Kate Walsh’s 1920s Spanish Home in Los Angeles

Kate Walsh is selling her charming 1920s house in Los Feliz. It appeared in InStyle magazine a couple years ago, which mentioned that she shared it with two pups (Rosie and Lucy) and a pair of cats (Pablo and Billie).

Kate told InStyle, “I wanted to mix 20th-century design with French and Spanish antiques—and not have it look like a garage sale!”

“The gated home retains its 1920s details in the intricately tiled main hall and staircase, arched windows and passageways, and stenciled beamed ceilings,” according to the listing.

The dining room has an oval inset ceiling:

Here’s how the dining room looked in InStyle magazine in ’09, with a glass table and different chairs:

The kitchen is a little blah for me, almost like it was tacked on without a lot of thought to the rest of the house.

Here’s that same room as it appeared in InStyle:

The house has 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, and nearly 6,000 square feet.

The master bedroom was shown in the magazine, along with the explanation that the artwork over the sofa was painted by her brother Joseph:

One of the four bedrooms was turned into a big walk-in closet. I hope there’s more space for hanging clothes in it than this photo would suggest:

Walsh told InStyle that she loved Addison’s bedroom on “Private Practice” so much that she hired the show’s set decorator, Melissa Levander, to help her with her real house, too. Those of you who watch “PP” will have to tell us if you see any resemblance between these rooms and the ones on TV!

There’s also a 3-room guest house on the property, with office space and a Pilates studio.

She unsuccessfully listed the house in May of 2010 for $4.295 million and put it back on the market recently for $3.995.

Like it? You can see more at InStyle (magazine photos by Francoise Halard) and the listing on Trulia, offered by Juliette Hohnen of Teles Properties in Beverly Hills.

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  1. says

    Good morning, Julia!

    It’s a beautiful home and it looked even better on the magazine. Surprise, surprise! :-)

    Thank you for sharing this today. I also think she’s a great actress, with a fun personality.

    Have a Blessed day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Belinda says

    I love all the houses you feature. Our northern climes do not lend itself to Spanish or California beach style, but how I love to live vicariously through your posts and dream…

  3. Sunny says

    The house is beautiful! It had me at the tile in the foyer–awesome! The decor is…uninspired. Lots of pretty furniture & art, just not put together well.

    That bathroom is to die for! 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    I lust for the tiled entry, stair risers and the wrought iron. Spanish Colonial rocks. Sometimes I think I’m on the wrong coast.

  5. says

    A very unique property with a lot of interesting architectural detail. I really love the bedroom in the guest house!


    Art by Karena

  6. says

    This is why Realtors need to hire lifestyle photographers rather than “property photographers” to shoot their listings. I would SO rather live in the house that’s in the magazine!

  7. Lindab says

    You hooked me on Gilmore Girls so you need to rent/buy every episode. I love the show and Kate
    I really don’t remember them showing much of her apartment. She lives on the water and is usually on her deck.

  8. says

    I like her backyard and the pool…I could see myself back there! 😉 Not a fan of the kitchen either, but the bath is nice. :) I haven’t watched PP this season…I think I’m done with it. Just sort of the same stories over and over. Wish she’d move back to Seattle. 😉

  9. Missy says

    Hi Julia! I’m on my phone, so I’m not sure if you talked about this yet, but have you seen the new show Revenge? The sets are incredible!!!!! I’ve heard it’s filmed in Wilmington.

  10. says

    This house is gorgeous! It’s stylish and feminine. If she was going for French and Spanish I would say that she nailed it-beautifully. That bathroom, closet, and Pilates studio? When can I move in?!

  11. says

    Just not feeling it with this house. I do like the stairs in the entryway though. The kitchen is not at all what I expected for this house. I agree, it’s kind of, well, “blah”.

  12. Kim says

    Nice house! It’s not my style, but it’s still nice. My favorite part of the whole house is that back staircase in the kitchen. I would love to have one in my dream home.

  13. LMF says

    Does this look like Brenda and Brandon Walsh’s house from 90210 to anyone else? Or am I crazy? At least the outside front and back.

  14. shabbychick says

    WOW, I *ADORE* that bathroom! I do have a gripe about the ‘In Style’ photos…did she actually get rid of that furniture in the bedroom or was it another “switcheroo” for the magazine photo? I HATE it when mags do that. I really really really hate it.
    Ok, I’m done.

  15. State of Texas Gal says

    Her house was also featured in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine “O at Home” (I think that was the title – don’t think the magazine is around anymore?) The pictures were even better than the In Style ones. I remember she had some beautiful blue velvet sofas and coral sconces in the dining room.

  16. SandesignsUSA says

    Sorry, but this house is missing something for me. It lacks the LIFE…color, vibrance that I associate with LA. I spent many happy years in Los Angeles, but this house just doesn’t do anything for me.

  17. SandesignsUSA says

    I DO like the photo of the room with the colored bar stools and the bookcases with colorful books….. but the bathroom is lifeless. Can’t understand the huge lemon yellow abstract painting in the one room with nothing else to tie into the yellow color.

  18. SandesignsUSA says

    The huge walk-in closet puzzles me; with all those shelves housing SHOES, where are the CLOTHES to wear with the shoes? As a former designer of closet systems, I feel this closet is a waste of space and lacks cohesion and purpose.

  19. says

    I agree about the kitchen. I watched a series of This Old House where they remodeled a Spanish Colonial bungalow in Southern Cal. They created a beautiful kitchen, with modern conveniences, that blended beautifully with the rest of the home. Hopefully the new owners will do the same!

  20. Wendy says

    Love the entry. The rest is nothing special. Not that I wouldn’t take it if you gave it to me…

  21. says

    I’m surprised how heavily styled her home was in the magazine photos. Her house is pretty–especially the exterior and the grounds. If she had a good stylist or stager come in she probably wouldn’t have any problems selling her home.

  22. says

    I love her bath! 😀

    Julia, we have pajama stairs in our house that are in our kitchen, but we don’t have a grand staircase off our foyer…we *only* have pajama stairs, LOL!

  23. Khiori says

    Interesting the switcheroos the magazine made in the furnishings. The entire DR set! Funny how she has a very narrow modern bed bench, and they thought it looked better with a HUGE POOFY bench. Same as how they airbrush and Photoshop actresses. Someone should start a business doing “Glamor Photos” of houses!

  24. Wayne says

    I like the house the way it is. It looks a real person actually lives there. The kitchen is a low point, as is the closet, but it’s a gorgeous, personal home that you can tell someone loves and didn’t decorate for the purpose of resale. We’re getting awfully jaded if we think something like this “needs to be staged” in order to sell.

  25. Eva says

    I live in this neighborhood and have been through dozens of these houses. My guess is that the kitchen is probably an addition, a common modification in these old homes, which may be why the detail work is not up to that of the rest of the house. If you look closely, there’s neither molding around the ceiling nor is there a coved ceiling, as the much of the rest of the house has. My guess is that the master bath with the skylight is also part of an addition and may be located directly above the kitchen. Regardless, I love this house, even if it’s priced a little high for the neighborhood.

  26. Dave says

    She should fire her realtor … those pictures on the listing make everything look cluttered, small and blah. This is why it is almost always worth the extra to hire a professional.