“Yard Crashers:” Ahmed Hassan Replaced by New Host


Boy, you’d think HGTV and the DIY Network would have learned by now not to underestimate the loyalty of their viewers to their favorite shows–and hosts. After Suzanne Whang mysteriously disappeared from House Hunters (replaced by a bodiless narrator), the outcry was deafening.

Then they made the mistake of quietly removing Sandra Rinomato from Property Virgins without any explanation (my post about her departure still gets angry comments about it every day–over 600 and climbing!).

But now another popular host has been replaced.

After I noticed that hundreds of readers were searching my site for Ahmed Hassan and the phrase “Yard Crashers canceled?” I knew something was up. Turns out the show will go on, but without Ahmed at the helm, even though it was originally created for him.

New Host Matt Blashaw


The licensed contractor Matt Blashaw has been announced as the new host without any explanation as to where his predecessor went.

Ahmed has been mum on details about his departure, but he did post this statement on his Facebook page:

Last night my business manager and friend Kelley Nayo told me that it was time to say something. So here it is.

I sooooooo love my fans.

Thank you all for supporting my individuality and authentic character.
You have made me more confident and more audacious than I ever was to begin with.
I chose to become a professional landscaper at the age of 19. Almost 20 years later, I am adored by fans around the world.

I will always stay true to the creative spirit within.
I will always choose integrity over what’s popular, lucrative or trendy.
I will continue to educate, entertain and feature you wonderful characters that make this life such a wonderful experience.

2012 will be a time to parent and enjoy my 3 kids, reconcile with my wife of 18yrs, rebuild “Ahmad Hassan Landscape Services (AHLS), build, tweak and perfect www.ahmedhassan.com and travel the country doing trade and home shows where I can connect and share love and laughs with my fans. I’m planning for my next television adventure.

If you thought Yard Crashers was great, just you wait…


He remains host in the “classic episodes” that will continue to air (read: repeats) and has a few more episodes taped that we haven’t seen yet, but Matt will be the new face of the show from here on out.

My guess is that the networks don’t want to draw a lot of attention to the fact that a certain host has left because they want to continue airing the old ones alongside the new. If they maintain that there are two hosts of the show, as they do on their websites, then maybe those older episodes won’t look as dated.

Are you a fan of the show? Will you keep watching without Ahmed?

*UPDATE: I heard from Ahmed’s manager, and there’s now a petition you can sign to bring him back. Click here for details.


P.S. In slightly happier news–at least for Sandra Rinomato fans who live in Canada–an April 16 premiere date has been set for her new show Buy Herself. Those of you who get HGTV Canada will be able to see it, but negotiations are still reportedly in the works to bring the show to the U.S.

You can read about her departure from Property Virgins (and the outraged responses readers have had about it) here: Sandra Rinomato Quits Property Virgins.

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  1. AhmedFan says

    I will not watch the show with Ahmed! He has a natural draw that gets even the couch potato (my 2 fellas for example) up and in the yard. Its a low blow for the network to not comment and deceive the viewers on the websites. Same on you.

      • Lisa says

        I think “AhmedFan” meant to say they will not watch the show without Ahmed. And the last phase, I’m guessing, is supposed to be “Shame on you.” Check your comments for typos before hitting send, people! :)

        • GreenMan says

          Lisa, I assume that by “last phase” you meant “last phrase.” 😉

          • NetGrammarPolice says

            Please ignore GreenMan’s comment. He was let go from our organization a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Tiffany says

    I just woke up and turned on Yardcrashers. When I saw the new host once again I was like ok, let me Google what happened to Ahmed. I initially just thought that he was on vacation:-). But after realizing he still wasn’t back I felt it was time to find out why. I’m glad I came across your blog. And happy to finally have my question answered. The new host just don’t grab me like Ahmed does so I have not been watching. I turned from it this morning too! I can’t wait for Ahmed’s new show. I too also wondered what happed to the host of Property Virgins. Now I know. HGTV better get it together!

  3. Kat says

    Yesterday I watched a bunch of early morning crasher shows and wondered what happened to Ahmed. Today I caught an episode with him in it and then googled it… How can they be so dumb at HGTV. He’s dynamic and charming and captivating. What on earth were they thinking? I hate to think it’s race or any thing like that which is what it looks like! Of course I do not like his replacement and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was still hoping to run into Ahmed one day at the Home Depot! Where does he live?

  4. Paula says

    I will not watch the show without Ahmed. He is yard crashers. When I saw the new host, I immediately went to their website and the way the site was set up, it looked like they were taking turns hosting. Not one thing was said about Ahmed no longer being on the show. Very, very disappointed with yard crashers. I tried to watch the new host, but I don’t like him. Oh well, hopefully Ahmed will come back.

  5. Trish says

    I have been a faithful follower of Yard Crashers because Ahmed is so much fun, has so much energy and a great personality, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. I’ll keep following Ahmed’s further adventures, but I don’t know if I’ll keep following Yard Crashers. Unlike Ahmed, it seems like all the hosts from these other shows come from some kind of cookie cutter…just so bland and bleh.

    Also, I really dislike that the DIY Network/HGTV website is misleading people by showing Ahmed and the new guy together as if they are going to be co-hosts of Yard Crashers. It shows such contempt for their viewers, as if we are too stupid to notice.

    I’ll sign the petition, but only want Ahmed back if HE wants to be back.

    Thanks for blogging and keeping us informed of the latest!

  6. Donald Lyday says

    I have a daughter she is a single mother of three girls. She is working hard to afford a home for the girls. And her backyard needs a lot of help it is large with a lot of potential. But she with buying the house can’t afford to pay for a lanscaper.
    I really wish i could do more i do as much as i can when i come for the three day visit. I am 70 years old andd it is hard for me to do much.

  7. says

    Do anyone remembers –Gardening By The Yard? It was a popular show and the ONLY remaining show they had devoted to actual GARDENING!!! HGTV is now more or less a —Home improvement channel selling ads! Us gardeners have no shows to watch!

  8. Teresa Shelton says

    I love yard crashers and Ahmed Hassan gardeners dont have many shows left. What ever happened to Paul James and Gardening with Patty? I think that’s her name its been awhile. I totally understand why Ahmed would want time with family. Its very rare now days. I just love seeing him.

  9. walter reed says

    I think that MATT, the new host is great and brings alot more to the show and we hope that they keep him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dianediane says

      NO……….NEVER…………BRING AHMED H. to this SHOW~~~~~~it was CREATED for him………..and HIM ONLY…………………..

    • tommy says

      I know you are right he was a lot better that that black guy i am not watching any more .

  10. says

    I really miss Ahmed from Yard Crashers. His personality kept the show hopping. I miss what he brought to the show and therefore, my desire to watch has dwndled. Big mistake HGTV. My family and friends feel the same way.

  11. Rose Marie Barbee says

    I really miss Ahmed! His was my favorite of the Crasher shows because he’s so warm and funny, and inspired me with my own yard projects. I haven’t been able to get interested in Matt Blashaw’s show. I hope to see Ahmed back on TV soon!

  12. Len Fowler says

    Matt Blashaw is a good contractor. I have seen him many times before on various DIY or HGTV shows in the past but ofr Yard Crashers something is missing without Ahmed. I don’t want to say that HGTV screwed up because it may have been a mutual thing or even Ahmeds decision to move on. Matt Blashaw appears to be too flirty and touchy/feely with the cute wives that they always pick for Yard Crashers. It is a bit uncomfortable to watch and the cuter the wife the more flirty he is. Ahmed was just friendly. I hope he comes back in some capacity soon. He is a natural talent for TV.

  13. Jeff Jones says

    This is not the same show without Ahmad. I’ve lost interest in show due to Ahmad’s absence. Just not the same show anymore. Ahmad just makes the show interesting.

  14. Lynn says

    Ok I got tired of turning to watch Yard Crashers only to see that Ahmed was still gone! Like other posters I thought he was on vacation or just switching up for a while. Matter of fact, as of Jan. 5,2013, DirecTv is still listing Ahmed as host in the info section. Matt seems uncomfortable. I can’t watch him. When I turn and see it’s Matt, I immediately find something else, regardless of the design or type of project. They can’t switch hosts when a show STARTED with one host and that’s who we are used to seeing. Same with House Hunters. Why change what works? Now, if the hosts make the change on their own, that’s different. But when the network makes changes or gets rid of someone for no reason other than because they can, it cheapens the product. When the added Matt they should have somehow changed the format or changed the name. Because YARD CRASHERS is not the same without AHMED!! Love this site btw. Discovered it when googling for info on Ahmed.

  15. Mark says

    I have stopped watching HGTV’s backyard crashers. I am so tired of the executive nitwits at HGTV making unannounced changes without care or consideration to those of us who actually watch their programming AND support the sponsors of those shows. I, for one, have written both Home Depot and Lowes to complain about them supporting HGTV’s changes and advised them I’ll be considering Handyman Hardware instead of their businesses for my needs. Shame on HGTV.

  16. Annie G says

    This actually came up in conversation with a couple of friends of mine. We all used to be professional landscapers. One friends dad was even pivotal in the beginnings of OSH, back in the 30’s.
    Matt’s okay, but he seems to be playing to the sponsors and his designs just don’t have the same magic. Yeah, a bit blahhh all around.
    We really miss Ahmed. None of us have watched more than 1 or 2 episodes, since he left.

  17. Claudette says

    I watching an episode last Saturday with Ahmed which I never saw before.

  18. says

    Great information. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident
    (stumbleupon). I have saved as a favorite for later!

  19. says

    Just realized he is gone forever (was tricked by the website too). I won’t be watching without Ahmed. New guy is okay, but Ahmed is why I watched the show anyway.

  20. Barbara says

    I was a big fan of Ahmed until I saw him in person at a home show. He is so full of himself. Everyone that was in the audience was expecting some gardening hint, or behind the scenes info. We got a “sermon” about how great he is, how good looking he is, and how everyone loves him. He said the show did not show him how he really is. Good thing, cause I would have stopped watching the show. His whole talk was about how great he is. He had others on stage with him to talk, but he managed to always direct the conversation back on himself. It was so boring. Not many people got up and left because we were trying to be polite. I wasted a big part of my time that day. I can understand why he was replaced.

  21. says

    I have been searching all morning for a way to contact Yard Crashers!!! I have a new house & a blank slate for landscaping. Seems all the episodes are in BIG places & cities & NOTHING in the boonies! I live on a 50,000 fresh water lake on the Va/NC line, & NEED a yard crash QUICKLY before we miss the whole planting season much less the blooming season! Water features, climbers, arbors, trellis, most anything…sky’s the limit! Closest Lowe’s or Home Depot is 20 mins away & chances of running into a DIY Host is slim & none! Come to God’s Country!

  22. GEM says

    Saw Ahmed Hassan at the Denver Home Show a couple of weeks ago. Boy was I disappointed! He was one of the reasons we attended the show in the first place and were hoping to learn something about gardening in our new city. ALL he did was talk about himself and how wonderful he is. I now know more about his life and family than I truly care to know. He is really high energy just like on the show but his ego is bigger than the building.

  23. Tony byam says

    My yard is completely raw… Please help my Canadian back yard.

  24. Tracy says

    I can’t help but wonder if these two negative posts are from someone trying to derail him! I too, attended his home show. He was nothing but humble and honest! I really enjoyed hearing about how he came into landscaping. It’s called, human interest! His true fans want to know more about him! Never did he brag about himself or his very good looks! That’s a bunch of hogwash! After sharing a bit of his “story”, he talked about landscaping and opened the floor to questions from the audience, which he took his time answering. He was very interactive with the audience. Ahmed is a natural talent! Furthermore, he is kind and giving of himself. After his presentation, he took the time to talk with all of his fans. Never did he say, he couldn’t be himself on the show! My impression was the show wanted him to do more peddling of product than actual landscaping. He did not say this. He only said they ( he and the show) parted ways because of creative differences. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation….

  25. Claudette says

    Thank you for your view on Ahmed, Tracy. I can’t wait for his new show.

    • walter reed says

      I hope the best for him but will not watch any show that ahmed is on………

  26. Deb says

    I turn if I don’t see Ahmed. I thought (like others) that he was on a vacation or that there were now 2 hosts. Dumb me-HGTV fooled me-OK that is the way they wanted us to think. Well that just means less watching of HGTV from me. I wish him well. He has to continue to follow his dreams. I would only wish his return if that was what he wanted.

  27. dianediane says

    I am infuriated that his show…..was cancelled/rehosted……..are y’all CRAZY……….he is a motivator/Personable/WITTY/INTELLIGENT and so handsome………………………..I don’t watch anymore since his departure……………..

  28. Dee says

    Sorry, I won’t be watching without him. I was and will continue to be a loyal fan. The bait and switch move between the old and new episodes is a pretty crappy move on HGTV’s part. Besides that, the network better their programming together, I’m starting to like the DIY Network better anyway.

  29. shelley says

    :0( I am sure Mr. Hassan is doing what is best for he and his family. Look forward to see what new things he has planned. Not sure I can bare to watch His show with a new host. Glad to see he has so many supporters.

  30. susie says

    My husband and I are VERY upset with the new host on yard crashers and we will not watch him again.He made a very disrespectful joke when demoing around a statue of the Virgin Mary. The show’s producers should have deleted the joke. You may not believe and it’s your right but please do not ridicule our beliefs with a “low five” to our statue.

  31. susie says

    My husband and I are VERY upset with the new host on yard crashers and we will not watch him again.He made a very disrespectful joke when demoing around a statue of the Virgin Mary. The show’s producers should have deleted the joke. You may not believe and it’s your right but please do not ridicule our beliefs with a “low five” to our statue.
    Bring back Ahmed. He was much more talented and better to watch

    • walter reed says

      yep me too,i met him at one of the shows here in fla. he brings alot more to the show than just plants, also while we were there we watch him work and he works just as hard as everyone else………

  32. Angie Ramirez says

    Is anyone getting tired of watching House Hunters and House Hunters International? HGTV needs new shows. There’s nothing worth watching anymore. What happend to Sabrina Soto, Ahmed, Sara, and others they used to have on. Every time I tune in to HGTV all they have to offer is House Hunters. I’m tired of the same show all the time. I rarely watch anymore. I just record Rehab Addict on DIY or HGTV. I don’t like Love it or List it, it’s so fake. I miss the shows they had at the beginning.

  33. Trish says

    @ Angie. I’m with you on this. Seems like HGTV has turned into nothing but a fancy real estate channel. I wonder how much they get from real estate sponsors.

  34. joe says

    I cannot believe that they got rid of Ahmed. I have been a faithful admirer of the show from its very beginning.The humor that he constantly brought to the show and the amazing projects that he created with the families kept me glued to my chair. I have seen the new guy and he has got to go. BRING AHMED BACK! I recently bought a house that doesn’t even have grass growing yet and was excited to come to the website to get some ideas. i feel betrayed by the network and vow not to watch until Ahmed is back in the saddle.

  35. Eloy Gomez says

    The summer is around the corner and are pool is not in good condition to swim my daughter keeps complaining she wants to invite her friends over to swim but it’s not safe so if u can please help us out..thx

  36. Donna says

    Ahmad was great! Wondered what happened, now I know. Networks do this all the time but I stop watching when they do!
    Examples: Trading Spaces, House Hunters, Property Virgins, Design on a Dime, Decorating Cents Sell this House, Yard Crashers…
    They will never understand that you don’t mess with success!

  37. mary monitor says

    I will not watch with Matt as host. He’s not as likeable not are his designs as good and user friendly.

  38. Marilou says

    I used to enjoy so many of the HGTV shows. Actually the same goes for food network and their shows. It was the same for most of my family and friends. I think I can understand why Ahmed wanted to spend more time with his family; but I wonder what HGTV was thinking about getting rid of so many of their favorite and beloved host. Was there not a possible ability of working out a compromise? Now all HGTV is a series of real estate shows. Television is more of a wasteland than it has ever been. Even though there is cable, network, and other satellite broadcast I watch less television than I did when I only had aerial television. That does not bode good for the future of this medium since I find my friends and family with the same opinion. It is a fairly young technology in a way; however I think its future limited. That is just one person’s opinion. Perhaps television is like the nursing profession; it eats their young!

  39. says

    I just finished watching Turf War. By chance I looked at the TV guide 4:30 am, saw that Ahmed was hosting and I stayed up to watch. Now, back to bed. Thanks Ahmed, you are a joy. DIY has changed so much in the last 10 years, it is barely recognizable as a home show channel. No more solid shows on gardening and NO more wood working shows either. Shame on you DIY, you change shows and hosts I suspect, as often as you change your underware. You should call yourself the Game Show Network. Do you own the Food Network too? They too, have become a game show channel. I rarely watch either one anymore.

  40. Abe says

    I agree Turf War was so fun, and exciting as far as the energy. The new guy is terrible and is abrasive in demeanor and poor humor. Maybe he’s cheap but he’s not Ahmed. DIY your losing your fan base. Those plug in hosts are as fresh as the products you all are trying to piddle at Home Depot/Lowes. You guys had integrity and now like with everything ~Money is ruining it.

  41. Eric says

    Thanks for making this show suck now!!! What a Big mistake for pushing Ahmed out!!! Not cool at all!!

  42. Chris says

    I just saw commercial with the new guy featured. I guess I’ve been to busy and have been letting husband control the remote. I loved Ahmed. I dont know kniw why HGTV is taking off the host that the fans have come to love, but I agree.. it sucks.

  43. Carolyn says

    I with the crew that wants Ahmed back on Yard Crashers. Ahmed was so awesome that he made Yard Crashers a huge hit. The other Crasher shows came from Ahmed’s success. DIY Network is crazy for getting rid of him. Usually when this happens the person wants more money and the network says no. Well the new guy is just bland and I no longer watch the show. Hopefully they will either bring Ahmed back on HGTV should put him on. I agree that there needs to be more landscaping and gardening shows.

  44. Karyn says

    I just started watching Yard Crashers and was only familiar with Matt, then I caught a marathon with Ahmed as the host; I don’t like his style of hosting or his designs nearly as much as Matt’s. It’s just a case of what someone is used to I suppose.

  45. Kimberly Walker says

    I used to love HGTV and DIY. Now I rarely watch either. But I especially liked Ahmed on Yard Crashers. I don’t watch the new host at all. Shows that I loved have either disappeared completely or changed so much they have lost me. Where’s Clive, Candace, Taniya, Ahmed? At least Josh Temple is still on House Crashers, for now. The channels have turned me off the past year at least. Just not fun and educational as much as before.

  46. says

    I want Ahmed back on Yard Crashers! He is such a joy to watch! He makes me laugh & i was always hoping he would be at my Home Depot so i could get help on my yard!
    The new host is so boring & I just change the channel when I see him! I will watch whatever show Ahmed is back on! Sorry HGTV but your new host just plain sucks! Too bad you can’t be honest! You try to bait & switch hosts without an explanation & assume the fans will be fooled into watching the show with a new host! Wrong! Big mistake! You just lost a loyal viewer!

  47. Jib says

    The new guy is creepy and lacks personality. It’s not a good fit.
    Ahmed was a bit childish and goofy but he was still better than his replacement.

  48. Barb says

    Ahmed embraces the whole challenge of the teaching.reconstruction,of someones backyard. He enjoys his profession and that comes through on the show. Ahmed’s personality is so awesome that you want to join the show. So the show has lost it’s appeal for me. There’s no “zip” to the show now. It’s so “Boring”. The replacement host needs to BE replaced with Ahmed. They should admit their mistake and bring Ahmed back.