A 1920s Tudor Decorated for Christmas


I have always had a weakness for Tudors. We had quite a few in the town I grew up in and my parents looked at several they considered buying over the years. I liked the exteriors the best because the rooms were often too dark and serious for me when we got inside.

This Tudor, which was built in 1928 and is featured in Traditional Home, looks surprisingly light and fresh, all decked out for Christmas. It was definitely not what I expected.

We’ve been seeing a lot of holiday decorating with lighter greens and white over the last few years, haven’t we? Seems to be a trend that’s here to stay.

The article says that the fireplace mantel is original to the house, but it’s been painted white. As much as I like the lightness of this room, I think a dark fireplace would be striking here:

I’ve never seen a television built into a kitchen island like this before, have you? Kind of interesting.

This zinc table is beautiful, but I wonder if it would feel cold on your arms in the morning when you’re drinking your coffee?

Lily has been asking me why I haven’t decorated my bedroom for Christmas, since she decorated hers with lots of lights everywhere, and a couple of little tabletop trees, and even a little stocking for our dog Maizie. The truth is that I’m exhausted from decorating all of the other rooms in the house and didn’t feel the need to do something in my room on top of everything else.

This pretty bedroom might change my mind, though…

I especially love this dark-wood fireplace in a corner of the room. Gorgeous! All I’d need is a big footstool and I’d be curled up in this corner all winter long:

To see many more beautiful photos of the house and get more information about it, visit Traditional Home (photos by Werner Straube; story by Candace Ord Manroe).

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  1. says

    The home is lovely, but I’m not a fan of the TV in the kitchen island. I’d rather have the kids talk to me, read to me, or, better yet, help me.

    • Wendy says

      That totally makes me cringe! No TVs! Especially in the most important gathering space in the house!

  2. threadbndr says

    Love the bannister. I wish my staircase was open instead of ‘hall like’.

    • OKMrazor says

      The staircase can be the single largest and most dramatic piece of furniture in a home. It’s so sad how few well-holes, railing and skirt details are incorporated into new homes.

      With some forward thought @ construction/planning phase, a little extra money can transform this element and its surroundings.

  3. says

    This house is so beautiful. But – you know what caught my eye? The portable wrapping cart in the bedroom. Cool idea! — and it even looks decorative sitting there!!! Merry Christmas Julia! ~Sally

    • Lee says

      That’s exactly what stood out to me! It looks like an old laundry cart – brilliant!

    • says

      Me too! My bedroom becomes the storeroom of all the wrappings (and the decor from other parts of the house that needs to be moved to make room for Christmas) – it’s definitely not as artful as that cart!

  4. says

    Definately not what you would expect from a 20’s Tudor- pleasant suprise! I don’t know how I feel about the tv in the kitchen island though…the jury’s still out on that one!

  5. says

    Lovely home! I’m trying to figure out what the three pictures over the fireplace in the last photo are holding. I keep zooming in, but still haven’t got a clue!
    I have seen TV’s mounted on an island like that and I think they are silly. The only ones to benefit and children laying on the floor! Hey, maybe it works for them, who am I to judge!
    The house exterior is especially pretty!

  6. says

    Love the staircase! The garland around the front door is beautiful too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marie says

    Beautiful home but I expected a little more dark wood to catch my eye! Too much white paint for me. And as a mom of a 2-year old I can see the benefit of the television placement…the kids can sit there and watch TV while you cook and you can still keep an eye on them and engage in conversation. I’m in love with the exterior paint! I’m sure the base used to be light cream or white and the tan really works with the white trim.

  8. says

    This entire house is incredible. I could literally move right in. That staircase? Gah! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    YES to a big footstool for any chair! I always want to put my feet up.

    I normally lurk, but want to say thank you Julia for all the interesting and engaging stuff you bring up, year by year~

  10. says

    oops clicked too soon — In fact the first 2 houses I owned were Tudor style. The 1st one I called a baby Tudor because it was small. It is near the Univ of Cinti. The second was a true Tudor, built in the early 1920’s in North Avondale. Oh how I loved that house. I cried when we had to sell it and move to California.

  11. Pam says

    I agree with Marie. Way too much white. Tudor is my favorite style of home so it’s disapppointing not to see at least some dark woodwork to keep true to the Tudor style.

  12. ShabbyChick says

    What a gorgeous house! I loved every room, and I agree that lighter greens and winter whites are here to stay. Lovely.

  13. Autumn says

    This is a pr etty house; but honestly I prefer YOUR house. Your decorations are simple but awesome. I lovw the REDs & GREENS. You dinningroom tree is also awesome. I feel like even though we have never met; your home is very inviting and comfortable/cozy looking. Your home, like many of the others in the Christmas Show says: “Come on in and make yourself comfortable!”
    This Tudor is too “cold”for my tastes

    Merry Christmas!!
    PS: I am in Michigan

  14. Julianne says

    I don’t mind the white one bit except on that lovely living room fireplace. It looks like it has the same ornamnentation as the one in the bedroom upstairs…so it kills me that all of that hand-carved goodness has been painted over.

    Other than that, it’s beautiful.

  15. Kim says

    This house is very beautiful, but could use a little bit of dark wood touches and woodwork. I also don’t like the tv right there in the island. Other than that, it’s great.

    The one detail that catches my eyes the most is that staircase. It’s breathtaking. My dream is to own a house with a curved staircase someday.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Julia.

  16. says

    Hello my dear Julia!

    How are you doing? Oh, I’ve being missing your posts so much. You know how much I love your blog, so not being able to come here every day is a shame. But as you know, it’s for a good reason. I’m busy w/ my baby! :-)

    Just want to wish you a very blessed Christmas, my friend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  17. crazkt says

    LOVE IT !!! Beautiful home.
    Not a fan of the TV placement…I would break it somehow..but I am inspired and will make that slipcover for an ottoman I have in the basement.

  18. says

    I loved this house. I too have always admired Tudor style houses but when given a peek inside they are often dark and dismal. This home looks charming and inviting, right?

  19. Pamela says

    I absolutely love the master bedroom! Warm and simple, and the slipper bench is just a soft, lovely touch. I’m with you, Julia, a footstool, please! My fear is I’d never want to leave the bedroom.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for this wonderful blog!


  20. Brenda says

    I love this house. I agree that the fireplace mantel in the living room could be darker, but the rest of the house is gorgeous. As for the television in the island, guess it must be strictly for those who lie on the floor. A good idea for when one is extra busy in the kitchen.
    Have a merry Christmas Julia, all the best to you and your family. And thank you for this interesting blog.

  21. jodi from new jersey says

    Gorgeous interior from head to toe , but if it’s Christmas it needs some RED! Just me…………………………

  22. says

    I always enjoy the Traditional Home Christmas issue and this year’s did not disappoint! This is a beautiful home and I love what they have done with it although I’m not crazy about all of that white.

  23. Mike says

    Wow, just wow. Not at all what I would expect the inside of a Tudor to look like.

    I’ve seen the TV built into the back of the island before. Not a fan.

  24. Wendy says

    Beautiful house and beautifully decorated. But it’s official…I’m SO over all that white. Next!

  25. Lisa says

    I am in love with Tudor homes. This is another beautiful one. Maybe I would add just a few darker items, though – a dark fireplace, as you suggested could be amazing. Ah, I so wish I lived in England so that I would get to see some of the original Tudor houses too. Here in North America this lovely style is ‘just’ a revival of the original, old Tudor style, sadly.