Egypt Sherrod new host Property Virgins 2

Egypt Sherrod new host Property Virgins 2

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    • Maggie says

      Not in this case, going by the first show. I doubt I’ll continue to watch it as it wasn’t anything like Property Virigins, more like a pushy House Hunters.

  1. Cj says

    Egypt….voice is so annoying! Sandra I miss you! Think I have to change channel her voice bugs bugs bugs

  2. J.R. Marquard says

    Like everythingelse, it all comes down to economics, I guess. Sandra travels all over
    Canada and the States, for this show. I don’t know if Egypt will do the same, but Sandra was comfortable, no matter where she was. Her contract, with HGTV was
    probably up, the end of 2011, and she may have asked for more money, deservedly so.
    I’ve watched Egypt this month, and I don’t care for her. She seems like a fish out of water and I want Sandra back. Since that won’t happen, I won’t be watching the show.
    Goodbye Sandra. I wish you the best, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

  3. Robin says

    I think change is good! Sandra was very good and now Egypt will learn what it takes to be a host.
    Show us what you got Egypt!

  4. Maggie says

    Absolutely nothing like the Property Virgins show we’ve all comed to love with Sandra Rinomato. I was prepared to like Egypt Sherrod, but not on this show. The format was more like an overpriced House Hunters and Egypt the push salesperson – not helping PVs or guiding them in any way. Just a bad show & I doubt I’ll even watch a 2nd show to see if there’s any improvement. I already took it off my dvr schedule. And sorry, but Egypt’s voice is really grating too.

  5. Lizbeth says

    I definitely miss Sandra! Egypt just does not seem to guide the prospective homebuyers. She is not giving them the information to make informed decisions and I agree with a previous poster, Egypt seems to encourage the buyers to by each house she shows them. The reason I liked PV is because it is informational but not so much now. I will continue to watch but only because I love HGTV. I am not a fan of Egypt.

  6. pdevlin says

    Eqypt stinks as the host of PV – she is way out of her element. All she does is showboat -, à la Taniya Nayak, doesn’t give her newbie buyers any advice. It’s like House Hunters, only more annoying. HGTV, please find another host who is knowledgeable and whose goal isn’t to put the focus on them. I won’t be watching with this no talent ham at the helm.

  7. antiquemom says

    I DO NOT like Egypt at all. I miss Sandra and hope to see her soon somewhere else. She is so knowledgeable and said it straight on while still respecting the clients she was working with. I think I will have to find another show when Property Virgins airs now.

  8. TW says

    Sandra has the knowledge to deliver in the show. I like that a lot and think it is a huge asset to the show. I don’t the new host brings the same expertise.

  9. Karyn says

    Egypt’s not as enjoyable to watch, and her voice is annoying. She sounds like Wendy Williams to me. I miss Sandra as a host. I hope her new show will air in the US!

  10. Denico says

    Change is good! Most people are resistant to it, including myself. I welcome a new face and personality to PV. I will miss Sandra and wish her luck on her new show airing in Canada but I’m glad to see more faces in the U.S buying property and Egypt should get some more TSK’s in the area and she should become a licensed real estate agent as well.

  11. Olivia says

    I really enjoyed watching property virgins, Sandra was a GREAT host! I have tried watching the new shows with Egypt and can’t seem to enjoy the show.
    Egypt‘s style is not welcoming, she is certainly not Sandra and that makes it very difficult to feel engaged. Sandra made it feel like YOU were the house hunter and looking for your first place.
    I’m sad to say I will not be watching the show anymore unless they are reruns with Sandra. I find it hard to believe the network would have someone with Egypt’s persona represent the show.

  12. Michelle says

    I’m sorry, but Eqypt’s voice is extremely annoying and she is REALLY pushy. I probably will only watch the reruns with Sandra. I hope her new show get’s picked up on HGTV so we can see her again. Sorry Eqypt, but Sandra is hard to replace.

  13. Wendy says

    just stopped recording my second HGTV show……THIS ONE and “Real Estate Intervention”, what a shame…..they’ve managed to completely ruin two shows in one season…….

  14. monica says


  15. MdGirl73 says

    Some of these comments are hilarious. The hosts dialogue is scripted and the writers haven’t changed. The only difference is that Egypt is reading the script as opposed to Sandra. So if you don’t like the show now, then its not b/c Egypt is pushy or doesn’t give good advice, you just don’t like something about Egypt or you want Sandra back and aren’t trying to give Egypt a chance. Besides, Sandra could be down right pushy on some of her episodes too but I loved her as the host but I like Egypt too. I’m willing to give Egypt a chance especially since it couldn’t be easy taking on a new show,working radio, making public appearances,promoting a charity and being pregnant the entire time the show was taping.

    • Daniel says

      Well, you’re right about Egypt reading a script. That’s the problem- she comes across as doing nothing more than reading a script. She doesn’t portray herself as being necessarily knowledgable or passionate about real estate the way Sandra was. That part about Sandra wasn’t scripted- she was an expert at what she did, and it came across that way. Egypt comes across as just a script reader (on Property Virgins at least.) Put her on any show, and she’ll sound exactly the same.

    • Petunia says

      I must respectfully disagree with you. The entire format has changed. Sandra would initially take the property virgins to a neighborhood they wanted to live in and then gave them the truth about the cost to live in your dream home and dream neighborhood. Then when showing houses in their own price range, she’d let the people look at the house themselves first so we could get their uncensored opinions without a realtor present. Then she had them guess what they thought the house was worth, which I found interesting because sometimes our ideas of a house’s worth is much different than the owners. NONE of this happens in the revamped PV. Egypt just goes into the house with them and stands to one side offering no advice or wisdom. What is she there for? It’s like a very low quality version of Property Versions – another HGTV show that I’m done with.

      HGTV should have bit the bullet and paid Sandra what she was worth- because she WAS worth it. Now they’ve lost one of their best hosts and my guess is that Egypt and the show will not be on for much longer, given the many, many negative comments.

  16. Robyn says

    I, too, am disappointed in the show’s new host. She has a bit of an edge and just lacks that chipperness that Sandra had, and doesn’t seem as knowledgeable.

    While I am not a “property virgin” I did learn something new every episode from Sandra and she really seemed genuine. This Egypt thing they refer to as the host is plain annoying. She doesn’t add any value and I find the show is a mish mosh of homes and segments and lacks any information.

    Not too sure if I can continue to watch the show, I have recorded them all since they began a couple weeks ago but always seem to lose interest. Yes her voice is down right irritating and makes the show just plain annoying.

    Hate to be so negative but obviously I am not the only one watching and sitting back wondering what others think about the show. I am just disappointed, I don’t know the jist of why Sandra left but I know the consequences of bringing on a terrible replacement.

  17. P Harrison says

    Egypt’s voice is horrible and her personality is grating. Get rid of her!

  18. Reg says

    The new host really is more concerned with bagging the sale rather than finding the perfect fit For the first time buyers. She does have an edge and seems like a pushy car person. She does not inform the buyers about the charms or characters of the new area.Egypt drives me crazy when I hear that stupid,” needle in the haystack” comments! She can’t expect property virgins to know pricing in different areas! The new host needs much more real estate experience and a softer demeaner.


  19. MJ. says

    I like sandra, but I like Egypt better. I like her style, I like her edge, and I like her voice.

  20. Sara L says

    I have tried, and given Egypt a chance because i really loved this show!!, but she lacks the knowledge, and connection with her PVs, something Sandra did very well..I am not complaining about Sandra not being the new host, even though she was great, but the new host seems pushy, and quite frankly her voice is really annoying… I wish her luck though,, maybe she’ll get the hang of it, but as for now her personality doesn’t match the show..Extremely Disappointed!!

  21. pearl says

    I like Sandra as I like Egypt. I think they are both knowledgeable about real estate.
    Oh, about Egypt’s voice? Remember that’s what the Lord gave her, it’s not her choice. What about your voice? You are lucky if you have a nice voice, love it.
    Don’t despise others’ voice. No one is perfect, not even you, dude……

  22. Marge says

    They both seem the same. As everyone said, the show is scripted and they are both doing the same job, the only difference is their skin color. Maybe that is why these posters don’t like Egypt.

  23. LaLa says

    That’s exactly what the situation is Marge. Even for the idiotic people who says she’s not knowledgeable. Fyi if their both reading a script neither is coming up with the advice for themselves. Nothing has changed but the person and HGTV will still make their profit with or without their view!

  24. Roz says

    I liked Sandra because she seemed knowledgeable of both US and Canadian properties. Egypt is more down to earth and I am looking forward to her return
    Sandra did not seem very personable, lacked warmth. I would choose Egypt over Sandra if I needed a real estate agent

  25. ted taft says

    I LOVE Egypt! I warched and enjoyed Sandra. When Egypt came on the scene, I decided to (unlike most here) give her a few episodes, if not a season, to see how I liked her. She has lost weight (already sexy!), she is sophisticated, can relate to a variety of buyers and has a LOT of personality. In my opinion, she isn’t “snitty” like Sandra could sometimes be and she has “educated” quite a few Property Virgins in the episodes I have viewed. She is patient and pleasant, even when confronted with buyers who are demanding on a shoe-string budget! Now that I have gotten to observe & know Egypt Sherrod’s personal style, I MUCH prefer her to Sandra. I will watch PV with renewed interest and recommend the show because of her. Can’t wait to see her get outside of ATL. I wish HGTV would mix up the cities, especially when airing episodes back-to-back-to-back. Happy 2014!

  26. Ro says

    I do not care for the current host of Property Virgins. She is inappropriately pushy towards inexperienced people trying to purchase a home. That is unacceptable. These are not experienced buyers.

  27. Millie says

    I love the show PV. I started watching it when Sandra hosted it and it caught my attention. I liked Sandra,and I like Egypt. I both women are good at what they do and don’t understand why people are being so negative towards Egypt because I really don’t see what the negative commentors see. I do wonder if the cultural differences has a lot to do with the negative comments. If that’s the case it’s really ashame that people are so ignorant. By the way is PV running new episodes for this year 2014?

    • says

      Yes, new episodes for 2014. I think most of the negative comments came right after Egypt started and were because so many were fans of Sandra and didn’t want to see her go. Sometimes change is hard. :-)

  28. Grantley says

    I love Egypt she is very attractive. I look forward to watching the show from all the way in beautiful island of BARBADOS, please come to Barbados Egypt please.
    PS. and look for me of course.

  29. melody newell says

    Please quit airing the shows where people decide not to buy. They waste the viewers and the hosts time.

  30. Tracy Meadows says

    Funny, I just read the comments all the way from the top. Those comments were in top of 2012, that’s when Egypt took over the show right after delivering a baby, if the internet is correct. Then as I read more present comments, people actually are loving her. See… change IS good! I bet it had to be hard taking over a long running show. No matter what you do or how good you are, people will always view you as the “replacement” and not give a fair shot. I find Egypt to be warm, funny, knowledgeable and great on camera. Sandra was always dry to me. I only watched it before because I liked seeing the houses.

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