There Are Legs in the Tub But Nobody’s Home

A reader sent me an email with a link to the listing for the new house she’s buying in Colorado. She writes, “In a statement I never thought I’d never need to type: The legs are no longer in the tub.” Huh? I wasn’t sure what that meant.

When I looked at the photos, this one of a mannequin wearing nothing but a tie in the living room made me do a double-take. But then I got to the bathroom and saw this:

File this one under “Bizarre and Questionable Home Staging.” (As my daughter said when she saw this: “Why?“) The house itself has some great features that don’t involve mannequins or body parts, though.

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  1. says

    Legs or no, that is one FANTASTIC house. Congrats to your reader who’s buying it!

  2. says

    My house is going on the market tomorrow and I have tried oh so hard to make sure it doesn’t end up on one of your Bad MLS photos pages :) The pics have been well received on fb so here’s hoping……

    • says

      Knowing you, Janet, there’s no chance of that! I’m sure your house looks beautiful. Best of luck with the sale! :-)

  3. says

    Whaaaat? This is craziness! Seriously – what is rolling through someone’s mind to think “Hmm…now THIS will be a good idea!!” [Cute casa, though.]

  4. says

    Maybe it’s just me, but naked mannequins and dismembered body parts in the tub really don’t scream “Buy this house!” to me 😉 Although I think I could overlook the staying faux pas in this case :-)

    Happy 2012 Julia!

  5. says

    That is the most bizarre thing! What would possess a person to stage a home like that?! I can’t imagine anyone actually thinking that looks good, or that it makes the house look more homey.

  6. Michele says

    Legs aside, this house is gorgeous. I love the pottery wall, the windows, the IL apt! Congrats new owner!

  7. Bridget says

    Just curious. … Did the buyer ask why the manniquin was used?

  8. Joan says

    Gorgeous house (despite the freaky mannequins)! Lucky, lucky reader who gets to live in that house!!

  9. micky says

    Have the same question as Bridget, did the buyer ask why they did it? Is real estate kind of like the entertainment biz, bad publicity is better than none :-)

    • Lindsay von says

      Thanks for all the kind words about the house!

      We did not ask about the mannequins in the staging, we just sort of assumed given the owner’s background (theatre and arts) that it was there flair for the dramatic that made it make sense to them. Fortunatley my husband and I are a little quirky, we were amused more then anything else. Plus by the time we viewed it everything but the piano had been moved out of the house.

  10. says

    I love this house though (legs and all.) It reminds me of the house in the movie “A Summer Place” I think with the way the stone on the walls and the stair case going down.

  11. says

    Why, oh why??? I mean, don’t get me wrong…this is great blog fodder. But I feel badly for the homeowners who allowed their Realtor to publish those photos!

  12. Kim says

    Ha ha, very strange. I often wonder if homeowners like these don’t know how to stage their house. If they do, then they are taking big risks.

  13. Brenda says

    Very quirky decorating, but great to know there are buyers out there who can see the “bones” of the house. Love it and what a view!

  14. says

    Oh that is funny! Takes a keen eye to notice those legs…. Wonder who thought of that? All the best for 2012,

  15. nanne says

    this puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “this story has legs..” that i learned in journalism class…..

  16. says

    That is hilarious! I’ve seen a lot of interesting photos posted for listings but I can honestly say I’ve never seen legs in a tub.

  17. says

    Here is what I am thinking…Pretty Woman. Remember…the scene where Richard Gere returns and she is just wearing his tie! There is also an infamous tub scene. Yep. Weird.

    Happy New Year!

    : )

    Julie M.

  18. Cathy says

    And someone paid to have it staged????? That is very different.
    We live in very small town Ontario and I don’t think , well I know that it would not go over well. Thank you for including it in your blog. It gave me my morning chuckle.

  19. ShabbyChick says

    EWWW on the mannequin. And what is with that 2nd kitchen in the listing photos? Wasn’t the main kitchen big enough??? The overall vibe of the house was cool enough and reminded me of the VERY COOL house in “When a Stranger Calls” (remake), but the homeowner’s tastes are very strange (ie: master bedroom “canopy-thingy”????)
    Bizarre. Just bizarre.

    • Lindsay von says

      The additional kitchen is part of the mother in law suite. As we are mulitgenerational househould, it allows for us to have our own space while still sharing a home :)

  20. kate says

    That bathroom has lots worse going on than the legs in the hot tub! Man, could they jam anymore ART? on their walls?