Oh, Deer! What’s Happening in These Real Estate Photos?

1. The wildlife is very friendly in this area. Maybe a little too friendly.

2. I wonder if the former owner died in his sleep? Watch for Falling TVs!

3. I get the feeling Fido doesn’t want them to sell the house…

4. Bush For Sale. $179,000 or best offer.

5. Was this the agent’s way of distracting us from all the vines?

6. “Don’t worry. If the house doesn’t sell, we’ve got a backup plan.”

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  1. says

    Hilarious! Do you think that deer in the first photo is a taxidermied one? So sad! I wish it was real!
    The other photos – too funny! For the love of god, why don’t some realtors turn OFF the TVs for one quick pic?!?!?

  2. Christina from Dallas says

    So Funny! Where the heck are the real estate agents ? This is only backfiring on them and their cut.

  3. Michael says

    These are some great ones, Julia.

    Regarding that first picture, though, I have to say: if you can get past the decor and the very dated (although kinda nifty) diffused lighting around the ceiling perimeter, that it is a really nice space. And the trimwork is beautiful. It just needs someone to apply a more current aesthetic sense. Without the taxidermied animals.

  4. kate says

    Oh my gosh, THOSE WERE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! Keep doing these, b/c I’d started slacking off reading your blog. So glad I decided to read today, and not delete the email post. These really got my day off to a great start!

  5. Shabby Chick says

    Hilarious, ridiculous and frightening all at the same time!

  6. says

    I love it. Thanks for sharing. My Father-in-law says that th bedroom is used for only two purposes and one of them isn’t for watching TV.

  7. says

    It took me a second on the first picture….maybe it’s time to redecorate when your couches are perfect camouflage for a massive deer!

  8. says

    I believe I got the link for UglyHousePhotos.com from you, and these are fully up to the standard set there. The captions are the best part, especially #2 and #6.

  9. says

    I look forward to these posts more than any you show. Your explanation below each picture just MAKES it! Jay Leno should really think about using these on his show. Ha!

    • Shabby Chick says

      I KNOW!!! I didn’t even see the vines, had to go back and look! I would say it was a good distraction. 😉

  10. Jessica says

    Are they not trying to sell the house? Are these sale by owner picture? If you remove everying on house #1, that would be a great house.
    Thanks for the laughs.

    • Shabby Chick says

      Hahaha! “It’s a beautiful house. We’ll change everything.” 😉

  11. Screendoorgirl3 says

    These are so funny.I love the doggy one .Makes me wonder how many piles are scattered around. Eww!

  12. says

    This is not really surprising. I remember when I was house hunting some of thie things I saw that were turn offs. You have to keep in mind that you are buying the house and not the present owner’s decor style and clutter.

  13. Kim says

    I can’t pick a favorite because all of these are so funny and terrible. Thanks for the laugh Julia!

  14. Julie says

    Oh my gosh, these are great!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  15. cbean says

    Okay…you’re just having fun with us, right? Those could not possibly be genuine realter’s photos for house listing, could they ???!!??? (:

  16. says

    It’s is real? A deer inside the house? Anyway, it makes me laugh…lol, thanks for sharing these funny photos.

  17. Kristina says

    Those were laugh out loud funny. Thank you. I needed it!

  18. threadbndr says

    (with tongue in cheek), maybe #1 is for a sense of scale – “Look, we can put three sofas, an adult deer AND a baby grand piano in our living room and still have room to walk around”