Artist Janet Shearer’s Old Stone House on Grogley Farm

Grogley farm-artist's stone farmhouseGrogley Farm is home to the mural artist Janet Shearer, who lives in a converted barn on the property. You can rent this “typical Cornish farmhouse in the Ruthern Valley,” which dates back to the 18th century, and take painting lessons in her nearby studio. Doesn’t this look like a lovely spot to spend an artist’s holiday?

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (9)

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (2)

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (8)

The artist-owner painted a trompe l’oeil cat in one of the bathrooms–looks real, doesn’t he?

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (1)

The house sleeps seven.

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (10)

I especially like the kitchen with its big farmhouse table:

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (5)

Any artists out there? To learn more about Janet Shearer and her painting workshops, visit her website.

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (3)

For more photos and information about the property, visit Unique Home Stays, a site I spend way too much time on…

Grogley Farmhouse Cornwall Unique Home Stays (6)

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  1. says

    Mmmm, I can just smell the morning coffee and feel those floors with my bare feet as I saunter into the kitchen.. This is a home, a place one wants to be. Charming, creative, livable and with personality – wonderful.

  2. Teresa says

    Now I could live in the countryside if I had this house! Love the hanging lanterns idea beside each side of the bed.

  3. says

    I liked the hanging lanterns as well — my favorite is the pine dresser with the chunky porcelain knobs. I’m a fan of the British pine furniture.

  4. says

    Just lovely! Kitty by the bathtub is so charming! What a cozy historic place – isn’t it an escape to look at places like this? A great old house is like good fine and a fine wine. mmmmmmm………..

  5. says

    The outside stone is priceless. It reminds me of a little chateau. What many people don’t realize is that you can’t just build a home to look like that. Even stone work done today is too uniform and “perfect”. Time and nature is what makes the outside so charming! I too love the lanterns by the bedroom, they’re a nice touch.

    Did anyone else notice how the owner kept the inside bright in color. I would have imagined it to be darker and less lit on the inside, but instead it’s bright and refreshing… Very nice!

  6. Maddie May says

    Heaven……This is a top ten in my book. Absolutely love the stonework with the ivy & roses growing into it. It reminds me of the English cottage from the movie “the holiday”. The inside character & charm is wonderfully complimented with the choice of furniture & soft colors. I wouldn’t change a thing. Exquisite.

  7. Alie B says

    This is so atmospheric and cozy! Love the decor and I especially love the kitchen, with its worn pine; painted and not.
    The only thing that would bug me is the low height of the ceilings. We are a tall family and I think it might feel a bit claustrophobic.

  8. says

    This reminds me of Iris’s cottage in “The Holiday”, except this one is actually real! I remember being a bit disappointed to read your post on that movie and find out that one was really just a Hollywood creation!

  9. Jennah says

    *sigh* If only I had a teleporter……

    To quote Mary Poppins “Practically perfect in every way!”

  10. Melanie says

    This looks so much like the cottage in The Holiday. Love it! I need to have one of these immediately!

  11. nanne says

    love those stone floors in the kitchen. i wonder what they are.

  12. Laura says

    Love that kitchen table! Wish my kitchen was wide enough to use the table in the middle like an island. Classic English country cottage–is it two years old or 200? When done right, you can’t tell!

  13. Julia says

    Cornwall, stone cottage, gardens, library, rustic kitchen…perfect!

  14. Nita says

    Best thing in the whole house is the kitchen floors. Just look at the size of those stones!

  15. says

    Love the kitchen, yellow and no uppers! Large, old wood table. Uneven walls, paneling. Nooks and books! Colors!

  16. says

    I don’t really think I could rent this house and be a guest there….I would never want to leave!

  17. Carolyn says

    Adore it. I’m no artist, so I’ll just hang out in the library and gardens and fix a spot of tea in the kitchen and then go lounge in the tub. Heaven. I want to visit when the rhododendron is in bloom. Did anyone notice that the cat in the bathroom is trompe l’oeil? In the snow (pics from website), it really does have the look of the cottage in “The Holiday.” I have seen this place before – another blog, perhaps? – and it is one of my all-time faves. I’m a sucker for romantic stone cottages in Cornwall ever since reading Rosamunde Pilcher all those years ago, or maybe Daphne DuMaurier before that. In fact, the book I’m currently reading is set in one, so this just enhances the mood. BTW, if this were in your readers’ kitchens contest, I’d vote for it hands down. Those stone floors, the mix of unfitted scrubbed pine (?) and painted cupboards with strap hinges, the perfect planked table and Windsor chairs, the view out the windows – perfection.

  18. says

    Love everything about this, especially the trompe l”oeil cat in the bathroom. Little touches make all the difference.

  19. Laura says

    Gorgeous house. I’d love to spend a week (or more!) there. Lovely.

  20. Esther George says

    This home is so beautiful. Love kitty….. Love the kitchen…. I must take a closer look don’t want to miss anything….and for this I seriously need my glasses. Thank you for sharing Julia. Regards Esther from Sydney.

  21. Wendy says

    I love the rustic cabinets in the kitchen. My house has those kind of hinges everywhere (though do I want more?). Anyway, I like the color combination. Gives me ideas.

  22. says

    The disclaimer: I write for a living.

    But there is simply no way I could create this kind of perfection, even in my head! Julia, this is truly one of the most wonderful, inviting homes you have ever featured on Hooked on Houses. Thank you!

  23. Karen says

    Just catching up on some reading and old posts and I love this. I love the kitty in the bathroom too! What a beautiful place. I love the grounds and stone work–the character and charm. This home is just exquisite and so enchanting.