HGTV Dream Home 2013: Want to Win It?

HGTV Dream Home 2013 front porch cvr

One of the things I look forward to at the beginning of each new year is seeing the HGTV Dream Home. Some years I love them and some years I wonder what in the world they were thinking (ha). Their Dream Home 2013 is a “Low Country Zen cottage nestled along verdant marshland on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.” Take a look!

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (6)

You can enter twice a day between now and February 15 to win this vacation home.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photos (4)

“The great room provides a front-row seat to Kiawah Island’s dramatic marsh views.”

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (7)

Above the fireplace are two 150-pound gates from an architectural salvage store in Charleston. “It was a story of scale, trying to find something very interesting, very bold for the fireplace,”designer Linda Woodrum says. “And they just were perfect.”

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (8)

One decorating trend I just can’t get on board with are the painted ceilings. I know it’s the big thing and everyone is doing it, but I don’t like ’em. Especially not when they’re this dark.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photos (3)

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photos (6)

The pantry…which would never look this nice if my family lived there unless I stashed all the cans of soup and bags of chips, etc., on the bottom shelves.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photos (1)

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photos (7)

Last year’s Dream Home 2012 in Utah was nice but it had mostly grays and browns and muddy colors that didn’t do much for me. This year’s went in the opposite direction–lots of color here.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (2)

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (1)

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (12)

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (14)

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (11)

One lucky winner will get this fully furnished vacation home, a GMC Acadia Denali SUV, and $500,000 to help cover the taxes.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photos (5)

Visit HGTV’s official Dream Home page to take the full tour and enter the sweepstakes.

HGTV Dream Home 2013 photo tour (4)

P.S. Do you like it better than last year’s Modern Rustic Ranch House in Utah?

HGTV Dream Home 2012 Utah

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  1. says

    Oh yeah I want to win it! I’ve been entering everyday religiously. The hubs is from SC so her REALLY wants to win it and then retire back in his home state in that dream home. Every year we “dream” about winning. Have a great day!

  2. sandy says

    I love the outside of this vacation home. It’s wonderfully integrated into the landscaping but I have to admit the inside is quite a contrast to what I would have expected. The colors are just a little too much in your face & seem too over powering.

  3. Susan says

    I agree with Sandy—the outside is soothing and serene, the inside, not so. This isn’t a relaxing interior.

  4. Sue Pagels says

    This isn’t one of my favorites and not knowing anything about that area, when I think of living outside of a marsh, all I think are mosquitoes!! (being from NW IN). My favorite parts are the vibrant colors, the kitchen seems blah. Not entering this contest :)

    • Michele says

      Sue, I was going to write the SAME THING! I read “verdant marshland” and that was it for me!

      • nancy says

        That’s the first thing I thought when I saw only decks – then I looked up mosquito problems in Kiawah………..they’re ferocious!

  5. DB says

    I love this year’s dream home. One of my favorites in a long time. Love the bright lively colors inside and the location… I want it !

    We are gettting ready to tear off an old rotting deck at our house, and the decking and entry porch from the dream home are giving me some good ideas.

    I do think the butlers pantry should have been set up with more useable shelving and cabinetry. It would never stay organized like that in real life. And I think overall, they try to put in more furniture and accessories. I wonder if the rooms would feel a little crowded.

    But hey, I’d still love to win this one !

  6. 65andcounting says

    Has anyone (you Julia?) ever tracked the winners of previous homes to know if anyone ever has actually moved in to one they’ve won? I’ve heard that they are always put on the market, usually sit forever because they are likely far more expensive than their neighbors homes.

    I’d love a post: After the HGTV Dream Home.

    • Lynn says

      I second that! I’d be interested to hear what happens to the houses after they are won.

      • sherry says

        +3. And $500,000 to help cover the taxes? That’s more than 4 times what I paid for my entire house, yikes!

        • Emily S. says

          $500,000 isn’t nearly enough to cover the taxes on a $2M prize. You have to count on paying about $1M in total. That’s not to mention the cost of upkeep or property taxes on a yearly basis.

          • Debra H. says

            I’m not sure the taxes would fall in the 50% range, likely more in the 25-30% range. I also read on one of the blogs that if you become a resident, and use that home as your primary residence vs. a vacation home, the property taxes are just 5k a year. I would so figure out a way to live there.

      • Jen says

        My mom and I were just talking about that the other day when we saw the promo. Being on an island, I bet the property insurance and flood insurance on a home like that is astronomical!

        I wonder if people regret entering the contest once they’ve won? I know I could not personally afford the property taxes, insurance or utilities on a home like that. Even if I sold my current home and relocated.

    • says

      yes, I am very curious about what becomes of these “dream homes” after they are won. I have always thought that rather than a random drawing, the house should be awarded to someone who writes an essay about why they should own that particular home. So that way it would go to someone who would really love the house.

    • Christy says

      I’m glad to see a comment like this. I always feel like such a wet blanket when I bring stuff like this up. In addition to the gift taxes on house and car, you also have to pay taxes on that $500,000. So you aren’t *really* getting $500,000. But yes. It is a lovely dream, and in a world without property taxes, income/gift taxes, insurance premiums and maintenance costs, I’d be entering in the daily max. But it’s not a world without all those things. And as a solidly middle class gal, nothing could entice me to toss my hat into the ring.

      • RJ says

        I won a HGTV flooring prize last year (through a blog!) and I can tell you, it was a pain in the fanny! First off, the flooring covered such a small area that I could not find one area in my home to use the ‘free’ flooring. The local dealer was more than happy to let me purchase more flooring to add to the free flooring – ha! Well, I didn’t have an extra 5k for flooring in my budget last year so I passed. Received the 1098 in the mail at the end of 2011 telling me I had received a gift valued at $2800….funny thing, I didn’t get anything but a tax bill! I paid taxes on a gift I never received….you better believe I won’t enter any contests like that again!

  7. says

    I second 65andcounting! Love to see what happens afterward.

    I’m loving this house (the exterior, the colors), but when one of the prizes includes half a million dollars just to cover the taxes…. I run in the other direction.

  8. Suzette says

    This house just doesn’t do it for me. Something about it feels off. I really like the bedrooms but the kitchen isn’t my taste. And those salvage gates above the fireplace aren’t my cup of tea. I would take them down.

  9. innerjuju says

    I usually love Linda Woodruff’s designs however, this year’s house just left me cold. From the poor decision to place a ‘reading nook’ where the coat closet/entry bench should be, the unuseable butler’s pantry, to the mismatch of styles throughout the house, I just didn’t like it. And we won’t even go to the point of me not being able to afford the taxes on this prize (I couldn’t afford the taxes on the money they give you to help defray the cost of the taxes.) Hope someone else has a great time!

  10. TeresaD says

    I loooved the Utah house, this one just really isn’t my style. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be totally honored to win it; I could neutralize it a bit and feel right at home. 😉

  11. nee says

    I love it…. it is a bit monochromatic but with Family photos and personal touches I think it would look less sterile .I could live there all year long we lOVE the South and would gladly move right in !

  12. Christina from Dallas says

    Well it’s not bad. Nicer than my house. That one bedroom looks so crowded with two beds. What are those patterned cabinets in that one room? Don’t really like that. Not sure about the painted ceiling. I have never had one so not sure if that would bug me or not.

  13. Destiny says

    I think the colors are perfectly South Carolina coastal. I may not be able to handle the intense paint colors, especially the ceilings which I think makes the room appear to be smaller than it probably actually really is, in my every day home, but in a vacation home, yes please!

    I also like that it’s not overdone accessory wise, leaving room for the family who lives there to personalize it.

  14. Bug says

    Another home designed by a man. The laundry room should be near the bedrooms. And the lap pool thing on the deck looks like an accident waiting to happen.

  15. Marm says

    I loved the Utah home. The colors, though blah to some people, were colors that really work in that area. Maybe that is the same for the bright colors in this house. Maybe they are just right for the surrounding area.

  16. Donna says

    The main thing missing from this house is a screened porch! Low-country South Carolina….you NEED a screened porch. The interiors seem oddly modern for the exterior. Having said that, I do like many elements of it and would gladly win it if y’all don’t want it. :)

      • Donna says

        It’s not even just the marsh land. I lived 2 blocks from the ocean on Isle of Palms, SC, and the mosquitoes were like Kamikazes. Ironically, when we moved over to Johns Island (the island that connects to Kiawah), the mosquitoes were not quite so bad.

        Also, you need the screened porch so you can sit and listen to the rain!

  17. Jen says

    Okay I like /love most of the house and garden is pretty while the colors are nice and much better then last years I feel they shouldn;t have piant delling its little to much

  18. says

    I would actually love to win this one and really use it for a vacation home! Although I entered the contest for the one in Utah last year, I would have sold it.
    I would change a few paint colors, since I don’t care for bright blues and greens.

  19. Cindy says

    I like this home loads better than last year’s, that’s for sure! I love the serene exterior. I love the brightness of the interior, but I think there needs to be a bit more balance between that brightness and some soothing white to tone it down just a tad – personal preference. :-)

    Honestly, while I love the house overall, I would sell it asap. I don’t think 500k is near enough to cover the taxes and I wouldn’t want to uproot my entire family to move several states away. The property taxes and upkeep must be atrocious, too!

    I believe I watched a show about what happened to many of the previous winners awhile back…or maybe it was a blog post I read. I just can’t remember now. Anyway, I *think* every winner ended up selling due to the taxes, etc. It just wasn’t realistic for a more middle class family to assume the costs of moving into a much more expensive home. I think one winner tried to keep her house, but she just couldn’t swing it.

    I would have one big family blow-out vacation in it, then sell it. Kind of sad, actually, although I think I’d get over it after keeping at least some of the cash value. 😉


  20. Amy says

    I have been disappointed with the dream homes the last few years. They used to be really spectacular. I wonder if HGTV is cutting back money wise although 2 million is still an awfully big prize. Like a lot of you, I love the outside and hate the inside. The laundry room especially. That blue is just loud.

  21. says

    One of my favorites! I agree with other commentators though it that I’m sure I’d have to sell it. Still, very awesome home.

  22. Michele says

    Love the exterior and love the grey and blue bedroom with the four poster bed and like the bunk bed room. Love the reading nook but question the wisdom of the location.

    The rest is a bit too modern for me for a SC beachy home. I especially don’t like some of the white cabinetry (and I LOVE white cabinetry) – it’s supposed to modern but it looks cheap to me.


  23. Marielle says

    Kiawah is a favorite family vacation destination for us, so YEAH! I want to win it, as do each member of our family. They do not exaggerate on HGTV when they tout the beauty, recreation, tranquility, convenience, zen-ness of Kiawah.

    • 65andcounting says

      Pam: good article, thanks.

      And if people in that article thought their IRS bill was onerous in 2006 and before, just wait til these winners find out they have made it to the 1% and will be on the hook for nearly 40% tax load. If nothing else, the windfall the winner experiences will help them understand what it means to “pay your fair share!”!! :-)

      The winners will have to pay taxes on the $500,000 at the new rate so that leaves $303,000. Add to that, whatever they sell the house for, also taxed at the new rate, unless they flip their other home and declare this as their primary residence. They’ll need to pay an accountant BIG bucks to help them structure the sale.

      In these fiscally tough times, I agree with others that maybe HGTV needs a different idea than the Dream Home.

      • Jay says

        How about HGTV build about 20 homes at about $100,000 each? Or 10 @ $200,000? I wrote to them about a year ago saying all of this is beautiful but it is truly just what they call it…a dream. Considering most of the shows they play are targeted to families on budgets, do it yourselfers and first time home buyers maybe they could away a bunch of dream homes.

        • Monica says

          I definitely agree with you on this note. They can make a handful of homes that are still filled with dreams and in nice areas on a $200,000 budget. With all the remodels that are done on TV with such a small budget I am pretty sure they can make it just as fabulous and benefit more than a few people each year. It would definitely be nice to see happen, reasonable and affordable.

  24. says

    I love the Utah home, but with a few dashes of color! Mosquitos come to mind when I think of marshy S. Carolina. I guess I’m a mountain type girl.

  25. says

    Thanks for the grand tour! My first thought was how hard it would be to keep the marshland beat back from all that landscaping.. and then the mosquitoes came to mind 😉 The exterior is very pretty. I could not help but notice that under those fabulous gates above the fireplace, there was no mantel!! What? That’s crazy talk.
    I like the splashes of lime but it’s a little bold on the ceiling and the grey/lime bath would have been prettier without the grey. It was very dark. That being said, it’s just paint! I sure hope the winner loves and appreciates it.

    I used to be over the top in love with the “dream homes” but have not been for years now.

  26. says

    It’s very pretty – BUT – I’d have to sell it because there are too many stairs there for a retirement home! I’m sensitive to the accessibility features because our son needs a scooter to get around (he was disabled from a stroke when he was 15 and had a heart transplant a few years later). None of the dream homes have been accessible and as we age and are looking toward a retirement get-a-way, I sure as heck don’t want to be schlepping groceries up flights of steps !!!!

    I do love the colorfulness of this one though (says the lady who lives in a lavender house!)

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Donna says

      Hi Gena,

      Many of the coastal homes in the Carolinas and Georgia are raised up in case of flooding…some of them 10 or 12 feet high. It is a pain with groceries though! Sorry about your son. Hope you will find your dream home.

  27. Laura says

    That is my real dream house :) the colors and the decorations are so beautiful !! I hope I win this :) !! My baby sure will enjoy it and me too 😀 !!

  28. sue says

    I think they need to swich up designers. Linda is good but these houses need someone different every year or two.

  29. Laura says

    At first glance it seems pretty nice. I don’t mind the bright colors for a beach house. At second glance, however, the green ceiling looks very ’70s, and what’s with the laminate cabinets in the kitchen and laundry room? Yuck. The outside is nice but definitely needs a screen porch! I’d like to see a small house as a dream home that people could actually afford to keep if they won.

  30. Tiffany S. says

    I LOVE it, but we became ineligible to win when Hubby went to work with one of their sponsors (it’s SO minor that I can’t even tell if they’re still a sponsor this year). Probably just as well.

  31. Cyndi says

    Am I the only one thinking about alligators in the marsh? Love the house and bright colors!

    • says

      That was my first thought too. We have stayed several times on Kiawah. One time in the marsh area, loved the home but not the note on the door to the porch that introduced us to their local alligator that loved hanging out in their “back yard”. : ) Being a mom of a toddler and a 4 year old, it gave me pause to every owning anything near marshlands.

  32. Signe says

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the HGTV “dream homes” have gotten less and less “dreamy”. While this years house is certainly nice… it’s far from a dream home in my mind. Living next to marsh land only means mosquitos and I’m not so sure what’s so “zen” about that! HA!

  33. Al says

    I remember that a couple who were both teachers won one of the dream homes. They spent one night in it for photo-ops and had to sell it because the husband said that the taxes were more than his yearly salary. I have learned from living in Florida to stay away from inland water due to mosquitoes, alligators, and water moccasins. No marsh for me, thanks. These homes always seem to be the first houses of a subdivision being developed. That’s what happened with the very first dream home. It was the first house built in the area of Rosemary Beach, FL.

  34. Empress says

    It makes me sad to think of people winning gifts they can’t afford to keep. Why even bother.

    • says

      Well, because it is a $2M prize, and the get $500K to pay taxes. So they sell the house, deal with the taxes and are about $500K to $800K ahead. Don’t cry too hard. That is a wonderful amount of money and fairly life changing.

  35. Andrea says

    I like the house but hope to win it, sell it and then buy a place at Cape San Blas, Fl….near Mexico Beach……a former Dream home site (btw…the Mexico Beach home and the St. Mary’s Georgia home are both on the market right now….check out

    I really wish that HGTV would update their site…with the shows or more pics of the former homes….I enjoy checking them out on occasion, but they have limited info on past homes. My fav’s are the St. Mary’s, Lake Lure and Islamarada, Fl homes…….LOVE those!!!

  36. Kris Betts says

    I’ve been to Kiawah Island and the community is very expensive to live in. The HOAs are very high and its isolated. Wouldn’t want to live there and we houseshunted there. There are much nicer houses on the market even in Kiawah if HGTV claims this is a $2M property

  37. Jano says

    You need a major income stream to live on Kiawah Island, which is why it is a lovely place to visit. As for the house, I’d need the serene marshland views just to counteract the visual discord inside the house as it is currently decorated and furnished. The moss-meets-chartreuse is painful and overused, not to mention unkind to the inhabitants because in all sorts of light, it casts a weird sallowness. My sister jumped on the yellow-green trend and could not change the color fast enough. The color should be used as an accent, not a canopy.

  38. Lisa T. says

    Love, love, love the house and the location. It is very close to the beach. Being from NC, I’m used to mosquitoes and when there is a breeze, like there is at or near the ocean, you don’t get that many mosquitoes.

    I would would do some painting though. Do not like that green in kitchen and great-room area or the brown and green stripe in the bathroom. So minor though.

    Did y’all see the screened in area under the house? So awesome!!

  39. says

    LOVE the house itself, but the interior color scheme for me would have to be a bit different.
    We’ve been to Kiawah on vacation before and it really is a lovely island!

  40. Holley says

    I love the colors (especially that laundry room) tremendously. Overall I like the house much more than the one last year.

    However, as I am a mosquito magnet, and I don’t like alligators, and after much thought, I do not even want to go there for a vacation.

  41. E. george says

    You guys have Alligators to contend with we have deadly spiders and deadly snakes and don’t get me started on the flies and mozzies so if this house was here I would be too terrified to live in it. But it is beautiful on the outside I’m not so sure about the inside there’s too much going on with the colours. After all that Hi Julia I hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations were wonderful. Regards Esther from Sydney (we are melting). PS I thought holiday homes were meant for relaxation.

  42. HolleyD says

    I do love the house and the location of the house. That said, I know I could never afford to own one of the dream houses. So, I did a little research into the website about the sweepstakes and I am still entering twice a day, every day.

    If you look at the website and go to the “Sweepstakes” option and choose “Rules”, and go almost all the way down, you get to the “Grand Prize” details. You do have the option of taking the “Cash Prize” rather than the title to the property. The “Cash Option” includes $1,000,000 in cash (in lieu of the house part), plus the additional “Cash Prize” of $500,000 and the GMC Acadia Denali for a total of $1,553,565.

    The way I see it, if I should happen to win (yeah, right), I would be much better off going with the “Cash Option”. Of course, the government would take a great deal of that “Cash Prize” for taxes, considering they count the entire amount as income, including the vehicle. But at least it would be cash coming out of cash upfront. I would still have enough money left over to build the house of MY dreams on the land of MY dreams. That would be my choice, definitely!

    • HopefulGAGirl says

      I’ve been entering daily and have been researching and looking at all of the possible options available if I were to win this home.

      First off, I love everything about it. I know most here don’t like various aspects of the inside (paint colors, use of space etc.), but everything about this home speaks to my tastes. And it’s only about 3.5 hours away from where I live. Relocating wouldn’t be a problem! The only thing I would change (if I somehow found a way to keep it) would be the beds in the twin suite. Knowing who I’d be vacationing with, twin beds just don’t make much sense. We have more couples, not so much kids or singles, so I’d switch those out for a nice queen-size to accommodate all of us.

      That said, I know it isn’t logical or practical for me to want to keep this home. While I feel that good things could happen, I would hate to become another statistic that would have to give up such a wonderful home. In this market, I can’t say that it would sell well either. It’s possible, but that’s a risk. I know that I’d be better off taking the cash prize. As Holley said, you could really take the money and create the home of your dreams. We’ve been given a modest starter home by my father, but it’s old and nowhere near energy efficient. I think I’d just use the cash prize money to completely renovate that home and make it our own little dream home, finally have the wedding we’ve been hoping for, take a nice vacation with our closest friends, invest in our current business and other business ideas, pay off what little debt we have and put the rest away for retirement. Attempting to do anything else would be foolish, and I’d have no one to blame but myself if I’m trapped in huge financial trouble years down the road because I tried to keep the home.

      I wish I could even say that I’ve spend a few vacations there and then sell, but even that doesn’t seem practical. No, as beautiful as it is and as much as I can see myself sharing a wonderful private vacation with my fiance (something we’ve never been able to have in our relationship), I would have to give it up.

      It’s sad really…the cash prize ends up being more of a dream come true than the home. That seems like a lot to put into a prize that few are ever able to keep…

  43. Kim says

    I don’t like how the designers mixed different styles together in the interior. It totally ruins the home for me.

  44. Michelle says

    $500 000.00 to cover taxes? I’ve no idea how things work in America, but why would you need half a million dollars for taxes?

    • HopefulGAGirl says

      That $500k actually wouldn’t cover all of the taxes. The way things work here, the Government will add up the total value of the prize you’ve won and tax that. So you’ll be hit with a bill that’ll be between $800k and $900k in taxes at the end of the first year. That’s just for the value of the prize. You’ll then be hit with property taxes, HOA fees, home owner’s insurance, flood insurance, maintenance / upkeep (i.e. keeping the marsh from creeping up into your back yard, exterminators etc.) and utilities. All of that could run you around $40k a year (a very rough estimate, so forgive me). Essentially, you’d have to already be a millionaire to be in a position to keep any of these homes.

      Again, very sad. Until this year I hadn’t really done much research on the costs of actually keeping the Dream Home. But then, it felt much better to live in the fantasy world then. Now though, at least I’m armed with the knowledge. If I’m blessed enough to win, I know exactly what to do. After all, the best way to appreciate a blessing like this would be to handle it responsibly…right?

  45. says

    The dream house 2013 is looking very pretty and beautiful. The best way to explain about home is quality pictures and you have done it with this blog. The $500 000 is a big amount for covering taxes.

  46. says

    I absolutely ADORE It!

    A Perfect combination!


    Montecito,California; and the “Carolinas”!

    Too perfect for words! My mother was from the “South”; it is in my “DNA:!!

    What a gorgeous ,(and frankly, perfect house!!)

    I have been a decorator for 42 years!! I am telling you; this house is the closest thing to “perfect” I have ever seen!

    I wanted an “old house” when we moved to Santa Barbara. Could not find one.,so we built a “new old house”! (this reminds me of that whole idea!!!)

    to see a house that is new…..

    • Carolyn says

      Penelope, your house is one of my favorite inspirations, and I would love for you to come to the Carolinas and work your magic here. Be sure to show us if you do! You are a gracious southerner at heart. You can go to the website to enter.

  47. says

    Twice I was told I could not leave an application! Why? Do you know?

    This is my last try!!

    i LOVE this house; I love where it is., and I would love to “win it”!

    I have no idea about this contest! I assume it is fair; and I would love beyond if I won it!

    My mother cane from Alabama; and when I first went to the “South”; I felt it in myh “bones”!

    I hope I win! I will bring all seven of my grandchildren to the “South” and they will have a wonderful experience!

    Great contest!!!


  48. says

    Here is what1

    Now three times I have been told I have submitted comments that are the same!

    I made sure none of them are the same!

    I want to enter this contest……I am unable to…..and I am going to file a lawsuit if you do not allow me to enter!

    And I mean it! It is completely unfair!!!

    So: either allow me to enter…….(unless there is solme posted end of the contest that I did not see);

    or accept my applications!!!!
    That is only fair!
    Shame on you!

    Fair is Fair!!!

    ( I have wonderful friends in Palm Beach! (you do not want to do unfair and illegal things there! When I am involved! )

    So start playing fair ; and we will be fine!


    • says

      Not sure why you were getting that comment (that you had submitted the same comment before) because they all seem to have come through just fine. You do know you can’t enter the sweepstakes here, though, right? Head over to and enter your name there where it counts! :-)

  49. says

    In recent years, I’ve actually preferred the HGTV Green Home over the Dream Home. I do like some of the cheerful colors in this home, but could not contend with the daily onslaught of mosquitoes.

  50. says

    Love the house itself. The large windows, glass doors, the light, and the view are all beautiful. Love the taupe paint and white bathroom, and the bunk room. But…

    With the exception of the blue bedrooms, the decor is lackluster and dated. The family room, ugh! Is that faux paint on the fireplace wall. ;p…? The whole zen/spa thing is so cliche.

    The kitchen/family room/dining area doesn’t even look like the same home as the bedrooms and other areas.

    I usually love these homes, but I think there were too many hands in this decor project.

    • says

      Love love love the 2012 Utah house! I just revisited it and it’s done much nicer and looks far more professional than this one.

  51. Nica says

    I actually love the colors. We painted our own house with lots of color. Not overly bright colors but not browns/beige or grays.

    And I’m not a big fan of painted ceilings either. It’s too much.

  52. says

    I am with you on that last years was a little on the dark side and the colors were really muddy looking. I like that this one is full of color. I like all the painted ceilings.

  53. Carolyn says

    I always enjoying seeing the HGTV dream homes, but I forget to watch the TV show, so get the tour on the website. Thanks for the reminder. I think this is well done and reflects the SC coastal vibe. I’m not a personal fan of apple green/chartreuse, but I have to admit that the marsh reeds take on a particularly vivid hue of this color, especially in morning and evening light, set off by an almost electric blue of the water. (You just have to see a SC marsh to appreciate.) Linda brought these colors inside. I particularly like that this house is LEED. Love the cottage/bungalow style of the exterior, but I’d want that deck partially screened. I think the ground floor open-air playroom would be a nightmare to keep clean, especially in spring pollen season, and I wonder about all those cushions and curtains getting mildewy (yes, it happens even with Sunbrella fabrics). I like the bedrooms and baths and that cute bunk niche, particularly. And I love the gates over the fireplace in the great room though I think most people would want a TV in there somewhere, but with all the windows, there’s not really a place for one. Not in love with the kitchen – don’t care for the taupey gray cabinets with the apple green. I loved the architecture and mountain style of the 2012 Utah mountain house, especially all the rock used, but I didn’t think the interior furnishings really suited it. I think Ethan Allen’s styles work better on the east coast. The updated New England look just didn’t seem to suit the western mountains. I won’t be entering to win this year’s, though. Too many unknowns about trying to sell it, even though the cash prize option is tempting.

  54. Kate says

    I think its horrible. Did anybody look at the before pictures? Sure the outside and I know the structure of the house had to be totally redone, termites and rot but the inside was so perfect! Gorgous mantel, natural whitewashed floors with years of patina, darling vintage furnishings and antiques to die for, soothing colors and light, I would have taken the inside just the way it was.
    And no screen porch! What are they thinking! Ill take the cash option and move somewhere else.

  55. Marcia says

    I didn’t like last year’s home and never entered the contest. Love the area for the home this year so I’ve entered every day. Would rather view the ocean vs. a marshland but I could still live there!!

  56. ShabbyChick says

    I really like this, and Utah is pretty gorgeous! I didn’t care for the house last year at all, and I never enter the contest.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s, and that your family is all over the sickies. 😉

    • says

      Lily finally got better enough to celebrate a bit of Christmas around New Year’s Eve, so we salvaged a little of it, at least! :-)

  57. josie says

    Julia….Hello from Canada. I like the outside landscaping & appearance of this home but am envisioning how our home grown designers Sarah Richardson & Tommy Smythe would have decorated the inside. I know Sarah likes color very much but I truly believe she would have toned it down slightly & blended all the rooms together. It just seems to be disjointed somehow in the total look.

  58. Sue says

    We vacation on Kiawah Island every year and love it. I must say the mosquitoes are the size of the gators! With this house being on the marsh, I am shocked that there is not a screened porch on the living level of this home! Very disappointing. Also, I’m not feeling the color palate. Still, with it’s flaws I would love to win it and make it my own!

  59. Whit says

    Wow reading everyones comments are really shocking… I think this is a absolute beauty of a house… I think I would deal with the skeeters and be in absolute heaven in this home… It would change my life and I can’t even imagine living in something anywhere close to this. I love everything about this… the beautiful soft colors of blues and greens, and the deck is awesome. I love the view.. its breathtaking.

  60. The Country Girl says

    This house is a cluttered fail, as far as I am concerned. It combines everything that is popular (faddish?), forgettable, and silly all in one uncomfortable “getaway” that is supposed to be a refuge. If I had to pick out one really awful element of the decor— those gates. They are not antiques, have no provenance that makes them interesting or special to anyone, and they’re not even fine examples of wrought iron. They are just something purchased to fill a big empty space on the wall. Everything in this house looks like that. And in some areas the color scheme looks like the courts at the US Open….amazing that an interior designer could manage to ruin what is usually a very fresh and appealing color combination of blue and green.

  61. cindy says

    I love this house! I am recently divorced with a six year old daughter. She reminds me everyday to sign up for the dream home, she says we are gonna win and she really believes that we will. It’s fun for us to imagine winning it and living there. She is so excited about it!

  62. shellie says

    I just plugged in the numbers into a tax calculator and the IRS portion of the taxes you’d pay on the ARV would be OVER $770,000.00, including taxes on your personal yearly income it may be more..MUCH more! I calculated it using only $25,000/year income……remember this house, car, and $500,000 check are claimed on taxes as income, taxed like sweepstakes and lottery earnings…..I then did a general look up of property taxes in the area and they are over $18,000 a year….You are looking at nearly $1,000,000.00 in winnings tax….flood insurance and property tax just for winning this home …Unless you’re already rich….I don’t know how anyone could pull this off…..I see why MOST have sold their homes and moved on….The IRS is going to have a field day when you file your 2014 tax return! Good Luck with that!

  63. hollie lanier says

    This truely a dream home there’s not much else to say except please lord let it be me amen

  64. Stef says

    If you guys read the rules and fine print, you are allowed to take the cash value of the house over the house itself. Quite frankly, I find that to be the smarter choice. The house is valued at $1.5 mil plus the $500k cash prize. Even after taxes, that’s several hundred grand more than if you tried to sell the house on your own. Sell the car, too, and get a cheaper model. I need the money more than the extravagant home. What’s the point in having this “dream” home if you can never enjoy it because you’re being taxed like crazy!? Take the money. Pay off your debts. Buy a modest home you can enjoy. Put the rest of the money away. Lifetime of financial security vs. pretty house? I’ll take the money.

  65. Anita Rivera says

    My son got an auto assident 11years ago. He was paralized from the waist down. We gave up everything to come back and take care of him. We love him very much. He is very independent like to do.everything himself. He has had a ruff 11 years. If I win this home I would like for him to have it. This would give him a possitive outlook on life. Thank you
    Anita Rivera

  66. says

    Taxes on this home prevent the “winning” of it. The total grand prize is about 2.3 million dollars which is counted as income by the IRS. So 40% Fed tax, 7% South Carolina tax + additional Social Security and hidden health care taxes will cost you over 1.1 million. So you are paying 1.1 Million for a 1.7Million dollar house. The goal of the show is apparently to attact wealthy people to Kiawah and to showcase the products and advertisers.

    You could sell quarter shares of the home to friends to help pay the tax bill. Or mortgage it out to 40 years at $4000+ monthly (total of $2M payments) and rent it out to recoup some.

    But I saw in the rules there is an option to accept $1M prize + the truck. “In lieu of taking title to the HGTV Dream Home (and the contents of the HGTV Dream Home), the Grand Prize Winner will have the option of receiving $1,000,000 in cash in lieu of the home (the “Cash Option”)” After taxes you could have ~500K to buy a respectable beach house elsewhere. Sell the overpriced truck to decorate it.

    • Brian says

      People do know that just because you’re in the top tax bracket you’re entire income isn’t taxed at that rate, right? A bunch of these comments are way over estimating the tax burden.

      Furthermore, this eSEaring comment shows an inability to read the rules. The cash option is $1.5 million cash + the car ($53,565) for a total cash option ARV of 1,553,565.

  67. carol bailey says

    Please, I not only wan’t to win this home package,but I “need” to win. I totally love this. You could search high or low to find a winner more appreciative . I have been in dyer need to start a new life for many years. There would be “any” better way, Thank You HGTV for the chance. Carol Gae Bailey

  68. carol bailey says

    I am truly Thankful to HGTV,and hooked on house to be able to have the chance to start a new life, that I can only dream of starting in this home. I not only wan’t this I truly need this to start a new life, Thank You again, for the chance!

  69. Vib says

    Maybe someone has already mentioned this, as I haven’t read all comments, but you can actually choose the “cash option”. This means $1.000.000 + 500.000 + the car. You have to pay taxes on that, but who’d say no to that?!

    • HopefulGAGirl says

      If I’m not mistaken, current tax rate in that bracket is 39.6%. So I believe you’d be paying about $614,988 in taxes on the total value of the cash prize (not your personal income). That would leave you over $900k to enjoy. Not a bad option at all! :)

  70. V says

    Oh, how my family and I want to win this! We have a lot of family in SC so it would be nice to have a house down there. Luckily my mom is from a family of 7 kids (most of which have kids who have kids) so we were thinking we could rent it out to any of them or our friends to help with the taxes. The bright colors are exactly our style and it would be an ideal vacation spot. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Good luck to anyone entering, and may the odds be ever in your favor 😉

  71. says

    I dream win homes,I see everyday ghtv..,fantastic houses,I. No have money for buy one house ,I work 60 hours for wek,more so happy to see people buy beautiful homes,transformation houses this gorgeous !!!!!!

  72. Barbara says

    This 2013 Dream Home is SPECTACULAR! I love everything about it and the location is awesome. Linda Woodrum did a BEAUTIFUL job. I wouldn’t change one thing.

  73. says

    I so happy ,now a see program ,love it or list it,is fabolous !!!!!i want win please,I never see my life house amazing,congrats guys,very good job

  74. says

    Y’all have made some very interesting points. I just wonder if the dream home could be converted into a church. That way lots of people could enjoy it. I could see a big cross over the fireplace with the great room being a sanctuary. The water pool could be a place to baptize. It would just be too big to live in but perfect for a place of worship. Vacationers need church too. Go HGTV!

  75. Kacey says

    We are homeless right now so we would do anything to win this home, no matter the quirks, or tax/insurance rates. We would just be grateful to have a place to lay our head.I sold my car to have a couple more months in our home, so the car is a great addition! Its a need..

  76. Laura Wood says

    Please let me win this house please please please my family really needs it and so do I I need this house I really do I need a better place to live that will make us all happy if we win this house we will be so happy so so happy I really could use this place I really could so please please please choose me Laura Wood or Jean Greaver we really need a place to make us happy we all will do anything for you HGTV and I mean anything to win this house we love you HGTV I want you to choose us please please I love you forever we don’t care about none of the bills at all long as we have a great and such beautiful place like that in our lives we would be entirely so happy so please choose us

    • Renee says

      You do know that they don’t “choose” people right? It’s a random drawing that no one has any control over.

  77. says

    The house is lovely-especially love the deck and plunge pool. All but one of the winners of HGTV sold the houses. Sadly, the one man who lived in his house in Texas was going through foreclosure. But it’s still an incredible prize-HGTV will buy the house from you if you elect to-pls. refer to the sweepstake rules. Good luck to all those who entered!!

  78. Laura Wood says

    Please let Laura Wood win it pleas please if I don’t win it I will cry this will be a new start to my life oh please let me win it my family and I need a beautiful place like this to make us happy we will be extremely happy if you choose us please let me and my family win please please I pray to god :(

  79. Renee says

    I have lived in South Carolina my entire life and would love to win it, I have vacationed in kiawah a few times. It’s a beautiful home and in a beautiful location. Although I pray I win it, I just really hope it goes to someone who deserves it.

  80. Sher says

    Why do people always come on these sites and give sob stories? It’s kinda weird. Anyway, I sign up every year and would love to win. HGTV should make the houses a wee bit more affordable though.

  81. Peanut's Mom says

    I just want to win and get out of this town. Can’t seem to breakout of this place!!!

    • James Scheibly says

      I want very much to have my entry qualify for a chanc to win the “Dream” home.

  82. lisa says

    how do they contact you if you win,,,,if u get an email from them you would just think it was a joke? do they send a certified letter?,,,,i wish i may i wish i might win the hgtv drean home tonight!!

  83. Winner says

    Beautiful dream home!! Waiting so badly for door bell for winner announcement!!

  84. Liz says

    Instead of a cash prize, providing a tax-free home that most could actually live in would be a real dream home prize. In places like Canada, the winner pays no tax on the home…I’m sure HGTV could figure out how to do this and I’m sure most of the entrants would agree.

  85. Monica says

    Living in the DC Metro area where it is just as expensive, I think if I was to win this home, I would give the information to Realestate agents here in the local area and sell timeshares on the property. With all the upper middle class and wealth people in this area selling timeshares could possibly be the only way anyone could keep a home like this. I myself definitely played to win this home and would be greatful to be the winner of it, but at the same time not many people where I live would be able to transfer jobs to that area or even find a job there that would be able to afford a home like that. All in all, being a single mother of two pre-teens I would definitely worry about the creatures that live in the marsh and their safety. If I couldn’t keep it, I would definitely sell it as well and take the money won and purchase my home here.