Finding Home: A Tour of Laura’s House in New York

Welcome to Laura’s house in New York where she lives with her husband, their two daughters, and a Goldendoodle named Bailey Rose. I’ve been following her blog Finding Home since she linked up to one of my holiday parties last year. She does everything, like setting her table for Thanksgiving, with understated elegance and style.

I had the chance to meet Laura in person this year and discovered that she’s just as lovely as her home is. She said I could show you around, so come on in!

Laura says her style is traditional, but she loves mixing vintage and new things–“with a little modern edge thrown in from time to time.”

This has everything a girl could want in a reading room–built-in bookshelves, comfy seating, and lots of windows with light pouring in.

Laura added the transom window to the short hallway (below) that opens into the Great Room:

Her house looks beautiful at Christmas, too. Here’s what her mantel looked like last year:

Her house is all decked out for the holidays in Country Woman magazine this month (congrats, Laura!):

Her kitchen was recently remodeled. Here’s how it looked before:

I had those same oak cabinets in the ’90s. Her kitchen has undergone quite a transformation since then:

It’s so light and bright and beautiful now.

She’s got a great mudroom/laundry room off the kitchen with a built-in corner bench:

I want to sign up to spend a weekend in this guest room:

Although it’s not an old house, Laura has given it a sense of history and character.

I got excited when I saw the new screened porch they built on the back of their house. It’s so colorful and fun with all the vintage touches.

And I was charmed by the adorable new playhouse in the back, too:

There’s lots more to see, but I’ll send you over to Laura’s blog Finding Home to take the rest of the House Tour. Tell her I said hello! :-)

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  1. Neesha says

    So many things I love! That mudroom thingy and the faucet and sink… I am in love!

  2. Mary Ellen says

    What a lovely family home! You can really tell how much love and pride Laura has for her home. I’d bet her yard looks just as pretty too.

  3. Marta says

    Adorable! Please do more of these! I love that you started the kitchen pictures, and now a home tour. It reminds me of The Old Painted Cottage where Jennifer Grey shares a home each month. (I can’t wait each month for someone’s home tour.) I love your houses that you find, and now sharing the inside is even more fun. Thank you!

    • says

      I’ve got another readers’ house coming up soon that I know you’ll love, too. And I continue to be amazed by all the gorgeous kitchens everyone is sending in for the Hooked on Your Kitchens Contest! I could post a new kitchen every day for a year and never run out. No idea how I’m going to narrow them down to the Top 10!

  4. Alie B says

    Beautiful home. The only thing I don’t understand is why people don’t buy old houses if a sense of tradition and history is what they wish to impart. There are so many gorgeous older homes which already have character. Why buy a newer home and add the character? Not to demean anything Laura has done. Her home is very cozy and inviting.

    • says

      Because 1) you don’t always see an old house that you want in the area you’re looking at when you’re house hunting; 2) you might see a great old house but can’t afford it; 3) the upkeep, maintenance, and updating can be expensive and time consuming…I could go on. In our area, the older houses in the historic district are more expensive than we could afford when we were looking. Few had had attached garages, the houses were close to the road, and the yards were small, which didn’t work for us when we had young kids. Most also required more work and updating than we had the time and money for. I can’t speak for Laura or anyone else, but those were our reasons for getting a new house.

      • Alie B says

        Fair enough. I just love living in an old house….bumpy floors, crooked trim and all! :-)

    • Rick S says

      How great to revisit a house I have been following for over a year now. I Love what my wife and I call traditional with a kick.
      I like a home like this because it has the character of the past with current insulation,wiring and plumbing. My wife and I did not buy a century old house because of all the updates it needed to be comfortable and efficient. That costs more time and money than we knew we had. We also knew with a family that remodeling and updating can get old real fast.
      Sometimes you buy a newer home and grow into an “older” home. The house follows you, or visa-versa.

  5. Mops says

    Thanks for this one!!! And her blog is inspirational. I can’t wait to go back through all the older posts. Great find. I could live in this house even with wallpaper!!!! :)

  6. says

    What a lovely and gracious New York home. It has a welcoming feeling and the decorations are perfect for a holiday party. I also think the playhouse is adorable.

  7. Marcela says

    Beautiful !!!. Lots of inspiration for my upcoming remodel. Loved the warmth and great taste throughout. Congratulations !!

  8. says

    I love her style. It is traditional but feels clean and homey. Just wonderful! Thank you for the tour! I would love for you you to follow me at Pinehurst Cottage and come with us on our journey in renovating our vacation cottage. I would love to get your opinion during the process. I’m also having a giveaway right now too! ~Amy

  9. Nancy says

    I loved every room in the house, but I especially loved the screened porch. It looks so inviting!

  10. Shabby Chick says

    Thank you for sharing this! She has my decorating style, I love absolutely everything. Her sunroom reminds me of yours – bright and cheery! 😉

  11. Jane says

    Beautiful home — thanks for sharing this with us Julia — LOVE your blog!! I’ve started my week off on the right note thanks to you!

  12. Kelly in Memphis says

    Your blog, hers and Velvet and Linen are the only 3 I have on my “very favorites” list.

  13. Janice says

    What a beautiful home. I especially love the wallpaper in the living room. But I was most intrigued by the Hartt Boot & Shoe Co. sign, since Fredericton, NB is my neck of the woods.

  14. says

    Thank you so much Julia for the kind and thoughtful feature. It is hard to imagine that my home is on your lovely site. I am so glad to have had the chance to have met you and look forward to seeing you again someday.

    And to all the people who have left comments – thank you so much for such kind words, you have made my week!

    Take care, Laura

  15. says

    How beautiful. Everything I see is just lovely. You’re right–understated elegance in every photo. And I love her blog’s name.

    I know Laura must be thrilled to be featured here, and to be featured in a magazine as well? Wow! Congratulations, Laura! Julia, thank you for introducing us to her.

  16. Laura says

    What a nice house! It’s so good to see some color on the walls for a change, and I absolutely love the wallpaper.

  17. says

    Pretty, pretty! The kitchen remodel is lovely-crisp and clean! I’d love to have a magazine-picture-perfect home-how relaxing! Maybe someday…Sigh…. =)

  18. says

    Super love this house! I think I’ve pinned the Christmas mantle before. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  19. Kim says

    What a pretty cozy house. I love traditional styled homes. They have that country vibe about them, which I love.

  20. says

    So inspiring. I wonder if it feel so clean because of the monochromatic color scheme with just pops of color? Hmmm. I would love to stay in the guest room too.

  21. says

    Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful homes! Is there anyway I can contact Laura from Finding Home. I have same dog, and similar decorating situations, the wallpapered rooms. I love her home. Have a good day!

  22. says

    Laura has such a beautiful home.. and while it looks perfectly styled, it still retains a very warm, welcoming feel. Just lovely!!

  23. says

    I love the wallpaper she used. Every time I see wallpaper in a house I ask myself, ‘why do people hate wallpaper so much?’ Look at the charm it gives those rooms!
    What a lovely house!


    • says

      I have wallpaper in my main LR, I need help with accesories on the wall because I worry about it being to busy. Her home is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. says

    I can spend the whole day in that screened porch with a thick book! Rustling leaves… chirping birds… and Billie Holiday playing very softly… Ah! That’s the life!