bit of color. I have to wonder how many people were inspired by the SGG kitchen and how many redo’s it spawned.

  23. says

    I am totally in love with Julie’s design and concept of what a dream kitchen should look like. I love the shelf above the stove and the ever changing chalk board ( she is gifted in art for it changing design). Not only is it pretty but also very well thought in functionality.