Want Ahmed Back on “Yard Crashers”? Sign the Petition!

A couple of weeks ago I told you that Ahmed Hassan had been replaced by new host Matt Blashaw on Yard Crashers, the DIY Network show that he made popular. Unhappy viewers continue to leave comments on that post, and most conclude with statements like, “Until Ahmed is back, I won’t be watching!”

I just heard from Ahmed’s manager Kelley Nayo, who said:

“Thank you for blogging about Ahmed’s departure from Yard Crashers earlier this month.  I think your blog summed up the feelings of many viewers and we are grateful for your voice. The outpouring of love from the fans has been amazing.

“One of the fans was so displeased that she started a petition at change.org. If you want to join the movement, please do and spread the word.

“While we we have no idea about the effectiveness of such a petition, we do appreciate each signature as it sends a clear message to the network about Ahmed’s popularity.  Often times, decisions are made in a vacuum. Thanks so much and please keep voicing your opinion – the power of social media is unprecedented.”

On his Facebook page, Ahmed thanked his fans for their support and made it clear that it’s appreciated:

You all are so amazing! Winnie Cheung started a petition at Change.org asking DIY Network to bring me back to Yard Crashers and over 400 of you have signed it! That’s a lot of love! Thanks for the good vibes!

I assume this means he’d be willing to return to the show if the powers that be offer it. Obviously, we don’t know the whole story since the network has remained mum about the decision, but for a lot of viewers, Ahmed is the show, and not the same without him.

Click here to sign the petition if you want to see him back on TV.

P.S. You can read my original post about his departure and all of the outraged comments about it here: Ahmed Hassan Replaced by New Host.


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    • says

      What could HGTV been thinking. This show was created for Ahmed. No one can do it better, nor can anyone replace the enthusiasm he has for his craft. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK.

  1. Blas Heredia says

    Please help! I am the father of a great 17 yr old boy who will b graduating this June. Cant afford much due to the passed economic set back, I do have a back yard that could use a fixing which I was in the process of doing when I fell off of a tree and broke my heel. My son wants to have a graduation party back there but I don’t have the finances to get it nice I’m ashamed of it rite now. I watch ur show and i am a fan. Thanks Blas Heredia Austin Texas. Peace y’all.

    Ps. Please get Ahmed back! Geez he was the show.

  2. paul says

    Hi, I was so disappointed to hear that mr. Hassan was no longer on the show. I was looking forward to see him in the Ft. Hood area sometime i need a makeover
    Please bring him back.

  3. Jackie Bautista says

    Thank you for creating this website and online petition to bring Ahmed back. I’ve stopped watching the show since he’s been replaced. Its just not the same anymore.

  4. Sharon says

    I am very disappointing that Mr, Hassan is no longer doing Yard Crashers i totally stop watching the show, you people dont think about the viewers that selfishness i love the hard work that Mr Hassan bring to us and just replace him like that without no explanation. Well am i sorry because alot of your viewers including me stop watching the show, do better than that.

  5. Ellis says

    Ahmed needs to be brought back with a raise. I used to be a faithful viewer for landscape ideas and entertainment the show provided. Now the show is just boring. Matt is a good sidekick but not a star.

  6. Guy fish says

    Bring Ahmed back, he was the show. I don’t watch with the new guy

  7. Guy fish says

    Bring Ahmed back he is the show, we do not watch with new host

  8. kingwheeler says

    Put the person who was hosting the showis crime shame now theshow sucks bad thats right justtelling the truth

  9. Rick says

    Please bring back Ahmed. He is the best. The show has gone down hill. I know longer watch it

  10. rasheed says

    bring back ahmed he has great ideas that the world needs to see

  11. says

    Ahmed is the one who makes this show, please bring him back, we learn so much from Ahmed, pleeeeze bring him back…He is the only reason I watched the show.

  12. Mary Lundy says

    I won’t watch it now. I loved Ahmed he made the show.

  13. Sharon K. says

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved Ahmed i will not support the new host of yard crashers because Ahmed was the originator of the show. And i liked his personality better.

  14. chip says

    Ahmed will be missed, but he should be able to follow his dream. If there is a way to get him back, I’m all for it. In the meantime, I am looking forward to a new series with him as host. Chip Carlson

  15. Jay F. says

    My husband and I love watching yard crashes, please bring Ahmed back. It won’t be the same without him, he made the show fun to watch.

  16. ivan says

    Bring Ahmed back! Viewers have spoken! If ratings are really that important, then let him represent!

  17. Jackie Wilson says

    I love Yard Crashers but its not the same without Ahmed Hassan. Please bring him back.

  18. Sharon E. says

    Bladshaw is good–but Ahmed is all around great—his character and personality is the movtivation behind my husband and I watching the show for the last three years! Doesn’t have to be Yard Crashers show…

  19. doris m. says

    please bring ahmed back,l am still waiting for him to come to hampton, va to crash my badly needed yard!

  20. DWhite says

    Bring Ahmed back immediately and send him out here to San Antonio so my wife and I can catch him for our own Yard Crash! Get Ahmed back on Yard Crashers!

  21. Kimmy says

    Please bring him back! The new guy is ok but…personality fun, exciting and BEAUTIFUL! Ahmed please come to Raleigh, NC! I need you and I’ll PAY!

  22. says

    Please bring him back his ideas are beyond what we dream our yards to be like. Mine is no exception, of course I need a miracle and would love to have my yard crashed…we have 4 dogs, I love to cook and entertain and need a quiet place to pray and meditate outside in my back yard. Its very inspirational to see what the yard crasher do on your show. We don’t have the funds to do what our dreams would be but would welcome a yard crash here in Linda Vista, CA

  23. says

    Amed: your a very talented person. he needs to stay. be real.give him back to the
    people,we need his skills. we watching.

  24. Irene Harper says

    Simply, If it’s not broke why try to fix it. Ahmed was a great host, we miss him bring him back. Your new host is not bad he seems like a nice guy but why the change. Just bring Ahmed back. Thanks

  25. Tina says

    What in the word was y’all thinking? When you have a good thing don’t go changing it or replacing it and think it will do better . Ahmed is the yard crashed show please do the right thing and bring him back.

  26. Eastern Ramsey says

    Please return Ahmed to his rightful place ,Yard Crashers.thank you

  27. Susan says

    Come To TEXAS!!! Get Ahmed to sponsor and choose a new landscaper here!!! Challenge galore and/or use the new host too?
    Texas needs a lot of help with their front and back yards perhaps a New Show and Ahmed could be the host/judge????
    Come on – think he is a consultant and what a way to bring him back!!! I would and thought I might have the opportunity to work with him one day (in some capacity – he has such insight and ENERGY!!!)

  28. Jesse Inman says

    My wife and I love watching Amhed on Yard Crashers. Bring him back, and send him to Tennessee!!! He would love the Great Smoky Mountains!

  29. John S says

    Bring Ahmed Hassan back, would love for him to do my yard, he was the show…….

  30. brian kloberdance says

    He is good and bring him back . I wanted him to come to hillboro or.to do my yard.so you guys now have to come if he can’t . So bring your a game

  31. vrililia dedra graham says

    I love for him to come back. Ahmed is why I stared watching DYI

  32. says


  33. Jillian Merchant says

    Where is Ahmed???? When it is not broke don’t fix it!!!! I just turned my TV to another station. My Saturdays will no longer include Yard Crashers. Good bye stupid producers!!!!

  34. Jillian Merchant says

    I am very disappointed with HGTV. You people need to get it together. Bring back Ahmed or let us all know where his new show is…….

  35. Mitt Doers says

    Fire the person who fired Ahmed……then bring Ahmed back !!! This new guy sucks!!!! His head is too big. I keep waiting for him to fall over due to his huge head….very distracting…

  36. says



  37. Donna says

    I am so sorry to see Ahmed go. :-( Please bring him back. He has such an infectious smile and warm personality. Matt is barely ok. Sorry Matt, you’re just not Ahmed.

    It seems like Matt is someone’s brother in law who needed work, so they decided to boot Ahmed. Just make another show for the new guy and bring Ahmed back.

    See it’s really simple. Turn our frowns upside down.

  38. Jeffery Mathews says

    In my opinion Matt is o.k. but that’s it. His designs aren’t as attractive, as functional or inspiring as Ahmed’s. I also like Ahmed’s personality better. I was getting tired of taping shows with Ahmed’s picture as the host with the hopes I’d get surprised on an episode and actually see him hosting. So I decided to check the net and see what was going on. If Matt is going to be the permanent host I’ll just have to permanently stop watching.

  39. jade says

    First Sandra,then Ahmed what’s next Hgtv, Hilary and David. Please bring the greats back.These shows aren’t the same without our shinning stars. I no longer watch property virgins and yard crashers. It’s a shame, I ooked forward to these show

  40. says

    Bring back Ahmed he adds character and a different flavor to a now a boring show. Now I only watch the repeats with Ahmed, he makes you feel like family and you Can Do This!. Stop being so Black and White. Keep it SPICY like Ahmed he is a natural. BRING AHMED BACK!……..NOW!

  41. Linda Ray says

    Ahmed was the best. Please bring him back so I can watch the show again.

  42. says

    I hate HGTV replaced Ahmed Hassan as the host of “Yard Crashers”.
    The show was created especially for him. He was one of the most energetic and entertaining hosts on their network. I really don’t know what the deciding factor could have been to cause them to even consider a replacement, but as a former advid veiwer; it definitely has not paid off. (It couldn’t have been the ratings.
    “Yard Crashers” was the only show on the HGTV network that I could get my husband to watcch with me. He and I never missed an Ahmed episode. HGTV has a very bad habit of replacing hosts, revamping, or just plain removing shows without any input from their viewers. This is not a good policy. My husband nor I have been able to enjoy Ahmed’s replacement and subsequently stopped watching the show. Please bring Ahmed back !!!!!

  43. Mary in Alabama says

    Yard Crashers is not the same without Ahmed. I’ve been waiting for him to come back not really knowing what was going on. I researched it today and now that I know he has been permanently replaced I will know longer record or watch any of the shows. Matt is not as good host and his designs are not good either. Ahmed’s designs motivated me to want it for my back yard. I get no motivation from Matt’s designs. I have tried to watch put it just isn’t good anymore.

  44. Annette Wallace says

    I am so so so sad that Ahmed was replaced I WANT HIM BACK it was one of the few shows that I watched on HGTV or DIY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU AHMED

  45. Sonja says

    I have not watched “Yard Crashers” since Ahmed was replaced….Why? Because Ahmed is one-of-a-kind. You just can’t replace great!

  46. Kelvin says

    At the age of 43, Ahmed you inspired me to return to technical college for my horticulture certificate. I just finished my spring semester and looking forward for the summer semester. My completion date is on schedule for 2014, and I can’t wait. Thanks Ahmed I hope to meet you one day here in Atlanta at a show. Come back to yard crashers!!!!

  47. sandi says

    Bring Ahmed back ASAP. He is the only one that I will watch for landscaping ideas. He is definitely one of a kind. I cannot watch the new guy…he just doesn’t have what Ahmed has. Come to Washington Ahmed…I need you!!! HGTV, listen to what people are saying.

  48. Jeffrey says

    PLEASE bring Ahmed back. His show was entertaining and educational to watch. My co-workers and neighbors love to watch Ahmed. Now we do not watch the show, the new guy sucks.

  49. Chris says

    Don’t like the new guy at all. If Ahmed isn’t on then you should just cancel the show. BRING AHMED BACK!!!!!

  50. janice byrd says

    My family was so upset to know that Ahmed was no longer doing the show Yard Crashers. We thought it was just a short term thing but I was informed that he has been replaced. The new guy is very boring, we watched for about 15 min. and turned the channel. myself and so many of my family and friends have refused to watch the show. It is very boring and the projects don’t look good. Sorry to the new guy I think its Matt.

  51. wayne watts says

    Bring Ahmed back the new guy don’t have the exciting personality tha Ahmed brings to the show. I’ve stop watching

  52. Shena says

    Ahmed brought great ideas to the show. How on earth could you possibly re-place him?!. Obviously his talent and personality was not appreciated at HGTV so I hope he continues in success and with people that will not under-estimate his abilities.

  53. David says

    Bring back Ahmed!

    HGTV has become a reality TV channel that really sucks.

    Ahmed was not fake and was a true joy to watch. Furthermore, his ideas were original. The new guy is as fake as they come.

    I fully intend to boycott HGTV until they make the change…if no change I guess I will be able to save money on my cable tier.

  54. Chandy says

    I don’t know, it seems to me, as I read his explanation, Ahmed is working to restore and improve his marriage and family. Is there anything more important? Not in my TV line-up!

  55. Abe says

    Ahmed was the most fun, sincere and knowledgeable host who could teach about landscaping while doing it! Also, I don’t know how much synergy has to do with the rest of the cast, but I found Ahmed’s yardcrashers much more creative and organic. Love Matt on his previous show, but he is just no Ahmed.

  56. Anita Velasquez says

    I too was wondering where Ahmed went and what happened, he is highly intelligent and has an eye for such amazing designs and creativity. I can’t wait for his next show !

  57. June says

    I’m sure that there more than just a couple hundred viewers who are dismayed and disappointed that Ahmed Hassan was replaced on Yard Crashers. He was stellar as the host. His charisma and energy made the show super popular. I don’t even have a yard and I was an avid viewer. Why on earth was he replaced??? I don’t watch if the show isn’t a repeat with Ahmed. HGTV made a mistake with this decision. Bring Ahmed back.

  58. vee says

    BRING BACK AHMED!!!!!! Why was he replaced!!!! He was the best host ever!!! I have stopped watching Yard Crashers!!!

  59. kathy cresswell says

    No, no, no. Bring back Ahmed. I find I am switching the channel to something else now that HGTV has dropped the people I like to watch. Bad move.

  60. Mathews in Memphis says

    My husband and I no longer watch Yard Crashers. Bring back Ahmed!!

  61. Fmungomoo says

    Waiting for Ahmed in Philly! Ahmed is the greatest , and I walked the aisles of my local home center early Saturday mornings , wishing that maybe , I would be stopped by Ahmed for a yard crash. Pease bring him back.

  62. Marietta says

    Ahmed was one of the reasons I look at Yard Crashers. Now I only look at ones where our friend Ahmed is host. He is just like family. Please Bring Him Back. The other guy just does not have that special, big personality like Ahmed!!!!

  63. Steve in SC says

    Ahmed on Yard Crashers was the main reason why I started watching your shows. Now that he’s gone I’ve little interest in supporting your show. The new person is just boring. I used to tell people about DIY but not anymore. Please bring back the people who make your shows worth watching.


  64. Arlene Lee says

    Please bring Ahmed back. Matt comes off as creepy around the females… he is not cute and witty, just creepy. I miss Ahmed!!!

  65. Charles Perry says

    I found Ahmed very entertaining. The show WAS awesome!

  66. Theresa says

    Not only do I want Ahmed back but I want him to come to Bowie, MD and crash MY yard. Bring back Ahmed.

  67. Cinderella Rosario says

    Bring back Ahmed!!!!!!!! The show sucks without him! I’m not watching it until he gets back

  68. Belinda says

    Ahmed should still be hosting this show, his uplifting personality
    he always keep you interested and does great work.
    I have been waiting for years to run into him
    always hoped and dreamed that I could meet him
    my backyard so needs his attention
    please bring him back

  69. Pam says

    Ahmed is the reason we want to watch yard crashes. Please, bring him back. Matt is boring!!!!!!!

  70. Rosemary Buffer says

    I am truly disappointed that Ahmed Hassan has been replaced by Matt Blashaw. I do not enjoy watching the new host. I have been searching thru ATT Uverse to find episodes of Yard Crashers that feature Ahmed Hassan. The notes for the shows list Ahmed then Matt, however it is evident that Ahmed is not featured in any new episodes. I am an avid HGTV fan, however, I am VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED with these being unable to find Ahmed on Yard Crashers and will be looking for new shows to watch!