Lori’s “Cream Peacock” of a Kitchen in Florida

Lori's white kitchen dark islandWelcome to Lori’s new kitchen in Gainesville, Florida, which she calls her “Cream Peacock.” She explains, “I was inspired by both Christopher Peacock’s famous kitchen and the one from Somethings Gotta Give (wasn’t everyone?). However, I wanted to soften it a bit and used cream instead of white. I love how it turned out!”

Lori's Cream Peacock kitchen

The cream cabinets were finished with a gray glaze, and the island is a beautiful walnut topped with Absolute Black granite. The lighter granite around the rest of the room is Delactis.

Lori's white kitchen

Here’s a close-up of the tile behind the range (Sonoma hand-molded tile in Bisque Krazy Krackle) with the pot-filling faucet:

backsplash tile over range pot filler

She found the Ralph Lauren polished nickel light fixture at TJ Maxx for only $99–what a deal!

Lori's white kitchen 2

Thanks to Lori for entering my contest! Hasn’t Kitchen Week been fun? I love seeing all the beautiful spaces my readers get to cook in. -Julia :-)

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So many great ones! Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Anne C says

    Stunning kitchen– very much a “fantasy kitchen” for me (as in I can dream of having that kitchen but it would never happen). Love all the details. I know this sounds silly, but I especially love the pot filler faucet. I have never seen one that looks like that before.

  2. Anne C says

    By the way, do you mind sharing the details of the faucet? Where did you find it?

  3. says

    Gorgeous! Love the backsplash, and I’m completely jealous of the steal she got on that gorgeous fixture! I think I need to make a trip to Home Goods!

  4. says

    I know I shouldn’t play favorites. But, this is one of my faves so far. They all are gorgeous. I see myself iin this one the most!!!

  5. The Country Girl says

    Beautiful kitchen—-the mix of materials and colors is especially well thought out.

    I dont understand, though, why everyone who designs a kitchen thinks it either looks like, was inspired by, or evokes the two iconic movie kitchens from Something’s Gotta Give or It’s Complicated. Really odd, that.

    • Angela says

      A well-designed white kitchen is a classic. Perhaps those set designers were just copying what many people already knew and loved. :-)

    • says

      I don’t think I got any “It’s Complicated” kitchens from readers, but I did get a lot of “SGG” ones. It’s pretty amazing how far-reaching the decorating trends have been from that movie, even all these years later!

    • The Country Girl says

      Julia, can you find out what Nancy Meyers’ kitchen looks like? That would VERY interesting, in light of the ripple effect her movie kitchens have had.

  6. Deb says

    Kimberly’s new kitchen for an old house (turquoise) is my absolute favorite, and now I’m considering doing something similar with my kitchen!

  7. Tracie says

    Very, very pretty! I LOVE the tiles and the white. This is a practical way to achieve “movie set” perfect. :)

  8. Christina from Dallas says

    What store did she get that tile? I love it so much! Beautiful kitchen.

  9. Lori Evans says

    Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! Wow! :)
    I’m happy to share any info. The faucet is by Rohl and is in polished nickel. The tile is by sonoma tile makers and the color is Krazy Krackle. Hope that helps.
    Thanks again for all the nice comments. We love it. :)

  10. Alie B says

    Great job, Lori! The perfect combination of beauty and function. :)