Sandra Rinomato Quits “Property Virgins”

If you’ve seen the commercial for the new season of Property Virgins, then you were probably as surprised as I was that it featured a new host. Where’s Sandra Rinomato? Curious minds want to know.

She posted this note to her fans on her Facebook page, explaining why she is no longer hosting the popular HGTV show:

After 130 episodes and 10 seasons, I have chosen to give up Property Virgins in favour of my new show called Buy Herself. We are currently in production for HGTV Canada and are scheduled to premier in March 2012. I hope that the show will get picked up for the US territory as well, since I have such devoted fans!

I am really excited about the new show as it delves into the very change that is happening around us. For the first time in history, a significant number of women are buying real estate on their own, taking charge of their financial situations, whether they have delayed marriage, decided not to marry, or belong to the stat that says 41% of marriages end in divorce. Women buying real estate is not a fad, it’s history in the making and I am very proud to be a part of it on TV.

Thanks for your loyalty and all of your incredible comments today and always!

Love to you all,

Meet the new host, Egypt Sherrod:

According to Cineflix Productions, which produces the show, she’s a nationally syndicated TV and radio personality, as well as a licensed Realtor and short-sale specialist:

Known for her dynamic delivery and magnetic mix of sass and class, Egypt can be heard weekdays hosting her top rated Middays with Egypt on New York City’s 107.5 WBLS. She also co-hosted the hit daily TV talk and makeover series Home Delivery, and regularly shares her music and pop-culture expertise on CNN, Fox Network, Black Entertainment Television, and The Today Show, among others

It’s hard to imagine the show without Sandra, isn’t it? HGTV hasn’t updated their website with any further info about the switcheroo as far as I can tell–Sandra is still listed as host. Egypt just went on maternity leave, so most if not all of the season must have already been filmed.

Are you a fan of the show? Will you miss Sandra? Or are you happy to see someone new?

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  1. Ness says

    No wonder HGTV isn’t making a big announcement about the switch. I love Sandra! I always chose to watch Property Virgins over other house hunting shows because I thought she was so much fun to watch. Darn. So bummed that I won’t be seeing any new episodes with Sandra. Then again, I need to get a life and turn off HGTV.

    • Cornelia says

      LMAO @ NESS!!!!!!! I sometimes get embarrassed when my husband walks in to the room and just change the channel.

    • Mary-Lynne says

      Get rid of “Egypt” – she is awful. Please bring back Sandra!!!!

      • B. Moon says

        I agree, nice lady, but I don’t enjoy the new host. Sanda will be in Canada doing a show. Yaaay! I watch this show all the time (as does my brother), and I pick my pick of each show ! You either like homes/houses or you don’t. I also watch Holmes, Beaumler & McGilvrey! No shame in that.

      • L. Aryn says

        Agree, tis too bad that Ms. Sandra has left the series. Definitely need a new host/hostess. This Egypt individual does NOT work, completely uneducated (at least appears that way), is boring, droll, uninviting, etc. She just makes one wish to alter the channel of the telly. Sandra always kept one wanting to view the programme.

        • Roxy says

          Why do you think she appears to be uneducated? i watched the same show and she never once seemed that way to me.

  2. Olivia says

    I was wondering what happened to Sandra Rinomato! I loved Sandra as the host of Property Virgins! Disappointed! When I saw the commercials announcing the new host taking over, I stopped watching Property Virgins! Hopefully, they will put Sandra’s new show “Buy Herself” on HGTV!

  3. Connie and Tim says

    We will miss you Sandra…really enjoyed what you brought to the show.
    Best of luck in the new venture!

  4. Linda Gless says

    My husband and I watched Property Virgins with Sandra Rinomato all the time. We are really going to miss her. We watched a couple of the new episodes with her replacement and just don’t care for Egypt’s personality. We don’t watch Property Virgins anymore unless it is an old episode with Sandra.

    • Veronica says

      I totally agree with missing Sandra and wishing she was back hosting Property Virgins. My husband & I also used to watch Sandra and while my husband tells me to give Egypt a chance, I’m having a very hard time with the change. I want Sandra BACK ASAP!! PLEASE!!

  5. Noel Avilucea says

    Sandra was such a great host on Property Virgins. She was the voice of reason & really grounded people. I wish her all the best in her new ventures. When you know in your heart that it’s time to move on, then you need to go with that feeling. Hopefully HGTV fans will see Sandra in the future.

    • Bruce Jordan says

      I, too think Sandra is one of the best realtors in the business. A hidden necessity of the Real Estate industry is PERSONALITY. Havinng worked as a Real Estate Appraiser myself, I can now see how psychology fits into the picture when buying a home. Real Estate Agents do well when they have the right optimistic personality. It’s true that the “only thing that matters is your attitude” and Sandra combines this trait with knowledge and experience to make a great package. Bravo, Sandra, and God Bless You on your new adventure. We all will miss you.

  6. Laurie Ann says

    I really,really like Sandra. Don’t like the new person-her voice annoys me.

    • says

      I agree, I have watched Sandra for years! And love her. I cannot get use to the new host and have thought I was alone, cannot stand her annoying voice – wrong choice HGTV

      • katie says

        Totally agree with you, I can t stand her voice, drives me crazy, thats why I wont watch it any longer either!! Miss Sandra so much

      • B. Moon says

        I thought I was the only picky one too! Her voice is annoying. Nice person tho.

  7. Sandra Taylor says

    I no longer am watching Property Virgins since Sandra left – only the old episodes with her in them. This new host “Egypt” just doesn’t have the personality for this show and, quite frankly, on some episodes I thought she was rather rude and abrasive. Egypt comes across as too authoritarian, where Sandra always worked as more of a “counselor” guiding new buyers through the process. I hope Sandra’s new show is a great success and will be picked up here in the US.

    • susan says

      you definitely hit the nail on the head. will be looking for sandra on her new show. hope the US picks it up.

    • Linda says

      I agree with you…Sandra Rinomato was classy and didn’t make stupid jokes as does this new host. I also find Egypt abrasive and rude and don’t enjoy the show any more….You should choose a new host as classy as Sandra Rinomato to replace her, not the crude person you have chosen…

    • Teresa says

      ya I agreeI am not a big fan of Egypt I do prefer Sandra. I am glad there are reruns and she has a new show

  8. Mark says

    I always liked Sandra. Although some of my friends thought she was condescending. I don’t get that.

    After seeing Egypt I was initially disappointed, but she is growing on me.

  9. inKC says

    Can’t say I am sorry to see her go. I always thought she was overbearing and tried to control the buyers’ decisions. The last straw was when she told 2 young first time buyers that it doesn’t matter what the house cost–it only matters if you can make the monthly payments. What terrible advice! Sounds like someone angling for a larger commission at her clients’ expense.

    • susan says

      what r u crazy???? sandra was the most honest and helpful realtor i know. as a retired real estate appraiser, i can appreciate what she brings to the table.

      • Deb says

        I agree with Susan, Sandra was always careful to be sure. people did not make themselves house poor. There were plenty of shows where she advised people not to buy. The last thong she was concerned about was commission.

    • donna reed's house says

      I agree. I still watched the show for the real estate, but I never could stand Sandra. She gave terrible advice sometimes. And she always came across with an attitude to me. Funniest thing she always would say is–telling people ” it’s JUST a LITTLE COSMETIC work” on major remodel projects. Painting is cosmetic not ripping out flooring, walls, cabinets.

      • says

        My husband and I always laugh at that, too, when a real estate agent insists that every project is just a little cosmetic work. :-)

  10. Mary-Lou says

    I have been such a fan of Sandra’s for years and was shocked when Egypt suddenly appeared as the host of Property Virgins.

    Sandra, I will most definitely watch your new show ‘Buy Herself’ when it starts showing on HGTV. Tell the network to give your fans a heads up (with a trumpet) on the start date & time.

  11. ruth says

    Dear Sandra I have loved your show for a long time and realy miss you . you were always helpful, to the person you were helping to buy a house or condo. I remember when i was trying to buy my first place i got a “real state lady” who realy did not care what i tought , I felt like she was always in a hurry to go see another clinet. which made me feel that, what i was trying to do wasn’t as important as the next clinets . HO! how I wish you had been my agent, I hope your new adventure turn out great and i will be looking for your old show on reruns. I miss see your kind and sweeet face. Ruth from newport news va

  12. Gina says

    I hope we can have Sandra back on HGTV, she is one of the great reasons I forget other channels exist.

  13. Demers Family USA says

    After we did not see you on HGTV we pretty much lost interest in HGTV itself.
    You are what made us find HGTV. Now we may as well get rid of our Dish altogether.
    HGTV please pick up her new show in the US area, since we love Sandra as a Host.
    Loving Fans!!!

  14. Denise says

    I really do not care for the new host. I miss Sandra terribly. UGH!

    • Seward Champion says

      I wonder if, for ill-conceived reasons, Sandra was possibly “encouraged” to move on. Regardless, I want my Rinomato fix. I agree with your assessment Denise. Sandra has presence and an impishness and playfulness that the theme of the show demands. In her absence, the show is flat and 2-dimensional. I can’t get excited ablut it anymore. As a further validation of this, my Domestic Love Goddess independently arrived at the same conclusion. She and I want you back Sandra.

  15. Curly says

    Sorry to see her go. I loved and appreciated her interaction with her potential
    buyer(s). My favorite was the `privacy time’ she afforded her clients before joining them later to answer questions and provide solutions. I wish her substained success. GOD speed!!

  16. susan says

    i won’t be watching any new episodes without sandra. the show just does not work with the other host. sandra rinomato made property virgins what it is today. she will be missed and i’ll go on to watching house hunters. sorry to see you go sandra. i will miss you.

    hooked on HGTV

  17. Liz says

    I’ll miss Sandra and will look for her new shoe. I also love the new host Egypt Sherrod from the radio station WBLS in NYC.

  18. andrea says

    My husband & I were wondering what had happen to Sandra and now we know I will be writing hgtv to see if they will be carrying her new show.

    • Veronica says

      Can you give us an update as to what HGTV’s reply to you is? I would love to know! Thank you! :)

  19. D Smith says

    Egypt does not even come close to Sandra….after the first two episodes I quit…no longer watch.

  20. Christopher says

    I don’t think I can watch the show without Sandra.
    She will be missed

  21. Maryann says

    After reading all the comments, I am glad to see I am not the only one that will miss Sandra! The show will not be the same without her. I don’t think I can watch it any longer. Just like house hunters is not the same without Susanne Wan and what happened to Teresa LaPore on design to sell? What’s the deal Hgtv!!!

    • says

      Designed to Sell was canceled and we haven’t seen Lisa LaPorta on HGTV since. At least I haven’t! I think she must have moved on, too.

  22. Virginia Dillon says

    Loved watching Sandra guiding first-time buyers. I wish I had her as a realtor when I was buying my houses over the years. Hope HGTV shows her new program in the US. I think Egypt is too NYC and I don’t watch Property Virgins unless it is a rerun with Sandra. Good luck to her with her new show.

  23. C Kemplin says

    I ALSO have quit watching Property Virgins because Sandra is not there. I ALSO don’t care for the new lady (I know because I tried to watch a few of the new shows). I agree when someone posted that you made a mistake on this one!! I suggest giving her a big raise if she’ll come back to us that religiously watched the show. Me thinks you made have lost quite a bit of traffic from the loyal fans!

  24. cassaundra says

    Wow – Sandra will miss you on Property Virgins – I do like Egypt, but I am an iconoclast at heart and don’t like changes. Why fix a wheel that isn’t broken. But now that I know you abdicated the throne willingly, I accept and respect your decision. Doesn’t make me miss you less though!!!!

  25. kathy says

    i too miss sandra. i loved the fact of how professional she was, when she got a sale or
    could not procure one. I wish her the best of luck in the future. I would love to have her job, i love real estate and looking at houses, like buying shoes only on a bigger scale. I have to say, as much as most people don’t like change, it is the one constant. Although Sandra will be missed, i do think they could’ve done with a better than Eygpt.
    She does come across as crash, brass and amaturish and her advice is not always in the best interest of her clients. that’s the difference between sandra and egypt.
    the show can still be a hit, i think it needs to change the host and good luck to egypt and her new baby as well

  26. Darlene says

    I also have stopped watching the show since Sandra left the show. The show just is not the same!!! Not real fond of the new girl Egypt, she just does not have the same style and class as Sandra. Please get Sandra back on HGTV!

  27. Cornelia says

    HGTV made me want to sell houses…LOL. Starting real estate school next month since I lost my job over a year ago and have been out of work since! I remember how excited my husband and I were when we bought our new home. Lifechanging experience. I hope to do the same for others. We still love and keep in touch with our realator.

  28. Judith Shows says

    My husband and I turned on HGTV, to watch Property Virgins, and saw Sandra, was no longer the host we were unhappy to say the least. We watched the new show, however, this is no longer on our list of viewing pleasure. We hope all goes well with you and your new venture. You and Property Virgins, will missed.

  29. Ex-viewer says

    I’ve been trying to give the show a chance with the new host, Egypt — but I’m tired of every property being in New Jersey or New York. They ought to change the name of the show to reflect that limitation. Also, why are the property virgins continually using the phrase “I’m not a big fan of such-and-such…” — over and over, I’m hearing this expression. Have they been coached that this is a good phrase to use? Too much of the same location and language is boring and annoying. I’m going to stop watching.

    • Danielle says

      I definately agree. Sandra was a talented relatir and host, but what my husband and I miss most is seeing Toronto properties and the Canadian market. So sad hgtv decided to only film in NYC and New jersey — I really don’t watch the new episodes because if this factor.

  30. Mary says

    So sad to hear Sandra is moving on she made the show. With her winning personality and how she treated her clients was very professional. Loved how she would send them in first and then join them later to discuss the property. I hope HGTV will run her new show. I have not seen the new host yet but if she is as awful as I have read I will only watch repeats with Sandra. I will miss her dearly she really made the show interesting and fun.
    Mary from BC

  31. Lisa from BC says

    Sandra is the best. Loved her personality. She was professional and yet really cared about her clients. Will miss her on Property Virgins. Haven’t seen the new host yet, so will reserve judgement until then. I hope to see Sandra’s new show on HGTV soon!

    • Veronica says

      Lucky you!! I wish I could see Sandra’s new show, right NOW!! :)

  32. Francine Heath says

    I always watched your program with great attention. You have taught us the prudence and good tips to pass a good investment. I will miss you. I would like to hear from you and follow your career. We always need your advice. There will be nobody to take your place. You are the best. I will try to follow your instruction to the letter. See you soon. I wish you the greatest success in everything you undertake.

  33. Juliet says

    I miss Sandra as well! Like many others that have left a comment, the show is just not the same. I have tried to watch the new host, but it is almost painful. I love HGTV, but can only watch the old Property Virgins with Sandra.

  34. Virginia says

    The news was shocking. I’m glad it is her choice and what a great idea it is. Looking forward to seeing her again.

  35. Virginia says

    It was shocking to hear. I’m glad it is her choice and what a great idea it is. Looking forward to seeing her again.

  36. Mari says

    Sad to see you leave, but happy that you have a new show on the way.. I still enjoy watching Property Virgins but the shows do seem to all be around NY and NJ area. Good Luck Sandra, Love New Mexico.

  37. Pauline mukri says

    I was so shocked to see the new advertisement announcing a new host for Property Virgins! I thought the switch was rude and they did not prepare us for the switch so unless it’s an old episode with Sandra I am done with this program, I really loved watching her and I have learned so much about buying property from her. I will definitely be waiting on her new show :) good luck Sandra come back soon

  38. Kim Greenway says

    I love Property Virgins with Sandra, but now that she is gone I cannot watch that Egypt. She is so rude sometimes and her personality is almost fake. I will have to watch the reruns until we get Sandra’s new show…PLEASE.

    Thanks and good luck Sandra

  39. Linda says

    Ditto, ditto, ditto. We are watching only reruns. Hope the US HGTV picks up Sandra’s new show.

  40. Lynda says

    The show is not the same without Sandra, will watch the reruns – no one can replace her. Sandra, best of luck in your new ventures but you will be missed.

  41. Elly says

    I almost fell from my chair today when I realized that Sandra quit Property Virgins; had no idea until now. Cannot tell you how much I dislike these kind of changes. PV was HER program, and I found it amusing and educative at the same time.
    I felt that Sandra was doing a great job, and that her down-to-earth personality fit the program. It is certainly not easy to deal with so many different people, but she was able most of the time to steer them in the right direction. Am not so sure I’ll like the new host, but she deserves a chance as well. Meanwhile, I hope to see Sandra back on HGTV with her new program. Good luck, ladies!

  42. CoCo says

    I know it’s selfish, but I loved that Sandra spent so much time in Toronto. I always thought this was a predominately Canadian show that expanded into the US, but a New York host/realtor suggests that the emphasis will change.

  43. Carly says

    I’m at least glad to know it wasn’t HGTV’s choice to changes hosts… but how could it have been though!!? Sandra’s the best. Sadly, we did not get to watch her for 10 years here in the states. This new host has “dynamic delivery” and “sass”? Quite frankly, she’s seems very flat and uninteresting… and obviously does not have the same real estate expertise as Sandra. I want Sandra back! I haven’t watch much of the new show and don’t plan to watch much, if at all, in the future.
    Looking forward to seeing Sandra’s new show – hope it’s picked up quickly in the U.S.

  44. Donna S. says

    Umm….sounds like a bunch of judgmental racist white women. Egypt is fine and its not like they changed the host of will of fortune or the tonight show, it is a freakin show about houses, be for real people

    • Lainie B says

      I don’t know where you pulled the racism card from. YOU, Donna S. sound pretty anti-white yourself, so go think about that for a minute before you ignite a racial war here. Over what? Sandra vs. Egypt? Fact: most of us here prefer (and miss) Sandra. Skin color is not the issue. So you should check yourself and YOUR judgmental attitude.

      • says

        I have watched Egypt twice and don’t find her that bad to listen too, in fact after watching Sandra ‘s new show I find the new show a little annoying and also find Sandra a little off putting also, not sure I will watch Sandra’s new show again. Although I used to watch all of the “Property Virgins” shows.

      • Roxy says

        I mean I kind of agree with Donna S. I think if Egypt wasn’t a woman of color, people would give her more of an opportunity. Give her a chance for goodness sake! I like Sandra and was a little sad that she was no longer hosting, but it baffles me to think that people would be so hateful toward Egypt. Egypt is doing a fine job. Give her a chance.

        • Chris Banzet says

          Oh Stop it!! Why is that every time someone doesn’t like someone, SUDDENLY their race is the issue. Why can’t it be simply that Sandra was much better as a host!! For your information I LOVED Ahmed Hassan and no one will take his place either!! But it was because “HE” made the show, not because of color!!

          I get sick and tired of jerk offs who try and make everything about race and religion!! People don’t like Egypt.. GET OVER IT!

          • Thomas (Anaheim, CA) says

            Chris, I agree 1,000 Percent with you. Hate Egypt, LOVED Ahmad. And neither opinion has to do with color or race. EOS.

          • Rica says

            I enjoyed Sandra and enjoy Egypt equally as well. As far as Egypt being uneducated, I don’t get that and she definited gets the job done with class and style. I think it’s a matter of preference and that’s it. It sounds as if the move for Sandra is one she is passionate about. Kudos to both of these ladies. Egypt, I look forward to a lot more episodes from you.

    • Former says

      Donna: I’m now white, mixed race, but… I don’t think any of the comments were racist. If you tune into the shows (close your eyes) and only listen to the voice so you don’t know the color of the person (something YOU need to do) you can tell this new Personality “Egypt” has none. Boring and really doesn’t sound like a RE agent. She sound like she’s reading something written for her. ZERO TV personality.

      Also what is RACIST (for example) is having a Miss Black America Pageant that women of every color can enter. How can that be allowed.

      Just saying…

    • Kali says

      Donna, I am a woman of color and completely agree with the comments here about Egypt, so it has absolutely nothing to do with race! Egypt’s approach to the show makes it seem like just another reality show. She somehow takes the focus away from real estate and makes it all about her “interventions”. Sandra was informative, classy, and really made it a real estate show. Egypt’s episodes seem more concerned with faking some drama than finding homes. I have given her a fair chance, watched every one of her episodes since the change, and now have to say for the first time, I am deleting PV episodes from my TiVo – only 2011 and earlier for me from now on!

    • pdevlin says

      I’m a white guy who didn’t even know she was black to start with! I did think she was boring and uneducated in the subject of real estate. No one cares what colour the host is if they are good!

  45. says

    Well that is disappointing. I loved her on this show. I guess I won’t be watching Property Virgins anymore. Buy Her Own… bring it.

  46. Jan says

    I will really miss Sandra as host of Property Virgins, but I understand why she has left. This is a great opportunity for her. I wish her all the best and I can’t wait to see her new show. As for Egypt, time will tell if their choice of the replacement host will prove to be successful. I will give her a chance, but it is always hard when you’re so used to a certain person hosting a show and one that you like. I wish Egypt all the best as well.

    • Rica says

      I love your comment. Something positive amongst all the negative. For everyone who has chosen to stop watching PV, I hope there are two who has chosen to start watching. This is no time to for anyone to wish someone else to loose their job.

  47. Eugene Dean says

    Sadly, I really miss Sandra Rinomato. The show is just not the same. Egypt Sherrod seems nice, but is way too pushy I feel. I’ve watched several shows where she shows clients houses way, way over their budget. Sandra, rarely did that plus I felt Sandra was much more respectful to the clients. Hopefuly HGTV picks up Sandra’s new show soon!

  48. Cynthia Berry says

    I dislike Property Virgins very much without Sandra! I really don’t care for the new Hostess at all , Sandra was great.
    I also miss Suzanne On House Hunters , this narrator o the show now seems so impersonal , HGTV , please rethink some of these changes.

  49. C Sharpe says

    Just not the same without Sandra. Won’t be watching that show any more – have been a faithful watcher for 10 years.

  50. Disappointed. says

    Couldn’t HGTV find a better host than Egypt Sherrod? This is not about prejudice white women, as someone suggested. I’m not white & I just don’t think she is the right fit for this show. She obviously doesn’t know much about real estate, gives terrible advice, lacks class & is rude. She also looks terrible. What did she agree to do the how for free? I’m sure there’s a better host out there. I can’t watch the show with Egypt. It doesn’t even make sense. Please find a better, more experienced host who is not so nasty & self-absorbed.

    • Roxy says

      How does she look terrible? She’s an attractive woman. Maybe you’re the one who looks terrible.

  51. Darleen says

    Will miss Sandra Property Virgins was my favorite show. I will NO longer watch the show…. My other favorite show is Income Property I hope he never leaves his show or HGTV cancells it. Again will miss u Sandra cant wait to see your new show.

  52. says

    Will miss Sandra R. she is a classy lady. Maybe she got fed up with people wanting Granite and Stainless steel appliances on A $100,000 budget. Just a thought !!!!

  53. jennifer Boyle says

    Are you kidding? An idiot in high heels! Hoorible.

    • Anne says

      Wow, I was reading through the posts and somehow I knew it was just a matter of time before the “R” word (racist) reared it’s ugly head. Comments about black pageants and such. So sad that everything has to be reduced to race. I am a fan of Property Virgins and I will continue to watch the show, since it still deals with first time home purchases. I am a huge fan of Sandra’s, but when the show first aired many years ago, I didn’t know anything about her either. Professional admiration, as a Realtor myself, was developed based on her knowledge and experience. I don’t know too much about the new host Egypt, but I think it is unreasonable to comment that she is inexperienced

    • Junie Nebraska says

      Unbelievable! Some of you are downright nasty. How do folks justify labeling the new host as being an idiot, dumb, disgusting, inexperienced etc.? Based on what, the fact that she isn’t Sandra? And implying that this woman belongs in pornos? Honestly people the childish behavior and quit frankly rude and belittling comments are not a testament or tribute to your affection for Sandra – believe me when I tell you Sandra would NOT approve! This type of behavior and juvenile comments are a reflection of yourselves. It seems like most of you were fans if Sandra’s – the show just happened to be a thing she was doing. If that’s the case, find another way to get your weekly Sandra fill; some suggestions…check out her new show, watch re-runs etc. No need to lash out at the Egypt Sherrod and challenge her experience (amongst other things) just because she is not Sandra. I remember when Sandra first starting filming Property Virgins and she seemed a little unsure and uneasy in the beginning. However, she got better as time went by. If you insist on judging the new host, do so based on tangible factors; not silliness such as the sound of her voice. Here’s a new flash, Sandra MADE THE CHOICE to leave, she wasn’t fired; and when she made that choice, I’m pretty sure she was thinking of her best interest. Seriously, don’t you folks feel ridiculous ripping a perfect stranger apart in the name of your beloved Sandra when she is rightfully moving in with her life and career? Seems asinine to me!

      • Katie says

        Well said Junie. OMG! Sandra should be cutting some of you checks, lol! You’d think the new host took away your first born child. Honestly, how old are you people? This is almost as nasty as a U.S. Presidential election. Quit the name calling and grow up. Better yet, get a life.


  54. jennifer Boyle says

    If I wanted to watch porno I would! She is disgusting!

    • Lizzie says

      what makes her disgusting? The fact that she is Black? Your racism and ignorance is what is disgusting. You racist pig!

      • Veronica says

        Hey Lizzie, I’m not white and that’s not what this is about for me. It’s about wanting to see our “friend” Sandra again. We were privileged to see her for 10 years and wanted it to continue, that’s all. We miss her. My husband & I never missed her show. The new host just doesn’t have the same personality to my way of thinking. HGTV could help out all of us that are missing Sandra, by at least airing her new show in the U.S. NOW! That would help us. :)

      • Chris Banzet says

        Lizzy, you’re the disgusting pig trying to bring RACE into the formula because the rest of your argument would possibly hold any water. I LOVE going against jerk offs who bring race and religion into the mix as a LAME and PATHETIC excuse for everything.. At the end of the day, what it really does is single out who the real PREJUDICE person is, YOU!!!

        Sandra is EAGLE WINGS above Egypt.. Its FACT, not fiction! And those who want to voice their opinion about her can do so, without it somehow being a racial issue!! GROW UP!!!

    • Roxy says

      at least someone would want to watch her in a porno. hmmm…insecurity rears it’s ugly head.

  55. Theresa says

    Wow shocker I was Soooo disappointed to find out Sandra won’t be hosting anymore. I think she is fantastic at what she does and whomever dressed her for the show knows her style to a tee! I’ll take a look at the other new episodes give it a fare shot but but really am not excited about it. Those are big shoes to fill. What I am excited about is Sandra ‘s new show! All Sandra’s fans will just follow her – she made that show – style class and smarts – no question.

    • Mary says

      I feel whoever let Sandra walk should get his or hers walking papers as well! Sandra was HGTV PROPERTY Virgins and no one can replace her! When I purchased my home, I got my house at a great price. Watching her show, she taught me to make an offer on a house, I didn’t know I could do that! That is what I did and she saved us so much money! I tuned in to watch her and found Ms Egypt as the new host and immediately changed the channel. Give Egypt a chance she is very pretty and will make a good tv host, but change the shows name! Sandra, we’ll miss you!

  56. Barbara L. Brown says

    Sandra IS Property Virgins. Tried a few episodes with Egypt but nothing there. I have been an avid fan but no longer will be watching, only re-runs with Sandra. Will definitely look for her new show. Sorry Egypt, but Sandra just can’t be replaced!!

  57. PAT says

    Offer Sandra more money or whatever it takes. I loved watching Property Virgins with Sandra, she was so much fun to watch. I don’t like the new host at all she has no personality. I will watch reruns with Sandra but turn to something else if the show has Egypt on. Wake up Propery Virgins, you are losing your fans. Bring Sandra back

    • Myke says

      That’s just not true. In fact, ratings have increased slightly. But I see what you’re trying to do there.

  58. Susan Fisher says

    I’ve always loved Sandra and think she is a fantastic educator for buyers. I like the concept for her new show and look forward to watching it when it shows in the US.

  59. Linden Punch says

    When I turned on the TV and got the news that Sandra Rinomato had quit the show Property Virgins, I was extremely disappointed, but not as disappointed as I am now after reading some of the comments being written here about the new host Egypt Sherrod.
    I know one of the most feared words in the English language is the word “Change”, and when anything messes with our comfort zone we becomes uncomfortable reacting negatively to any of the changes. Whether we like her or not, Angel Sherrod did not deserve some of the comments thrown at her.
    Sandra Rinomato was the one that quit and poor Egypt Sherrod is facing your wrath for that. Do any of you guys remember the show Cheers, and the uproar it caused When Shelley Long quit and Kirstie Alley took over?. Well Kirstie Alley did fine once the viewers realized that she was not Shelley Long and she put a different spin on the show.
    Angel Sherrod deserves a chance, and only time will tell if she will be successful on the show, and it all depends on you changing your preconceived notions.

    • Linden Punch says

      Sorry for making the error of calling Egypt by the name of Angel in some instances.

      • Rica says

        After the nasty comments, I think she would enjoy being called Angel. It is so unfortunate people behave this way especially since Sandra chose to make the career move. Ten years is a long time to do the same job.

  60. says

    I am so sorry Sandra is leaving…and I hope I like the new host as well. Sandra was perfect. I’m glad she’s developing a new show.

  61. Lizzie says

    Good riddance, I thought she was pushy and condescending. She often had this weird and a little deceptive style of working with people and pushed houses that needed “a little work” on inexperienced buyers. I’m glad she is gone. The new host is fine by me. She is Black get over it you racist people. Black people aren’t going anywhere they live in America too. I hope they replaced Sandra. Her methods were very suspicious and controlling to me.

    • Veronica says

      Again Lizzie this isn’t about race, it’s about missing someone we all came to care about. Sandra’s doing very well in her new show for HGTV, it’s called “Buy Herself”. It’s like Property Virgins, but she finds homes only for women. :) the only bummer? It’s only airing in Canada so far, fingers crossed it will be in the States SOON! :).

  62. Bella says

    We too will miss Sandra, loved and looked forward to my free evenings to watch her show. She is an educated lady with great taste , not to meantion passionate about people, and her job’ All the best to you Sandra!!!!
    You will be missed
    Bella & Joey

  63. Kevin says

    I think my problem is that she CONSISTENTLY goes over budget with her clients. My wife and I now play a game to see who can guess how far she will go over. A couple shows ago, we were both shocked when she showed a house that was $100,000 over budget. She said something about how renting out space will offset the price, but I don’t believe the clients said anything about wanting to do that. I remember last week, she said that the house was $50,000 over their budget, but their parents can help with that. It’s baffling!

  64. kay mcmillion says

    i will not be watching new host on property virgins. she doesnt listen to them her voice is terrible and irratating . also she is has no class. love sanda , if she quit i think u could have picked someone better

  65. Terminatus says

    Sandra will be missed! The new host Egypt has about as much personality as a prickly pear. I tried watching the new episodes but quickly turned the channel. Boo!

  66. says

    Goodness…some people are cruel. Sandra was a little awkward when she started…don’t you remember…hooking arms with the couples, walking between them…not asking them to quote the prices. Shows evolve and get better as the host gets more comfortable. I plan to watch Property Virgins, because I like the premise. I’m sorry Sandra’s gone, but glad it was her idea and that she will have a new show. Change is inevitable, my friends. I, too, like Income Property…hope it never leaves. And, talk about a show evolving…c’mon, don’t we LOVE Curb Appeal: The Block even better than Curb Appeal? Just sayin’…

  67. Barton and Melva Isherwood says

    My wife and I always watch HGTV. Always. Property Virgins was one of our favourite programmes -we loved Sandy Rinomato because she was so genuine. She honestly cared about helping people,and that’s getting to be a rare thing nowadays. The new host is a dud; we will not be watching the show any more.(We will wait for Sandy’s new show,which has a great premise.) Sandy offered her viewers a very real individual, someone to whom we all could relate. Her life experience,natural warmth, and off-the-cuff charm will be greatly missed.

  68. says

    Well, I just saw my first show with Egypt, and I’m not sure what all the negativity is about. She’s fine…personally I don’t feel that she’s any better or worse than Sandra, just different. Maybe I would feel differently if Sandra wasn’t going to do another show. I wouldn’t be happy if I never saw her again. But I will definitely stick with Property Virgins. Good show; good host. Thanks to Sandra for 10 years of joy. Good luck, Egypt.

  69. BT says

    Sorry, don’t care for Egypt at all. I find her voice annoying (too….”vocal coached”) and she comes across as less real than Sandra did. I don’t think she offers the “tough love” advice or in the way Sandra did it.

    Sorry, HGTV. I won’t be watching this show any longer.

  70. Rex says

    Sandra was a lot of fun to watch – definitely a unique personality on TV. I wonder if the “new” Property Virgins will still primarily feature Toronto neighborhoods or not? I really liked that aspect of the show when Sandra was hosting.

  71. Tammy says

    Love the show and Sandra.Not sure about the new girl but does this mean it’s going to be American cities now and not Canadian ones. If that’s the case I won’t be watching.I want shows from our own backyard. If I want to watch American shows there are other stations for that. I’ll miss you Sandra but I’ll watch your new show.

  72. Kate Henshaw says

    Sure got a shock with this announcement….just found out now as I saw the promo for Sandra’s new show. Guess I will just have to watch that one so I can keep up with Sandra. Most of my tv watching is HGTV. I wish her all the best in her new show and as long as Property Virgins stay in Canada, I will watch Egypt. Won’t be the same but heh, everyone needs a change once in awhile.

  73. Mary Ann says

    Do not like the new host !! She is rude, & FAKE !! Please Sandra come back or start the new show do not watch Property Virgins any longer…

  74. DR says

    Have really tried to give the new host a chance, but we’ve stopped watching. She’s the wrong person for the show. Not a dynamic personality, and actually looks like she doesn’t want to be there. We’re done with Property Virgins. HGTV- get a new host or ditch the show. No longer worth watching with Egypt.

  75. Susan says

    Sandra is Property Virgins!!!!!. She is a wonderful host and really makes the show interesting. You have lost a realy asset and the show will never be the same.

  76. Susan says

    You have lost a real asset and the show will never be the same. Do not like the new host.

  77. Anita says

    I love the Sandra Rinomato deals with her clients and it is one of the reasons I got into the show. I am very sorry to see her leave, but, as an individual, she has a right to choose to do something else. I will miss her, though!

  78. Sarah says

    I have to agree with everyone else, you picked the wrong host. Egypt’s voice is annoying…ust because she has radio show does not make her a good tv host.
    Epic fail HGTV.

  79. veronica says

    The new host, Egypt, is awful, both artificial and uncritical. She invokes the worst of the stereotypes about real estate agents compounded by a truly annoying voice and enough makeup, and much else, to launch a 1000 faces. I can understand why Sandra wanted to move on but did they test the substitute on audiences? I give her a failing grade and shall not be watching a show I previously enjoyed.

  80. Patti says

    Loved Sandra and Property Virgins. The format was different, in that not everybody was successful in buying a house. Sometimes the buyers were too spoiled and wanted everything, right now!! even if they couldn’t afford it. Well, we all want everything right now, but, heck, sometimes we just have to wait. Now the show has just become another House Hunters. Show ’em three houses, pick one, and guess which one they bought. (Probably already purchased before show was filmed, like House Hunters).
    Property Virgins now just history for us. We’ll check out Sandra’s new show. Sounds interesting.

  81. Lynne says

    Sorry Egypt – you’re just not Sandra in any way, shape or form. The personality is just too strong and I felt the clients were almost ‘bullied’ into putting in an offer and at an amount Egypt suggests. Sandra is wonderful – will definitely be watching her new show but I really wish she would come back and do Property Virgins as well. Sorry Egypt – I tried to watch a few of the new shows but found myself fast forwarding my PVR and being disappointed and let down at the end.

  82. Carrie says

    Very disappointed in the change of hosts. Property Virgins was my favorite HGTV show (one of my all-time favorite shows, period) and Sandra made the show. Egypt just doesn’t hold a candle to Sandra; her personality just isn’t remotely as likeable. What a shame!

  83. Bev says

    Agree with most comments, Sandra made the show, watched the beginning of one show with Egypt, didn’t like it. Only watch reruns with Sandra, now they took off Ahmed, won’t be watching the new yard crasher either. HGTV should have just left things alone.

  84. ruth wong says

    hola yo veo a sandra en mexico y aunque es diferente ayuda mucho
    me encanta ver a sandra

  85. M Williamson says

    I loved watching Sandra so much that I even watched repeats. Sandra’s new show had better get picked up and shown in the US. I will watch her again and again. She is smart and has come up with great ideas.

  86. E Murphy says

    Watching a re-run of Property Virgins and sure do miss you! Good luck with your new show. Hope it works out well and hope that it comes to the US so we can watch it.

  87. John says

    As with almost everyone here, I am bummed to see her leave the show. I love watching all the reruns, and have often thought to myself I would love to have an agent like her when I purchase my first property. I have yet to see the new host in action, but I have a feeling it won’t be the same. Sandra did a great job of hosting the show while drawing little attention to herself, and this new “agent” already seems to have the camera focused on her.

  88. Sandy says

    I miss Sandra! This new host is nasty….condescending, abrasive and all with a “know it all” attitude. PLEASE get rid of her!

  89. Donna says

    Please pay Sandra to come back…I’m out with this new gal…not good

  90. Ashley says

    Sandra needs to come back!! The other girl is not good at all!!!

  91. Carol Gutierrez says

    So disappointed that Sandra has left my favorite show. Egypt is OK, but I don’t feel any connection to her like with Sandra. I don’t record the show anymore. If I’m channel surfing and come to the show, I’ll stop and watch. Also, if Egypt continues, is she ever going to go to other states? I live in California and it would be nice to see some of the shows on the west coast.

  92. Beverly says

    I really miss Sandra. The new girl takes the intrest out of the show for me. I no longer care about watching property virgins any more. Before, I tried never to miss an episode, and didn’t mind watching Sandra in re-runs. I’d like to know where she’s at now.

    • Veronica says


      Our Sandra now has a new show on HGTV-Canada. So far as I know, the U.S. HGTV hasn’t picked it up for us loyal U.S. fans. That sucks in my opinion. Her new show is called Buy Herself. And Sandra finds property virgins for women, young and old. She felt that there was a really good market for women who have never owned their own home. So all the lucky Canadians get to see the show and us in the States get Egypt. I wonder if we can at least start some sort of petition to have HGTV give us Sandra’s show in the States? What does everyone think? I like the idea!

  93. Veronica says

    O.K. Pretty much everyone misses
    Sandra, right? What can we do as a group to light a fire under HGTV to at least give us Sandra’s new show that is currently ONLY airing in Canada? It’s called “Buy Herself”. And I would love to be able to see it. It’s like “Property Virgins” except she sells to women, young and old. I want HGTV to start airing her show to us in the U.S. now! Come on people! What can we do as a group to make that happen?

  94. Leslie Crosby says

    Why mess with something that works well?!! With all of the changes on HGTV…..I have begun to tune in less and less!! It used to be my fav station, but no longer!

  95. Dannielle says

    I miss Sandra :(. That used to be my favourite Sunday show….. I can only hope that I get to see the episodes of her new show. Sandra, you have fans in Barbados too!!

  96. Ric Jefferis says

    Property Virgins has lost another fan. I don’t like Egypt,s personality or the way she handles the clients

  97. Bari says

    Good Sandra is going on to bigger things. I DIDN’T CARE FOR HER anyway and stopped watching. I will watch Egypt due to the first couple of shows, I liked her personality!

  98. REC says

    I was enjoying HGTV and Property Virgins came on. I was shocked to see a new host and a bad one at that. Her voice is annoying and her writers suck, or she does not know how to talk. Needless to say, I will not be watching that show ever again. I did enjoy it when Sandra Rinomato was the host, but now I will avoid it all together.
    Sad that HGTV probably had to fill some minority quota and hire a bad replacement.

  99. Sabrina says

    I was wondering after catching an episode over the last few days who the new host was. Hope to see Sandra again! She was my favorite!!!

  100. Meeko says

    Agree with Bari. I was starting to wear from seeing Sandra. Actually the show itself needed a makeover. Not just in terms of the host, but also with the approach. It is often condescending in the way it treats its buyers. Not all first time buyers are as clueless as depicted. I got tired of the same old walk and chat and the same stupid question: “Guess the price of this home?”. Please! I mean, what real estate agent plays “The Price is Right” with their clients? Buying a house is the real world, not a game show! The format is way too predictable and boooooooring. Also, how about changing out the host/agent like it is done with House Hunters? I love home buying shows, but just as I would not want to see the same couple on every episode purchasing home after home after home. I also do not want to see the same realtor selling home after home after home. Especially year after year after year. Sorry to say it, but Sandra was way past the “expiration date” and it was time for her to move on!

  101. Willameenah says

    AWW CRAP!!! I truly love Sandra! Will definitely miss her dearly. Hopefully her show will air here, I mean she has a huge Fam base I’m sure… Her personality made the show. As far as Egypt, I’m familiar with her on the radio as well as other shows & I have no real issue with her. Wish her well on her new baby as well as the show. Me not being a fan of change, will definitely have to try to get used to this.

  102. says

    Quite frankly, I dislike all the House Hunter shows, Property Virgin, Holmes on Holmes. House Hunters International. I miss the decorating shows which is how I started watching HGTV, but now all they show are those house hunting shows which are fabricated plus our economy is no longer housing friendly. When they get back to mixing up decorating with other shows, then maybe I will be back, but as of today, I no longer find HGTV interesting.

  103. Former says

    HOW in the world did someone like Egypt get that job. She’s boring, and she sounds like she knows nothing about RE (reading off the script). She never gives the buyers any real info on the area, subdivision, etc.Like she just stepped off an airplane from another state just to host.

    We no longer watch the show – SANDRA was great and knowledgeable about all the houses she showed. Egypt just asks buyers “what did you think.” That’s dumb.

    HOW in the world did she get that job. Surely there were thousands that interviewed for the position that had Personality, Poise and Grace. She’s abrasive and has no knowledge of RE. DUMB.

  104. Jillian in San Jose says

    Property Virgins has gone from a “NEVER MISS” to a “NEVER WATCH”. I really want to like the new host, but after watching a few episodes, I took Property Virgins off my DVR recorder and made room for another show to record. It’s weird because I thought it was the formula of the show that I enjoyed, but it’s clear that the format and the host was the magic combination. HGTV – please bring Sandra back to the US. I don’t care what she does, I will watch it no matter what. I’m sad because I not only lost one of my favorite shows, but one of my favorite hosts isn’t on HGTV anymore :-(

  105. Jennylind Cunningham-Gibbs says

    Well I must say that the show is not the same without Sandra, I am going to say now that I hardly ever watch the show now cause it does not have the excitement that Sandra brought to the table, don’t give my wrong Egypt could be a great host on another TV show, but just not this one.

    I think you need another show to showcase Egypt talents and knowledge in other areas, my husband is not a big fan of certain things but he likes Property Virgins, and now we don’t watch it.

    Also I think they should at the end of the show for a little more intrest to show the couple in the home instead of just ending the show when they find out that the offer was accepted. “Just a thought”.

  106. betty hyatt says

    I am really missing Sandra on Property Virgins. I loved it when there was a Property Virgins marathon — I could literally watch it all day long. Sandra was the perfect host; I’m a fan! I’m happy for her that she has another show of her own but I’m NOT happy that the US isn’t broadcasting it here! Please tell them to hurry up with that. I’ll look forward to seeing her on Buy Herself. Congratulations, Sandra!

  107. Saaji says

    I hav’nt seen the new host in action….but I want Sandra back. I was sooooo hoping she’d help me find my first place. Will miss Sandra. :(

  108. Dwayne Johnson says

    I really enjoyed watching Sandra on Property Virgins. My wife and I miss her
    alot but we do not miss watching PV anymore. I have tried very hard to watch
    the new show with an open mind towards Egypt but no go. I can’t stand her and hence have chosen to not watch at all even with the volume on the tv muted.
    Whatever new show Sandra is a part of, you can bet I’ll be watching.

  109. Rich says

    It’s time for a gay man to host this show.

    Egypt is just not warm and she seems very judgmental of first-time buyers; whereas, Sandra was more “understanding” and maybe sometimes “amused”. I just took it off my automatic record list.

  110. Jutia says

    I have given Egypt a chance but she seems like she’s trying too hard to be likable and funny. She isn’t either. I will continue to watch Sandra on reruns. We miss you and are looking forward to your new show. HGTV, please find a new more likable host.

  111. Maria says

    I love Egypt, and couldn’t stand Sandra. She was always so pushy and gave the buyers horrible advice! Also her Canadian accent drove me crazy!

  112. reality_fan says

    This is not good news for the show. I was totally bummed when I first heard this in Jan. Sandra was always honest and ethical and gave great advice. She’s also very cute. I learned a lot from her. Focusing on a new show solely on women buyers will alienate the male audience, including me. It’s a niche market at best. I suspect both shows will go bust unless HGTV got smart and are looking to bring Sandra back. By then, I may be onto a different show. All good things must come to and end.

    • Chris Banzet says

      So you’re saying you don’t enjoy a show where you get to watch all women, including the host, which by the way, I agree, she is a very attractive woman. But her “style” of selling, her approach and charisma…. She could be selling ice to Eskimos and I’d still watch the show….

  113. Virginia White says

    I wish Sandra the best my favorite show on hgtv I dod not care for the replacement at all so by by virgin property buyers,

  114. Mary G. says

    I haven’t seen the new host of Property Virgins yet, but surely she will be a refreshing change from Sandra Rinomato. We stopped watching her many months ago since her most promiment method of getting people to make an offer was to tell them that there was already an offer or they had been outbid, only to come back later and say the house is back on the market and they should offer full price. Considering that the housing market is so poor in most parts of the country, it seems unrealistic and actually quite annoying to see how she manipulated buyers in pretty much every episode I watched. Perhaps that’s the way things are done in Canada. And I will definitely not be inclined to watch her new show. The (irritating) personality is what it is.

    • says

      Wow! I’m shocked!
      Every loves Sandra!
      Or at least I thought.
      She always tried to gt a better deal for her clients.
      I really miss her!

    • Chris Banzet says

      Mary G,

      How false and misrepresenting your comments are. I’ve seen every episode and nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, she had WAY more integrity than the average sales person, and definitely had a genuine care for virgins attempting to buy a home. The picture you painted is solely your own creation and doesn’t represent anything I’ve ever seen…..

      • Thomas (Anaheim, CA) says

        Wow Chris…I agree with you…Mary G seems to not see the genuine Sandra that most of us see. I always saw Sandra as caring, and straight forward with her clients. It’s amazing how different eyes see different things. Sandra was a winner and a class act all the way.

  115. marisa tiberi says

    I have a big crush on Sandra. I love her smile, her eyes and how she handles and helps those innocent and naive property virgins!

  116. Josie says

    I have resolved NOT to watch the show with the new host after viewing some of them. Not to take anything away from Egypt, I concluded…no one can replace Sandra. The show has lost its dynamics.

  117. Josie says

    For Maria:
    We have something in common. A lot of the American accent bother me too.

  118. Eileen says

    Egypt is fine. And best of luck to Sandra in her new venture! I’m more interested in seeing homes purchased in my own neck of the woods, and in one recent episode with Egypt I not only got to see homes in my neighborhood, but my own home was on the show (as the camera panned the block)!

  119. says

    I agree Egypt is fine ! Sandra moved on.
    We have to accept that!
    Egypt is more inpatient with picky an unrealistic buyers, than Sandra was.

  120. LOU says


    • Chris Banzet says

      WOW!! Are you serious??? Sandra Rinomato is likable inside and “out”. Besides having a natural personality that is incredibly infectious, she also had a very natural appeal to her. There was nothing FAKE about her, which I can’t say for some other leading shows on HGTV that has female sales people where “EVERYTHING” about them is fake….. ie, New York, LA and I’ll leave the rest up to the viewers to agree disagree.

      But you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how crazy it may be… 😉

    • Tyus says

      I miss Sandra I think she was very pretty on the eyes no matter what she was wearing or boobs she pushed up. Is she single?

  121. barbara says

    egypt is as flat as a pancake………..sandra has much more life! as well as more insight to people.

  122. ER says

    It’s mid-July and Sandra is still on HGTV, hosting Property Virgins.. Nice of you to post false info.

    • Debra says

      Have you looked at the original air date? Sandra is not on anymore.

  123. ER says

    ^ …. or the show has been on repeat since she opted to leave. I still haven’t seen an episode with the non-comparable Egypt… “Buy Herself” should go over well with all the single woman out there ; )

    • says

      Yep, lots of repeats. Heck, HGTV aired “House Hunters” episodes with Suzanne Whang in them years after she left. They still air episodes of “Yard Crashers” with Ahmed hosting, too, even though he’s gone. I always know when a “Property Virgin” episode with Egypt is on because I get hundreds of searches on my blog from viewers trying to figure out where Sandra went.

  124. Jessica says

    I am just not interested since the new host took over. Sandra kept my attention with her vibrant personality, voice and her knowledge of real estate.

    • says

      I think we should give Egypt a chance.
      Yes, she is not Sandra nobody is ,
      but chose another path and we have to accept it.
      Egypt is growing on me.

    • Chris Banzet says

      I agree 100%, as it seems most of the replies here do as well.. :)

  125. says

    I think we should give Egypt a chance.
    Yes, she is not Sandra nobody is ,
    but Sandra chose another path and we have to accept it.
    Egypt is growing on me.

  126. Timeforchange says

    Thank goodness!!! I could not stand her on this show! I tried watching and always end up changing the channel. The new show sounds like a better fit for her, but I won’t be sad if it doesn’t make it to the U.S.
    Looking forward to seeing a new face.

  127. J0-Ann says

    Sandra has the personality and likeability, treated people with respect and worked for their best interests. I no longer watch Property Virgins, but I DO watch and like her new show Buy Herself. I wish her the best of success. Watching Egypt is like watching David, rather than Johnny

  128. Debra says

    I don’t like the new host, she just doesn’t seem to fit. I stopped watching. I love Sandra and it just isn’t the same without her. I hope her new show is picked up as I really miss her.

  129. jesse says

    i really enjoyed watching sandra i dont watch the show any more i wish her all the best in whatever she dose please bring her back

  130. Lynn says

    I watched one episode with Egypt as the new host, and haven’t seen Property Virgins since.

    Sandra’s new show Buy Herself is terrific, and I’m really enjoying it.

  131. Annette says

    Get rid of Egypt Sherrod she is ruining the Property Virgins show.

    • M. Marshall says

      Agree wholeheartedly. I hope HGTV reads all these and takes the hint!

  132. Yvonne Lacy-Baskerville says

    Oh, how I miss Sandra. She had such a style that when she was on, I stopped what I was doing to watch her whether it was a new series or as re-run. I truly miss seeing her. Hope the USA will pick up her new show. Egypt has a voice like nails on a blackboard. None of my neighbors have Property Virgin Parties on Tuesday night since this new person came on board.

  133. Lady Gaga says


    I think Egypt isn’t as individual as Sandra and as realistic as Sandra. Egypt is fine, and I think she is cool because i live really close to were she does her filming. I was even watching an episode at my grandmas when she did an episode in wayne, nj probably only a few blocks from my grandmas! I also miss Sandras canadian Accent.


    • Cristina says

      I saw the show yesterday with Egypt.
      I thought she was fantastic!
      She lost weight, she looked beautiful, her hair looks beautiful.
      Sandra is not coming back people.
      We cannot live in the past.
      I love that shows are here in New York and New Jersey!

      • Linda says

        Sandra was so much better!! I can’t stand Egypt. I don’t watch when she is on, but I’ll watch the repeats with Sandra:))

    • Chris Banzet says

      I chose NOT to read your comment solely because of the ridiculous “READ THIS COMMENT” rampage you posted along with it…

  134. B. says

    I was shocked when I first found out she was no longer the host. Property Virgins had become a staple in my house. Sandra will very much be missed! I will truly miss this beautiful vibrant hot bodied woman whose gap in the teeth smile lit up the screen. Her knowledge and persona put everyone at ease. She always goes beyond the call of duty to accommodate a client. Sandra, you are missed in my house!

  135. ml says

    was so sorry to hear Sandra left Property Virgins an that we have a new host…do not like Egypt as the host..she seems flat as the host and just not as personable as Sandra…i will miss her much an will probably not watch the show now….hopefully the network will pick up Sandras new show….will wait to hear

  136. Adele says

    The new host Egypt just doesn’t have the effortless style and easy going personality that Sandra does. She also lacks warmth. Sandra was better at connecting with buyers, showing them reality, and then steering them in the right direction. Really don’t like the new crop of HGTV shows or hosts, like “Selling LA/NY/London”, “Buying and Selling” and their narcissistic, “in love with themselves” attitude and undeserved loftiness. Designed to Sell was my favorite show along with Property Virgins and House Hunters. Show real homeowners solving real design dilemmas, not how some billionaire decorates their Hampton Estate (because nobody cares!!!)

  137. shiva says

    I was wondering what happened to Sandra Rinomato! I loved Sandra as the younger

  138. Priscilla Swanson says

    We watch HGTV less now that Sandra has left. I have no interest in the show with the new hostess. Apparently her new show has not been picked up in the US as I cannot find it on our TV schedule. We miss Sandra!

  139. golden girl says

    I miss Sandra. She was interesting to listen to and knew what she was talking about. I have watched a couple of the shows with Egypt, but I find her boring and I no longer watch Property Virgins. I also don’t watch Color Splash anymore since David moved the show to Miami. It is not the same without Danielle and Ian.

  140. kim says

    I want to vomit and be depressed when I watch the new Property Virgins episodes, I dont know what to do anymore without Sandra

    • Roxy says

      Really? I think you’re taking this a little too hard. Get a hobby.

      • Chris Banzet says

        Hey Roxy,

        How about YOU get a Hobby! After all you’re the one who’s posted about 20 comments against those who don’t like Egypt… GROW UP!!

        • Sigmund says

          Says the poster with 15 comments bemoaning Egypt with words like, “SUX!” and hitting all caps like a lab rat banging buttons for a treat. The absolute pinnacle of being grown up.

          This thread would make a great psych study in celebrity worship. It’s about the most humorous read I’ve had this evening. It’s television. Nobody is curing cancer, feeding the starving, or making any ground breaking discoveries. The woman left. The sun will rise tomorrow. Some of you will get over it. Some of you will find some other insignificant slice of life to feel miserable about.

  141. c says

    okay, I guess I’m just being old-fashioned…that sounds so depressing buying a house by yourself and not being married. No, I’m not from the 1950s! Just sounds so sad and lonely. I’m picturing my great aunt Edna who never married, lived in her own house and had died alone without anybody knowing for a week.
    i’d never watch that new show.

  142. Cherimina says

    Sandra I miss you, I’ve been watching you for many years. It’s a pleasure to watch you and see you on. I hope you could return soon if by any chance you are coming back
    Love Cheri D.

  143. Lance says

    Sandra was the most hideous TV host I have ever seen and a horrible realtor. I think the real reason she quit was all the bad publicity she was receiving from all over the country. Countless blogs have popped up over the last few years complaining about her ethics and code of conduct. Now it’s going to start all over again.

    • Sandra says

      I agree Lance,
      Not too many people know the real story behind Sandra’s force tactics she and her agent used to get her the spot. To make is brief, Sandra was out right turned down when her sample video was view by the producers.
      One saying and I quote, “ This woman is Hideous”
      Her video was thrown into the reject can with all the other overweight wannabee candidates. Without going into all the detail there was a great deal of arm twisting, special favors promised and a few rated R tactics that unwillingly forced the producers to put on a pair of latex cloves and pull Sandra’s video tape out of the trash. Under the gun they gave in and gave her the part.
      There was a ground swell of complaints about Sandra’s sales tactics, her attire, even her voice but mainly the bully tactics and sarcasm she routinely displayed.
      This petty little band of so-called fans pales in comparison to the tens of thousands of outraged people not to mention the uncounted number of Blogs and I hate Sandra Rinomato forums circulating the internet.
      The bad publicity was damaging HGTV, Coldwell Bank and Sandra’s reputation. She had no choice, it was either leave on your own or we will through you out on your ass.

  144. says

    It´s been a pleasure to watch Sandra, I´ve learned a lot about many things from her besides buying a home. I was telling a friend about Sandra and how nice is for me to find hope in this kind of negotation through the way she interacts with the client. I think she is a natural psychologist. She sure is known outside Canada & USA!!!!

  145. Janie says

    Hey HGTV, are you getting all this? PLEASE, if you want to save your “Property Virgins” show, please get yourselves a better replacement for Sandra.

  146. Thomas (Anaheim, CA) says

    Yes, three of our favorites on HGTV were Ahmed Hassan, Sandra Rinomato, and Josh Temple. Now two of the three are gone. My wife and I refuse to watch the replacements on Property Virgins and Yard Crashers. If they screw up again, and lose/get rid of Josh, we won’t watch any of their shows. Stop screwing with what works! Jeeze!

  147. Chris Banzet says

    As a sales person, and a home enthusiast, I used to watch the show RELIGIOUSLY because of Sandra Rinomato! Her unique sales style, command of the sales process and knowledge of home buying in general made her an absolute pleasure to watch!!!

    When HGTV let her step away, they lost a large number of American watchers I’m sure. The BEST thing HGTV could do is find a way to get Sandra Rinomato back on with her new show, ASAP!!

    I’m sure Egypt Sherrod is a great sales person, but when you take away the sunlight, a flashlight just doesn’t seem bright!! :)

    Let’s Go HGTV!! Get Sandra Rinomato back on US channels!!!!

  148. Dwayne Schwartz says

    You made a serious mistake in losing Sandra, She was easy to watch as she helped her clients reach a good decision. If Egypt is going to continue as the Host then you have permanently lost me and my family as viewers.

    • Cristina says

      Sandra Rinomato left because she wanted to, nobody fired her.
      When are you people going to understand that?
      Nobody can force her to stay .
      I loved her, but I accept her decision.
      You can’t compare people, everybody is different.
      I wish Egypt a lot of luck!

      • Chris Banzet says

        Wrong answer Cristina, she went on and started her own show because the managers of “Property Virgins” refused to reconsider her salary. so, HGTV knowing she was a dynamic person, helped her create her own show. In essence, they “did” force her to leave by simply not making her salary commensurate with the shows popularity and no doubt money flow. So, now she has her “own” show and is in control of all that.

        but the bottom line is, she was the BEST and I certainly understand people who don’t warm up to Egypt. She isn’t half the professional Sandra was.

        • Rica says

          Nope, she’s not Sandra, she’s Egypt and she should not be expected to be a clone. I enjoy both ladies and the different personalities they bring to the show. I have been a fan and am still a fan of PV. I hope the viewing audience triples in size. Sandra is not the first host to change careers on HGTV and certainly won’t be the last. As the saying goes, “one door closes and another nor opens”. Sandra is still on the network.

          • Chris Banzet says

            No one disagrees that the show could continue, and no one is looking for a prop up from a wannabe Sandra either. What most are saying is that they “dislike” the new host, and that she falls way short of being as dynamic and professionally electrifying as Sandra. If you like Egypt, that’s great. It only seems to be about 5% of the viewing audience though. As you may know the show is losing ratings like crazy! And Egypt is the reason why. Not just because Sandra is gone, but because Egypt can’t carry the torch.

  149. carol says

    When people give the realtors A maximum amount that they want to spend, why do the realtors try to push more expensive homes, Isn’t this a major reason for all the foreclosures? I do not think trying to force people to exceed the maximum budget, they are setting very bad examples for buyers and real estate agents, These shows should be more responsible and and take the u.s. economy in to consideration.

  150. Vanessa says

    Does it occur to anyone that Egypt just might not like doing the show either? Maybe she’s just trying out a new direction. Personally I don’t think it’s a fit for her. But kudos for stepping in to try it out. Property Virgins is too much associated with the former host anyway. But it’s still new. Time will tell. Egypt is an elegant lady with a lot of energy. It simply may not be a fit for her. I like both hosts and the program itself. Of course approach is going to differ. People are in denial. Black and White people are opposites. Not better—opposites. Always have been and always will be, thankfully. To expect no change when a black woman steps into a role a white woman filled for a predominantly white audience, in a predominately white industry, is just denial and that weird american-ism. And yes, I’m black, but maybe I’m just being uneducated. Seriously, it’s a television show. I don’t think Egypt is losing any sleep because you don’t like her. She shouldn’t. I wouldn’t. I wish them both well.

  151. pdevlin says

    WHEN are they going to ditch Egypt Sherrod? Black,white or green she is awful. Makes the programme all about her with her showboating. She adds no useful reality knowledge and is a drain. I know they wouldn’t pay Sandra what she was worth, but get someone who knows what they are doing and has personality at least! Everyone I know tunes right out when Egypt comes on.

    • Chris Banzet says

      I agree completely! Somehow the prejudice group showed up calling everyone else prejudice by commenting on the fact that she was black! As if that alone means you CANNOT judge her “talents”!! TRUE sign of individual prejudiced when someone does that!!

      Egypt is in the bottom 25% of Realtors in general, forget about television appearance. She absolutely does not have the character, presence or intuitive instincts that Sandra had. I would LOVE to have Sandra as my Realtor, but I wouldn’t buy my DREAM HOUSE from Egypt!!

  152. shannon says

    I am so upset that sandra is not on the show i dont watch it anymore it just doesn’t feel like the same show. Sandra made that show!!!

  153. dcinnv says

    I do not understand why HGTV keeps making these host switches with no explanation. The more changes they make, the more I look for something else.
    Sandra was great at this. She really did make the show. The new lady is ok, but she does not have the save “it” that Sandra did. Shoot even my husband liked the show with her.
    Yea, what did happen to Susan from House Hunters. We don’t watch it near as much anymore, I am sure HGTV wanted to cut more cost as it is all about how much they make.

  154. Sharon Stern says

    How can Sandra sell real estate in the US? How can she be licenced there?

  155. marcia says

    só queria dizer que adoro assistir aqui no Brasil,o teu programa Sandra!
    estou tentando copiar umas ideias das casas que vc vende !!beijos!!!

    • Cristina says

      Sandra doesn’t want to come back .
      She quit , it’s time people accept it.
      She has another show in Canada.

      • Chris Banzet says

        She didn’t quit. Guess you didn’t get the memo… During contract negotiations, she decided to take the “second” offer and started her own show which HGTV is going to carry in the future.(maybe) The show is called “Buy Herself” about single women buying homes. It airs in Canada currently, and hopefully it will come to the US soon… But they are making a ton of money of her and when it came time to renew the contract, they weren’t willing to pay her what she’s worth. But to imply that she just quit the show is false, and it doesn’t properly represent the scenario, and the reason why there are so many MAD viewers posting here. They “DESERVE” the right to complain, and HGTV is paying for it. Just look at the viewer ratings for Property Virgins.. it’s taken more than a 50% hit!!

  156. Wendell says

    I was so glad to see a new host. I always thought that Sandra never listened to the buyers and was a typical realtor, pushy and wanting to do the least amount of work possible. Egypt is ten times better. I quit watching Property Virgins because of Sandra, will start watching again now that there is a new host.

    • Chris Banzet says

      yeah right! Gee Wendell, are you backing the “home team”?? Because your statement obviously shouts and wreaks like you are… Anybody and everybody knows that Sandra was not even close to what you describe.

      Your statement is as believable as me trying to convince you that Zebra’s don’t have stripes…

      Not True, Not Fair, Not right to make this a prejudicial issue between skin color. Why do some feel the need to believe that anytime someone makes a remark against anyone of a minority, that “immediately” it MUST be about their skin color, sexual preference, religious background, etc.. It’s PATHETIC at best, and this world now has a new reverse discrimination. We can’t say that someone sux, when they absolutely SUCK!!

      Egypt SUX!! Regardless of “what” her origin is, the lady couldn’t sell water to a desert rat!! I could give a hoot about what her “nationality” is, sexual preference, what church she goes to, or any other distinction not related to selling homes! None of that has anything to do with the bearing on her “abilities” to sell. As I mentioned in another statement I wrote; forget about TV, Egypt is in the bottom 25% of realtors period!!

      Even if the show refuses to bring back Sandra, at least find a comparable replacement, or someone with at least a professional adage to give quality back to the show.. Egypt… YEAH RIGHT!!!

  157. Judy says

    Please get someone more like Sandra for the show. I’ve tried to keep an open mind with Egypt. I just don’t think she’s right for this show. I don’t watch anymore. Very sad to see Sandra go.

  158. Vicki says

    I love Property Virgins.. I am extremely disappointed that Sandra chose to leave. I do not like Egypt .. the new host. I no longer try to make sure I catch the show as I did when Sandra was there. HGTV should try to find a host who is similar to Sandra and her natural appeal as a true real estate agent.

  159. Lrod says

    I liked Sandra but Egypt does a great job. I think she’s wonderful and worth the chance!

    • Cristina says

      I agree with Lrod.
      Sandra was great, but she moved on and we should too!

  160. Kathie L says

    Love Sandra, can’t stand Egypt. Please bring Sandra back on tv and replace Egypt.

    • Cristina says

      Come on people , Sandra is gone and happy, it’s time to move on too.
      Sandra MOVED on to better things, let her go.
      Stop offending the new host.
      If you don’t like the show, just turn it off!
      Let other people enjoy it.

      • Chris Banzet says

        First of all, Sandra didn’t “move on”, guess you weren’t aware of the squeezing out of money for her contract. But she’s a smart woman, and had an ace up her sleeve, got the new show already hitting good numbers.

        Secondly, “offending” the new host??? Egypt SUX!! And we’re the audience and have a RIGHT to voice our likes and dislikes.. That’s what TV is about. We’re the audience, and we get to chose who we want or don’t want to watch.. If people want to display their opinions about whether or not they like the new host, they have every right…..

  161. bib says

    When P/V first started I HATED her. I thought she was condescending and kind of a beotch. Then later I gave it another chance, it seemed as if the producers had sent her to charm-school so to speak, now I appreciate her much more. I hope this new show of her’s makes it to the US market, it sounds interesting and currently topical. (If not highly overdue)

  162. Cristina says

    Sandra is history !!! Move on people, or move to Canada to watch her!!!!

  163. Jen G says

    Some of you really need to relax. It’s just a TV show. I think you all need to take a vacation. Perhaps Egypt?

  164. Diana says

    Not at all happy with the change :( Sandra has such a great personality and down to earth. Probably not interested in the show anymore. However, if Sandra pops up on another, I will tune in :)


    I love Sandra as well but Egypt is doing a good job,at first I really missed Sandra but now Egypt has really grown on me. I love the show.

  166. Alyssa says

    I loved Sandra but I think Egypt is doing fantastic. I don’t understand why anyone would label her uneducated. Let alone say such awful things about her. I wish Sandra well with her new show. I also hope to see Egypt on property virgins for many seasons to come.

  167. adriana says

    I think everyone is losing sight of what is really important here. Property virgins is a show about first time home buyers. Why are so many people hating on Egypt? Personally, i think she brings a new personality to the show. Change is not always a bad thing. Futhermore, how in the bleep does race come up? Yes i am sure that is the first thing we will all think about when we are house hunting. Come on people we are in 2013, lets look at the facts here and not continue on with the racist nonsense. After all stupidity never gets you all that far.