November by the Numbers: Most Popular Posts of the Month

At the end of every month it’s fun for me to look at my blog’s stats and see what you were all searching for, who sent me the most traffic, and which of the many houses I featured got the most clicks. In case you never noticed the links on my nav bar above, I have a Top 20 page that I update regularly. I also keep track of the Top 10 Celebrity Houses and Top 10 Movie & TV Houses for kicks.

Since November has come to a close (how is it December already??), I thought I’d share the houses that were Most Popular, starting with that yellow house in the collage above that you might not recognize without all of its Christmas lights turned on…

Top 5 Most-Searched-For Movie & TV Houses:

1. The Griswold House in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

2. The Hamptons Beach Houses in the TV Show Revenge

3. Diane Keaton’s Beach House in Something’s Gotta Give

4. Four Pretty Houses in Pretty Little Liars

5. The Duncan Family Home on Good Luck Charlie

See all Movie & TV Houses here…

The Most-Viewed Readers’ Houses I Featured:

1. Before & After: Laurel’s Blah Brown House Gets Curb Appeal

2. Renita’s New Kitchen Goes Back in Time

3. Amber’s White Kitchen: 1990s No More

4. Real Kitchen Stories: 10 Readers Invite Us In

5. Finding Home: A Tour of Laura’s House in New York

See the Top 20 Posts here…

Top 5 Celebrity House Searches in November:

1. Kim Kardashian’s House in Beverly Hills

2. Jennifer Aniston’s New House in Bel Air

3. Reese Witherspoon’s Libbey Ranch in Ojai

4. Paula Deen’s House in Savannah

5. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Greek Revival Townhouse

See all Celeb Houses here…

The Top 5 Blogs That Linked to Me (Thanks!)

1. Thrifty Decor Chick (love how she turned her dining room into a library)

2. Cote de Texas

3. Young House Love

4. My Sweet Savannah

5. Vignette Design

Some of the Top Searches on My Blog Right Now:

1. “Larry Hagman’s House” (R.I.P. J.R.!)

2. “Moving stairs in a house.” (Stairs that move? Or how to move your stairs? No idea what they’re looking for but I got a lot of searches for that.)

3. “Sandra Rinomato gone?” (People still can’t believe she was replaced on Property Virgins.)

4. “Jeff Lewis’s Gramercy house on Flipping Out.”

5. “Love It or List It fake?” (Answer: yes.)

Thanks to all of you who visited my blog last month, left comments, entered my kitchen contest, liked my posts on Facebook, shared my photos on Pinterest, mentioned my blog on yours, and sent me encouraging tweets and emails. I love my readers! :-)

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  1. says

    Wow! Can’t believe we were the most reader viewed house!! Thanks so much everyone for all the wonderful responses! And thanks to you Julia. This is such a fabulous blog with so many fascinating ideas and photos!


  2. 65andcounting says

    It must be so rewarding for you Julia to know you’ve carved out a real niche market in the blogosphere. No easy trick to get people to come back every day yet you manage to find just the right amount of celeb houses for us to drool over versus homegrown work where we say, hey, we can do that!

    Congratulations to YOU for bringing us all here to be home voyeurs without being arrested for trespassing! And also, great that readers are willing (and happily so) to share their own work.

  3. Ther says

    That was fun! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Boy, the “Something’s gotta give” house continues to stir my, wannabe interior designer, passion after all this time! I’d love to know if there is a source list for the products that were used in this house? Specifically, rugs, paint colors, furniture, and yes, the amazingly, beautiful, kitchen?
    Thank you!

    • says

      It’s amazing to me that that post continues to be in my Top 5 month after month, year after year. I didn’t quite realize the impact of the movie on our houses until the Kitchen Contest, though. The majority of kitchens that were submitted had white cabinets, black countertops, and other “SGG” kitchen qualities like that. A lot of us went for that look in a big way!

      • Marta says

        Hi Julia . . . does this mean your kitchen contest is over? Just wondering . . .

  4. says

    Well what a fabulous post! Very clever and interesting too. It is great to see what people are looking at and for. Thanks for lifting the lid of the goings ons at the blog behind the post. Very valuable little feature.

  5. says

    Well thanks for the link yet again Julia! And I love Love it or List it — I’ve figured if they are spending less than $30,000 they are usually selling. I can call most of them right at the beginning. 😉

  6. says

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