Gull Cottage from “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir” TV Show

The Real Gull Cottage from the TV Show "Ghost & Mrs. Muir"|

Who remembers Gull Cottage, the charming house from the late-’60s sitcom “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir“? I’m afraid I only remember the classic 1947 movie, but based on the number of you who have mentioned it to me, I might be the only one who never saw that show!

"The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" filming location TV Show

Although it was set in Maine and had an ocean view, the real house is located in Santa Barbara, California, nowhere near the water. It’s on the market for $3.75 million, and it’s gorgeous. Here’s how it looked on the TV show:

You can see that distinctive railing over the porch on the house today:

The interiors for the TV show were sets on a soundstage, so they looked very different (and not as nice). One review of the series that I read said the sets suffered from “low-budget-itis.”

The Neal House, as it’s known, was built in the early 1900s by the John Prentiss Neal’s family.

“The Neal House blends the styles of Queen Anne, Craftsman and American Colonial Revival,” according to what appears to be a former listing for it. “This eclectic blend was common in the early twentieth century as architects began to incorporate modern elements into popular styles of the late nineteenth century.”

There are 5 bedrooms and 4 baths.

Gotta love all the fireplaces, the woodwork, the curved walls and the built-ins that this house has.

The sitcom was inspired by the 1947 classic by the same name (the only thing that was changed in the title was the “and” to an ampersand). The original starred Gene Tierney as Lucy Muir and Rex Harrison as Captain Daniel Gregg. It had a great house in it, too, and I featured photos of it here:

Gull Cottage from "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" Movie

In the sitcom, Hope Lange played Carolyn Muir, a young widow with two children and a dog named Scruffy. Irish actor Edward Mulhare played the dashing (but dead) Captain Gregg who is haunting the house. He wants her to get out at first but decides he likes her. She packs her bags and tries to leave, but he convinces her to stay and live with his ghostly self.

The house was supposedly in Schooner Bay, Maine, a seaside town that doesn’t really exist. A little clever editing made it look like this house had a dramatic ocean view. In this scene from the pilot, Carolyn Muir and her family pull up to the house for the first time, and you can see the water behind them:

Were you a fan of the show? They still haven’t released the show on DVD, but YouTube has some of the episodes (or parts of them) that fans uploaded.

For more photos and information, check the listing. Thanks to Stephen for telling me about it!

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  1. Wanda says

    OmG!! You are jogging my Brain! I remember seeing this show.. had totally forgotten about it!!
    Do you think the Mirror in the one Bedroom is the Wheel from the balcony from the Show? Just noticed.. Thanks once again!

    • Mary Frances says

      I would bet that it is! (Good spotting, Wanda!) That was my first thought when I saw the two photos at the top of the post – “Did they get to keep the ship’s wheel as a momento?” Turning it into a mirror is a great way to make it useful as well as decorative.
      Thanks, Julia for bringing back a great memory! Now all I’ve got to do is check everyone’s pockets while doing laundry this week, to see if I can put together the $3.75 million … or maybe I’ll just stare at these gorgeous photos and then go and watch some old episodes of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” on YouTube!

  2. Marielle says

    I loved the movie and the television series. Yes, I was always troubled by the injustice of him being dead–unrequited love and passion, I guess, always snags my heart strings. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Jane says

    What a beautiful house! But I bet it takes a lot of furniture polish and upkeep. Can’t wait to see your post on the movie house. It is one of my favorites. A seaside house on a cliff with sheep grazing nearby. I would have rented it even if the ghost didn’t love me!

  4. says

    I loved that show! Kinda disappointed that the interior of the house for sale isn’t really the interior of the house I fell in love with on the sitcom… but if I had $3.75M, I guess I could get over that because that’s a beautiful house – inside and out! Can’t wait to see pics of the house from the movie!

  5. says

    I’ve never heard of the movie or the TV show. The premise is interesting. I LOVE the real house. Wow…all that woodwork is just amazing. Nicely decorated too!

  6. says

    OK, I haven’t seen or heard of this show (it may be a couple years before my time…I watched My Little Ponies..) but that “cottage” is fascinating! I LOVE it! I say this every time you post something w character like that but this may be my new fave!!

  7. Erin says

    Memories…. I grew up in a similar old house with a built in circular window seat like the one pictured. As children, we were never allowed to go anywhere near that window seat because the window glass was actually curved and could not be duplicated! The glass in this house appears to be curved, too. Great old craftsmanship!

  8. says

    That’s a terrific looking house. I always wanted a bedroom that opened onto deck like that. I do think the house needs a Monkey Puzzle Tree to make it complete.

  9. says

    Oh thank you so much! I love the original film. But I also LOVED the tv sit com. :-)

    Thank you!

    I’ll have great fun, looking at what youTube has to offer!

  10. says

    I never saw the sitcom but love, love the movie. It’s the sweetest love story… in a charming coastal setting! I did a post about it here.
    The house here has a bit of that sea captain feel!

  11. pamgalloway says

    Julia, the house is beautiful, but your post this morning brought back memories of another kind. It was my honor to perform with Mr. Edward Mulhare on stage in a production of “Life with Father” many years ago. He was a generous actor, and very kind to a then young inexperienced actress. It was a special treat to see his photo on one of my favorite websites!

  12. says

    I’ve never seen the show but I adore the movie. Also, the house is stunning! I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  13. says

    I never saw the sit-com but the film is one of my all-time favorites and I absolutely love the house and bedroom of Mrs. Muir int he 1947 film.

  14. says

    Loved the movie, the book and the TV series.

    Gull Cottage in the movie is probably my favorite movie house of all time.

  15. Wendy says

    Okay, that’s my current dream house. Never saw the movie or TV show, but I’ll look for them now.

  16. Kim says

    I have never heard of the movie or the tv show, but they both sound good. I might just have to watch the movie sometime soon.

    What a beautiful house. All of the details are amazing and I can just tell that heart when into building this place. If I were ever to buy and live in a victorian home, this would be the one.

  17. ann says

    This movie is my absolute favorite! Never seen the sitcom, a tad young for that, seen the movie thought because I would watch old movies with my mom. They had such a great love affair. “I’ve always wanted to live by the sea” Lucy Muir, or Lucia as the Captain would call her. This is a georgous house, wish I had the money to buy! Can’t wait to see your post on the house from the movie. Wonderful movie, thank you for the post.

  18. says

    Hi! I wanted you to know 900 people went to the listing of my house the day you published it!
    I had the hardest time figuring out why! Then I saw!


  19. says

    “Ampersand.” Now there’s a word I need to use more. Much better than, “the ‘and’ sign.” Thanks 😉

  20. Beverly Palmer says

    Never saw the show or movie but I absolutely L-O-V-E this house! I’ll take the bedroom that has 3 windows in it please.

  21. Lisa T. says

    Rarely see a home this perfect. I usually hate dark trim, but it works on this beauty. Must be the large rooms gorgeous woodwork and sunshine streaming in.

  22. says

    i used to watch it in reruns as a college senior. the fx network was just starting and they ran this, “wonder woman,” “nanny and the professor” and “mission: impossible.”

  23. says

    I love everything about that house (except the window treatments). I also remember watching the show after school. It ran right before “Don’t Eat the Daisies”

  24. AL says

    I just have to say I love this website. I stubbled onto it by trying to find info on “The Family Stone” house. Then I was hooked and so happy to see that you and many others wanted the same info I was looking for. Here is a house that I can’t find enough info on and wondered if I could request your interest. It’s the house in the movie “What dreams May Come” it’s not the house in the dream but the house they lived in in real life. If you had more pics or info on that house I would love to see it.
    Thanks for everything,

  25. says

    I never saw the show but that is a gorgeous house. I love the railing! And the curved walls and the woodwork and….

  26. Carol M says

    Always loved the house — both from the movie and the TV series. ( Yes, I am old enough to remember watching the TV show.) I discovered the movie later and it is one of my all-time favorites.

  27. Janice Mahon says

    The 1947 film is one of my favorites. Many tears at the end when the elderly Mrs. Muir passes while sitting in her bedroom, and her young spirit departs her body to join her beloved Captain who has been waiting for her. Now that’s a love story!

    Beautiful home. The furnishings are appropriate and not garish. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

  28. Jane says

    I loved both the movie and the TV show as a kid. Now of course I realize the movie was a little better. Gene Tierney was so lovely and young Rex Harrison looked so dashing! I hope it’s not against your rules, but I found this montage of clips from the 1947 movie somebody put together for youtube. It’s nicely done, IMO, so I thought I’d share it here…also, I’d forgotten how beautiful the music was.

  29. nancy says

    oh i loved that show when i was a kid…and i love the movie too. now what i would recommend is finding a copy of the book, written by (and I’m not kidding here), the unfortunately named, R.A. Dick. poor fella…but the book is wonderful.

  30. chris says

    loved this show. began a long life crush on maine (i know). wow. thanks

  31. lana dale says

    I’m wanting to see photos of the house from the film version of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” 1947…before and after..Was that house located somewhere else in California? I would love to go visit it..Thanks, Lana Dale

  32. Karen says

    What a lovely home! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bedroom that opened up to such an incredible balcony. I only recall the 1947 film, but now I’ll have to look up the show. What’s not to love about this home–love all of the decorative detailing and all of the amazing woodwork and architecture. It’s a true beauty.

    I used to live in Santa Barbara and it was filled with many gorgeous homes. It’s not right on the oceanfront, but one is never far from it. One could envision a sea captain feeling right at home here–a highly successful and sophisticated one at that! Thank you for featuring it and all of the links.