Why Did Designer Roger Hazard Leave “Sell This House”?

Wondering where Roger Hazard, long-time designer on the A&E show Sell This House has gone, and why there’s a new guy in his place? You’re not alone. So many readers have been asking if he left the show and why that I decided to track down the answers.

Host of the show Tanya Memme confirmed in a Facebook message that he quit the show in January, adding that she hasn’t heard from him since. But, she says, “We love our new designer, Daniel Kucan! We are so glad he joined the show.”

Here’s what Roger himself had to say to his fans about his departure (on his Facebook page):

“Thanks for watching over the years. It was a fun show, and I wish the cast and crew much continued success with the new version. Stay tuned here (on FB) as well–we’re developing a new TV show and will be keeping everyone updated as that unfolds.”

He also linked to the following press release with details about another big project of his:

“Why Did Roger Hazard Leave Sell This House?”

Designer Roger Hazard Leaves TV To Launch Made-In-U.S.A. Furniture Company

Celebrity designer and stager Roger Hazard, known for his television shows ‘Sell This House,’ ‘Sell This House: Extreme,’ and ‘Move This House’ — all aired on A&E — has launched Decades, an online furniture and accessories company that creates built-to-order designer pieces at a surprisingly affordable price point.

“After filming a few hundred episodes around the country, transforming houses of all shapes and sizes on a tight budget, I’ve proven that a stylish home is very attainable,” said Roger Hazard. “But goal with Decades is more than just style. We want to provide furniture that is built to last for years.”

Hazard had grown frustrated attempting to find furniture and accessories for his private design clients. “It was always a challenge to locate unique pieces in the right size or color,” said Roger. “Custom designer furniture was often an order of magnitude more expensive than retail, putting it out of reach for most homeowners.”

You can read the entire press release here

That’s not the only new adventure he’s embarking on, though. Remember when I told you that he was selling his Modern Farmhouse in Austin back in January?

On his blog Design Hazards, he tells where they’re going from here:

“Chris and I are moving to the historic village of Sharon Springs in upstate New York to renovate an Italianate Victorian house. We’re going to document every step of the process, sharing our ideas for creating big style on a small budget.”

Follow his blog and FB page for updates and photos as they start the renovation.

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  1. says

    I don’t like to be mean or negative EVER, but I personally didn’t like his design style.
    I am looking forward to the new designer and what he has to offer to the show! (haven’t watched it in a while, but now will be tuning back in!)

  2. Donna says

    Tanya and Roger seemed to have good on screen chemistry. His designs, however, made me cringe. I often found myself preferring the ‘before’ to his ‘after’, the final constraints explain some of it. All the best to Roger.

  3. says

    We’re so excited – Chris and I are loading up the moving truck ourselves this weekend and will be in the house next week. We want this project to be interactive and we’re trying to deliver great style without pouring cash into the project. We’d love to hear people’s comments every step of the way!

    It looks like the link to Decades above isn’t working, but you can go to http://www.lovedecades.com to check out our furniture line.

    Thanks for the kind words, Julia!

    • says

      an interactive home remodel? Awesome! I look forward to seeing this historic Italianate house! Good luck with the cross country move (done that before- not fun!)

    • kasey says

      Good luck with the move Roger & Chris–and all the best wishes to both of you! I look forward to watching your new project unfold. Your ability to create style from so little on STH constantly amazed me. The furniture in your new store/site looks gorgeous, I can’t wait to explore it.

  4. Christina from Dallas says

    Well, sounds like “something” happened since Tanya hasn’t heard from him since January. Nobody will probably ever say what really happened. Some of his designs were wacky. Some okay. I always thought that some of the crazy designs were a way to make the show seem more fun. Not something that he would really do if someone was paying him to decorate. I seem to remember him gluing grass to the wall one episode.

  5. Kelly says

    Oooh – Sharon Springs, just like the Fabulous Beekman Boys!!!

    • innerjuju says

      That’s right. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Brent Ridge renovated the 1804 Beekman Farmhouse and put Sharon Springs on the map. It’s a lovely town that places community and self-sustainability to the forefront. (Not to mention it is very gay friendly.) Some of their festivals are becoming quite popular with 10s of thousands attending. Goooooo, Sharon Springs!

  6. says

    I love sell this house, Roger was always really good on decorating under a budget! But His new project seems very fascinating too!

  7. Shabby Chick says

    I never liked this show. Roger’s “design” = cheap and tacky. But most people probably didn’t notice since their eyes were glued to Ms. Memme’s cheesecake outfits and cleavage. I should consider a TV design career – I’m cute and I have boobs! Oh, but wait…I actually have Interior Design experience. Guess that means I’m out (on both A&E and HGTV, right?), but if you’re cute AND have boobs AND can act like a designer (while everyone behind the scenes does the work) well then you’re in, baby! 😉

    • Kate says

      I think you’re right…Erik Stromer is living proof. His voice, instead of getting better with his “experience” is getting more boring and he sounds even more stupid than day one. Sorry…his supposed “cuteness” has been lost. THAT show needs a new host!

    • lilkunta says

      shabby: Yes Tanya showed her breasts but you do realise she actually HAS EXPERIENCE. Her familys owns Mountain View Homes a home desgin & build company in Canada.

  8. says

    Wow! I’m kinda of surprised that so many of the few comments on this post so far are negative. I haven’t watched Roger in a while, but when I did, the budgets he had to work with we’re ridiculously low. So I assumed that if I didn’t like it, that was why. His new endeavors sound really fun and I’m definitely going to check out the furniture.

    • P.R says

      That’s what I was thinking too.
      Weren’t his budget like $2,000 – or $2, 500?
      What was he suppose to do with that except
      for buy all the cheapest paints and knick knacks.

  9. Gerry says

    Wow, he’s going to be in Sharon Springs with the Fabulous Beekman Boys! What a fun show that would be!

  10. Marie Underwood says

    I have also been watching Good Luck Charlie with my son. The house reminds me of a show from my childhood, but I can’t figure out which one. Do you know of any older shows that used the same set/house that is used for Good Luck Charlie? Thanks for helping put my mind to rest.

    • Christina from Dallas says

      I watch that show too with my son. I noticed usually the Disney show houses are painted very bright probably to appeal to kids watching it. Don’t think anyone in real life would paint their houses so bright.
      Does the house remind you of Growing Pains house?

  11. Lula says

    Frankly, I thought his “designs” (and I use the term loosely) were
    lacking in style and class. Now that I know he’s not on the show
    anymore, I may give it a look once again.

    Don’t watch HGTV much anymore either because I find the alleged
    designers just horrendous. They all (with the exception of maybe one)
    seem to toss any old combination of disperate furnishings into a room
    and call it design. I call it a horrid mess! Why don’t they allow Monica
    Pederson to do rooms? Now that lady has class and style!


    • MAH says

      I couldn’t agree more. Exactly the way I feel about HGTV.

      • Shannon says

        See now, that’s why I watch HGTV. I get to kick back on my lovely vintage couch for which I paid $10.00 and holler “are you kidding me??” at the screen and feel very pleased with my living room that I have not painted gray, though HGTV tries to hypnotize me into doing so through their mind melds.
        They also can’t convince me to mount random sheets of wrapping paper in spray painted frames, or use particle board to build anything that goes anywhere on my property, let alone inside my house.

        • MAH says

          Hey Shannon, you are funny! I guess I have gotten tired of hollering at them after so many years. Thank goodness we are not all pulled into the great “gray” hole!

        • bfish says

          I agree — too funny about the gray! I haven’t even watched HGTV in years so haven’t been getting the “go gray or you’re completely out of step” message from there, but it’s out in full force in lots of blogs and print sources of decorating advice. I love gray clothes and wear them whether or not they’re in style, but I need a lot more color in my house.

      • basketpam says

        I haven’t been happy with HGTV for YEARS! In 2013 it’s FINALLY beginning to change a bit and try to get back to it’s roots. The overwhelming majority of the shows on HGTV had become real estate shows rather than anything to do with decorating a home or creating a beautiful garden or living environment. I became very frustrated when every show was about buying a house or selling a house. Now I own several rental properties and even I don’t want to watch numerous shows on buying or selling them. If they wanted to do that then why not create a “real estate” type channel instead of removing all of the design shows? It’s the same thing with the Food Network for the most part, they’ve become obsessed with food competetion shows rather than the teaching and/or educating folks about cooking, baking, or dining. I moved into my 200+ home about 1996 and those first several years, especially around the holidays, they had a vast assortment of wonderful decorating shows, many working with a small budget. In fact, I still have some of the materials I used at Christmas to decorate certain areas of my home. And then all of a sudden things began to change. First I noticed HGTV went from having a Christmas decorating show of some sort on almost every night of the week to having NONE on at all during the holidays. WHAT HAPPENED? Was the channel purchased by athiest? When it became overwhelmingly a buying or selling real estate channel that’s when I stopped watching. You’ll never convince me that at any given moment in this country there are more people buying or selling a home than there are individuals, especially women, wanting to re-organize, re-decorate or somehow change things in their homes. If HGTV ever re-discovered it’s roots and it’s TRUE mission statement, then I might come back as a viewer.

  12. MAH says

    Well, I kinda thought maybe they ran out of sheets for Roger to throw over tables! (unironed) I don’t mind being negative, the sheets have got to go! Good luck in his new project.

  13. Mrs. D. says

    Another horrible design idea was when he used cardboard boxes and threw white sheets over them. I understand he’s on a budget but that was the cheesiest.

    Tayna’s imput is all T & A . Sorry folks but that’s not going to hold my interest at all.

    Personally I thought they had cancelled the show for good.

    • Lula says

      Good riddance! So what he had a low budget? Did he ever hear
      of thrift and consignment shops? If one has decent taste, one
      can easily use items from these two money saving stores. Plus,
      one can find some real gems as well.

      Wish HGTV would hire a “designer” with some taste! 😛 House
      Hunters is the only program I can tolerate.


    • lilkunta says

      mrs d: Why do you say tnaya’ imput is all T&a? Tanya showed her breasts but you do realise she actually HAS EXPERIENCE. Her familys owns Mountain View Homes a home desgin & build company in Canada. She grew up building and staging homes.

  14. red riding hood says

    Sell This House wasn’t on HGTV fyi. Also House Hunters has some of the fakest actors ever.

    Didn’t care for Roger or his design…jmo.

    • Lula says

      We realize that program wasn’t on HGTV. It was on A&E.
      It still sucked. And HGTV general programming isn’t too
      hot either.


  15. Sue says

    Never liked this show…very much disliked his designs and “throw a sheet” over it and especially those darn corner uplights! Glad he’s gone ….. And I agree HGTV sure isn’t what it used to be …

  16. TanyaFan says

    I’ve been a big fan of Sell This House since it first aired, and in general I’ve agreed with most of Roger’s design decisions, but I have to say – I don’t know if his total unwillingness to help with any of the painting (especially when he sticks Tanya and the homeowner with 40 different walls to paint) or heavy lifting (I guess those 40″ biceps are just built for pointing) is just shtick, or if he really is that big a diva. Either way, it makes it hard to act disappointed that he’s seeking new horizons. I doubt the show will be the same without him, but the Yankee contractor with the chip on his shoulder and a willingness to manufacture nonexistent drama whenever he can (perhaps solely at the behest of the producers, to be fair), has already made the show a lot less palatable as it is. I’ll certainly give the new designer a shot, but I can’t help but feel that this show jumped the shark when Tanya had her baby. There’s a lot of competition out there for sweeping, deadline-driven, team-oriented high-energy home improvement blitzes on competing networks, and as much as I adore Tanya, I don’t think she can carry this show too much longer with the format the way it has become. Just the same, I wish everyone involved nothing but the best, and I hope this show keeps everyone gainfully employed as long as possible.

    • TanyaFan says

      One addendum – it occurs to me as I read the rest of these posts that my memory may have been a little clouded – or just too focused on the brown-eyed beauty instead of the crap in the room. I should clarify – the overall finished product of a slim majority of the projects worked well enough to accomplish the show’s objective, at least in the eyes of the yes-men who walked through the house pre- and post- and gave their predictable critiques. Now, it’s no secret that plenty of the spaces in question had such shoddy bones that the best anyone could hope for on a shoestring budget was a nicely polished turd or lipstick on the pig – those situations are tough to hold against Ms. Roger. But stealing shrubbery from neighbors’ yards, spray painting moving boxes to look like laughably crude chairs and tables, and the untold dozens of wrinkled bedsheets clipped, draped, taped, and tacked over every impediment too difficult or expensive to deal with properly – it’s just tacky, and a thin testament to his potential ability. In these cases, he’s just MacGyver, only with a husband, a fistful of paint chips and a team of minions that execute his questionable vision, instead of a roll of duct tape, a Swiss Army Knife, and a think-tank government organization with missions to accomplish. Maybe he can flex his considerable muscle – both literally and creatively – in his new venture. But please leave the bedsheets and spraypaint at Big Lots.

      • lilkunta says

        never mind. she was pregnat in june 2010, married in oct 2010, gavebirth in april 2011.

    • P.R says

      I think he has some health problems, so it was hard for him to help out. The new guy was really rude to the older couple on the Texas show. I can tell that they didn’t like him, but a Texan will never be rude to you if they can help it.

  17. Connie says

    I love Roger and I really miss him on the show. I like the new designer but not as much as Roger. I can’t stand the loud mouth guy that oversees the workers and does the construction work on the homes..whatever his name is (I try not to remember) he would best serve the program by doing the work and shutting his big mouth. I still watch the show but I keep the volume down!

    • P.R says

      The new guy looks and sounds like Bob Hoskins in Roger Rabbit.

  18. Danny says

    The original Sell the House was good because it showed how “NORMAL” people could stage their home for very little money. The new show is completely unreal. “NORMAL” people don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to throw into a house they are trying to sell.

    Roger Hazard proved that it is possible to be thrifty and stylish.

    Give any designer (ie: Daniel Kucan) unlimited dollars and of course they are going to make a house look awesome.

  19. Denise says

    The link for Agave Austin you have listed for Roger Hazard’s modern farmhouse takes you to a JAPANESE webpage…….

    • says

      That’s very odd. Looks like their website has been hacked since the last time I saw it. It’s usually a very nice website to see that neighborhood’s houses on!

  20. Mel says

    Without Roger Hazard, “Sell this House Extreme” is just another one of the many makeover shows, with way to much music that tries to make it seem like it’s more exciting then it .

  21. Cathy says

    I never got the point of “Roger” on the Sell This House shows. He never did anything but show up with big burly arms and a funky belt-below-his belly look and drop canned under lights. Don’t miss him.

    • P.R says

      Roger worked a lot of magic on the old show, I just didn’t like his taste. No need to attack the way he looks, that’s just plain mean.

    • basketpam says

      Um….did you ever actually WATCH the show? If you couldn’t figure out Roger Hazard’s role and job on the show then you need to go back to bed, drink a lot of coffee or SOMETHING to wake up and get that brain of your’s working. HE was the person who decided ALL the changes that happened in the house in order to sell it. No one else did it, certainly not Tanya, certainly not the homeowners. Was your attention this poor in school? No wonder you can’t figure the obvious answers in situations!

  22. lilkunta says

    AE doesnt support STH. They dont do adveertisements. Everytime I watched it was a rerun so I stopped watching. So now theree are new episodes? And Roger is gone? Didnt know that.

  23. landerza says

    I have watched the show from the beginning – before they had outside painters or assistants helping with the work. Limited time, funds and workers provided Roger with difficulties to overcome. He succeeded wonderfully and the show taught sellers how to showcase their home to sell. I give Roger kudos and wish him well.

    • P.R says

      I agree. Roger showed you how to. Would you drop $30,000.00 on your home right before you were about to move? Some improvements are normal, but almost a remodel?

  24. P.R says

    I kinda feel bad for Roger. The guy was doing this show for almost a whole decade, but his design approach was a bit outdated. You have to keep up with current trends when you’re in that business. I’ve seen him do some amazing things bellow budget, but I’ve also seen him do some very questionable things as well. Speaking of budget, the fridge they just bought on the episode that I saw was way more than the average design budget of the old show. Poor Roger.

    I bet he thinks that Tanya backstabbed him, but it just wasn’t her fault. They really needed to bring the show up to date. I decided to start watching it again and was shocked to find that he had been replaced. The new design guy is a bit of goofball, and that loud mouthed Frattinni is obnoxious. The old show use to be so nice and mellow, now it’s all loud and high strung. Rock music, etc. Tanya is still a doll though.

  25. P.R says

    What Danny said 100%! The new show is defeating the whole purpose. The house I saw was a couple who were trying to get $125,000.00 for a home that was appraising at $105,000.00. After the remodel they were saying that they could now ask $155,000.00!

    This home was in Texas, my home state, and I happen to know that this mid century starter would never sell for that! At that price it would be competing with NEW homes in the area. Plus they really over improved the house. All the home needed was a series of SENSIBLE updates, but they went all out. I know they spent about $2000 – $2,500.00 on the fridge. The could have should have, and could have just spent about $1000 – $1,200 for a house in that bracket.

    They could have painted the outside and added some much needed gutters for what they overspent on the fridge alone. Extreme is right. I guess I’ll just have fun watching them destroy a formula that has worked for almost a decade. All they needed was maybe a little more budget and a new designer, but now it’s all upside down.

    I bet Roger hate watches the show and laughs. I give it about two seasons Roger. I can tell they all hate each other too. Careful what you wish for Tanya. :)

  26. Gee says

    sorry just not the same… like someone else said, it’s now just another renovation show.. there are dozens out there and all are borderline .. i’ll watch if nothing is on but news… lol…. Good luck to Tanya and Roger in his new furniture business.

    Sometimes change isn’t better, just “a change”…

  27. basketpam says

    While some of the information in this “article” was interesting it never did answer the question where I could see…WHY did Roger Hazard leave “Sell this House”? At first it sounded as if he left because he wanted to do other projects on his own. But no one ever came right out and said so. But then, several comments made reference to events that lead a person to believe he was fired. So what was it? And all of this still has never answered a question I’ve been wondering about after YEARS of watching this show and many episodes numerous times. Once again today, I’m watching an episode of “Sell this House” which today is in Madison, Wisconsin and find myself asking, “What do they tell these the potential buyers before they view this house for the first time?” The overwhelming number of episodes I watch buyers walk into these homes and act as if THEY are the interior decorators and it’s THEIR job to evaluate what is wrong with this room. They do everything BUT look at the home itself as potential buyers. Far too many times I’ve wanted to run into the home and shake these people and ask them just WHAT in the heck are they doing! Some, like MOST of the potential buyers today are just downright hateful and RUDE. They take “picky” to a whole new level. Apparently most home buyers in the last decade or so in the US have zero ability to imagine a room without it’s current furnishings. You would think in almost every episode the buyer is planning on purchasing all of the furnishings with the home. They basically DON’T THINK! Bottom line in most of these homes current owners have done NOTHING to prepare for a real estate agent to bring folks through the property for a showing, sometimes not even cleaning. THIS is the failing of the agent to allow homes to be shown in such a deplorable state many are are in at the showing. By the time most people have made the decision to sell a property they’ve emotionally separated themselves from the home and don’t want to spend another dime on it or do ANYTHING. They just want to sell the it and run, concentrating their energy on their new home. Often just a good cleaning, some fresh paint and a good decluttering will change the selling environment. Sellers usually assume buyers will make all the changes and fill it with their new belongings so why should they do anything? These two situations consisting of unmotivated, disinterested owners and unimaginative and actually lazy buyers are why a show like “Sell this House” lasted so long and home stagers have more jobs than they can complete.