Pianist Lorie Line’s House on Lake Minnetonka

Lorie Line is a pianist, composer, and performer known for her popular holiday shows. She lives in Minnesota in a Mediterranean-style villa on nearly 4 acres overlooking Lake Minnetonka. She just put it on the market for about $4 million, so let’s take a look!

Lorie told the Star Tribune that she and her husband are downsizing but staying in the area.

From the entry you can see Lorie’s piano at the other end of the hall:

Here’s hoping all the zebra skins aren’t real…

I’ve never seen a throw like this one on the bed. If you stare at it too long, you might think you see the “fingers” moving (or maybe I’m just writing this too late at night and my eyes are playing tricks on me–ha):

The house has 5 bedrooms and about 8,500 square feet.

Here’s the reason I’d love to have this house…

All the porches and outdoor spaces with uninterrupted water views. Lovely.

She and her husband own the houses on both sides of this one, using them as a recording studio and guest house.

For more photos and information check the listing by Patty Yorks. (Thanks to Ann for telling me about it!)

Read more about Line and her house in the article at the Star Tribune. Visit her website to see her holiday tour schedule. Photo at top via Lorie Line Music.

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  1. says

    I think those finger things on the bed are white fox tails! Beautiful home but too many dead animal pelts for my liking.
    Plus, a Mediterranean style home on a Minnesota lake seems a little out of place — is it just me?

  2. Kara says

    Other than the setting, I don’t like anything about it. I especially hate all the animal pelts!

  3. says

    I agree with Kara. Didn’t like anything. It looked as if it had been picked up from Hollywood and placed in MN.

  4. snaggy says

    I don’t like the house it seems cold needs some colour ….but I like the location

  5. says

    I love the location and the exterior of the house is beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

  6. jamey says

    Those animal hydes made me retch. Very tacky indeed. The outside is quite beautiful however.

  7. Kelly says

    Wow, such feminine decorating. My husband would never go for all that!

  8. Melody says

    Agree with everyone else about the setting, the house and the fox tails. Sad that anyone equates luxury with animal pellets.

  9. Miss Em says

    Too much Hollywood tackiness for me. The animal pelts are disgusting. She should be ashamed.

  10. says

    Ha! I grew up in the area playing her music for my piano recitals. All I could think when seeing this was tacky, tacky, tacky. Looks like I wasn’t alone!

  11. Karen says

    The exterior of the house and the grounds are so lovely….and yet so wasted on a cold interior space. I’m imaging a house full of color and whimsey…overstuffed chairs and personal photographs everywhere….cozy kitchen. I do love the porches though. And why do photos of these expensive houses NEVER show a television anywhere?? haha

  12. MsJulie says

    The decorating is too gaudy for my taste. Without the tacky decorating, the house is just ok.
    The animal pelts (even if they are fake) are repulsive.

  13. sue says

    I’d buy it and spend another couple million changing the entire inside!!!!!! Top to bottom. I’m actually having fun thinking of what I would do to make it mine..And the animal pelts……….. yuck. With my house you’d see real animals and the only wild animals one would see would be photo’s I have taken on my worldly travels ( I’m still in my fantasy worl of being super wealthy::))).. I’m with Karen, where are the TV’s??. I’d have a TV in every 3rd room so I could watch HGTV, BRAVO and my sitcoms. The area is awesome though ( I’d change all the gardens).And I am sure this woman loves her home and takes pride in it so I feel a little guilty…it’s just not MY style.

    Sue, Minnesota

  14. Christina from Dallas says

    Yucky to the animal pelts! I hate when people have animal heads on their walls too! Killing animals should not be a decorating decision! I would enjoy sitting on that porch though.

  15. T. says

    All that white on the inside must look extra stark when there is snow on the ground outside, which is a good chunk of the year in Minnesota.

  16. Kelly says

    Very fancy. Not the kind of lake house children and grandchildren will tromp in, dripping wet, after a day on the lake. Ohhh, watch out for the zebra hide! Don’t get the fox tails wet! I do love that dining porch with brick pavers, but even that area is overly formal.

  17. says

    She went to our church when we lived in MN. I’ve seen that house from Lake Minnetonka…perfect location. The decorating is a little Liberace for me, but I love that kitchen island concept.

  18. carla says

    the best thing about the house are the the porches and the lake views. everything else would have to go — much too opulent for me — looks sorta liberace or wayne newton style!?!?! 😉

  19. says

    The house in its self is beautiful. Good thing you get to bring your own funiture.
    I knew I knew this house. I saw the kitchen on a show once but it was the rotunda that stayed with me all these years later. I love the center entry circle.
    Too bad I don’t have a cool 4-million. Me and my furniture would move. :)

  20. linda says

    Yikes. To some this is the epitome of elegance and luxury, especially in my mother’s generation. I would have placed it in the eastern part of the country.

  21. Tracie says

    Not my style at ALL! The only room I could tolerate is the one small bedroom…and the location, but even those closed in stucco porches hurt my eyes!

  22. Squeak says

    Her house reminds me of Celine Dion’s house in Montreal – super-sized and overwrought.

    Playing the piano must pay well, though.

    • Mary says

      Musicians have taken a hit in this economy and the Line’s bought a home at the height of the housing market.

  23. says

    You know, I wonder…when wealthy people go to decorate and furnish their big homes, do they just give free reign to a designer, or do they actually give input into what they want? And where do they get these designers from?

    • Terry says

      Wealthy simply means having a LOT of money. It does not mean taste or class. I know you were just pondering and really know the difference. This house is just tacky. The designer must have seen these people coming.

  24. Kim says

    Like others, I love the setting, but dislike the house. I’m not a big fan of Mediterranean homes.

    • Terry says

      I’m like you. What is the deal with Mediterranean? The only thing that looks like a Mediterranean Villa is a Villa on the Mediterranean.

      • Kim says

        Terry, I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s not a fan of Mediterranean homes. Thank you for your replay.

  25. says

    I love the gray bedroom and actually like the pillows on the chairs outdoors. I love the lake/water setting the best! Thank you.

  26. Holley says

    Augh! They killed a muppet for their bedroom decor! Oh the horror!

  27. Alie B says

    It’s a fabulous house, inside and out. It just desperately needs redecorating. The outdoor spaces are gorgeous!

  28. Joan says

    The porch is lovely, the views are tremendous.

    The decor? Yech. (That’s my sophisiticated two cents’ worth, anyway!)

    And while not a big fan of the zebra pelts and fox tails, I can’t get too sanctimonious about it. I do have a gorgeous leather sofa in my house, and a closet full of leather shoes….

  29. Brian Steffens says

    Love everything about the outside and inside of the home. Very beautiful and everything flows. Can tell that lorie has a gift for piano and very artistic in decor. All the comments above they don’t know style or are used to living on the farm.
    Keep up the great decor lorie.

  30. Annie says

    I have to agree with Brian, this home is very beautiful and tastefully done. I think this a perfect home to raise a family in all 8,500 sq ft of it! Love that Lorie has reused so many items from her shows in her home. I think most of the people who have commented here have never been in a home of this quality and lack any appreciation for style.

  31. dsome says

    All the natural wood used made me shudder. Couldn’t they have decorated with more fake wood. Aren’t zebras a protected species in Minnesota and isn’t white paint outlawed? … Jeeez-zuz people, if ya wanna discuss tacky, look within!