HGTV Dream Home 2012: A Modern Rustic Ranch in Utah

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means–time for HGTV to reveal its Dream Home 2012! It’s something I always look forward to, even though I’ve been kind of disappointed by some of their houses in recent years. They’re describing this one as a modern rustic ranch home (“think fishing camp meets ski retreat with tons of 5-star luxury!”) on the banks of the Provo River in Utah.

Take a look!

I thought it was kind of cool how they wrapped the great room in stone. Almost makes it feel like an outdoor space.

I’m not sure how I feel about the kitchen. I guess it’s just not what I expected after seeing that dramatic great room.

Ignore the little red “plus” signs that pop up on the photos here and there. If you check out the photo tours on, you can click those symbols for more information (but they don’t work here, obviously).

The Media Room:

The colors in some of these rooms are just too dark and muddy for me. I prefer those bright whites and classic blues in the Great Room and kitchen to the more muted tones in rooms like the Master–just my personal thing. Love that porch off the bedroom, though!

The master bath:

They’ve got something called a “changing room,” which I thought at first was a fancy new name for a mudroom:

Turns out there’s a real mudroom next to it, though:

This weekend I proclaimed that I could never live in another house without a mudroom. “That’s a deal breaker for me,” I said. My son Jake was like, “Really? That’s where you draw the line?” I thought about it for a minute and then said, “Yes. I could do without a lot of things, but I have to have a mudroom.”

But I digress! The point was that I could go for a house with not only a mudroom but a changing room (whatever that is) and a big laundry room connected to it, too:

I couldn’t figure out where the washer and dryer were until I saw the next photo:

Ta-da! There they are. Would you want your washer(s) and dryer(s) hidden like that? I don’t really see the point, myself. I’d always have those cabinets open because I’m always doing laundry!

The outdoor spaces are pretty amazing. I could sit very happily out here for hours on end, staring out into the distance…

The winner of the 16th HGTV Dream Home 2012 will also get a GMC Terrain, $500,000 in cash (presumably to put toward that hefty tax bill that will be coming due), and everything you see in the house.

Check the HGTV listings for the “Dream Home 2012″ Special. It’s set to air multiple times over the next several days. For now, here’s a quickie, 90-second tour of the house (a short ad runs first):

Like it? Want to win it? Visit for more photos and information and to enter the sweepstakes. But first, let us know what you think about it in the poll below!

P.S. I also featured last year’s Dream Home in Vermont and their Dream Home 2010 in New Mexico. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Rick S says

    The house seems nice enough but if I won it I would sell it and stay where I am. I would bring back furniture and accessories for my own house :).
    Ps hope your holiday was wonderful.

  2. Tiffany S. says

    Thanks for showing this. Not my favorite, I have to say, but I much prefer those seaside cottages and my own personal taste is starting to turn much more modern. I really don’t like blue in the house – I’m crazy like that.

    I used to send 100 entries in every year and then my husband became employed by Disney so we were ineligible. That’s when I kinda stopped paying attention. Always interesting to look at anyway.

    Happy New Year

  3. says

    It’s OK but not as beautiful as my home and the setting is no where hear as beautiful as here in red rock country. Come see, and it is FOR SALE too! ( see my side bar.

  4. says

    I’m with you on the kitchen…just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the house! But I bet I would love it if it was mine!!

    • Liffy says

      i agree, i think that’s whats wrong with the kitchen, the lights are wrong, and it needs more colour

  5. Bel says

    Really don’t like it. No personality and too much a cookie cutter home. Seen one seen them all. I understand you have to appeal to lots of people but please update your thoughts, this look like something from the 50’s only with modern tech.

  6. says

    I so agree that a mudroom is a must, alongside a roomy laundry (since I spend so much time in there) and a bathroom so mud can be showered off after a day on the farm.

  7. jennifer says

    Did anyone else notice the location of the towel holders in bath? How impractical? If the house was mine I would definately make changes-starting with light fixtures….

  8. jodi from new jersey says

    It’s beautiful! Perfect for a vacation home. The things that struck me were the Windsor chairs in the kitchen and chandelier above the master bed.It’s like they threw them in just in case everything else was too modern– I like that, when they mix it up just right.I will enter every day. It gives me something to look forward to until the Spring!

  9. says

    Gorgeous, homey and warm! I love this place and I dream having a laundry room w/ double washer/dryer, after all, we’re a family of 5 now! :-)

    Happy New Year, Julia! Many blessings to you and your beautiful family!


    Luciane at

  10. says

    I would love the view, the mudroom and the laundry room, but other than that, it is merely an “okay” house. I do like the stone in the living room too, but I would not want it because my kids would inevitably hurt themselves, or try to climb it. Likely both!

  11. says

    The style of this house really doesn’t appeal to me at all. Even though a lot of warm colors are used in the house, I don’t think it feels cozy or welcoming to me.

  12. says

    oh my goodness I LOVE this dream home!!! Like you said..I’m not always truly impressed but this one is truly beautiful! I put alot of these pics on pinterest! :)

  13. Rob says

    The designer they use is so good, I adore her. I’d too sell it if won, but my reason is about location…Utah!

  14. says

    Welcome to Utah interior design, where everything is decorated as dark as it gets! I’ve driven by this home several times now – it’s close to some property of my in laws. The home is about 10-15 from Park City in a town called Midway. I’m not crazy about the house, but that area is about the most gorgeous I have ever seen as far as mountain settings go. It will literally take your breath away! We love going up there!

  15. says

    I like the great room, and a lot of the house is nice, and I could live in it for a vacation home. However, I hate the modern kitchen and would have to change that to fit in better with the house. If it were my only home, I would have to completely change the decor, using the leftover out of the $500,000 after the tax was paid. Ha
    I might consider taking the $800,000 instead of the house. Or selling, or possibly renting the house out to tourists for most of the year. 😉
    Anyway, a sweepstakes is always worth entering, I think. :-)

  16. says

    I have to go back and look at it again, I don’t see a river.
    They must have gotten a sale on those hanging lamp shade light fixtures, they have them in the kitchen, media room, changing room and guest room. I don’t care for the cabinets in the kitchen, but they would be easy to wipe peanut butter off of!
    That dark bedroom isn’t my taste, but a coat of paint would fix that! It’s a lot of house, and I wouldn’t mind a lot of house..with a house keeper, and a lot of money! I guess that’s why they call it a “dream house”.

  17. says

    Like a number of others, I agree that the kitchen just doesn’t do it for me at all. But I’ve noticed that with this designer, she’s always blowing the kitchen. I like the great room a lot and a couple of the other rooms, but again, the decor is a little ‘off’ for me. But I’d be screaming my head off if I won cuz mama would be seriously heading off to Utah for a screaming vacation!

  18. ShabbyChick says

    Hmmmm. It’s a love/hate thing for me. Love: The exterior, the great room, the master bedroom, the dining room (especially those windows!), that white guest bedroom, the patio and the view. Hate: the kitchen, the media room (especially those drum shades hanging from the ceiling), the master bath and pretty much everything else. I never pay much attention to this giveaway, mostly because HGTV had annoyed me for the last several years.

  19. Timothy Facile says

    This is an awsome house, that is practical as well as in a great location. I’d definately live in it.

  20. laura says

    I love this home and believe that every home needs a mudroom. I would add one on tomm if I could. The only thing I would change is the kitchen. It’s too modern for the space. I would love to see the cabinets have a slightly worn look rather then the shiny white. The pulls could be less modern as well. Even if they just made them a little smaller it would be a more fitting look and feel.
    I love everything else though. It’s a nice blend of new and rustic. I would have no problem living there.

  21. Mandy says

    I am lukewarm about this dream home. The colors of the house are a little dark, and the landscape is not the pretty to me. I do like the nook that the dining table was placed in because it is surrounded by windows a lots of natural sunlight. I thought it was odd though that there is no chandelier or pendant light above the table.
    I too have been a little disappointed by the recent dream homes. I am sometime baffled by their design choices. For example, I do not like the cabinets on the washer and dryer. I would tire of constantly opening and closing the doors. Also, not sure if I see the purpose of the dressing room. Perhaps if I lived in the home I would understand its use. It’ll be interesting to see where they build the dream home next year! I’m hoping for a lake house in Minnesota.

  22. Cindy says

    Hmmm, well if they gave it to me, I would learn to deal with it, but I don’t *love* it. 😉

    The kitchen seems completely incongruous to the great room, sort of like walking through the door from one room into another actually takes you into an entirely different house. Yuck!

    I’m also not a fan of the darkness. I always crave warmth, sunshine and light during the winter months. This just looked cold and forlorn. Nothing some paint couldn’t change, though.

    So, my overall reaction: meh. But, yeah, I’ll still enter. LOL

  23. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    I do like it……I love all the room……I think that I would make the changing room a guest room…..where the heck will my guests sleep if I don’t! I have to confess….St. Mary’s Georgia is still my absolute favorite….that was a home run in my book!

  24. Cindy says

    I would be very grateful for this home or any home with room in it for my 4 kids! It’s truly very nice more so than I can ever be able to afford!

  25. says

    I’m a bit underwhelmed, to be honest. While the layout is kind of interesting and there are some really interesting architectural features, I feel like the interior design is all very safe and vanilla. It’s almost as though they were decorating to sell it and therefore choosing the safest route, vs. trying to make a really stunning home (not that the two are mutually exclusive, but it often seems that way). I didn’t care for the office chairs as dining room chairs in the last dream house, but at least it was something a little unusual and maybe even avant garde. I think HGTV would do well to shake things up a bit and bring some fresh blood in for their Dream/Green homes. Beautiful location though.

  26. HollyM says

    I’m with you: that was not the kitchen I expected based on the great room. BUT, it is the kitchen I’ve come to expect from designers. It’s very two thousand teen, if you know what I mean.

    WHEN do you suppose the folks at HGTV, and any and all domain-type magazines, will REALLY look at what bloggers are doing? What they are remodeling, building, renovating, upgrading? Because what I’m seeing is a return to a more traditional kitchen, even with high-end finishes. Sleek and ultra modern is not really creating much buzz with the general public; or am I wrong?

    I like the colors, but I just think they don’t photograph as vibrantly as they may be IRL. Warm colors seem to go with the rustic vibe, but I don’t think the photos are particularly well-lit.

    Washers and dryers in cabinets seem quite silly; isn’t that the purpose of having a separate laundry room? But, seriously, a changing room? Waste. Of. Space.

    Overall, I like the house. Seems to be in the middle of nowhere , though. I like privacy, but not isolation.

  27. says

    I just watched the TV show on it and I agree that they’ve done better. I would just take those cabinet doors off the laundry machines. I didn’t see a microwave in the kitchen and the off-island counter space seemed pretty skimpy. What I thought was odd was in what a remote a spot the house was built. There may be views from every angle of the great room now, but unless they’re giving away 300 acres that may not always be the case.

  28. Destiny says

    I love the great room. It is GREAT!

    I love to hide things in cabinets, boxes, baskets, and even like the idea of “hiding” the washer and dryer, but … unless the cabinet doors slide back into themselves, these would irritate me because they would be open and sticking out a lot, defeating the purpose.

    I find that drum shades give off more of an accent than useable light. They give off a pretty glow, but not a lot of real light. There are so many gorgeous lighting options available, so to use so many of the drum shades in the house seems more like a lack of creativity than a continuing theme to me.

    What a view – serene, peaceful and overwhelmingly beautiful! It’s a dream, for sure!

  29. Brenda says

    Happy New Year, Julia. Not my favourite house. I do like the great room and the kitchen layout, although I would have chosen different colours. I do not understand the drum shades in the media room, and I do find the master bedroom a little dark. I do agree with the other comments on the laundry room, why have the w/d behind doors..another thing to be in the way when transposing wet wash to the dryer. Love the mudroom, although I would like lockers or cubicles in there for more storage and I do not quite get the “change room”. Will have to watch this one.

  30. girlofthehollow says

    I like this home (a lot)! But I didn’t see the floorplan on the HGTV web page like they normally have. I always enjoy perusing their use of space.

  31. says

    It seems kind of dark and depressing to me. I’ve never entered those contests, because I’m sure I wouldn’t win. Even if I did, the selling of the home, taxes on all ot it, etc. would be a mess to deal with!

  32. Cheryl says

    Of course there are parts of the home that I think are wonderful and would love to have but…it looks like an Ethan Allen showroom. Once I started to look at the product list I understood why! It appears that all the furniture and accessories (short of some art) is from Ethan Allen.

    What happened to looking for that perfect piece for that perfect place in a home! I know…that is for the person that wins it but it seems that previous homes HGTV did that.

    I would love to win it! :)

  33. Maria says

    Well, I have to say…it is much better than some of the recent Dream Homes that were designed like they were folly for the architect. Also, I’m a huge fan(atic) of floor plans…and I noticed they don’t match the house. The weird changing room is actually a bedroom on the plan – much better use of space, but it allowed them to toss in a sauna — maybe in an attempt to make it dream like?

    Also, I’ve started to wonder if some of the finishes (like the kitchen) and accessories (like lighting/etc) are the result of sponsor product placement requirements.

    Also, yet again and it seems never ending, is our favorite designer Linda. Who I will say back in the day I enjoyed, and it isn’t so much awful now…as the same. The same every.single.time. How *many* times have we seen that black checked fabric? How many times have we seen the Americana theme in some section of the house? It is tired and uninspired to see the same thing over and over again. She’s got a thing for red/white/blue and black/white.

    Things I would change:
    Grey paint — is that not over yet?
    French doors that open and block doorways/traffic pattern (might be sponsor related)
    Laundry cabinets that cover washer/dryer – whoever did this doesn’t do laundry
    Turn changing rm back into bedroom
    Back to back vanities in master – switch closet door on one side and no bumping behinds.
    TV over outdoor fireplace – enough with the tvs everywhere
    and I know this is an easy personal taste fix but I dislike the artwork.

    As far as the layout, it’s much improved. Not a fancy house, but a livable one. Not great for small kids with bedrooms all over but nice separation of space. 2nd story extra bedroom would make a great office/studio. Location does seem remote, but I haven’t seen the tv special yet.

    My favorites still are some of the early dream homes.

  34. Kim says

    I use to be a fan of HGTV’s dream houses, but seems like in the past two or three years, there’s been things I do not like about each of the homes they build. That’s how I feel about this house. I love the great room, but hate the design of the kitchen. Why couldn’t they have put in the same cabinets that are in the laundry room? They would have made the kitchen look so much better and they would have fit better with the design of the house.

    I don’t like the dark colors in the house. I think it would have been better had they had taken the same colors from the view and incorporated them into the house.

    My only other complaint about the house is the cabinets covering up the washer and dryer. They look like they would get in the way. Other than that, the house is pretty nice.

  35. Vikki says

    Why would they want to hide those beautiful washers and driers? I do too much laundry to have to open an extra door all the time. Lovely though.

  36. Beth says

    Agree with the other comments, kitchen seems out of place. The great room has those great rustic stone walls, but it flows into a modern kitchen with bright blue tile? I’d redo the backsplash with something more rustic! Also not sure it’s great for a family with little kids. For a while, they were doing these homes with bunk rooms and plenty of guest spaces/beds. This one doesn’t seem to be ideal for young families.

  37. Wendy says

    Don’t like it much. Thought I loved the laundry room, until I saw that zany thing they did with the doors blocking the machines. Blegh. I like the views, though.

  38. says

    I too was disappointed. The outdoor spaces and of course the view was incredible but the house was just okay. I would love for them to get a new decorator, like Monica Pederson. I love her style.

  39. says

    I definitely feel like those cabinet doors in front of the washer/dryer would become a pain after awhile of constantly opening/closing. It’s a laundry room. It’s okay to have the laundry out in the open people. :-)

  40. says

    I, too, loved the great room and all of its stone … and was underwhelmed by the kitchen. I wish it were more similar to the great room. And I’d take those cabinet doors right off of the washers and dryers! I’m like you … they’d always be open because with 4 kids I’m always doing laundry!

  41. says

    I have been disappointed with the HGTV dream homes. I would expect that for a “dream” home, they would tap the best and brightest in design and give us something full of new ideas and filled with color and character. I find this home in particular to be very bland. I do like the living room and the use of stone, but the kitchen has no life and the other rooms are too beige and muddy.

  42. Lorrie says

    I like a lot of the elements of the house, the architecture and especially the great room with the windows and stones, but I must complain about the HGTV designer who always decorates these Dream homes!! She always put shaker, early american and those D__n counterpane plains and checks in every home she does – none of those work in a Utah, “rustic modern” home. Where is the Swedish influence of the area they described on the TV program – it should be reflected in the home. Where are the navajo rugs – classic element that would work with this home.
    ……. I think the designer must be from New England, she can’t seem to decorate with the unique location of each home – it’s always the same elements. She bragged about shopping for the home in New York! Why not shop in Utah, or at least Phoenix or even LA where resources and stores abound that specialize in interior design elements that would really reflect the Utah house, and the Park City heritage. Leave the shaker and Counterpane & Checks back in New England where they belong.
    HGTV should get a designer from the location – then maybe we’d see some really beautiful interiors with local attitude that would still be appealing to the masses. THank you for letting me vent on this!!!! I love your site. Lorrie

  43. Ms Carson says

    The kitchen is very modern in a house that otherwise traditional/ transitional…. so it seems out of place… even the eating area off the kitchen doesn’t fit with the adjacent kitchen.

  44. Julie B. [Holland] says

    I have to agree with those who said it was dark. Im not so crazy about it. I have to say I do like a few things, but its not my favorite house.

  45. Paul says

    Does anyone know anything about the interior doors in the house? Are they stained or painted? What color? Thanks.

    • says

      I don’t, but I’m sure they give the details over at The doors were probably sponsored like everything else. Check there! :)

      • Paul says

        I searched and search on I found the color of the trim, but not doors. The only brand of doors that i could find was Pella, which was used for the exterior doors and windows. I thought I’d have better luck. The reason I’m search is we are currently building a house and loved the look of the gray trim with the brown doors, but didn’t know whether we should paint or stain.

  46. Jennifer B says

    I agree with you on the wall colors. I wonder how long you have to wait before you can change the paint colors?

  47. Tamika says

    I love the house but we all know nothing goes on in Utah!

    Does anyone own an HGTV giveaway home anyway? Doesn’t everyone sell it?

  48. ValGal says

    Agreed about the out-of-place kitchen.

    Did anyone else notice that the captain’s chairs in the dining room don’t fit under the table? LOL! It would stink to sit in one of them–you couldn’t pull up under the table. Sheesh.

  49. Michelle says

    I’ve decided that when I win the house, I will change the changing room to an exercise room. With that sauna it will make the perfect exercise room. Beautiful home. Thank you HGTV for giving this away and thank you for your blog featuring it!

  50. Shellie says

    I love this home!!! The changing room is a place to change after you spend time fishing on the Provo River which is right outside the backyard!!! My husband myself and 3 children fish the Provo River all the time!! It is an amazing river with amazing fishing!! We live close to this home and would love to live there!!!

  51. says

    It’s beautiful! Perfect for those who wants to spent their vacations in Utah! Relaxing home! I love the idea that the washer and dryers are hide within the cabinets in laundry room.

  52. Regina Benson says

    I would move in it right away, and have my mother’s birthday party. I would surprize her.

  53. says

    Love the great room, but I’m with you on the kitchen. I think it is too sleek. They should have gone a tad bit rustic. However, if I won it, I wouldn’t be too upset. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  54. says

    I haven’t seen this site, yet I’ve been entering other places HGTV – I’m the one to pleading with you please please bring us back home – born & rised at the foot of the Watsatch Mountains, I knew Park City when it had wooden sidewalks, the city jail was on main street. I t ws more of a mineing town. I’m from 5 generations that has lived in Utah. A matter of fact Woodfey Brimley is my 2nd cousin – he’s from Utah. He played in westerns, cacoon, and does commercials for dibetes. We’ve moved around for my husband,s jobs it’s time to come home & be with family which is very large. And I said before Iwas chris rock & in show business with my parents my dad was a magician & that’s how my parents met working for Will Rock – Thurston Show back in the 30’s so i’ve been in entertaining, & I’m not Kris(ten) Cunningham yet I love decorating my home. I have a nephew – Tony Rock who cleans the large windows that are too high to clean. in Park City. we’ve had bought homes in our travels. But the last one in Oklahoma -we bought high, market crash we had to sell low. we we’re in a hurry to move back west, because I got lost, after a guy was chasing me, i swam the illious river was my only option. shimmed up a large rolled up hay stack, when jumped off shatted my ankle & lost for 30 hours. my husband had a job interveiw as a counselor @ Cirque Lodge in Orem.,that by prove Canyon, he didn’t get it because we didn’t live ther yet, & mean while back in OK our log home on 2 acres off of a lake, it’s surround with murder case tape & they were drag gin the lake for my body as by in SLC a detective was knocking on my motherinlaws door looking for my husband to question him – he had reciepts showing he wasn’t the one. now he’s freak out flies back to OK didn’t know if I’m dead or alive because he was a detective in SLC years ago. he brought his brother in case it was a bad scene. We had to rent a home back in Idaho because he had so many connections here to get back to work – we have lived here 18 years-which we sold our home to move to OK. We ended up renting & making 2 house payment, rental & waiting to sell our home back in OK. To end this crazy story it happened in 2007. we’re older now and need a break my husband could retire, but he can’t because of all the dr. bills I’ve been operated on 4-5 times on my ankle the dr’s told me to be grateful I didn’t lose my foot- I threaten them I’m going skiing they said it would be the best support for my ankle to do that. I was born to hike, ski, fish, hunt, and we did get married on horse back east of Park City in the quakes on a mtn top. we would love to move back home instead of just visiting for short weekends. I love all your programs – I have my favorites, Geneve, color splash, 1st time home owners, the show to prepare a home to sell it ., decorating on a dime, & the show with Candice, & the show how they fix up their front yard appearence with that good looking dark headed guy. and the other shows who won the designer show w/ Vern , Geneve, & Candice as judges. Please consider our deparate plead……….. if not I guess Kathy Griffin could go through all these commits and make a ruteen our of it. I like her too!

  55. says

    I’m trying to find post cards of the potatoe heads & scene views, and what is the funniest thing to me is Idahoans Call Utahans Carrott heads whoooo, I think Say What? Please I want to be a carrott head again……… our burial plots are in SLC please don’t have us come back home in a body bag! These things are true, have a laugh on me , Good Day! Chris rock cunningham

  56. becky says

    Dont care what anyone says about it. Its a dangsite more then we have now, so I hope we win

  57. Jessica says

    This is definitely my favorite HGTV Dream Home. If I was to win I would definitely relocate.