Rachael Ray: Out With the Old Kitchen, In With the New

Remember how colorful Rachael Ray’s kitchen set used to look? For the past 6 seasons of the popular daytime talk show, viewers were used to seeing the familiar checkerboard floor, the orange vintage stove, and the retro fridge painted a pale “Beach Blue.”

Oh, how I loved that Big Chill fridge. The vintage stove had been reworked and painted orange, Rachael’s signature color.

So I was surprised when I tuned in to the Season 7 premiere and saw the new set:

Stainless-steel appliances and gray cabinets. Huh. Wasn’t expecting that.

A look at her website shows that GE Appliances apparently sponsored part of the set, so I guess it was a business decision. It’s not like GE Appliances come in a variety of colors to choose from.

They did keep the elevator in the center of the set, though:

The show moved from its former location in New York to Chelsea Studios on 26th Street, where Martha Stewart’s talk show used to be be taped. According to THR:

The move, along with a transition into high-def, prompted producers to make upgrades for its 7th season. Exec producer Janet Annino says the improvements include a “bigger and better kitchen,” along with a new prep kitchen in the back of the set, with more rooms for the cooks.

“There are pieces based on things she has in her home — a lot of reclaimed wood and rustic wood. It’s just a warm, homey, beautiful place.” And, thanks to HD, everything is “just prettier.”

It is nice. But I’ll miss the retro blue fridge. Will you?

Or do you prefer the bigger, more modern-looking set?

You can see a slideshow of the old kitchen set on Every Day with Rachael Ray. The Hollywood Reporter has an article about all of the new sets that have been premiering on talk shows this fall, from Rachael’s to Anderson Cooper’s. Visit Rachael Ray’s website for more information about the new season.

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  1. Carol M says

    The new kitchen appliances don’t do much for me. I do like some of the details of the kitchen — it looks like they tried to make it like a NY industrial loft apt. I do definitely miss the blue fridge. I’d swoon every time I watched the show.

  2. says

    Huh. Yeah, it seems a little…huh. Like you can’t quite explain it. I’m a huge RR fan – from her early days on 30 Minute Meals. But I work during the day, and don’t have DVR, so I never see her day time show. I think I’m gonna miss the blue fridge though! (You know, if I’m every actually home during the day to watch :)

  3. says

    Oh, I’m broken hearted that the vintage fridge and stove have been replaced with generic boring stuff! I wonder what they did with the old stuff? Sell it on eBay?

  4. says

    So disappointing! It looks completely generic now. How funny that while everyone is getting away from boring stainless appliances and plain wood, she’s going in that direction.

  5. Michael says

    I like the new set. The old one had too much going on visually.

  6. says

    Just went to a taping of her show last week. The set is lovely, lots of really cool accessories all around the studio. The chairs we sat in were awesome orange leather and very comfy!! It was very interesting to see how many people it takes to make the show run. It only took about 40 minutes to tape but we had to wait almost 2 hours in a “green room”. Overall, a very cool experience but no exciting guests to report. We walked away with a free book and magazine!

  7. Sara says

    It’s pretty, but a little bland. You’d think for TV they’d want something that would pop on screen. This just looks like your normal everday kitchen. Kinda boring to me.

  8. Carolyn says

    Very rarely watch (never have been a daytime TV person, or really night time for that matter), but I prefer the old kitchen by far. It’s much homier and I can imagine it in some cute brownstone (even had that old door on the left of the set). Now it’s too slick. I don’t think the gray cabinet color looks good with the supposedly reclaimed wood. And the accessories along the top shelf look so rigidly placed – and how is she ever supposed to access those? The original stacked shelving was much more utilitarian while being decorative. I thought the original kitchen matched her personality much better. Even though I don’t care to decorate in yellow and orange, I’ll take personality over sleek any day. That stove and refrigerator spoke volumes!

  9. pam inch says

    The old kitchen was daring and loud which I loved because I could never decorate like that and that is what made it special. The new kitchen is safe and anyone could have one just like it. if ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  10. says


    I loved that fridge and range so much. The set designers actually moved backwards. Bumm-O!

  11. says

    I’ve come to detest stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. On House Hunters that’s all they talk about! They’re so cold. I much prefer the warmth and coziness of Rachel’s old kitchen. I wonder how she likes the new kitchen? I don’t care for it AT ALL!

  12. Laura says

    I don’t watch the show much but I did notice the cool fridge and stove. The new kitchen is same old-same old. Blah.

  13. Melanie Penelope says

    I can’t believe she no longer has retro appliances! On 30 Minute Meals she changed her set but stuck with the same look (which of course included a vintage looking fridge and stove). I figured they eventually switch things up on the set of her daytime show but I never expected clean lines and stainless steal – what a shame…so not her.

  14. says

    The new kitchen is……ok. To be honest i was expecting a LOT more. I too miss the blue vintage fridge!!!

  15. Maria Erin says

    I loved loved loved that blue fridge and orange stove! It gave the harsh brick industrial feel a splash of color and a good pinch of Rachel’s personality. Now… It looks like IKEA decorated. I’m sad.

  16. says

    They definitely took this look in a different direction, going more modern, which I love. I do believe the old set had more character to it, but the look now it much more up to date and people would look at it and wanting it to be their kitchen.

  17. Kim says

    I haven’t watched Rachel’s show in years, but I loved her old kitchen so much better. It was so bright and cheery especially with those vintage appliances. The new kitchen looks like the personality was sucked right out of it. There’s nothing I like about it.

  18. cbean says

    Overall it looks cheap and boring. Like the wannabe attempts of 50’s styling trying to look modern and ending up looking cold and uncomfortable. (There was a reason the ’50’s style’ didn’t last.)

    Change for change’s sake; not good. ):

  19. Nathan says

    They could have done MUCH better, even using completely modern appliances! That kitchen looks horrible…ugly…ugh! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a new kitchen by the premier of next season. This kitchen doesn’t seem like Rachael and I’m sure she doesn’t like it either but as you said, it is very likely (definitely) a business decision and had to do with advertising.

  20. Myrtha says

    I don’t like that she changed her kitchen, now its just a regular modern kitchen the old one was trademark Rachael Ray.

  21. says

    I thought the new set was really boring and knew right away it was Martha’s former set. It was confirmed when she flipped the light switch and you could see the prep kitchen. Martha’s was in the exact same spot. It just all felt the same.

    I so miss the old refrigerator and the stove. It felt like Rachael’s Upstate New York self. This new one feels more like the loft she/they redid last season.

    So, overall? Meh. It is OK. I LOVED the former set and will probably get used to this one…. but I’ll always see Martha in it since everything is in the same spots.

  22. Heather says

    I think her old kitchen reflected more of her unique personality. It is more charming than the generic looking new one with gray cupboards. Kitchens should feel warm and homelike.

  23. Shabby Chick says

    I don’t like her and I never watch her shows. I think both kitchens are……not my taste. 😉

  24. kasey says

    Yawn. The new set is bland and entirely too common. Sure there’s more fridge/freezer space & there’s more burner in the front stove top, nicely oriented to the audience & cameras. But it looks like every other bland morning show kitchen now. (the rest of the set is lovely, I adore the brick).

    That said, I can somewhat understand the set designers going for a bit less visual clutter than the old set. Don’t get me wrong, I adored the retro blue fridge & orange stove; however, coupled with the colored cabinets, multi-color backsplash & wide variety of colored accessories it was a very busy, colorful set. In HD there can occasionally be a problem with color overkill because of the sharper detail and color saturation–things that sort of blended into each other harmoniously in SD become too much in HD. In this instance, IMO, they went too bland.

  25. sharron says

    miss the old look. i am more of a cozy gal and the new look is more chic..but to each her own. tfs!

  26. Anne C. says

    Looking at these pictures is making me more and more inspired to go all out “retro” with my kitchen. We moved into our original owner, 1960’s colonial 3 1/2 years ago- the kitchen had original everything! Dark wood cabinets, old applainces (including original double stainless wall oven!)- I think somewhere along the way the previous owner “upgraded”” to a white vinyl floor (ick).
    We have done minor upgrades- painted the wood cabinets white, changed hardware, got a new cooktop, but we have yet to change out the major appliances bc my hope was to one day soon do a full gut job- but there has always been a part of me that would love to work with the elements that are here and go full-out retro- checkerboard floor, and I love the big chill fridge- how fun!

    I will let you know if I am ever brave enough to take the leap!

  27. Herta says

    It’s called “blandification”….and all the boring standards currently enforced by boring interior designers ie granite counter tops, stainless steel and no personality whatsoever. Sorry Rachel, you’ve sold your soul.

    • Nicole says

      “Sorry, Rachel, you’ve sold your soul” – my sentiments exactly!

  28. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    Hi Julia. I must say I’m not a retro, funky fan in general, but that style does show better on TV, for some reason. I love Rachael’s show, so the set doesn’t matter much to me either way. It’s like the Two and a Half Men set. If I pick that kitchen apart, it’s very busy, but watching the characters, it’s cozy and interesting. I wonder what they did with the old fridge and orange stove? Ebay or yard sale? Hmmmm.

  29. says

    Oh, not only her kitchen has changed! She seemed to have more space to be herself before. It’s totally different now… miss the “before”. :-)

    Big hugs, Julia!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    PS: the old fridge was soooooo cute!!!

  30. Janet says

    Eh…it’s too bland and not what I expect from RR. All the incarnations of her TV kitchens have all been wonderful examples of old looking (but really new inside) appliances and cozy decor. Now it just looks like any other designer kitchen. They could have toned down the orange for HD but this is just blah. Sorry Rach but this one is a no go for me.

  31. Mary says

    I like the old kitchen and how they sat around the “kitchen” table and talked. It seems more like another talk show vs. her cooking and talking to guest in the funky kitchen. I like the idea of Regis coming to host monthly.

  32. A.Men says

    Blah drone kitchen! Just like every other stainless steel sterile boring kitchen., Yuk!

  33. Jane says

    The old one for her zesty personality. The new one seems less enthusiastic. May be stange to match a room with an owner’s personality but the new kitchen really seems like a dress that desn’t fit, so not her.

  34. lilkunta says

    wait so she moved to martha stewart’s old studio you know martha is super pissed. her show cancelled and now rachael(who she doesnt like) in her old studio!

    what did seh do with the blue fridge and old style stove?

  35. jennifer says

    The new set is boring! Too monotinous….gray….dull. l’ll take the old one, though.

  36. Rebecca says

    New is not always better. The blue fridge was fantastic, as was the orange stove. Hate the new look. I feel about this set the way I feel when I hear “stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.” Ugh. Boring. Admit it was a mistake and put it back the way it was! Pleeeeeeze!! It gave us all “permission” to make our own kitchens as funky as we liked! Ya sold out, Rach.

  37. Jane says

    The new kitchen is “nice” in terms of new and nice appliances but one could easily be walking into a Home Depot kitchen setup in their store, it’s pretty generic. The old kitchen rocked, the stove, the fridge, the cabinets. I didn’t watch her show but just happened to catch a bit of it with the awesome old kitchen and googled ” Rachael Ray’s kitchen” to find out about it.. and came to this site. Boo on the new kitchen. Ick.

  38. Rebecca says

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !!! The old kitchen was warm and inviting. So feely-good. The new kitchen looks institutional. Boring and drab. Not fun and bubbly like Rachel’s personality. The producers are idiots.

  39. Rebecca says

    I just purchased an online instruction booklet for turning my old but highly functioning refrigerator into a vintage-look appliance. Cost will be about $65. for parts… and very easy to do. Can’t wait to start turning my kitchen into the “old” Rachel look! So tired of hearing “stainless steel appliances and granite countertops! Time to move on… or back!

  40. Carol says

    I loved the previous Rachel Ray kitchen set. It was colorful, cozy, and homey. New is not always good. Please bring it back!

  41. victoria says

    Looking for the orange multi cabinet rachel had her 30 minute meal show.

  42. says

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