I Went to Haven 2012 in Atlanta and Will Now Make You Look at Photos I Took on My Trip

Man, did I have a blast at the Haven Conference for “home bloggers” and DIYers in Atlanta last week. Now–lucky you!–I’m going to share some of the photos from my trip (we took this one at the Ryobi Tools booth, pretending to know what to do with them).

Rhoda of Southern Hospitality organized the whole shebang with this fabulous team of bloggers that she introduced onstage the first morning:

The keynote speakers were John and Sherry of Young House Love and they kicked the whole thing off. They’re just as entertaining in real life as they are on their blog (which is one of my favorites). I just wish I had gotten a better photo of them than this one I snapped with my iPhone:

I taught a couple of “How to Make Money as a Blogger” sessions with these two mega-successful blog stars–Beckie of Infarrantly Creative and Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick.

Nester tweeted out this photo from our session and you can see how small and cozy our group was that first day:

Then apparently word spread about our session–it was a little startling to walk in and see how many people were gathering on Day 2:

We even had to move our conference table out of the way to make more room for people sitting on the floor at our feet. Some of them tweeted out photos during our talk, like this one (from @PBJstories):

And this (from@rindercella):

There were lots of great sessions and I learned so much that I thought the top of my head might blow off by the end of the week.

But I have to say that the most entertaining was “I Love Thrifting” led by Rashon Carraway, known as “Mr. Goodwill Hunting.” I was actually walking past his conference room when I heard all the laughter coming from inside, so I had to peek my head in. Then I ended up standing in the back for the whole thing. Couldn’t pull myself away!

I not only met some of my favorite bloggers for the first time IRL…

But I also made some new friends and discovered new blogs while I was at it!

I had to get a photo with Rhoda and Kate (Centsational Girl), two of my long-time blogging buddies:

I went out to dinner every night with a different group of wonderful women. Some I knew, and some were new friends:

This one was Tweeted out by @ThistlewoodFarm:

I came across this scene of blog friends chatting in the lobby and had to snap a pic:

I tried to collect business cards from everyone I talked to so I could look up their blogs when I got home and stay in touch. It could take me a few days to get to them all! Here are a few of them I had on my desk at the hotel–some people get really creative with theirs!

I was sad to leave Atlanta and all my new friends behind, especially since I didn’t have a chance to see much more of the city than this limited view from my hotel window:

Now I’m looking forward to going again next year. Hope to see you there! -Julia :-)

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  1. says

    Julie, just stopped by to say hi from one of the few male haven mavens. I know you girls had a great time. So did me and Jane

  2. says

    It was so good to see you again. I’m telling you, these things fly by so fast you hardly get a chance to visit. I think we need to put on a big slumber party one day haha. Enjoyed every second of Haven! I can’t wait to see you at the next one.

  3. Jo Anne says

    Thanks for sharing. I moved to ATL in the 70’s for my first professional job. The best thing was that I was able to live in midtown! It is the 2nd oldest area of pre-civil/post civil war homes/mansions in the city. Next time you go to ATL make time to go down there for a walking tour – and Grant Park area as well. While I loved living there for 20+ years, the growth and heat/humidity finally got to me and I moved further north. The amazing old areas of ATL are still my favorites though – well, except for the Garden district in NO.

  4. says

    Julie…it was so wonderful to have met you and spend some time with you at dinner(s)…I am definitely “Hooked on Houses”….looking forward to your beautiful posts. I just wish Haven was more than once a year, as I so enjoyed meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people!

  5. 65andcounting says

    Looks like 99.999% of the attendees are women? What, no men home bloggers?

    Happy to see that the other tagline for the event was not What Happens at Haven Stays at Haven! :-)

  6. says

    Julia, great pics! I’m loving reading these recaps! It was such a pleasure meeting you! I’m so glad you had a great time.

  7. says

    Great recap, Julia! I just got home last night so still catching up but wanted to say that I am so happy I got to meet you in person! Wish we had more time to talk but there’s always next year. 😉

  8. Katie says

    I too enjoyed Haven, and am so glad I not only got to meet you but also got to listen to you speak with Becky and Sarah! I learned lots and can’t wait to apply it!

  9. says

    Oh mah word! I can’t believe my photo ended up on HOH! Julia, it was one of the highlights of my trip to meet you and grab a bite at Pappacitos. HOH is one of the very first blogs I started reading, and I’ve always admired your writing. You were so kind, and it was a blast to spend time with you. I just can’t wait until Haven 2013! Let’s get to work on that secret handshake, okay? 😉

  10. says

    I, for one, loved looking at all of the photos. I would’ve loved to have come, but I am slightly preoccupied right now :) Maybe next year!

  11. amanda says

    What, you didn’t drive around and take pics of houses there?

  12. says

    Hey, Julia, I’m so glad you were a part of the Haven speakers & enjoyed this first Haven conference. I can’t believe it’s all over, but sorta glad it is. So much fun to plan & see it all come together. Lots of work, but all of you smiling women made it so worth it. Hoping we can do it all again next year! Just wish I had more time to visit with all of you.

  13. Kim says

    I loved looking at all of those photos. Looks like you had so much fun. I would have loved to have been there, but I live in Washington. Plus I was busy those days.

  14. Andrea says

    You’re so pretty Julie!
    The conference looked like so much fun. I learned about the adorable YoungHouseLove couple from your site so I liked seeing their picture, too. I may start a blog about sitting on my rear enjoying other bloggers wonderful work just so maybe I can go next time!

  15. says

    How fun! Another blogger that I follow, Budget Design Girl, also attended and possted some pictures. Looks like it was a terrific conference!

  16. says

    Looks like it was great! I am planning on being there next year. Now tell..where did y’all eat?? (Always what I think about when I am in Atlanta!)
    Thanks for sharing all the pictures here (and I loved the title of your post today!)

    • says

      Well, we ate at Papacito’s one night (that’s where those photos were taken in the post), at Ray’s on the River one night, and, oh, shoot, I forgot the name of the third restaurant. It was another Mexican restaurant. But they were all fabulous!

  17. says

    It was so fun at Haven! I cannot wait until next year!!! I really loved the classes you taught and there was no doubt all the buzz created between days one and two! I’m glad they moved it into a bigger room – Although we could have definitely used a BIGGER one!! :)

    Thanks for sharing my tweet picture too! 😉
    xoxo, Rindercella

  18. says

    I’m so happy I got to meet you!! You are so much fun to talk to, and you are a wealth of knowledge! Your blog is one of my daily reads, so meeting you was one of the highlights of my trip. You’re awesome Julia!!

  19. says

    Such a fun recap, Julia!! I was one of the few in the Ad session on Thursday and may or may not have been quoted as saying over and over to everyone I saw from then on out ‘YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE ADVERTISING SESSION TOMORROW!’ hahaha

    We met briefly in the elevator on Thursday, I was the one chatting nervously about your blog. lol

    So great to have had the experience and honored to have met you. :)

  20. says

    I keep hearing about this conference on the blogs that I read, so my goal for the next year is to kick it up a notch and go to this next year! Can’t wait. What a creative group of folks. I’m sure everyone found lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  21. says

    Hi! Would you mind a special mini-post with the names of the blogs you discovered. Or even an email. I am really interested in reading more about the ladies and all their adventures. New to this area and learn a lot by reading other blogs. Thanks so much and enjoyed your post. Maybe see you next year!

  22. says

    Julia – it was so great to meet you in person! You were so easy to approach and talk to and that made it so much easier for first timers! Thanks so much!

    Take care, Laura

  23. not so anonymous neighbor says

    I am sure Kerry was the life of the party as she is in our neighborhood….looks like good times were had by all.

  24. Amy W. says

    ~Thanks-so-very-much for taking the time to share all about The Haven!~
    ~So appreciate you doing this!~